Konoha's Weasel Prince

Summary: Itachi never got to use his Susanoo in his fight with Sasuke. As soon as the Kirin hit, he was sent back through time to the founder's era and it was up to him to ensure a safer and surer future for Konoha and the world at large. KisaIta TobiMada HashiMito others mentioned

Chapter 50

''What!?'' Itachi winced at the pitch Tobirama's voice reached when the Nidaime Hokage screeched in shock, all but using Hiraishin to appear next to him, hands clutching his shoulders demandingly. ''You met the Sage of Six Paths? How? Did he send you to our time? Did he tell you how he did it? Why did he send you to the past? How much of the past did you change? Is this a different future from the one you first lived in? How did you not destroy the space-time continuum by changing things? Does this mean you can travel through time? Have you tried doing it again? How much time has passed here in contrast to the past?''

''Tobirama, let Itachi breathe.'' The newly freed and arrived Mito admonished, smiling. Her fellow Kyuubi reanimated container was still out in the battlefield, showing everyone just why she was nicknamed Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. Kyuubi chakra or not, that Uzumaki was fearsome. ''And let go of him. I want to greet my brother, too.''

''No offense, but my son is not your brother, Uzumaki-san.'' Fugaku said in half a glower. The sharp smile she sent his way showed that she was indeed an Uzumaki, despite her mild-seeming nature.

''I assure you, in all technicality, he was my brother long before he was your son, as my clansmen and I have adopted him many, many years before you yourself were born, Uchiha-san.'' Once again, more than one jaw dropped or a pair of eyes flew open at the thing someone had said. Hashirama, Tobirama and the newly arrived Hikaku, Toka and Izuna were nodding in agreement. Toka and Izuna each went even a step further and said that their clans, too, have adopted Itachi during his stay with them in the past, making him Senju Uzumaki Uchiha Itachi, or simply Konoha no Itachi since he officially belonged to its two (three, if you consider Mito and all she did for Konoha) founding clans and was one of the founders himself. Mito then ignored the spluttering masses and walked right up to Itachi, pushed Tobirama gently to the side and all but yanked the young man out of his father's lax grip to hug him tight. ''You are never allowed to leave without saying goodbye again, do you hear me?''

Itachi relaxed with a chuckle and returned the embrace. ''Hai, Mito. I apologize if I have caused you grief or worry. I simply could not stay in a time I did not belong to in the first place, no matter how tempting it was."

"Tempting?" Fugaku asked, incredulous and a bit hurt but he understood. He had been far from an ideal father and he knew that was his burden to bear for the rest of eternity. Had he been a better father, a better Clan Head, Itachi would have been a relatively happy and carefree young man right now. He would not have lost his innocence at four or had to throw away everything that made him himself when he had just turned thirteen.

"I guess we deserved that," Mikoto whispered, finally letting go of Sasuke to come over and greet her eldest son. "I apologize for never being the mother you deserved, Itachi. I was young and foolish and inexperienced. It was war and then our clan was put under suspicion. It's not an excuse but it was the situation and I am so sorry for everything we have out you through.'' She smiled as she watched Itachi's shoulders slump just a little bit in relief, feeling it herself that she had put whatever doubts he still had to rest. She went to say something else when suddenly there was a blur of dark clothes, black hair and red armor barreling right past her, knocking her into Itachi's and Fugaku's steadying hands.

A grunt from Tobirama had everyone whipping their heads around to look at the blue clad Senju just in time to see Madara all but tackle him. The Uchiha had jumped and attached himself around the younger man with hands around his neck and legs around his waist and he didn't waste a second more before he attached his mouth to the albino's. Cue jaws dropping, strangled sounds, eyes popping out of heads from the Shinobi Alliance and amused snorts, groans or catcalls from the reanimations of the founding era. Izuna's mock gagging noises joined the fray when Tobirama eagerly returned the frantic kiss, placing his hands on Madara's butt and bringing him closer.

Hashirama just laughed boisterously.

''Uchiha Madara, what do you think you're doing!?'' The screech was mad by none other than Uchiha Tajima, who was staring at his eldest with both shock and something akin to disgust, although that was more aimed towards his son's chosen partner than anything. The way his own jaw dropped when Madara untangled one arm from Tobirama just to flip him off was more priceless than anything any of them had ever seen.

''Senju Tobirama, you stop that right now or I will-ACK!'' Butsuma was cut off when his lovely wife hit him over the head with her kanabo, not even caring that his head had to rearrange itself. He was dead and a reanimation. He'll be fine. She had more important things to worry about.

''Woohoo! You go, Tobirama!'' Like cheering her younger son on. She was an Uzumaki, you know.

''They are such an embarrassment,'' Izuna grumbled, not caring that his father was glaring at him as he put an arm around Toka's waste. He dared Tajima come and complain. Toka would eviscerate him before he got one word out. He really loved his wife.

''How is this your life, cousin?'' Shisui asked with a smile as he ruffled Itachi hair. The younger could only shake his head, not sure himself.

''I often wonder that myself,'' he said in response as he watched Kakuzu beat the shit out of Hidan, as was their customary greeting, and was thankful that Sasori and Deidara had had the decency to at least hide while they reunited. Even after knowing that founders of his beloved village, he still swore the Akatsuki were the weirdest group to have walked this earth.

''So, how did you travel through time?'' It was Kagami who asked, looking at Itachi with all the adoration and admiration he had held for him when he was but a small boy, meeting his first friend in a random patch of forest. He had never forgotten when he first met Itachi, the conversations they had since then and the name Itachi had uttered upon first seeing him. He would have named his son Shisui but he hadn't really looked all that much like him, taking more after his mother. His grandson, on the other hand, was a spitting image of him and so he had suggested they name him Shisui. He kind of was envious of Danzo, Homura, Koharu and Hiruzen for getting to see Itachi grow up.

Itachi surprised them by shrugging, looking on as Nagato reunited properly with his friends and teacher. Jiraiya looked really boisterous as he hugged his three students. ''I actually have no idea, just a theory. The Rikudo Sennin influenced where I'd end up but the energy behind Sasuke's jutsu seems to have somehow interfered with my Tsukuyomi, which in a way bends time, space and reality.''

''But Tsukuyomi is only a genjutsu,'' it was Orochimaru who said this, cautiously approaching the three Uchiha with Tsunade by his side. The Slug Princess shoved them all to the side and hugged one of her favorite uncles, near strangling him with her super strength. Itachi feared for his health if these greetings continued. Good thing he had been healed a long time ago - not so long ago? He wasn't sure how to measure time anymore - or he wouldn't have been able to get his breathing back in order.

''Yes, but it's a Sharingan doujutsu before anything else and our eyes are as unpredictable as a forest fire, especially since there are jutsu that can change reality and time at a whim, like Izanagi, for example. Tsukuyomi is actually just a step below that sort of power and only because it doesn't take the light from your eyes and as such doesn't quite reach that level of energy spent.'' The genius replied in way of explanation. ''What's more, I am fairly certain that the Sage has somehow guided it so that the two powers intermingled or something and it caused what was supposed to be an illusion to become a reality. I can't say with certainty, as the old man hadn't dared show his face to me more than twice.''

''To be fair, you can be quite terrifying, kid.'' Itachi whirled around to meet the amused gaze of Juzo and a smile spread across his lips. For all that Juzo had claimed to not having a friend to deliver a message to besides his sword with which he wanted to die, Itachi had been the closest he had ever had to someone he cared for. It is hard to spend a year or so with another and not get at least a little bit attached.

''You don't even know the half of it,'' Kisame teased next and Itachi fully relaxed when he felt Kisame at his back. With him there and Shisui just to his right, he felt ready to conquer the world if he had to. And with his ancient friends there to back him up ... Well, he hoped no one was stupid enough to actually challenge their loyalty to him. Madara alone would tear them apart for implicating otherwise.

''How much did you actually change, Itachi-jii?'' Tsunade asked as she finally let go of him so she and Orochiamru could greet the charging Jiraiya, who scooped them both up into a massive bear hug.

'Well,' the weasel thought fondly. 'That's going to need some getting sued to.' He was far too used to Tsuande being a cute pig tailed girl that hanged off his hand, not this grown up woman. The current Hokage, no less. ''Not as much as I thought my presence would change, actually. I think that it was a time loop. One way or another, I would have been sent back in time and I love Konoha as it is, so I didn't try to make too big changes. The biggest change I can see is that,'' he pointed towards the still kissing couple, except there was a suspicious gleam coming off of Madara's ring finger. Madara's mother was squealing, too. It would seem Tobirama had finally popped the question. 'Took him long enough,' he thought in amusement, an amusement shared with Hashirama, Mito, Toka, Izuna, Kagami, Hikaku and all of Tobirama's students but one. ''And Izuna's survival.''

''Beg your pardon?'' Madara's head snapped around like a whiplash and more than one person winced in sympathy. They didn't realize just how flexible the ancient Uchiha was. It wouldn't have caused a twinge of pain in him, even if he were not a reanimation. Tobirama was frowning at him in consideration, too, until his eyes widened and he almost dropped Madara.

''Oh my god, you told me the lost future!'' The white haired man breathed, gaining the attention of all those listening before that attention was diverted back to Itachi when the man pointed at him in a rather rude manner. ''How have you not destroyed the universe?!''

''I guess I am just exceptional like that,'' he replied in a sarcastic drawl and Shisui cracked up, slapping him on the shoulder as he laughed. Itachi chuckled and shook his head even as he continued. ''Anyway, the only thing I did try and change was maybe the ANBU and Danzo-''

It was like a switch had been flipped. All four first Hokages turned as one in the direction of the incoming ROOT leader, killing intent pouring out of them in waves. The other shinobi, reanimated or living, all paused in what they were doing to look over to the four murderous legends of Konohagakure as they zeroed in on the bandaged, one eyed man with a crane. Fugaku was perhaps the only one who got it and joined them, his Mangekyo spinning angrily. Kisame gripped Samehada tighter.

''Danzo!'' Tobirama growled like a savage animal, the humidity in the air drying out until it formed a water prison right around said man without a single hand seal from the white haired Senju. The Shimura looked understandably uneasy as his former sensei stalked towards him in a manner far too similar to that of his summons for him not to think predator, over and over again. The way Hashirama's, Hiruzen's and Minato's chakras became palpable in the air as they all glowered at him didn't help the case and neither did the way Fugaku was currently looking at him. He didn't even dare look at Uchiha Mikoto. Mothers could be scary in a way not even their husbands could. Mito, Toka, Izuna and Hikaku looked confused, Shisui and Kagami were uneasy and the rest of the Shinobi Alliance were just contentedly watching the show, morbidly curious as to what could cause such burning fury in an otherwise infamously cold albino. "How dare you disrespect everything we have ever worked, fought, bled and died for by bringing in child soldiers again!?"

Ah, so that was it. Danzo was actually relaxing a little in the potentially deadly prison. He had thought they had found out about his other projects and not just ROOT.

He should have known better.

"How dare you make Itachi to kill his own clan by threatening to kill his younger brother!? He saved your ungrateful pitiful little life, you bastard!" The old man winced and waited for what he knew was coming next. As though on cue, after just a second to let the words sink in, a wave of killing intent washed over the still battlefield, enraged ancient Uchiha and Senju crying in indignation and fury for Danzo's blood, as though he were the only enemy they had ever known. The eight years dead Uchiha soon followed after them with their own cries of vengeance, raging on the behalf of their Heir who had been disrespected and treated so. Gone was their hatred of him for ending their lives. Gone was the sense of betrayal. One of their own had been threatened while another was being forced and blackmailed into committing such a grievous act. The Uchiha knew how to hold a grudge. Danzo will not go unpunished by the Uchiha Clan for his crimes.

Especially not if Madara had anything to say about it. His, Izuna's, Mito's, Hikaku's and Toka's killing intent rivaled the entirety of their clans' and their rage was legendary. Madara alone was ready to wage war with the entirety of whatever forces Danzo had gathered but said forces looked ready to piss their pants and not so willing to face him. The devastation he had been waging on them before the arrival of the four Hokage and then Itachi had left everyone with the realization that for all of their flashy jutsu, body modifications, enhanced powers and legendary weapons, true talent and power the likes of which past generations wielded could not be so simply replicated. Itachi had a hunch it wouldn't be only him hitting the libraries anymore. Good. Maybe they'll actually learn something and not allow a mess like this to happen again. One could only hope.

"It had to be done, Tobirama-sensei!" Danzo protests feebly from inside his prison. For the moment, it also served as his shield from the rest of the world. Shisui in particular looked ready to gauge his eyes out and kill him painfully slowly so he can feel every second of it. The barbarian that was Uchiha Itachi's partner, as well as the reunited Akatsuki looked as ready to end him as the overprotective cousin did. He had never thought for Itachi to make allies out of them. It would seem being in the Akatsuki had formed a sense of kinship in them. How unfortunate. "They were planning a coup d'tat! They would have killed Hiruzen and taken over the village for themselves!"

"That's only because you blamed us for the Kyuubi Attack! Our own clansmen died getting civilians to safety, you manipulating, lying prick of a bastard!" It would seem not even Fugaku could keep calm anymore. His Mangekyo was spinning agitatedly, a glare fixed on his face as he and his wife came to stand in between the trapped man and their bewildered son. He had not planned on anyone finding out, not at all. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do right now. "And we wouldn't have killed Sandaime! We'd just make him stop spying on us! Let us have some of the original power in village affairs we had when Konoha was founded! We didn't want bloodshed!"

"You would have caused a civil war!" The old man argued, almost stomping his feet like an agitated five years old.

"That doesn't give you the right to turn his life into Vermilion's story!" Hiruzen argued at this point. "It's just a stupid campfire or bedtime story, a legend at most! He shouldn't have had to live through it just because he told it first!"

"I thought it was worthy of being a divine irony." The Shimura replied huffily. "Divine judgment, even. The one who introduced the Tale of Vermilion to Konoha is the one who lives it. Although the loss of Konoha no Itachi was an unfortunate one."

"The Tale of Vermilion actually is my tale, my life story!" Uchiha Itachi groused unhappily, a glare on his face. "Think, Danzo. Think," he urged at the confused frown he got in return. "I told the tale when I was twenty one. You were a kid. I told it to the Uchiha Elders as a warning as to what would come if they aren't careful. The Massacre had happened. I told of it. Decades later you made me, when I was thirteen years old, do the same thing. Vermilion comes from my Akatsuki ring. From the future. When it actually could only just still be a tale, a tale you decided to make a reality. You are as much responsible for Konoha's grievances as any of her enemies are. You rewrote history to make the Uchiha sound like monsters. If I wasn't so much against pointless killing, I would have given into the temptation and ended your life in that cell when you were six. It would have saved us a lot of trouble these days."

"You mean to tell me that actually happened!?" Izuna all but shrieked and many of the ancient Uchiha Elders paled as they realized their initial wariness about the origin of the tale were correct, that it was true. Oh dear Sage, how were they even alive?

"How are you still sane?" Madara asked with concern, looking very much like he wanted to wrap Itachi up in a safety blanket and hide him from the world. He probably would do it, too, if given the chance. Itachi could only shrug in answer.

"My most important person, my younger brother, had remained alive so I had a last rope to hold on to, even if it was barely a thread. Knowing that Sasuke was alive and relatively safe and that he needed to kill me in order to get a chance back at happiness ... It kept me alive and going. Sanity is only a relative thing, anyway."

"That kid doesn't deserve you, Itachi-san." Kisame grumbled, never moving away from his partner's side.

"Does anyone?" Tsunade asked rhetorically, secretly planning a painful death for Danzo while still managing to make it look like either an accident or a suicide.

Shisui snorted, looking over his shoulder to glare at the still unconscious Uchiha Sasuke. "Of course not." And in his opinion, no one does. He loved Itachi like his cousin loved Sasuke so he wasn't very happy with the hardships Itachi had to go through. He kind of regretted his sacrifice now that he knew just how much his precious friend and cousin had suffered. He only then became aware of the judgmental and approving look Madara was giving him. "What?"

"I like you." The ancient Uchiha decided with a nod of his head, as though that decided everything. "Okay, now that we are sure our Itachi will be in good hands and that those responsible for his difficulties," he glared tenfold at said culprits, who at least had the decency to flinch under those purple, legendary, deadly orbs. "In life, it's time for us to go back to the afterlife. We have, hm," he gave Tobirama a pointed look which didn't escape anyone and they kind of just ... stared at the couple Itachi had made. Konan was decidedly proud of her friend and fellow Akatsuki member for solving problems with yaoi. "A lot of catching up to do." Hashirama groaned at the smirk sent his little brother's way, as well as the heated look said brother gave in response.

Itachi nodded, more for the sake of the sanity of everyone from the present than for courtesy's sake. "I will make Kabuto release the Edo Tensei now. If we can only wait for Shisui to use Kotoamatsukami on Sasuke before you go-"

"What are you talking about?" The legendary Sharingan master waved him off dismissively. "He's staying right here. Can't have my clan disappearing off of the face of the earth because of the stupidity of Tobirama's students."

"Oh, don't you dare saddle this on me, Madara!" Said Senju protested with a glower. "Me or my students. It's your clansmen that rebelled!"

"Attempted to rebel."

"And it kind of is your students' fault, Jii-chan." Tsunade agreed with her other favorite uncle. "Well, except for Kagami-kun and Torifu-kun. And sensei is more at fault by way of ignorance to Danzo's evil ways than because he was involved. Those other two old bats, though ..."

"It's not fair that Koharu and Homura got away with it all without a chewing out by sensei," Hiruzen complained to an entirely too amused Kagami.

"Can we go back to the topic at hand?" The weasel asked exasperatedly, rubbing at his brow to relieve himself of a horrific headache. Yes, for all these people it had either been six weeks or around six or more decades, but it had only been less than six hours for him and he was not ready for the combined craziness of his present day companions and his founders' era companions. It felt a bit too much, too stifling. "What did you mean by Shisui is staying, Madara?"

"Just that," Madara replied casually. "His death bothers you and you hate what you were forced to do to your clan. I can fix both and it's all thanks to that schizophrenic plant friend of yours-"

"He's not my friend."

"Since he forced some of Hashirama's cells into my body and by mixing Uchiha and Senju blood and chakra, he made these." He gestured at the Rinnegan with a gloved hand and grinned at the man he had adopted as a brother. "I can revive them all and save our clan and since I'm already dead and just an Edo Tensei summon, I will be fine. At least I'll get to finally go back to the afterlife. I've only been there for a very short time. Zetsu kept a tight grip on my soul, the bastard."

"I'll burn him out of existence with the Amaterasu later so this doesn't happen again." Itachi promised in a way of a thank you, a truly happy smile gracing his features for the first time since the massacre. At least in this time period. He gets to go back home, his cousin and his entire family back. Talk about second chances! He surely hadn't been expecting this to be the result of his little time traveling adventure. The thought had him looking around, which had him noticing people he had once known but were now just reanimations. Jiraiya, whom he had seen as a child, a friend of his honorary niece. Asuma, with whom he had once drank and dined with after long missions with Team Ro. Nagato and Konan, who had watched his back after Orochimaru's attempt at stealing his body. Deidara, younger than him, who had only wanted his acknowledgement. Sasori and Kakuzu, who have been keeping him alive so he can fight his brother one day. Hidan, the only person completely at ease with talking about the Massacre with him. Juzo, a friend he had gotten when he had least been expecting him. Tenma, killed far too young. Hayate, also a lost friend.

There were dozens of people here whose lives have been taken for no purpose at all. Mothers, fathers, lovers and spouses, brothers and sisters, cousins and best friends, random people you saw on the street or never even met yet they have their own lives which they have been robbed of. How can Itachi watch his life being out back together when everyone else's had been slowly falling apart, especially since this darn war had started? Wasn't he chosen to be allowed to go to the past because he wouldn't selfishly change the events to suit him? How can he be selfish now, when he was being allowed to make a wish, one single wish that could earn Konoha numerous allies?

He saw Madara knew what was thinking when he determinedly met his ancestor's eyes and the ancient Uchiha grinned, cracking his fingers. "Prepare to released the Edo Tensei as soon as I am done. I don't want to watch my loved ones disappear in front of my eyes and I doubt Tobirama wants to see me go beyond before him again." He said both to Itachi and Orochimaru. The Snake Sannin nodded and prepared while Itachi kept his gaze trained on Madara. The second ever Rinnegan user looked quite jolly. Then again, he was finally about to get his rest. "Just give me a time frame, okay?"

Itachi didn't even have to think about it before he replied. "The last seventeen years. Only those who want to stay."

"Generous and thoughtful, as always," was the chuckled response he got before Madara walked right up to him and swept him up in a big hug. "You take care of yourself, okay?"

"I'll try," the ponytailed Uchiha replied stepping away as Izuna and Toka came to hug him goodbye, too. "Although I think Kisame might be doing more of that than I will be."

"Kisame?" Mito asked with an arched eyebrow as she came over for her own hug.

"My partner," the weasel genius said with a small smirk, tilting his head in said partner's direction. Mito and Toka took one look at him, his muscles upon muscles and tall and broad frame before squealing and near suffocating him with fangirl hugs.

"Is he as big as his height suggests?"

"TOKA!" A scandalized Hashirama shouted, Kisame promptly turned an interesting shade of purple, Izuna cackled, many a people gave the shark man a considering look and Tobirama and Madara gave him a pointed once over that suggested he better treat their friend well. Itachi just shook his head and allowed Hashirama to glomp him. Kagami soon followed, as did Hikaku and various other people who once upon a time used to be the kids he had played with. It was a lengthy goodbye but Itachi was still glad he got the chance to have it. He now at least knew what was following. They will all meet again, one day. Hopefully, not too soon. Itachi felt a need to travel to new places and experience new things before his second life finally end, many many years from now if he is lucky. He had a good feeling about how things will proceed from now on.

Tobirama came to say goodbye last, his face set in an expression that was somehow between stern and fond. His red eyes showed some sadness at saying goodbye, but he was obviously relieved to at least get a clouser this time around. He just stood there, in front of Itachi, looking a bit uncomfortable and unable to decide what to do so Itachi spared him the awkwardness. He knew the younger Senju brother was a very private person so he just extended his hand for a shake, thinking that would suffice even though he would admit to being a bit disappointed for not getting a hug out of his second best friend. He understood, though, and didn't plan on pushing Tobirama so he was quite surprised and delighted when the albino grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into a tight embrace. It was quite possibly the last physical contact they will ever have and so Itachi buried his face in Tobirama's fur collar while the slightly taller man buried his own nose in Itachi's hair.

"Lead them to the right path, like you did us." The blue armored shinobi murmured. "And thank you. For everything." He pulled away with a small smile on his face which Itachi gladly returned. "Have a happy life."

"I think I just might." They nodded at each other and Tobirama stepped back, walking over to where Madara and Hashirama were chatting and chuckling. He took his place on Madara's right while Hashirama was on his left, Mito next to him. Izuna was on his other side with Toka, Hikaku and Kagami. They were all looking at Itachi and Orochimaru just behind him, the younger genius flanked by his cousin and his lover. His parents were a bit behind them and some of the shinobi from the Alliance were holding Kabuto in front of them so Itachi can make him undo the Edo Tensei. "I wish you all a peaceful eternity."

"We'll all meet eventually again, don't you worry!" Toka promised with a wink.

"Just make sure it's not in the next eighty years or so." Izuna added with a grin.

"Ready?" Madara asked them all, gathering the chakra he will need. As soon as he got the needed confirmations, he nodded and sent the living and soon to be revived shinobi a mock salute before the concentrated circles in his eyes started moving.


From a dimension between worlds, a little out of time and not quite in touch with space or reality, Otsutsuki Hagoromo smiled as he watched tears and laughter, hugs and kisses, welcome backs and thank yous as lives were brought back from the land of the dead or rebuilt by the return of a loved one. He watched as thousands of shinobi rejoiced and celebrated and he watched his mother's last creation, the Black Zetsu, burn out of existence in unstoppable black flames only one of his entire line could do.

He watched as the world settled, the changes made by the impromptu trip through time he had sent one Uchiha Itachi on firmly take roots and become the reality of this world. He watched as the hero of it all finally received the credit he was due. He watched as a bright smile stole over the pale, handsome face of one of his elder son's descendants and he himself returned it.

He had not really planned for Uchiha Itachi to make his time/reality-controlling genjutsu into an actual time/reality-bending jutsu that would send him through a rift in time and space when overcharged by energy, but he had seized the opportunity as soon as he had felt the gentle Uchiha fall out of his time and far too close to Hagoromo's dimension for the Sage's liking. He had thought about just guiding him back to his proper time and place but had decided against it when he recalled the pain and suffering that could have been prevented if there had just been someone to help along in the peacemaking. And why not use Uchiha Itachi, the greatest pacifist he had ever observed, fated to be hated yet loved if only someone were to know of his sacrifices? So he had instead guided Itachi towards a different time and had watched as, in a matter of weeks, Itachi already made such a difference in the Senju that he decided he must stay. Still, not even he can force Uchiha Itachi to stay somewhere he does not want to be and so he had did his best to convince him. He had given Itachi six years of time to change the world and he had made the biggest, most important change that Hagoromo could have hoped for.

Indra's reincarnation, Uchiha Madara, remained free of hatred and the too unbearable pain that would have driven him mad. Instead he teamed up with Ashura's reincarnation, Senju Hashirama, and the chakra of the world was in harmony for the first time since Kaguya tried to make a Zetsu army with the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Ans it was all thanks to this incredible genius so randomly deposited into the world. Hagoromo wondered if any of them actually knew how much they had to thank him for. Yes, he was perfectly aware that they never will. They didn't remember the world before this shift like Itachi did, like Hagoromo did, but that didn't matter. Itachi had always liked being the silent hero, the secret protector anyway. He will let the weasel keep that this time.

Yes, there was a lot of things that needed to be done and fixed. A lot of land had been destroyed in this fight. The biju had to be freed. The world was heavier by a few thousand souls that should be dead but had instead been given a second chance due to Itachi's interference and friendship with the only doujutsu user who could have done it on such a grand scale. There was a lot of adjusting to be done. The last of the hidden Zetsu army had to be destroyed. Homes and entire villages had to be rebuilt. Friendships and trust had to be rekindled. Secrets had to be revealed and punishments given. Crimes had to be paid for, alliances had to be formed or reformed, families rebuilt, bonds strengthened.

Uchiha Sasuke, also a reincarnation of his elder son Indra, had to be pointed towards the right path, had to forgive his brother, had to understand him and acknowledge his own wrongs. Uchiha Obito will probably need therapy but his sensei and teammates will be there for him. Uzumaki Nagato will need physical therapy if he wants to move properly again. Kabuto will have to be dealt with, Danzo imprisoned, ROOT disbanded. There were numerous injured but at least there will be healers. There will be no dead, due to Itachi's contribution to the world by befriending the founders of his beloved village and stopping the ancient war a couple of years early, saving Uchiha Izuna's life and Uchiha Madara's sanity.

The world was set back on the track Hagoromo had imagined for it when he had invented Ninshu. It was now up to the new generations to steer the future ones on this path. It was out of his hands now fully. It was all up to these people, whether they will learn from their predecessors or if they will listen to Konoha no Itachi-Ojou-sama who had once already lead them all to peace.

Otsutsuki Hagoromo, twin of Otsutsuki Hamura, elder son of Otsutsuki Kaguya, Sage of Six Paths, creator of Ninshu, father of the patriarchs of the Uchiha, the Senju and the Uzumaki, 'creator' of the biju, first ever Sharingan and Rinnegan wielder, the first person born with chakra, let it all slide out of his control and just kicked back and relaxed.

'I wonder if Uchiha Itachi could have helped Indra and Ashura, too?'