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Chapter 18. The Bonding

When they got into the bedroom, Draco set Harry down gently on the bed. Draco then settled on the bed next to his very soon-to-be-lover. Looking deeply into Harry's eyes, Draco gently leaned over to kiss Harry. The raven haired boy leaned into the kiss, relishing it, and they both slowly laid down and entangled their legs together, wrapping their arms around each other in a lover's embrace. They kissed passionately, but by no means hungrily, as they had both worked the edge off in the other room; now it was time to go slow and enjoy what was going to be happening.

Breaking the kiss only when oxygen was vital to survival, they pulled apart and stared at each other, mapping faces with their eyes. Little did Harry know this was all part of the bonding. It happened naturally for both the Veela and their mates. If anyone were to look at them from the outside, they would see a light magical barrier surrounding the two lovers.

Fafner, getting the mental imagery of what was to happen that night, decided it was in their best interest to post himself outside their rooms to ensure no interruptions. He knew if they were interrupted it would be awhile before they'd get to this stage again. The pull would have to rebuild itself, and that was something that would kill Harry Fafner reckoned.

Harry ran his fingers through Draco's hair. Draco in turn ran his hands through Harry's hair. Everything they were doing was part of the bonding; Draco knew on some level that everything was part of the bonding, but he didn't much care at the moment. Harry just fell into the pull of what he should do; he didn't question anything since it felt good, and he could touch Draco, and Draco touched him in return.

Draco ran his fingers through Harry's hair, and Harry closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of those talented pale fingers and the sensations they were providing. Harry reached between himself and Draco and started fumbling with the fasteners on his blonde counter-parts pants. They needed to be gone; his pajama bottoms, and boxers as well, needed to go. Draco moved his hand down and started to slid Harry's clothes down his hips. Untangling his legs from Draco's so that he could lift his hips to help Draco in removing his bottoms, Harry squirmed to free himself from the constricting clothes.

Harry finally got the pants undone and worked them down. Draco and Harry both lifted their hips at the same time to ease the other's progress in getting the other naked. Once they were both naked, they separated far enough apart to gaze at the others body. Both had appreciative gazes for the other.

They gazed at each other for only a moment before the pull reactivated and their lips came together again in a soft, wet, sweet kiss. Opening his mouth, Harry let his tongue glide lightly across Draco's still closed lips. Draco immediately responded by opening his mouth, and when their tongues came into contact, they both couldn't help the moans that escaped. Both wizards were already half hard again just by these light and small endearing touches.

They wiggled around on the bed to get more comfortable and up toward the head of the bed so they had access to pillows to help keep them from straining their necks too badly.

"I love you, Harry," Draco breathed out. "I will honor and care for you always. I swear to never harm you, and to love you forever and keep you at the forefront of my mind at all time." Draco spoke part of the ritual, and he knew it, and Harry's turn, was coming, but the pull would guide them throughout the whole thing. Draco placed chaste kisses on Harry's cheeks, then his forehead and nose. Harry blinked. He was close to tears from all the strong emotions surrounding this whole situation.

"I love you, Draco," Harry stumbled, his voice thick with emotions. "I, too, will honor and care for you always. You shall remain in the forefront of my mind. I swear on my life's blood that I shall never do anything to cause you harm, and that I will love you and only you for all eternity." Harry's voice grew stronger in his conviction of the words he spoke, but it was heavily laden with emotions. Draco nearly cried with happiness when Harry had spoken the words. The pull was different for the words spoken for each bonding. So even if his parents had told him the words spoken during their bonding, it wouldn't matter, his was different then his parents.

The next couple of weeks passed by quickly. Sirius and Remus were happy for Harry. He was positively glowing with love and excitement. The last couple of days though, Harry felt slightly ill. Harry finally went to go see Madam Pomfrey about it after listening to the moaning and complaining of his family that they were worried about him, and that's when he'd found out the news. The one thing they weren't ready for yet had happened. Harry was excited and scared all at the same time. Since no students were left in the castle Draco was more apt to let Harry wander around, so long as he took Fafner with him. This had helped out immensely with their fights they'd been having before the bonding.

Harry made his way up to his and Draco's rooms, he was full of doubt and he was scared Draco was going to hate him. Draco was due to spend the entire day down in the dungeons with Severus, helping him make potions for the Hospital Wing. Harry paced all afternoon long waiting for his bond-mate to come back. Fafner had made sure Harry ate lunch, well what he could stomach anyway. Harry did fairly well in the lunch department, and Fafner was content. Sirius had come up to visit with Remus, but that didn't last very long because Harry was anxious for Draco, and he didn't want to tell anyone before he'd told Draco; he'd even sworn Madam Pomfrey to secrecy until he'd told Draco. The witch was fine with that and knew that Draco and Fafner would indeed take care of Harry.

When Draco finally returned, Harry glomped on him. Harry kissed Draco all over his face and welcomed him home. The blonde grinned wildly at the welcome he received, but also knew it wasn't normal. Something was up, and he needed to get to the bottom of it.

"What's up, Harry? I know this isn't normal behavior for you; not that I'm complaining mind, but what's happening?" Draco spoke evenly, face still alight with a smile. He was glad Harry was well.

"Draco, you know how I haven't been feeling well lately?" Harry spoke very hesitantly to his lover. Draco nodded in answer. "Well, I went to Madam Pomfrey this morning." Harry visibly gulped, trying to get the courage to say what needed to be said, and prayed that Draco didn't hate him for it. Harry stepped away from Draco and started pacing. Sensing Harry's fear, Draco shot up and comforted Harry as best as he could.

"Whatever it is, Harry, we'll get through it together; I'm not going anywhere, I promise. I love you and so does Fafner; we will both be here for you," Draco spoke anxiously, trying to quell Harry's fears enough to tell him what was going on, not that anything he'd said wasn't true.

"Remember when we talked about the bonding and the spells you'd used?" Harry spoke softly and fearfully even with the reassurances from Draco.

"Yes, I do. I cast two spells on myself to keep you from getting pregnant; however, during the bondin…" Draco cut himself off realization setting in as to what had occurred, and he glowed with pride and joy. Looking the raven-headed boy in the eye, Harry gave him a lopsided half scared smile. Draco just grinned at him then carefully pulled him into a hug. "I can't believe it, you're pregnant with our baby" Draco whispered, a tear of happiness rolled down his cheek.

"You're not mad then?" Harry asked hesitantly. Draco looked at him shocked.

"Merlin, Harry James Potter, why on earth would I be mad at you? I told you when we talked about it that it could happen and was higher the night we bonded. I could never be mad over that; I'm ecstatic if you want to know the truth. I couldn't be happier. We're going to have a baby." Draco cheered and picked Harry up, swinging him around the room. Harry began laughing. Draco then carefully set him down.

"OK, we need to set up a nursery for the baby. OH, do you think we should find out the sex of the baby? We will have to hire you a tutor; you will not be subjecting yourself to those wretched students that could get you ill and, therefore, the baby ill. We can't have that. We'll have to, of course, tell everyone. I am the first to know, right?" When Draco finally stopped for a breath, he looked at Harry who was staring at him strangely. Draco would have laughed had he not been worried about Harry. "What?" Draco mock sneered.

"You, Draco Malfoy, are amazing, and besides Poppy and myself, you are the first to know; I felt that it was only right. Siri and Remmy were here earlier and about drove me crazy trying to get me to tell them what was going on. Fafner made sure I ate what I could. My stomach is still pretty messed up, but I ate what I could tolerate without losing it again," Harry said happily. He had been thrilled with how Draco took the news. "I guess that means no Quidditch next year then, huh?" Harry asked jokingly, having already spoken in great detail about flying; it was out of the question. Madam Pomfrey would have his head on a platter if he'd go flying and explained the dangers to Harry for not only himself, but for his unborn child. It was one thing to risk yourself, but to risk an innocent life. He wasn't going to do that. Draco got an angry look on his face at the mention of Quidditch; he hadn't caught the playful tone Harry used.

"That's right, absolutely no Quidditch what so ever; no flying either, and you can forget your apparition license until after you've had the baby," Draco said, then noticed the look on Harry's face. "But you already knew that, didn't you, Harry?" Harry smiled and nodded.

"Yes, Madam Pomfrey talked to me about it, and although I don't like that, I won't be able to fly for so long; I'd rather stay on the ground than risk an innocent life in the air, let alone with bludgers flying around," Harry finished.

"Oh goodness, Harry, you've been pacing all afternoon, haven't you? I know how you get when you're nervous about something. Go lay down, and we'll talk some more when you get up. What would you like for dinner? You can have anything you want darling, just say the words, and it's yours my love." Draco eyes glittered with love and affection for his bonded. This was going to be a long nine months with Harry being still so very independent, but still needing to be mindful of the baby.

"Draco, I'll let you baby me while I'm pregnant; I know you're dying to, so I will willingly let you. I think it will save us a lot of heartache if I don't fight you on this. I'll go lay down, and I don't care what's for dinner, just something light, all right?" Receiving a nod Harry kissed Draco's cheek then went into their bedroom. Draco went to the desk and wrote out several letters, sending them off with owls to their recipients.

When Harry laid down, the last thought that ran through his mind was 'I'm going to be a mother'. A tear escaped his eye and he drifted off to sleep. This would be a wonderful experience.

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