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Chapter 1

Reincarnation and Immortality

Congratulations! You've been accepted into the University of Magnolia!

Lucy released a sigh, resting her head in the palm of her hand as she stared at the letter sitting on her desk. The letter went on to explain how wonderful her time at their school would be and why she made a good choice to receive higher education there. Or rather, choosing to blow all of her money on tuition and books there. The only useful information in the letter was her school schedule, which had already been decided upon her admission, and when school would start this year.

Lucy wrote down her schedule and the date school started before crumpling up the letter and tossing it in the trash. Most people kept their admission letters framed as signs of success after years of hard work, or at least kept it safely stashed away somewhere. After all, that's what she had done with her first admission letter. But that was lifetimes ago. Literally.

While most people tried to live their best lives knowing they only had one chance, Lucy was different. She had no idea why and doing research proved to be fruitless, but for some reason, she had been reincarnated every time she died, all the while retaining her memories.

It was horrifying at first. In Lucy's first life, she had a wonderful family and friends, only for it all to come to an abrupt end in a car accident. Before her death, she had often wondered what death would be like. She always pictured the light at the end of a tunnel, ushering her into the pearly white gates of Heaven, where she could rest with all of her loved ones that had already passed on. She even pictured being a ghost, watching over everyone she had left behind.

Never did she picture that she would wake up moments later, crying and covered in blood as she was just born again.

Sure, she played with the idea of reincarnation. After all, writing was her passion, of course she would drabble with the idea. Though, she never thought that she would actually remember everything from her past life.

Lucy's phone suddenly rang, startling her out of her thoughts. Clicking the green icon, the girl pulled her phone to her ear.

"Hey, Levy-chan!" she said. "What's up?"

"Lu-chan! My shift just ended. Let's hang out!" the other girl exclaimed.

"Sure! Our usual spot?"

"Duh! I'll see you there! Bye!"


Lucy hung up and walked towards her closet. No matter what life she was living, the girl always chose to wear more revealing clothes. It suited her best.

With summer's crippling heat, Lucy chose to wear a white dress that went mid-thigh and showed a generous amount of cleavage. Since it was her first time going out in weeks, the girl decided to curl her hair and apply a thin layer of makeup before heading out the door.

In this lifetime, Lucy was born in a small merchant city called Acalypha in the nation of Fiore. In her last life, she was born and raised in Alvarez, the neighboring country. She was currently living her fourth life, so she knew the procedure by now.

During Lucy's second life, she was adamant on getting close to anyone, feeling as though she was betraying her previous family and friends. The notion stuck with her, and she was only able to make a few friends over the next three of her lifetimes. So far, she had only made one friend during this lifetime, a snarky, petite girl by the name of Levy.

Reaching the smoothie shop, Lucy breathed a sigh of relief once she felt the cool air from the air-conditioning. It didn't take long to find Levy as her hair was a bright shade of blue. She was sitting in the far corner, away from everyone else.

"Lu-chan! I got your smoothie already!" Levy said, waving her down.

Lucy nodded at the other girl and grinned ear-to-ear. "Thanks, Levy-chan. How was work?"

"Oh, the usual. I just spent my time reading." Levy worked as a librarian's assistant, re-shelving books and managing check-outs.

Levy was a nice girl. They had met at the library she worked in and bonded immediately over their love of books. Lucy didn't know much of the other girl's home life, but she knew that she had a boyfriend, Gajeel, who for some reason hated her guts.

Gajeel was a menacing guy with long locks of unruly black hair. His skin was covered in piercings, enough to make Lucy wonder how he managed at airports. Added to his piercings and wild hair, the guy was also much taller than her, looming over her with ease and staring down at her with his intimidatingly red eyes. Not to mention his muscles were bigger than her head.

All in all, she couldn't see how sweet, innocent Levy could be with someone as scary as Gajeel, but she didn't question it.

"So, did you ever hear from the university?" Levy asked, leaning forward in anticipation.

"Oh, yeah. I got in," Lucy answered with a shrug. She wasn't really interested in which school she attended, she only chose this one because Levy was there, and it was close to home.

"That's wonderful, Lu-chan! We need to celebrate!"

"Ehh, it's fine. I don't think it's that big of a deal."

"That big of a deal? C'mon, Lu-chan! You only go to college, once! This is a big step!"

Lucy sighed and turned her gaze out the window. "Only once, huh…"

Being reincarnated took the excitement out of life. Things that were supposed to be exciting became routine. It was a curse, one she had wanted to escape from.

She hoped this life would be her last.

"Lu-chan?" Levy called out, her brows drooping in concern.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. I was spacing out," Lucy replied, forcing a smile to her face. "Anyways, tell me more about-"

"Levy," a familiar, gruff voice called out.

Lucy squeaked and sat straight as a board, nervously turning her head to face Gajeel. The boy moved his gaze from Levy towards her, downright glaring at her.

"Seriously, what did I do to make this guy hate me so much?" Lucy wondered, awkwardly chuckling.

"Let's go," Gajeel said, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"But Gajeel-!"

"No buts. Erza told me to get you and I'm not going back to that demon empty-handed."

Levy sighed, turning towards Lucy with an apologetic smile. "Sorry, Lu-chan. I have to go now."

"It's fine," the blonde assured, waving her off. She wasn't exactly in the mood to hangout anymore anyways.

There was something strange about Levy. Lucy couldn't quite put her finger on it, but there was something off about her. As close as the two girls seemed to be, they never shared any intimate secrets or hung out for long periods. Even though Levy knew where Lucy lived, Lucy had no idea where Levy spent her days when she wasn't at school or work. And Gajeel was always the one to take Levy away, glaring at Lucy as he did.

Still, everyone was allowed to their own secrets. Lucy knew she sure had her own.

"I don't see what your guys' problem with Lu-chan is," Levy said, crossing her arms over her chest. Her brows slanted with irritation, upset that her time with Lucy was cut short yet again.

"Yes you do, you just choose to ignore it," Gajeel replied, opening the grand doors to Fairy Tail. There, everyone waited inside at their usual table in the far corner away from everyone else.

"Okay, fine. But Lu-chan is a really sweet girl, you could at least be a little nicer to her."

Gajeel scoffed and rolled her eyes. "You know being nice to mortals just gets you hurt."

Levy huffed and walked towards the table. Erza, sitting at the head of the table, gave her a pointed stare through her scarlet bangs. The girl had always been strict and adamant on speaking to the mortals, never trusting them. Not that anyone could blame her after her traumatic childhood.

Jellal sat beside her. While he, too, was wary of mortals as he shared the same past as Erza, he wasn't as stout as the girl. Still, he warned of the dangers of getting to close to them, saying that they led different lives.

Across from the pair sat Natsu at the other end of the table. He was scarfing food down his throat, never one to care about who associated with who. Sure, he didn't associate with the mortals just as the others, but his reasoning was different. He was fine with the friends that he had and didn't see the need in conversing with anyone else. Besides, he preferred hanging out with people that understood him.

On the side opposite of Levy and Gajeel sat Gray and Juvia. The two were similar to Natsu, in that they knew good mortals existed but preferred to stick to what they knew. What they were comfortable with.

That just left Levy.

"I thought I made it clear you should stop associating with that girl," Erza said. Sighing, she continued, "You're the smartest one here, Levy. You should know better."

"But Lu-chan is really nice and she's a good person," the blue-headed girl protested meekly. "She would never do anything to hurt us."

"And what happens if you get too close? She'll notice that you don't age eventually."

"I don't know… I don't want to hide from the mortals anymore."

"What are you saying?"

"It's not that I'm going to go show the world that I'm immortal or anything. I just don't want to cut out the thought of making new friends. Lu-chan is nice, and I think you guys would like her too."

Erza sighed, knowing that she wasn't going to make any progress with Levy. Though her body was small, her resolve wasn't. Besides, as strict as she was, she didn't want to police people's lives and strip away their freedoms. Not after what she'd been through.

"Just be careful, alright?" the redhead requested.

Natsu watched as Levy nodded and with that, the conversation steered into more normal topics. He didn't understand Levy's fascination with the mortals. Sure, he wasn't scared of them or anything, but wasn't it better to hang out with people who shared your circumstances?

Natsu leaned back in his chair and took in his surroundings. At first glance, it would look like any other pub- Magnolia was full of them. But in truth, it was home to many immortals, trying to live the best lives they could.

Having an infinite life wasn't all cracked up as people thought it to be. Sure, it was cool to watch his wounds heal themselves as refusal to let him go, and it was nice to be able to spend every day with his friends. But only few were cursed with being immortal.

Natsu tugged at the ends of his scaly scarf wrapped around his neck. It was lonely at times, watching as the mortals lived their lives and grew up with those close to them. Making friends was damn near impossible, which was why the boy was glad Makarov found him and brought him to Fairy Tail in the first place.

Unfortunately, it was their turn to go to school. Fairy Tail members took turns going to school to prevent anyone from finding out their secret. Immortals had to wait one hundred years before they could return. By then, everyone they had met in college before would have passed away and been replaced with fresh teachers and students that would have no chance at recognizing them.

Immortality didn't leave Natsu and the others much freedom in life. It was like a curse that haunted them every day, following them around as their shackles.

Natsu glanced down at his scarf, the corners of his lips curling downwards into a frown. Just as he did every day, he wondered what it was like to die. Not that it mattered. He would never find the answer.

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