Rexy turns, and walks away. And Blue turns her attention Owen, Claire, Zach, Gray, Twilight and her friends and family. Owen took a couple steps, looking at her. Blue tilts her head, and then Owen slightly shook his head.

"Thank you." Twilight said.

Blue made a friendly growl, and with one last glance. Blue then leaves them, and disappears into the night. And everyone watches as she leaves. And a distant screech was heard.

"Think we'll ever her again?" Spike questioned.

"I hope so." Said Twilight.

9 Months Ago...

The portal has been opened, and Blue looks at it. But then looks back to Twilight.

"Take care of yourself, girl." Said Twilight.

Then Twilight reached out her hoof, Blue sniffs it, and paused for a moment. And then gentle press her snout on Twilight's hoof, and soon after that she takes off through the portal.

And return home to Isla Nublar.

And every since then, Blue has been a remarkable friend to Twilight. And she learned that even a dangerous predator, can became a great friend.

But every since, that day. Since Jurassic World, Twilight had this small thought in her head. What would happen if dinosaurs could possibly coexist with ponies in Equestria. She knows how powerful and dangerous they can be, but these creatures were here before humans or ponies.

But could it be possible?












In the dark depths, deep underwater. A mini submarine slowly moved through the water. And inside was the pilot and co-pilot, and suddenly 2 large doors opened.

On the surface, the gates are actually from the Jurassic Lagoon remains. And there was a storm going on.



Back underwater, the submarine begins to enter inside the lagoon. While they went further in, the co-pilot seemed concern and looks around almost expecting something. The pilot soon noticed.

"Relax." He said. "Anything in here would be dead by now."

The co-pilot calms down a bit. What the pilot meant was that the lagoon contains Jurassic World's largest specimen. The Mosasaurus. The Top Predator of the Cretaceous Seas.

Finally the sub has reach the bottom of the lagoon. And after a few minutes of looking, they found what they were looking for.

"There she is." Said the pilot.

It was the skeleton remains, of the Indominus Rex.

"The Indominus Rex."

The co-pilot controlled the left arm of the sub, as it extends forward and grabs on one of the Indominus's ribs. And the pilot extends and controls the right arm that has a saw blade, it begins to slice a piece of rib. And soon it was off.

And soon, a balloon fills up with air, tied to the bone. And gently floats up to the surface. Unknowingly to the pilots, above them a flash of lighting appeared and revealed a silhouette of a large head.

Meanwhile, at a control hanger. A man is working on the controls on a power box.

"Specimen collected, sent to the surface."

"Roger that." Said the man, and then turns to a helicopter. "Air One. Clear for take off. Begin tracking."

"Copy that."

"Go, go!"

The helicopter soon takes off. Close by in the bushes behind him, a purring sound was heard and something rushed through the bushes. The man turns to the sound, but saw nothing.

Meanwhile, the helicopter spotted the airbag in the water. And now hovering above it.

"Tracking on. Land One, the asset is secured."

"Coming back to you." Said the helicopter pilot. "Close the doors."

"Marine One, I gotta close the gate. Get out of there." Said the man finishing his work.

"Understood." Said the submarine pilot. "We're heading out."

The submarine begins to back up, and begins to leave. But as the headlights turned off, unknowingly to them. A dark shadow was behind them, and some light reflects as it reveals a gaping mouth armed with teeth.

On the surface, the light coming from the sub suddenly turns off.

Back with the man, his tablet said SIGNAL LOST.

"Marine One, I need to close the gate. Confirm position." The man called to them, but their was no response. "Can you hear me? Are you out?"

Right behind him, the helicopter returns and lands.

"Marine One?" A man called on his radio. "Guys?"

Then the helicopter's co-pilot notice something. "What is that?"

Then the trees jolted and moved, as something was moving through the trees.

Something big.

"Marine One I'm closing the gate."

Soon the gates of the lagoon begin to close.

The man is still trying to reach the sub team.

"Seriously guys, I'm kind of expose out here." He said. " Marine One! Confirm you're out. Marine One! Confirm position. Can you hear me? Marine One, where are you?!"

Then he turns around, and sees the men inside the helicopter making gestures of him to get in.

"I can't reach them!" He shouted to them, and sounding like they were trying to tell him something. "What?!" Unknowingly, behind him. A lightning flash reveals a familiar face, Rexy. And she has her sights on her next victim. The man looks behind him, but saw nothing due to the darkness.

He then turns back to them. "What is going on?! I can't hear you!"

Then behind him, Rexy brings her head out from the undergrowth. And the man now having a nervous feeling, looks behind him and sees the 7 ton giant predator. He then screams in terror as Rexy lets out a thunderous roar that has been deepen by her old age.

Then the man takes off running as the helicopter takes off in the air. And Rexy flips over the power box as she begins to chase after the man. And he ran, he accidentally dropped his tablet and soon after. Rexy's foot stomps on the device, crushing it. And as a result, the lagoon gates stop moving.

"Throw him the ladder!" Called a man.

Soon a rope ladder was brought out, and thrown down to the ground. And the man begins to try and grab it.

"Don't go!" He shouted and ran.

As he ran, he soon pass a flipped vehicle. And Rexy lifts and flips it over with her head. That bought the man a few seconds.

"NO, WAIT DON'T GO!" He shouted as the end of the rope got closer to the lagoon's edge.

He then made a jump for it, and caught the ladder at the last second. And Rexy ended up with a mouthful of water, and soon let out a roar.

But as the man thought he was home free. The helicopter suddenly had a huge jolt, he looks down and saw Rexy has caught the end of the ladder in her mouth.

"We're gonna stall!" Said the co-pilot. "Cut it, now!"

A man brought his knife, but another stops him.

"Do it, John!"

"We're gonna die here!"

Now Rexy was playing a tug of war match, and if this continues. She could bring the whole copter down.

"I SAID CUT IT!" The co-pilot shouted.

Then with the violent jerk, Rexy rips part of the ladder off. And she shakes it off her mouth as the helicopter begins to leave. And she lets out a thunderous roar.

The man still hanging on the ladder laughs in relief of getting out of that mess. As he looks up, 2 men seemed concern. Then suddenly, the Mosasaurus launches itself out of the water. And clamps it's huge jaws on the man, tears the ladder off. And crashes into the water, and then swam towards the open gate.

Back in the copter, the 2 men glance each other. And then turned to the Indominus sample.

"DNA sample secured." Said a man. "Tell the boss we're coming back home."

He then closes the case, and the helicopter leaves. And as for the Mosasaurus, after taking a breath of air, it dives down and swam out of the lagoon that it once called home. And swims out into the open sea, of the Pacific Ocean.

Hot lava pours overs a rocky surface, carving out a shape.

My Little Pony