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Chapter Two: Final Chapter


Inuyasha awoke with a start. His back felt.......stiff to say the least. And there was something on his ears...and his head.......

He sat up quickly, scaring Kagome half-to-death. His head was in her lap. Oh yeah, he remembered the night before. She'd stolen his pillow. Well, he didn't exactly own that pillow. So, technically, she'd taken her own pillow back.


Same thing. He decided that his back felt *really* funny.

Kagome opened her eyes after her heartbeat settled down. Inuyasha had pulled away and sat trying to get a look at his bare back.

"My back feels funny!" he whined.

"Yeah, you've still got that stuff on your back."

"But it's all *crusty*!"

"Yes......it's dry now. What did you expect?"

"And it itches again!" He tried to reach it to scratch it, but Kagome stopped him.

"Don't scratch that Inuyasha," she told him. "It'll only make it worse."

"Get the crusty stuff off!"

"Stand still!"

"But it itches!"

"Come on," she ordered, tugging on his arm and dragging him down the hall to the bathroom. "Place yourself on the floor." She had to avoid saying 'sit'. It was getting hard thinking of other phrases to use.

"Feh," he quietly whined, plopping down cross-legged on the bathroom floor.

"Feh yourself."

He glared lightly at her, not really meaning it of course. You couldn't really glare at the person that you like. ^^

She pulled out a washcloth and wiped the nasty crusty stuff away. "It still itches!"

"Yes Inuyasha, I'm aware of that." She put more cream on his back.

"That junk stinks!"

"Why didn't you say something last night?"

"Because I didn't notice!"

"Hm, whatever."




"I don't have to help you or anything, you know!"

"Feh......." he grumbled, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Better. Can I pet your ears again?"


A week later, our dear hanyou was over his terrible poison ivy! Yay! Kagome was glad too, because he wasn't grumping anymore. The only bad thing about it was that she couldn't pet his ears anymore.

But it wouldn't hurt to ask.

"Um, Inuyasha?" she asked, outside of the well.


"Can I still pet your ears sometimes?"

His eyebrows raised slightly. She wanted to pet his ears.....? "Why?"

"I um........I don't know. It's just cool. Please.....?"

"Hm........I guess. But NOT when anyone's looking!"

"Nobody's looking now, are they?" she asked, reaching up on her tiptoes to rub his ears soothingly.

He started to purr. He wanted to tell her to stop it, but it felt nice. So he let her continue.

"Hey!" Shippo called. "What are you *doing*?"

Kagome stopped and looked up.

Inuyasha growled at Shippo, and the kitsuné went scampering off. "You can continue now," he told her, ducking his head so that she could reach his ears better.


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