Title: Learning to Love a Veela

Author: Minerva-Severus-Dumbledor

Rating: PG-13-R

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Pairing: HP/DM

Spoilers: SS/PS, COS, POA, GOF

Summary: Draco is part Veela, and has chosen his mate.

A/N: *1) YES, the plot is borrowed from Frizzy's story Magnetic Attraction, this plot is used with her permission, providing I show her first before I post it.. hehehe, she is evil isn't she???. IT IS NOT A DIRECT COPY OF HER PLOT!!! **2) If this version of this plot has been used, I do apologize in advance, I have not read such a fic. If it is please let me know immediately. ***3)Also I am an American, THERE WILL BE AMERICANISMS in this fic, sorry but that's life. I'll try and stick with British terms but don't get too mad if I don't. I grew up knowing a couple of Kiwi's so hopefully that will be "close enough" to use...lol. I know how they spoke as far as conjunctions and such. ****4)This has NOT been Beta read, if someone wants to volunteer, by all means do so.

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Chapter 1

It was the end of 6th year for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. The fights between the two had gotten fewer and fewer towards the end of the year. Harry wasn't too worried about it, he just figured that Draco had other things to worry about, like becoming a junior Death Eater, even though Harry had Killed Voldemort over the Christmas Hols.

However, that was not the case at all. Draco Malfoy had been feeling a sort of attraction towards one of the Golden Trio and decided to leave them alone until he figured out exactly what was going on. He had known that at the age of 17 he would come into his inheritance as far as being part Veela was concerned. He knew he would have to try and bond with his potential mate. What he couldn't figure out is which one of the Golden Trio was his potential mate. He hadn't encountered any of them alone to see if he could figure out which one it was. So he was stuck basically until his 17th birthday which was tomorrow, two weeks before the end of the term.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, knew that Draco was coming into his inheritance. He had set aside a special set of rooms for him starting tonight they would be his home.

There were 2 bedrooms in this set of rooms. Once Albus found out who Draco's potential mate was they were to be moved into the other bedroom, this way Draco wouldn't be able to stress and fly off the handle in a possessive rage if there were scents from others on them. Draco would know where they are sleeping. He also had wards on the other bedroom so that Draco couldn't enter without permission from the potential mate. Thus giving the mate a 'safe haven' to retreat too, and still having Draco know where his mate was. All professors were aware that his schedule would change as soon as the mate was identified. Draco and the Headmaster wanted little discomfort in the transition for the mate-to-be.

Draco had informed the Headmaster that it was one of the Golden Trio. No one had informed them of this fact so it was going to be shocking to one of them. Albus smiled every time he thought about it. The night passed quickly for everyone.


Harry, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger had owls waiting for them that morning. All of them were to report to the headmasters office before breakfast. They all got ready for the day and trekked up to the headmaster's office.

When they arrived at the office, Harry knocked, as he was the head of the pack, as far as getting there. They were bid to enter and upon entering noticed that Professor's McGonagall and Snape were present as well as a flushed and flustered looking Draco Malfoy. Draco was sitting next to Snape who was standing next to a small sofa that was in the room. There were three chairs spread throughout the room. Professor McGonagall stood next to Headmaster Dumbledore. Who stood when they entered the room.

"I need each of you to sit in a chair, keep them apart for the time being. In a few minutes all will be explained to you." When each had sat down Albus looked at each of them. "Now I know you have studied Veela's this year and part-Veela's as well. Keeping that in mind, Mr. Malfoy here is part-Veela, from his mother's side of his family. He has come into his inheritance today and has felt a pull at one of you three. We don't know which one of you is his potential mate yet but will find out in a few minutes. He has been unable to get the three of you alone so he doesn't know to which the pull is towards only that it is one of you. Draco, go ahead."

At that Draco got up and went behind Hermione and sniffed, shook his head so Dumbledore would know it wasn't her. Next was Ron, another shake, it wasn't him either. Draco's heart sank. He didn't really want it to be any of them, but he at least had time to mentally prepare for this. The three Gryffindor's however were blindsided. They all saw as Dumbledore nodded at each shake of the head and then beamed as a dreamy expression came over Draco's face as he approached Harry.

Harry watched as Dumbledore nodded at each of the previous two students and then he saw the beaming smile that lit up his eyes. Harry closed his eyes and said softly not really expecting an answer "it's me isn't it? How do I always end up in these situations?" He looked up to see compassion in his mentor's eyes as he nodded the affirmative to his previous question. "OK, so it's me what do I do now?" Draco pulled another chair out from the side of the room and pulled it next to Harry's and sat down.

"Harry," Draco started "you will be moving into a set of rooms with me. Professor Dumbledore will see your things are moved. I will not force you to bond with me. I could never hurt you or stand for seeing you hurt. You have your own, warded room; I can not enter without your permission. I know your best friends with Weasley and Granger, therefore if I smell their scent on you I won't freak out, I know friends hug. That includes the Weasley girl as well, I know you hug her quite frequently. But if I smell someone else on you I will get angry, not at you, but at them. I would highly suggest keeping anyone off of you. My class schedule will be changing to reflect yours. We want this to go as smoothly as possible. I warn you here and now, I will try and seduce you, to woo you to fall in love with me. I will not stop until we bond. You and I are excused from classes today so we can get to know each other and adjust to this new situation, also you'll be staying here for the summer, I hope that isn't a problem for you." Draco finally said everything he was going to say.

Harry's head whipped around to look at Professor Dumbledore looking for confirmation to not having to go back to his neglectful 'family' for the summer. Upon his affirmation Harry felt like he could fly without his broom. He beamed over to Hermione and Ron who smiled brightly back at him. They knew he wasn't liked to his relative's home, he wasn't physically abused so much as mentally abused and malnourished. His physical characteristics had proven as much. He was still very small for his age; he had reached a whole five foot five inches. Hermione was taller then he was by three inches. Ron was taller still at just shy of six feet tall. Draco stood the same height as Ron at five feet eleven inches tall. Ron and Draco weighing in at about eighty-one Kilograms each. Hermione weighing in at about sixty-one kilograms, and Harry weighing in at fifty- four kilograms. (A/N: Yeah yeah, I know I mixed standards, but it's my fic I can write it like I like.. hehehe)

Harry couldn't believe it, he didn't have to go back to the Dursley, no more slaving to clean and cook and handle everything in the house or be punished for not doing it, no more being called a freak. He was close to tears of relief and Ron and Hermione could tell.

"Professor Dumbledore, can you call for 'Snuffles' please? I am going to need him soon. Someone else to talk to besides Malfoy." Harry asked quietly, his voice full of emotion. Voldemort had been defeated but Wormtail was still out there wreaking havoc on Sirius, so his name wasn't cleared yet.

"Of course Harry, I was going to suggest you owl him. He can stay here for a few weeks during the summer, I trust you'll inform Mr. Malfoy of everything before then. Now Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley, I suggest you go down to the great hall for some breakfast as you have classes today to attend. Harry and Mr. Malfoy, I'll have some house-elves deliver your meals to your rooms for you for today. I expect to see you both bright and early in the great hall for breakfast tomorrow."

All four students nodded at the headmaster and before Harry left Ron and Hermione came up and hugged him. They knew it was a lot for him to take in in such a short amount of time. By the time the hug was over Hermione and Harry were both crying. Hermione knew how much the abuse and neglect had affected Harry. He believed he was unworthy of anyone or anything. Hermione and Ron knew different. Harry pulled back from the group hug and gave a watery smile.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow I guess, Hermione; can you get my homework for me please?" Hermione nodded and said she would give it to him in the morning.

"Everything will be all right mate, I'll see you tomorrow," Ron said clapping Harry on the back. Ron and Hermione then left the room leaving Harry, Draco and the professors. Professor McGonagall walked up to Harry and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"If you need anything don't hesitate to ask, I'll be there for you Harry. Good luck," and with that swept out of the room, Snape on her heels, only pausing long enough to nod at each of them.

Harry looked over to Dumbledore who was smiling knowingly at Harry. "Everything will work out my boy, you shall see, no go and get to know Draco some and eat some breakfast. I'll stop by after lunch to see how things are going." He then proceeded to usher Harry and Draco out and followed them until he veered off to the great hall.

Harry followed Draco to the south tower. Then they went up to the fourth floor to a portrait of a little boy playing with a toy broom and toy wand. He looked up and smiled at Draco and asked for the password. "Veela Magic" was spoken loud enough for Harry to hear so he would know the password to the rooms and the little boy smiled even brighter and opened for them.

Harry entered hesitantly, looking around the room. It was done in pale blues and yellows; there were two couches and a coffee table in front of the fireplace. There were a couple of bookshelves in between the bookshelves was a wizard's chess table with two chairs. In front of a huge window stood a dining table with four chairs, which on the table now stood breakfast.

"I'll show you around after we eat, I happen to be starving, I couldn't eat last night I was so nervous about this morning. But that's over now, so I am starving, how are you?" Draco wasn't sure how to start; he needed to start getting a feel for how Harry was in private.

"Well, it is a lot to take in, in such a short amount of time. In a way I'm glad this happened, because I don't have to go back to the Dursley's, and in another way shocked because, well, we hate each other, or I thought we did. It's going to take some time to adjust to this. Just don't force me into anything please." Harry looked at Draco with pleading eyes. Draco's face softened immediately upon seeing his eyes.

"Of course, Harry, we'll go as slow as you like, just please promise not to shut me out. I need to be a part of your life until I can bond with you. Just don't date anyone else, and everything will be fine, I promise. I'll take care of you." Harry could see nothing but honesty in those silvery gray eyes. Harry nodded and sat down and began to eat.

Draco watched how much Harry ate and noticed how little it was. "Harry, why were you so relieved when I told you, you didn't have to go back to your family for the summer?"

Draco saw the pained look in Harry's eyes at the mention of his family, he wondered if it was a mistake, but he needed to know why. "Well, imagine this, you live in a cupboard for ten years then you get a letter saying your invited to Hogwarts, not knowing anything about magic. You're also told that your parents died in a car crash and they were drunk. You're then moved up into a second bedroom that used to be for your cousins broken toys. Also imagine never getting enough to eat as well as being told you're worthless as well as a freak, and since the end of fourth year a murderer. You get your books and wand locked up every summer, your not allowed to do your homework and you've been cooking and cleaning for the family since you can remember. I would think you'd be relieved as well to get away from that living hell. It was almost as bad as the visions I used to have of Voldemort." The last part added so quietly Draco almost didn't hear it. Draco frowned when he had heard all of this. He'd heard rumors but they had never been that bad.

"I am so sorry for you Harry; you should never have had to live through any of it at all. That's all behind you now, I'll take good care of you, you'll never want for anything again, you'll get everything you need, I promise you that."

"Draco what about your father, I know he was a Death Eater, I also know he got out of it, again. What happens when he finds out?" Harry asked warily

"He won't lay a finger on you if he knows what's in his best interest. I won't let anyone harm you Harry; no one will ever touch you out of anger or revenge again." Draco reached out and touched Harry's cheek so gently Harry barely felt it there at all. Draco looked deeply into Harry's eyes "I will protect you Harry even if it means with my very life."

Harry saw the devotion in Draco's eyes. It scared him if he had to be honest with himself. Why would anyone want a worthless freak like him? "Draco, why me? Why did you pick me? I'm nothing special, nothing special at all." Draco frowned again and lightly gripped Harry's chin and forced him to look him in the eyes. Draco saw the self-hatred in Harry's eyes; it broke his heart that he felt as though he were nothing.

"To answer your question as to why? Well that's easy enough. We Veela, go by scent. Your scent gives me a great desire. I need to be with you. The scent is addictive, once we hone in onto the scent we want no other. There is a pull to that person alone. Veela's are lifetime mates; we will only have one mate. When they die the Veela dies as well." Draco's voice got softer as he moved onto the second part of his answer. "As to your not being special, Harry, I have never agreed with that. Even when I didn't like you, you were special. Your strong, beautiful" Draco at this point reached out with his free hand and stroked his cheek softly. "Intelligent, cunning, brave. What is it about you that isn't special Harry, You are truly a special person. It's a shame that those muggles made you feel this way about yourself. When I first met you on the train before our first year, you earned my grudging respect. No one has even turned down a Malfoy, and you did just that. I don't know what else to tell you to make you see that you are special, and not just for being "the-boy-who-lived- twice"." Draco said with such emotion that Harry was stunned. "Well then, why don't I show you around? Besides I want to see how they did your room, I should be able to see from the doorway." They both got up and walked to Draco's room. "This is my room, you can come into mine without permission, just remember I cannot come into yours without you saying I can. This is so I don't try and ravish you in the middle of the night. There will be times when my desire for you will be too strong for me to contain; it's times like that until your ready that your room will be your safe haven okay?" Harry nodded his understanding and then went to the middle of three doors and Draco showed him the bathroom, it was done lavishly, with thick fluffy towels. They got to the third door. "Now, I can knock on it but if I touch the handle I get shocked, so you have to open it." Harry opened it and there was a nicely appointed bedroom complete with bookshelf and desk and chair.

Harry looked up at Draco with nervous eyes. "Draco, is it okay with you if I go in for a little while alone to think about the things I've been told? It's quite a lot and I feel like I need to think things through for a bit." Draco nodded his agreement and Harry disappeared into his room. Harry flopped himself onto his bed and Draco went to sit on one of the couches. They both needed time to think.

End Chappie 1... hope you liked it!!!