King: Lucky number 13, baby! Let's have some fun~! You see, I saw a trailer recently. A fun time and I just had to write this. I had my fun, and I hope you do, too~

When Jaune? Now Jaune~

Inspiration: DBZ Abridged Movie: Broly


"That last one was so fun." Yang leaned back in her chair. "It's nice to have a happy ending for once."

Coco was sitting with her finger curled and resting on her chin in the stereotypical thinking position, "I need to see if I can remake that style from before. It looked pretty impressive…"

King appeared a moment, seeming to twitch a little. "Oh, sweet merciful life. Why?"

Ozpin raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong?"

"I just got the next one. It's… an interesting one, to say the least."

"Is it another psycho Jaune?" Ruby's eyes narrowed.

"I'm… not sure who to answer that. He's not psychotic, but definitely doesn't have a handle on some things…"

Yang groaned, but spoke, "It's like you said, these things are random. Just play it."

"Alright. Don't say I didn't warn you."

"I have a bad feeling about this…"

The scene showed a far-off galaxy in the void of space. "The south galaxy…"

"Ooh! Pretty!" Nora was wide eyed. None of them had ever seen a galactic from before.

The lights of the stars started to darken. Entire solar systems disappearing. "…has been destroyed."

Everyone (okay, most) felt sad for the fictional galaxy. What could have caused that?


This made a few in the audience start to laugh. The timing was too perfect and their focus on the screen had them in the best situation for the outburst. The best part was that it was Ironwood doing the shouting! Even Glynda couldn't help a chuckle.

The scene charged to show Ozpin standing on a small planet with his arms behind his back. He was dressed in a black robe with red sleeves. "Okay, first, calm down."

"Who's he talking to?" Ruby asked.

"I was in the bathroom for five minutes! And now it's gone! How?! WHO?!"


"Could've been Salem."

"Oh! You know that mother-'s still asleep!"

"South Kai…"

"South Kai? What's that mean?"

Ren spoke up, "It's the idea of the four kings, or kais, of the four cardinal directions."

"Oh. Neat."

"I bet it was my ex, man. She told me she'd hurt me in a way I'd never see coming. Why East Kai? WHY?!"

"South Kai! We are going to figure this out."

"I thought she mean like she'd steal my Blu-ray player, man…"

"South Kai…" Ozpin took a breath. "Okay, listen… I've got a guy…"

"I bet it'll be Jaune." Yang smirked.

The scene changed to Mercury walking into an alien palace of some kind, "You call this a palace?! You think this is worthy of your new king?!"

Emerald groaned, "You cannot be serious…"

Mercury walked alongside a blonde man. Though it was clearly not Jaune, given his brown eyes. This was Montagne, Jaune's father, listening as Mercury ranted "First off, I demand more towers. Second, I demand more towels. And third, I demand more trowels. The brickwork on this place is a shit show." Mercury paused and looked up to a tall blonde man. The man looked away a bit. "And who's this little puke?"

"Hang on. That's Jaune!" Nora leaned over the chair in front of her, and the Ruby sitting in it, pointing to the screen.

Jaune's form caused an overheat in the minds of two in the audience. This Jaune was a tall, muscular man. He was rather handsome as well. But what cause a little bit of drool was the fact that he was shirtless, showing off his physique.

Yang chuckled seeing Pyrrha and Velvet's reactions, holding back a full laughter fit.

"I'm a foot and a half taller than you, but whatever…"

Yang laughed at the passive-aggressive tone he had. It was a jarring juxtaposition between his body and his tone.

"What was that, brat?!"

"I said I can't hear you from down there."

"Speak up boy, I can't hear you from up there!"

Mercury let out a single laugh. "Nice turn around."

Montagne moved between them, "That is my son, Jaune. Forgive him, he's a very… passive boy."


As Mercury moved further into the castle, Montagne's eye twitched. He spoke low enough to not be heard, "Insufferable brat…"

Emerald slammed her fist onto her chair, "HA!"

The camera moved back to show Emerald and Scarlet leaning to look into the castle.

Sun smiled, "Oh hey! It's Scarlet! I was wondering if he might show up."

Scarlet and Emerald backed away and looked back over the planet before them. Scarlet was the first to speak, "So… this is crazy, right?"

"Clearly." Emerald folded her arms and leaned against the wall. "There's something wrong with this place…"

The screen swapped again to show Ozpin sitting at an outdoor table. "Hang on, take this where? Sun? Hello?"

"Huh…" Yang lost her bet. Thankfully, no one else was involved.

A well-dressed Sun suddenly appeared on the table with a pop. Ozpin fell back exaggeratedly swinging his arms, "Supreme Kai Almighty!" He was suddenly back to normal, "What's with that monkey suit you're wearing?"

Yang chuckled a little.

Sun jumped off the table and his suit fell behind him. When he landed, he was wearing an orange gi with a purple belt and boots. "So, who do I have to beat up?"

"That's what I'm sending you to find out. Normally, I'd avoid meddling with the affairs of other galaxies, but I owe South Kai a favor. You're going to find out who destroyed the South Galaxy."

"Goy it! I'll go look for clues!"

Ozpin paused a moment, "Wait, look where…"

Sun disappeared a moment before reappearing just as fast. "Okay… nothing in the South Galaxy…"

Ozpin pinched the bridge of his nose. "Sun… Go to New Branwen…"

Sun gasped, "There's another Branwen?! Maybe he's stronger than Mercury!" Sun excitedly smiled and popped away again, leaving Ozpin alone.

"That is my star pupil… I don't know why I bother…"

"Hold on a sec." Neptune tapped his chair, "He addressed the 'New Branwen' and compared it to that Mercury guy."

Mercury rolled his eyes, "I'm right here…"

"Not you, the one on the screen. If I had to guess, that Mercury is Mercury Branwen."

Sun suddenly appeared on the planet from before just in time for Scarlet to punch him square in the jaw. "Ow! And I just bit the inside of my cheek earlier…"

Scarlet jumped a bit. "Sun?! When did you get here? Also, sorry."

"No worries… I'm looking for the new Branwen. I followed Mercury's energy here…"

Emerald smiled a bit, "Actually… New Branwen is the planet."

"Now you tell me!"

Yang, Ruby, Sun, Neptune, and Nora started to laugh. Weiss and Blake let a smirk slip now and then as well.

The group jumped off in flight back toward the castle grounds.

"They can fly?!" Ruby jumped up in her seat, "That's so cool!"

Landing in front of a large space ship, they watched as Mercury stormed forward. Montagne ran around him to stop him, "Wait my liege." Jaune was walking close behind the two.

"I'm not you liege! This place is a dump, even for a shit hole."

"Please! Just wait for… two, three more hours!"

Now in view, the audience could see the massive blue sphere in the sky.

"What's up with that?" Sun asked.

Neptune shrugged. "Can't tell from here…"

Mercury saw Sun standing in the way and stopped.

"Hey, Merc!"

Montagne squinted toward Sun, "Is that… Couldn't be…"

Mercury sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "The hell are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for someone who blew up a galaxy." Sun smiled toward Montagne. "You know anyone that could do that?"

Montagne was starting to lose his cool, "Who would destroy South Galaxy?"

Weiss was the first to catch that, "How does he know which galaxy was destroyed?"

Jaune picked up things from there, "Probably someone with a really high power level."

Sun smiled. "That's a good point. You've got a good point. What's your name?"


"Good point, Jaune!"

Jaune smiled. He rarely heard praises in any form, so it was a nice feeling to be told he was helping.

"That's kind of sad…" Nora lamented for her leader.

Emerald picked that up, "How did you know which galaxy?"

Mercury was getting progressively angrier. "Who gives a shit how he knows?! It doesn't matter because we're leaving!"

Scarlet folded his arms and scowled, "Maybe after you explain why you decided to enslave the inhabitants of this planet." Scarlet gestured toward alien creatures, all starting to approach.

Montagne growled a bit.

Mercury turned toward the man and glared, "Montagne. Is this true?"

The man hung his head a bit, "My liege… yes. It's true."

"My god… You're the shit stain of a Saiyan I thought you were!"

"Thank you, my king!"

Scarlet facepalmed, "Oh god damn it Mercury…"

Yang wasn't sure why, but she liked the word Saiyan. It sounded so cool to her.

Scarlet tried to reason, "Mercury! What this man's done! It's inhuman!"

"Yes, but it's not in-Saiyan."

A few went into a short laughing fit. Yang groaned a little because they liked that pun, but usually groan with her puns.

One of the creatures spoke up, "We actually much enjoy the slavery."

No one was really expecting that.

"Being dominated by a stronger, strapping race fulfills us completely~"

Yang covered Ruby's ears hearing that. All for naught though. She shared a room with Blake and her book collection. She was more than well aware of the implication.

"I just don't know why he'd make us build his kingdom on a dying planet."

Mercury turned his focus back to Montagne. "Explain shit stain."

Montagne groaned, "Whatever. I'll leave the boot licking to the Shamoshians." He took a moment before continuing, "So, you've finally figured out my plan, Mercury Branwen!"

Mercury raised a brow, "Okay… Am I being punked? Because I don't do jokes."

"The only joke here is you, you insufferable little brat!"

Scarlet stepped forward, "Why would you do all of this?!"

"Because that ass, Branwen, left us both to die!"

Yang turned to glare toward her mother.

Mercury crossed his arms, "Sure sounds like me, but I don't recall."

"Not you, you blue blooded prick! Your mother! Queen Raven."

Yang turned back in surprise, "Seriously?"

Then Montagne started to recount his tale. "Mere days after my son's birth, your mother was threatened by his immense power level. A whopping 10,000! I confronted her about this."

The flashback began, showing a younger Montagne run into a throne room. "This is insane! Cinder is forcing us to pay rent under boot heel, and you're just going to kill a Saiyan baby with a power level of ten thousand?!" A pair of guards grabbed him from either side. "He would be of great use to Branwen!"

Raven stepped down from her throne. "My son, the planet, or me?"


Yang laughed at that.

Raven fired a blast of energy from her hand and into Montagne's chest.

Everyone was surprised to see that. But they'll get used to it soon enough.

Montagne continued as the flashback ended, "Thankfully, she was as half assed at killing us as she was at raising you."

Yang jumped up in her chair, "Shots fired, bitch!" She was more than happy to anger Raven at this point.

"We escaped the destruction of our home world and lived to plot our revenge."

Sun interjected, "Hold up. Does this have anything to do with South Galaxy? Cause that's kind of why I'm here."

"As a matter of fact, it does. During our plot to acquire a suitable place for Branwen's death, I trained my son to react to a single word. Merely mentioning it shall send Jaune into an unstoppable blood rage! I lost control of the situation and he wiped out the galaxy in its entirety!"

"No way…" Nothing about what was said was okay. First, Jaune's dad trained him to be a berserker for his own plans. Then, it turns out Jaune was the one that killed an entire galaxy.

Ironwood's eye was twitching out of a level of fear, "Could… could he really do that?"

Mercury growled, "Who gives a shit about South Galaxies or the lack thereof. So, grab your friends, grab your shit, and go home Helios!"

"What?" Sun was confused. "Pretty sure that's not my name."

Montagne felt a shiver run up his spine. "Please do not say that again."

Jaune was shaking, his hands clenched into fists.

"Then… that was…" Yang raised a brow.

Sun chuckled a little, "Come on…"

"I said shut it Helios!"

Jaune's fists clenched tighter.

Yang chuckled nervously, "Oh boy…"

Montagne moved forward a bit, "Please! Stop saying that name!"

Emerald looked toward Jaune and saw his state. "Mercury! Just call him Sun!"

"And disrespect my heritage?! I will address him with the name given to him by the glorious Saiyan race! Helios! Helios!"

Jaune shouted out, "HELIOS!"

Mercury didn't seem to catch the fact that the passive Jaune just shouted out in pure rage. "See? He's slow and he gets it."

Montagne stepped back. "I suggest we run, now."

Ruby thought for a moment. "That can't be good."

Jaune screamed as the camera focused on his face. His eyes turned solid green as his face seemed to crack. Now showing a side view, is showed as Jaune lifted into the air slightly and his body was cracking, green glowing coming from within. His body seemed to erupt and was surrounded by a green sphere of energy. The camera pulled miles away to see a pulse of green flowed outward, coating the world in a green tint. Another pulse drained the color from the world. One last pulse put everything back to normal.

Everyone was in awe seeing that. Just how powerful was this guy?!

The camera returned to the scene to show Jaune's new form. If Montagne was a mountain, then Jaune was a continent. He was a hulking mass of muscle and anger, surrounded by lime green energy. His blonde hair extended and pointed outward, having tinted with the same green color flowing around him. The pupils of his eyes had disappeared. The music in the background made it sound like he was some kind of hellish god.

Awe turned to fear. This Jaune could only be a monster.

Mercury shook. "Wha… what is he?"

Montagne stepped back. "He… is the Legendary Super Saiyan."

Okay, Yang had to admit that Super Saiyan sounded even better!

Mercury was still in shock, "Aw! That's so cool!"

This got a few laughs from the audience.

Sun tilted his head a bit, "But why is it kind of… green?"

"That's what makes it 'Legendary.'"

Mercury hadn't moved, "Oh! That's so cool!"

Jaune turned toward Sun. "So… Helios is a name…" His passive tone had fallen away. Now, there was only threat.

Sun chuckled nervously. His Saiyan name, Helios, was about to get him in trouble. Sun had a look of determination, though. That was perfectly fine in his eyes. He smirked, and his body was surrounded by golden energy as his hair stood on end.

Emerald and Scarlet ran up next to him. They clenched their cores and released their power, both causing their hair to turn golden blonde.

"Can they all do that?!" Yang was wide eyed. In a way, it reminded her of her semblance.

The three charged toward him, all intent on knocking him out while they had the chance. Jaune delivered a powerful kick to Scarlet, punched Emerald in the gut, and swung an uppercut into Sun's jaw. The sheer force caused the ground beneath his to rise up in shards of stone. A large mass of concrete lifted him up as Sun flew backward.

"Damn! That's power!" Yang now wished for the day when she could do that.

Sun was a little annoyed. "Oh, come on! Why start by going all out?"

The Sun on screen shared that sentiment. "Hey, Jaune. I don't mean to tell you how to be the Legendary Super Saiyan, but you're not supposed to go all out. You're supposed to start small and then work up."

"Thank you!"

Jaune turned to Sun. "I am starting small."

Sun froze hearing that.

"Oh… Good for you… Holy crap…"

Jaune created a bright green orb in his hand. He launched it toward the group, who ducked out of the way. The orb kept flying until it hit a nearby planet, causing it to explode.

Ironwood shook. The sheer raw power… The unholy terror… And this is starting small?!

Sun looked toward the destroyed planet a moment. "Okay…" Sun raised his fists. "Time to get serious, guys."

Jaune was suddenly in front of Sun and slammed his arm into Sun's chest, sending him flying into the nearby city ruins. Jaune flew after him, forcing Emerald and Scarlet to follow.

They saw Emerald flying through the city. "He's got to be around here somewhere…"

Jaune burst through a building like it was nothing.

Emerald turned just in time to see Jaune's approach. I should apologize to mom if I get home…

Emerald felt a little bitter. She never knew her mother; either parent, really… Perhaps, she could have lived a life off the streets and not needing to steal to survive.

Jaune grasped Emerald by her face, taking her by the skull, and tossed her along the nearby building. As she went, the building tore apart until she reached the end. She kept flying and slammed directly into another building. She slumped downward and got caught on a set of steel bars, holding her up.

Emerald flinched when that happened. The sheer impact was painful by proxy. She should swear she'd need a chiropractor later…

Scarlet tried to run toward her, "Hang on, Em! I'm…"

Jaune slammed into the ground of him and bitch-slapped Scarlet away.

Que a bit of laughter from some involved.

Sun fired a blast of energy toward Jaune. "Hey! Big guy!" He placed his hands in position with wrists adjacent and hands like claws. "Ka! Me!"

Jaune's hand reached to him from the camera angle and wrapped his hand around Sun's skull. Jaune smirked. "You were sayin'?"

"I am Saiyan." Sun chuckled a little.

Yang started to laugh a bit. It was the most obvious joke, but it still worked to her.

Jaune punched Sun clean in the gut and sent him flying in a spin into another building. Jaune started to laugh as he went off in his rage.

Back by the ship, Montagne and Mercury were watching the fight in the distance. Mercury was still shaking a bit, "How?! How did he accomplish that?! How many pushups did he do?! How many sit ups?! HOW MUCH JUICE DID HE DRINK?!"

Montagne smiled and shook his head, "This is not the result of paltry training! This… is destiny! You see, Prince Mercury… You're not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore."

Scenes played out in his mind of every time he said that to Cinder during their fight on Namek. So that's what it sounds like on the other end… but… He looked up in time to see Jaune level a city block by using Sun like a sledgehammer. "Oh…"

Jaune tossed Sun into the building holding Emerald. As the building collapsed, the two fell to the ground level, Sun landing first and Emerald landing across his gut. Emerald didn't move. It was hard to move at all at this point. "Sun…"

He was just as tired, so he couldn't really do much either. "Yeah, Em?"

"Holy fuck, he's strong."

"I'm surprised they're still in one piece." Weiss was actually impressed to see they could still talk. She had to ask, "How durable are they?"

Jaune laughed as he created another green orb of energy. He launched the orb toward the two with his haunting laugh echoing through the city. A small blast of blue energy flew into the side of the green ball of death, causing it to burst early. When the smoke cleared, Neptune was kneeling over the two, giving them a Senzu bean to heal them. He was dressed in a red gi-like style accented with a white shoulder piece with a cape. He stood and looked toward Jaune.

"You! Blue man… You're new…" Jaune's mind was deteriorating as the energy fueled him, anger and power overwriting what he could understand and how he could speak. "Come and fight!"

Neptune glared, "Give me a minute." He took Emerald and Sun to the side as the beans started to take effect.

Jaune's linguistic abilities broke as his mind turned to mush. "Jaune does not like to wait!"

The group from Beacon couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of Jaune speaking like that. It reminded a few of them of a comic book character notorious for angry outbursts.

Neptune knelt next to Sun, "Sun, can we beat this guy?"

Sun was starting to get his second wind, "I don't know. I'll probably pull somethin' out my butt."

Yang shrugged, "Makes sense. Action shows like this tend to do that a lot…"

Jaune floated onto a spire nearby, "And it will be Jaune's fist!"

Yang froze with an open grin on her face, her eyes wide in surprise.

Emerald stood back up, "Probably…"

Sun, Scarlet, Emerald, and Neptune floated up around Jaune. Neptune addressed Jaune directly, "Let's see how you fair when it's four on one you monster!"

Jaune smirked, "Jaune is not a monster… Jaune… is the devil himself."

They could hear Mercury in the distance, "OH MY GOD, HE'S SO GOD DAMNED COOL!"

Yang laughed, "I have to admit, he's not wrong."

"Really?" Blake raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, 'cool' doesn't mean he's a good dude. This Jaune clearly has issues."

Sun and Neptune charged forward dramatically, only for their fighting to be paired with the sounds of a slap fight. It was rather ridiculous given it they payed attention, Jaune was barely moving to block or dodge each of the attacks between the two. This, naturally, got a few laughs. After a while, Jaune had enough and grabbed each by their collars and slamming them together. Emerald and Scarlet flew nearby, their hands placed together above their heads. They launched a pair of gold energy blasts into Jaune, but he shrugged them off and stormed toward them. He clothes-lined the both of them and charged past to Neptune lying on the ground. One kick and an energy ball later, Neptune was flying off toward the cliffside.

Neptune landed next to Mercury. He looked up and groaned. Neptune stood, "What… THE FUCK are you doing up here?!"

Mercury collapsed to his knees. "He's… he's just too cool!"

"Okay, Mercury," Neptune grabbed Mercury's hair and forced him to lean upward again, "While you're up here, having this crisis, we're getting our asses handed to us down there!"

"He's not a normal Saiyan! He's not supposed to be the Legend! I am! But he's too cool for me to get pissed enough about it! Nothing makes sense anymore!"

Neptune shook his head, releasing Mercury to fall to the ground below. "Bye, Mercury…"

The camera showed Jaune again as he slammed Sun into the concrete. Mercury landed nearby and stood up, watching the scene. Jaune growled. "Pathetic! Jaune heard Helios was supposed to be the strongest! Helios killed Cinder! But now Jaune is strongest. And now, you die!"

"Excuse you…" Mercury finally found his spine again.

"Excuse, Jaune?"

"You're forgetting about your king!"

Jaune chuckled. "What is a king to a god?"

Ruby chuckled, "Okay, that was a nice come back."

Mercury's pride and anger boiled, "And what is a god, to a non-believer!" He shouted out as he unleashed his Super Saiyan form, complete with golden hair and aura.

Yang smiled, "So, that's what that was!"

Emerald didn't want to admit it, but this Mercury did have a good moment, even if he was a prick.

Suddenly, Jaune had grabbed Mercury by the jaw and flew off with him toward an upright chunk of rubble. He slammed the prince into the stone and created a crater nearly 30 feet wide. Jaune smirked, "Do you believe now?"

Mercury was pretty sure his spine was chipped, "uh huh…" Once he was released, Mercury's golden hair turned back to its silver form as he fell.

Emerald went into a cathartic laughing fit. It was truly a wonderful sight to see Mercury getting his ass kicked.

Jaune took a breath, "Now… Helios…" His mind overflowed with the power rising in his body. "Helios…" His mind drifted. "HELIOS!" He was gone.

In the distance, Montagne, watched on. "He has devolved into saying only a single word…" He turned to a round pod and sat in the structure. Time to hit the old cosmic trail…

Yang wanted nothing more than to reach into that universe and punch him for that. Abandoning his child… Then again, he was a terrible father long before that for training his son to be a monster.

Jaune's face appeared, reflected on the glass of the pod. "Oh! Hi son…"


"No, i-it's your father. I was just prepping this pod for our escape."

"Helios." Jaune placed his hands on either side of the pods door.

"True… It's a pod meant for one person, but…"

"Helios!" Jaune cracked the glass as his fingers dug into the metal surface.

As the pod was lifted off the ground, Montagne tried to reason with his son, "Jaune! Put this pod down this instance. Show your daddy the love he has shown you!"

This pissed off Yang. Hearing him try to appeal to familial emotion after what he did…

Jaune smiled, "Hug." The pod started to collapse inward, crushing Montagne within.

While many recoiled at seeing that, Yang felt conflicted. On one hand, that was a terrible way to go. On the other… she couldn't help but feel he deserved it some way.

Jaune tossed the flattened pod off to the horizon. "Helios…"

Mercury groaned, "Getting real tired of hearing him shout that…"

Sun shakily stood back up, "Okay… I'll cut to the chase. All of you, give me your energy. I'll end this is one punch, man." Scarlet and Emerald complied quickly, just wanting this craziness to end. Energy flowed through the air and into Sun. "Now, Mercury, I know you're stubborn but…"

Mercury was standing and sending his energy toward Sun, "Fuck it! You have it, just go."

"Thanks buddy!"

"No." Mercury collapsed.

This got a couple of chuckles.

Jaune charged through a mass of stone, "HELIOS!"

Sun ducked under a punch, energy surrounding his fist. "Hey! Jaune! Say my name!"

Upon impact, Jaune could feel something was wrong. His mind was not the only thing breaking. His body could only handle so much. His body was at a bursting point, and four people's worth of energy smacking him in the gut the size of his fist would leave an impact on his energy balance. Green power shot out from his chest. The red barrel was shot. Jaune flew back, his energy flow finally releasing its pressure. Jaune body seemed to crack, green energy glowing from within, until he finally burst.

Sun grinned and fell back. "Well… that happened…"

After everything was said and done, Ruby nodded in a personal understanding, "You know… I know he was technically a 'psycho-Jaune,' he was pretty cool."

Blake was looking up to the screen, "Didn't have much in the way of motivation, though."

Yang groaned, "Blame his dad for that one… I agree with Ruby. He was pretty cool. Legendary, even."