Author's Note: This is my first Dead or Alive fic. I have no idea what Japanese people use as wash rags or even towels. Bare with me and roll with it.

Ayane was relaxing herself in the village spring, going over her arms and shoulders with a soaped up washcloth. The warm water felt great on her bare skin as well as the brisk air hitting her exposed body that wasn't under the water. She had a long day of training with her mentor and Master, Ryu Hayabusa, and needed to ease her tense muscles and sore bones after weeks without actual rest.

"I needed this way more sooner than later..." Ayane groaned as she ran the cloth slowly down her arm, the sound of water dripping off of her back into the spring as she cleaned herself. Once she finished washing off the purple-haired kunoichi leaned her neck against the hard wet rocks keeping the water inside and closed her eyes, taking this time to think and reflect on her day and life. Her breasts barely peeped out of the water with her legs crossed at the ankles.

'I bet Kasumi never had to train this hard...' she mused to herself before hearing something make a noise in the bushes behind her. The spring was a secluded area that only the MugenTenshin clan even knew about. Ayane quickly wrapped her arms around her breasts and turned her head to the part of the woods where the noise was coming from.

"Who's there?! Show yourself, intruder!" she demanded. Even though she was slightly on edge and nervous about her clothed condition, who or whatever was intruding on her private time wouldn't have been able to tell from the usual demanding tone of her voice. Ayane saw something move in the bushes this time and finally, a hand was raised up seemingly in surrender.

"D-Don't attack!" came a familiar sounding voice.

'Eliot?' she thought as her head turned in confusion and her brows cocked. Sure enough, the blonde British young man stuck his head out of the bushes and appeared in front of Ayane, whose body quickly hugged the rocks of the spring to hide her nudity to the slightly younger boy, although knowing that it was "just him" calmed her nerves down as she didn't take him for an enemy nor a threat. "How did you find this place and what the hell are you doing here?!" she yelled in anger, wondering what was stopping her from taking her trusted weapon and plunging it through the Brit's heart. Eliot stammered for a minute, obviously nervous, even more-so than Ayane.

"I can- I can explain!" he started, his hands still up in defense. "Please Ayane, it's not what it looks like," he continued.

"You have exactly one minute before I end you," she threatened, not sure if she actually honestly planned to assassinate the blonde boy. Her body loosened up as she waited for his response though her arms still rested on her chest, covering her breasts.

"I-I uh, I've been following you ever since the fifth Dead or Alive tournament," he answered, breathing heavily afraid that the purple kunoichi would take his life at any minute for assumedly watching her bathe.

"You followed me here?!" she screamed before he could continue, almost loud enough for the people back at the Village to hear. Her anger was to the point she had risen up and was no longer using the rocks to hide, though her private areas were still covered.

"No! I-I mean yes, but it was only to challenge you! I've improved, and the way you maneuvered here... it was impossible to stop and get your attention! I was only able to find you here by luck!" he answered. Ayane's teeth grit down hard, obviously angry at Eliot's idiotic way of going about things. She believed that she could have traveled without ever noticing him, with the way she leaps off of trees gracefully fast. He would have had to have done some sort of detective work to have even gotten close to her.

'By luck?' the thought baffled her. Nobody managed to find the MugenTenshin clan on purpose, but Eliot just so happened to get here at the spring by accident? She thought she could trust him to a degree before this and might have even considered him close to a friend, but right now she didn't know what to think. "Why should I believe you? Nobody has been able to locate this place, and you just expect me to believe you stumbled upon here by accident?!"

"I-I know it sounds far-fetched, but look at me! I'm a mess from sleeping in the woods and damp caves from traveling and following you here! If I had known I would have found you like this I would have just given up on the idea!" Eliot pleaded with her. Ayane bit her lip, eyeing him up and down. His jeans were ripped and dirty with mud stains, his arms had bruises and a couple of cuts and his hair was dirty too. Maybe he was telling the truth. It is Eliot after all; the guy has the worst luck Ayane had ever seen. The most notable thing that caught her attention, however, was a bulge between his legs, causing her to blush madly. 'Did he get that from me? He'd have to have...'

With her hands still covering her breasts, the purple haired fighter snapped her head to the side, directing Eliot to where she left her clean towel. The sometimes-sharp minded young man knew what she wanted and quickly ran and grabbed it for her, holding it out and hoping that he might just get to leave this place with his head intact. "Turn around," she demanded. Eliot took a deep breath and did as he was instructed, closing his eyes for good measure. Afterward, when Ayane could tell that Eliot couldn't possibly see her, she let her breasts fall from her arms to grab the towel behind Eliot, wrapping it around her wet body as she climbed out of the spring water. Eliot could hear her move but was too afraid to turn around or even speak without her say so, however soon he felt her wet finger poke him on the shoulder and he turned around to be face-to-face with her.

"Eliot, were you telling me the truth? If you're truly my friend and respect me, then you won't lie to me." Her arms were crossed against her chest with her towel wrapped around her slender frame, a puddle of water forming at her feet on the rocks that the two stood on. Eliot quickly nodded and blushed. Suddenly, however, he felt Ayane's hand swiftly grab onto his groin outside of his ruined muddy jeans, almost choking with a small moan and his eyes widened greatly in surprise.

"A-Ayane?" He asked, perplexed and his eyebrow raised. Ayane still had one arm crossed under her cleavage with her hand tucked underneath the arm that was stretched out touching him. This was the exact opposite of how he thought things were going to go thirty seconds ago.

"What did you see?" she asked simply, her grip not easing up on his crotch at all. In fact the longer he thought of a suitable response, the tighter her grip got.

"I... I didn't see anythi- ah!" he moaned out in mid-sentence, Ayane's hand tightening harder now more so on his erection instead of his groin in general. "I-I saw your tits- I mean breasts!" he let out honestly now.

"I knew you saw something with that hard-on you had. Don't try lying to me again either or I can assure you that the long trip stalking me will have been a waste," she warned him, squeezing his cock through his pants harder. "By the way, they're tits. No need to be so formal with me," she says casually, now rubbing her hand against Eliot's cock. He eyed at her as his erection grew, painfully poking a large tent in his pants. Once she felt him get harder, she removed her hand and smirked as Eliot let out a groan of pleasure. "You only saw my tits?"

"Yes... I promise Ayane, I didn't mean to," Eliot apologized, doing what he thought would get him off of her bad side. Ayane tilted her head and smiled devilishly.

"So you didn't want to see my tits?" she asked, knowingly confusing the British young man. She spoke again before Eliot could mumble something else probably stupid. "Is this what you followed me to see, Eliot?" she questions as she grabbed the sides of her towel and lowered it down off of her shoulders, exposing her somewhat dried breasts again. Eliot stuttered for a moment, his hand moving forward without him thinking. Thankfully for him, he was doing what Ayane wanted and before he could gain control of his senses, Ayane grabbed him by the wrist and placed his hand on her breast.

"Wow... it's so soft Ayane." She smirked again, biting her lower lip as he started groping her left tit on his own will, kneading her nipple a bit rougher than she would have liked but this being Eliot, she assumed it was his first time with a woman's chest.

"Not so hard," she explained, placing her own hand over his and showing him how to massage her properly. "Speaking of hard..." she started, Eliot's eyes widening as soon as she said the words. Getting down on her knees, she unzipped his pants, tugging them down around his ankles along with his United Kingdom flag boxers. His cock was at full attention with the cool brisk air hitting it and he had to admit that it felt nice at the Mugen Tenshin spring. Ayane grabbed the base of his shaft and aimed it down near her mouth.

"A-Ayane..." Eliot whimpered. Before Ayane would take him though she began to tease him again, showing more of that dominant personality trait she had over him.

"Not yet," she told him as her beautiful eyes glared up at him, her lips forming a thin line. "Did you enjoy seeing me naked in the water?"

"Yes," he admitted, comfortable enough now to be as upfront towards her as if they were having dinner or sparing.

"Did you want to touch yourself to me, Eliot?" His cock pulsed and tensed up when he heard the purple-haired beauty say his name.

"Yes, Ayane... I've masturbated many ti- Ah!" Before he could finish, Ayane took his member into her mouth, tossing her towel aside. Her mouth hugged the head of his cock, her tongue flicking against his slit and he leaned his head back in pleasure. He moaned softly and brought his hand behind her head, touching her wet purple hair. Once she felt his hand on her she bobbed her head down on him, his hand going along with her skull as if he was guiding her. Ayane licked the underbelly of his cock and placed her palms down on her thighs to help support her on her knees as she pleasured the younger man, once going so far down on him that she gagged. The sound turned Eliot on so much that he used his hand to make her do it again which in turn helped turn Ayane on even more herself, getting soaked with her own fluids between her legs. Soon the pace of the blowjob quickened up so much that her breasts began to dangle in the air, slapping against Eliot's kneecaps. Worried he would blow his load prematurely, Ayane grabbed Eliot by the wrist and pulled her mouth off of his dick, leaving a trail of her saliva from his head to her bottom lip.

"Get in the water," she ordered simply, horny and ready. Eliot once again did as he was told and pulled his shirt off, kicking away his boots and sunk into the warm spring he found Ayane in at the first place before she sat down on the rock in front of him. As he was floating in the water, Ayane's knees were facing him directly before she spread her legs open. "Well? Have you ever seen one this close before?" Ayane asked him. Eliot's eyes widened and he slowly shook his head. Once she motioned for him to come over to her, he quickly swam the couple inches necessary, placing his hands on her kneecaps and pushing his face into her pussy. He took a slow lick against her cavern, her juices tasting great and now it was her hand grabbing him by the hair pushing his face further into her nether region. He viciously licked her clitoris and sucked on her folds, his hands reaching up out of the water to feel her breasts and her body shook on the spring rocks. Her wet purple pubic hair tickled his upper lip a little but Eliot didn't mind; he was determined to please the kunoichi of his dreams and knew he succeeded as soon as he started to hear her moan. "Oh, oh... fuck Eliot, fucking..." and then she just let out a loud moan that sounded like a highly pleasurable scream as she came against his face and in the water. Eliot licked it up against her sweet pussy and smiled up at his lover, happy that he was able to satisfy her.

"You taste amazing Ayane," he said to her as she eased up her tense body after her orgasm. Ayane soon responded to Eliot by sinking her body down into the water with him, turning her back to him and pushing her backside out against his waist.

"Go on, really impress me," she said to him as she laid the top half of her body on the wet rocks like a school desk, her C-cups resting perfectly on them with her lower half in the water barely inches away from Eliot's cock.

"What if someone from your clan comes by?" Eliot worriedly asked, regaining some of his senses for the time being. Ayane reached below her under the water and luckily somehow managed to find his cock, aiming it near her entrance.

"No one ever bothers me here Eliot. Fuck me. Please, fuck me," she said softly. Eliot couldn't believe this was happening, nor that Ayane had even told him, please. With her hand on his member guiding him, he was able to grab the girl by the slender hips and push himself into her, causing her body to jolt a little against him. "Oh, Eliot, fuck me already!" she loudly demanded to which he obliged, thrusting in and out of her slowly at first causing the water that they were into swish around. Soon it would splash as his pace quickened in a hurry, her wet insides making his cock ready to explode. Ayane's body was being sandwiched between the rocks and Eliot's body, his hands grabbing her full breasts as a much better substitute for her hips to hold onto her and keep his rhythm going. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. fuck! Yes, oh shit," Ayane whimpered through the thrusts. "I'm going to fucking-" and she screamed a loud moan before having her second orgasm on Eliot's dick. He managed to quickly pull out in the middle of shooting off spurts of his cum into the water with it sticking to Ayane's thighs and legs and even against Eliot himself a little. As the two caught their breath and recovered, Ayane swung her legs out of the water and stood up. Her nude wet form looked beautiful above Eliot. After looking around just to make sure there weren't any other surprises for her tonight, she kneeled down and stuck her hand out to Eliot who graciously took it, helping him out of the spring before gathering her towel again.

"Once you can put your clothes on follow me. I'll let you stay in one of my private huts I made over the years here tonight so you won't get attacked by any of the wolves," she offered. Eliot's face soon turned white.

"I could have been attacked by wolves this entire time?!"

The End