Below as the rest of the Mane 7 looked in shocked of the Indoraptor's body. Zia and Franklin appeared from the elevator, and they saw the Indoraptor's body.

"What the hell?" Zia said.

The 2 looked at the body.

"Hey!" Owen called from above.

They all looked up.

"Hey! You good?" Franklin asked.

Owen shrugged. "Yeah. You?"

"You won't not believe what you 2 missed." Said Twilight.

"Nope!" Franklin said.

"Hey, we got a problem downstairs." Zia said. "I need you to come see this."

"Why, what's wrong?" Starlight asked.

In the basement, the Hydrogen Cyanide begins to spew heavily. And begins to move down to the lower level. And the gas was making a Sinoceratops nervous.

In the control room, the group entered and they saw the trouble as the dinosaurs were calling out in distress.

"They're all dying." Claire said.

"What happened?" Twilight asked.

"The blast damaged the ventilation system." Zia said. "We did everything we could."

"What do we do?" Cadance asked.

Then Claire moves over to the left side on the control panel.

"I can open the gates from here." Claire and begins to unlock the cages.

"Claire, be careful." Said Owen. "We're not on an island anymore."

Claire soon got to the cage locks, and begin to let the dinosaurs out. The first to be open was an Ankylosaurus as it bangs on the gate till it can get pass. Claire continues to open the cages as the Triceratops adult and infant exit their cage. And the Triceratops bangs on the gate as it got out. And is joined by the other dinosaurs already out. And then 2 large doors opened as a Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Carnotaurus and Apatosaurus came out. And the Apatosaurus bents the walkway over it's back breaking them off as it got out. Now the entire level is crowded with dinosaurs as the Apatosaur bellows in distress.

And then, Claire notice the emergency red button to open the outer doors. She moves over to it, and lifts the lid up but then halts her hand an inch over it.

"Claire... You press that button, there is no going back." Owen said.

"We can't let them die." Said Claire.

Everyone remained still silent, waiting for what will happen. And then, after a few moments regretfully Claire closed the lid and moves over to the window as she can only watch as the dinosaurs are slowly dying from the gas. And they watched as some begin to get effected by the gas.

But then suddenly, the outer doors began to open as the dinosaurs in the front turned towards it.

Confused by this, Owen and Claire turned and saw Maisie who has pushed the button.

"I had to." She said. "They're alive, like me."

Claire and Owen glanced each other, and then turned as the dinosaurs ran through the tunnel. And they watched as they headed to freedom.

Outside, at the loading garage, Mills opens a door of a van and begins to place the Indominus bone sample in.

But then he halts as there was a deep rumble heard. He turns around and to the tunnel, and the deep rumble got louder and closer as if a large herd of Elephants were coming at them.

As 2 guards looked, then suddenly a Pteranodon appeared. And then snatches a guard and then begins to lift him up. And then it lets go of him, and he fell and lands on the hood of the van.

And Mills turns back to the tunnel, and then some Compsognathus and the baby Triceratops came running out. And then 2 other Pteranodons, and then the dinosaurs came running out of the tunnel as the other guard was soon trampled by a Triceratops.

Mills quickly crawls under the van for cover, and drags the Indominus sample with him. And as the dinosaurs ran, the leg of an Apatosaurus hits the front of the van. Causing it to move a bit and exposing Mills. He was forced to move the sample back, and crawls under the van again narrowly avoided by stepped by a Carnotaurus foot. But Mills was far from safe as some of the dinosaurs were hitting and leaping over the van. And Mills was in danger of being crushed underneath, and then as an Apatosaurus moves over the van, it cause the van to be tilted up and then came down again. And then the bellows and footsteps from the dinosaurs began to fade away as they were now gone.

Mills looks out, and soon crawls out off from the van as it was totaled. And 3 Compsognathus were on the roof of it. And Mills got up and fixes himself, but is unaware that a Carnotaurus is behind a truck and sets it's sights on him. Unaware of the Carnotaur, Mills just simply approached the Indominus sample as strangely the 3 Compsognathus retreated.

And then, as Mills kneels down to pick up the case. From nowhere, Rexy clamps her massive jaws on him and Mills screams as she came to a stop. And then places her right foot over him, and then Rexy tears a leg off as the Carnotaurus caught in midair and begins to eat it. But then as if it was trying to take her moment, Rexy slams her head against the smaller predator knocking it aside. And she snaps her jaws at it as the Carnotaurus made a run for it. And then, Rexy turns knocking a light pose down, and then got into a stance like in the Visitor's Center and then lets out a thunderous roar.

And then she begins to head out as some Compsognathus ran. And then, Rexy's left foot stomps on the Indominus sample, and when it lifts up it was completely crushed.

And Rexy heads out into the forest.

Rexy was long gone by the time Owen, Twilight and everyone else made their way outside to the front. And moved down the staircase.

"So... What do you think will happen now?" Fluttershy asked. "Now with the dinosaurs free."

"Well, I guess... Life, finds a way." Said Twilight.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but." Trixie said. "I guess dinosaurs aren't as bad as I once thought."

"Guess this is the end for us with this adventure." Starlight said.

And then, Twilight brought out her rods. And then placed them down, and turns them on.

But no sooner then the portal appeared. Blue then appeared.

"Hey, girl." Owen said.

"Owen." Claire said.

Owen turns to them. "It's okay. She won't hurt us."

"I know she won't." Twilight smiled.

And then, Owen slowly approached Blue with his hand out. And then Blue stood back a bit.

"Yeah." Owen said.

Twilight and her friends begin to head to the portal, and Twilight watched as Blue then placed her chin on Owen's hand.

"Blue, come with me." Owen said.

Owen gently strokes Blue's snout.

"We'll take you to a safe place, okay?" Owen said and then glanced over to his right.

Blue saw this, and then turns and saw a open cage. And then Blue turns over to the portal as the Mane 7 minus Twilight went through the portal to home. And then looks over to Twilight.

Twilight gently strokes her muzzle, and then Blue looks over the portal and purrs. And then Twilight got the idea of why.

"I think... she wants to go back with us." Twilight said and then turns to Owen. "I promise to take care of her."

Owen nodded.

"I hopefully you'll see her again." Twilight said.

And then, Twilight headed to the portal and waved goodbye. And then Blue ran over towards the portal, Maisie then went down the steps, and then hugged Owen. And they watched as Blue stops at the portal's entrance and looks back at them once more. And then went through the portal and it closed a few seconds later. And one more screech form Blue was heard. And Claire joined Owen and Maisie, and she looks up at Owen for a moment. And then looks to where the portal was.

In Equestria, the portal remains opened still, and then Blue came through.

And Twilight and everyone else was glad of it.

Twilight has finally managed to rescue dinosaurs, from extinction.

And then Blue ran off into a holding pen. And the main gates closed.

An hour later, Blue along with the other dinosaurs that were brought back are still safely in the observation pens.

Twilight had Dr. Fauna to make sure they're all in good health. Before they can be safely release into their new home.

As it turns out, Twilight has successfully brought back 14 species of dinosaur. 2 Allosaurus, 3 Ankylosaurus, 5 Apatosaurus, 2 Baryonyx, 4 Brachiosaurus, 3 Carnotaurus, 12 Compsognathus, 14 Gallimimus, 6 Parasaurolophus, 4 Sinoceratops, 3 Stygimoloch, 4 Stegosaurus, 5 Triceratops, and lastly Blue. That's a total of 68 dinosaurs safely brought back. And 4 Pteranodons as well.

But the real concern is where to release them.

"I can't believe this many dinosaurs won't brought back." Rainbow said.

"Me too, I couldn't either." Said Twilight.

"But, where should we bring them?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight then turns to the map. "Okay, we need to think through this carefully. It has to be somewhere with good resources of conditions. Enough food and water, but so that the carnivores won't be a concern for us."

They all looked, and then Fluttershy noticed a likely spot. "What about there?"

They looked, and it was a large area uninhabited by ponies for miles. And is a mix of open plains, forest and near a swamp and with a river that leads to the coast. And it seems perfect for them.

"Fluttershy, I think that might work!" Twilight said.

A few weeks later, the train came to a stop at a station by the chosen place for the dinosaurs. And it was hauling large boxcars containing them.

And the entire place was over 20 miles in diameter. And miles away from the nearest inhabited town. And it was turned into the ultimate wildlife sanctuary.

Jurassic Sanctuary.

Soon, each boxcar is been placed by a wall between each other. And the doors opens as the dinosaurs exited their boxcars. Once they were all safely out, the boxcar doors closed.

"Are we all ready?" Twilight asked.

"I think so." Rainbow said.

Using their magic, Twilight and Starlight opened the the doors leading outside. And after a few moments, one by one the dinosaurs ran out to their new home.

And soon, the last one exited and that was Blue.

"It's okay, go on." Twilight said.

Blue then ran off towards the trees, and then stopped for one last look. And then disappears in the brush.

"Think she'll be back?" Applejack asked.

"I think we'll be seeing her soon." Twilight said.

"How many times do you have to see the evidence?"

In an airport, a large cargo plane is getting loaded.

"How many times must the point be made?"

Inside the cargo bay of the plane, a cage is being loading with a Baryonyx in it.

"We're causing our own extinction."

A man opens up a case.

"Too many red lines have been crossed."

And inside the case, is containing 2 embryos each of 12 species of dinosaur. From Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Stygimoloch, Sinoceratops, Stegosaurus, Dreadnoughthus, Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Baryonyx, Spinosaurus and Velociraptor.

And soon the plane takes off.

"And our home has, in fundamental ways, been polluted by..."

"...avarice, and political megalomania." Said Ian.

Out in the badlands of Utah, a group of 4 trucks drove.

"Genetic power has now been unleashed. And of course, that's gonna be catastrophic."

Inside one of the trailers, was an Allosaurus from the auction.

"This change was inevitable, from the moment we brought the first dinosaur back from extinction."

"We've convince ourselves that sudden change, is something that happens outside the normal order of things, like a car crash." Ian continued. "Or that it's beyond our control, like a fatal illness. We don't conceive of sudden,..."

"...radical, irrational change as woven into the very fabric of existence. Yet, I can assure you, it most assuredly is."

On a road by the hillside of the Californian coast, a car drove as Owen, Claire and Maisie were in it.

"And it's happening now."

Off the coast of Hawaii, 2 surfers sat in the water as a 3rd approached them.

And ahead was a 3 story high wave as 9 surfers went over it. And another surfed down, by is heading straight towards the Mosasaurus.

"Humans and dinosaurs are not gonna be forced to co-exist."

The surfer lost balance, and fell into the water as the Mosasaurus got closer.

"These creatures were here before us."

Back on the mainland, Rexy emerged through some trees. And then breaks through a fence.

"And if we're not careful, they're gonna be here after."

Rexy breaks through the fence completely and then roars at an African Lion in his enclosure at a zoo. Luckily, the Lion is safe as there was a moat between him and the T. Rex. And he was on a high ridge making him look at her level of height as he roars. And for the first time, the King of Dinosaurs meets the King of Beasts. But it's highly likely that Rexy now owns that title.

Maisie looks out, and saw something.

"We're gonna have to adjust to new treats that we can't imagine."

Claire soon looks out, and then Owen. And flying alongside a distance away was a group of 3 Pteranodons.

"We've entered a new era." Ian finished. "Welcome,... to Jurassic World."

Owen soon looks out ahead.

Back in the land of Equestria, as it was now sunset.

Blue has wandered quite a distance from Jurassic Sanctuary. And then she came to a stop on ridge over looking Ponyville and Twilight's castle.

And then she starts cawing out, upon her new home.

A Pteranodon flies through the sky, and then came for a landing.

And on the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas.