This was the story that every single wizard and witch would have heard in his or her childhood. It was a common story, written by someone mystical known as Zeus Trelawney. It was originally based on his premonition of the distant future, which later on, over the centuries, became a common tale for kids. It was just like telling fairy tales to muggle children.

Long time ago, in the world of wizarding, there were seven supreme figures, originated from the stars that were the only protectors of this earthly world. These seven guardians protected the wizarding community from evil and muggle eyes. At the beginning of time, they had come and gathered together due to their extraordinary powers. With the power of seven, they were known to be invincible, which included the ability to freeze time and change weather at will. Lacking of any one member would reduce their strength tremendously.

The eldest of all had the gift of animal communication. But once the destined animal was selected, they could not be changed. This gift, however, could be passed through the thousands of generation.

The second had the gift of wandless magic. With enough practice, he would be able to perform as many as five spells at the same time with just a bit of concentration. Though doing magic without wand was possible even for the normal wizards and witches using charms and potions, none would be anywhere near powerful. For he had more hidden powers than he knew.

The third had the gift of time travel. He could travel to any age, any time, in the past or the future just with the simple use of mind power and concentration. But, like any other powers, discipline must be there. Meddling with time would be dangerous, as it could modify the history and altered the present that would in turn caused a change the future.

The fourth had the gift of eye power. Using his eyes, he could move things, hypnotized anyone in a matter of seconds and could enter one's thoughts and dreams. As eyes were known as windows to our souls, his eyes would be more powerful than he thought.

The fifth had the gift of telekinesis. She was able to move anything, big or small, just with the concentration of her mind. The ability to control anything with the mind was phenomenon, which meant that she could do more than just entering one's thoughts and dreams at ease. She could even control one's emotions and decisions.

The sixth had the gift of healing. She could heal anyone, any type of injuries instantly, just by a gentle touch. Neither potion nor wands needed. Most healers had to undergo training for years to achieve that. But for her, her healing abilities exceeded far beyond the superficial level.

The youngest of all had the gift of premonition, also commonly known as seers these days. They could read minds, touch emotions, alter thoughts and even foresee anything that can happen as far as decades down the road. Knowing too much could sometimes be a burden and occasionally, ignorance could be a blessing in disguise.

The power of supreme seven made up the beginning of the wizarding world till what we known as today.


Zeus Trelawney had made the premonition that one of the seven would turn evil and go against the rest of the supreme six. In order to get rid of evil and save the world, only a stag, a flower, a dog, a wolf, a seer, an angel and a boy had to combine their strengths and weaknesses to rid of this evildoer.

Godric Gryffindor, the one who could perform wandless magic; Helga Hufflepuff, the time traveler; Rowena Ravenclaw, the one with mind power; and finally, Salazar Slytherin, the one who had the ability to communicate with animals, came together to set up the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry thousands of years ago. This then became the world's first and finest wizarding school ever.

In order to keep the chance of being born into the world one day in turn of crisis, they had to make sure they had enough descendents that could go on and on for at least the next two thousand years.