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Inspiration: One Piece (RWBY)


Knox smirked and snapped his fingers in time for the next world to begin. "And here we go~"

The screen opened to a strange scene. It showed a strange fruit resting on a wooden table. The camera hung on the fruit before showing a pair of small hands reach over and grab it, revealing it to be rather large for a fruit. The camera followed the food item to show a young child, their identity hidden by a shadow. The child opened their mouth and bit into the fruit, causing the scene to end.

"What was that about?" Yang tapped her foot on the ground.

Ren, in contrast, tapped his finger on his chair arm. "If I had to guess, it's likely important somehow. The way it was shown indicates we should remember it."

"That someone ate a fruit? Seriously?"

The scene opened to a vast ocean with a streak of water flying up in the background, too far to see what was causing it. Over the scene, they heard the voice of a strange man most didn't recognize, "Long ago, the world was whole. The Kingdoms were so grand and the land expanded as far as the eye could see. But that's not our world anymore. Remnant had experienced armageddon. The land was cracked and destroyed, sunken into the now unending ocean. Some land remained, some are even large enough to house the old Kingdoms, but the facts remain. All that's left are islands and vast ships. But the population of Remnant already lived in an awful world, so they adapted pretty quickly. This led to the world they lived in now. A world of water and sea travel. The new Remnant.

Neptune groaned, not liking the idea of such a world.

This prompted Sun to pat his friend's back with a 'there-there' stance.

The camera snapped closer to show the bottom of a small hull and vessel. Based on the size, it was maybe the size of a small water speeder. After a moment, the speeder flew forward from view as the camera tried to keep up. After a moment, another snap showed it drift into a harbor spot as the rider jumped off and onto the pier.

The rider was revealed to a woman in her early-to-mid twenties. She was dressed in tight grey shorts coupled with a pair of red sandals with straps that wrapped up to just under her knees. Her top consisted of a red tube top with small scraps at the bottom showing it wasn't exactly designed as such originally. Her right arm had a flame pattern that wrapped over her wrist and up to her elbow while her left arm's tattoo showed a single black spade with an [A] in the middle. Her hat had a wide brim to keep the sun out of her eyes and hold off the rain, but underneath they caught glimpses of a short white ponytail that reached to her shoulders.

This made the Schnee siblings blink in surprise.

But it made Yang chuckle. "So~ Which of the Schnee-blings is it?"

This crack made Whitely turn to her, more confused than anything. Weiss placed a hand on her shoulder and just shook her head to say 'it's not worth it.'

As she looked up a bit, it revealed the white haired woman was Winter.

Qrow laughed, "I didn't think you could wear something like that, Ice Queen."

Winter growled and wanted to smack the man, but rules were rules.

Winter made her way to the end of the dock before glancing to the side.

Leaning up against the wall was Qrow Branwen with a pair of large glasses, both filled with a likely alcoholic liquid. "What took you?" He was dressed in dark pants and an open vest to show he has a tattoo of a cross with a crescent set at the center that reached up to the arms of the symbol. He offered one of the glasses to her.

Tai smirked, "Now we know it's fiction. Qrow would just have drunk them both."

Qrow just shrugged, but didn't deny it either.

Winter looked between the glass and him. "What are you doing here?"

"Pops sent me over ahead."

At Qrow mentioning a 'Pops,' both Branwens jolted up in concern.

"Oh yeah?" Winter took the glass and the two took a moment of cheers. After that, they both threw back the entire glass of liquid each without pausing. The camera hung back to reveal she had the same tattoo design on her back.

Qrow nodded, clearing getting the idea of what was going on. To a degree.

Winter just found it frustrating.

Once they were both done, they placed the glasses onto a box and walked into a port town nearby. As they walked, Winter asked, "Where is everyone?"

"Evacuated. Pops says that it's better to keep them away in case things go south."

"What?" Winter gave him a side smirk, "Think we can't handle it?"

"You know how Pops gets." The scene transitioned via blocked camera and reformed as the two stepped out of a building atop a massive wall of steel and strength. Before them was a large field before reaching the sea on the other side. This was the great wall of Tetsubana, the border of the Whitebeard Pirates' territory.

"Pirates?!" Nora was excited, and really hoped it was more pop culture styled than the first pirate world.

Off across the horizon were a massive group of ships with white and blue sails and flags. A Marine force had arrived intent on capturing the island from Whitebeard control. The force wasn't the largest on Remnant, but it was significant to try to capture a small island like this one.

Qrow whistled as he looked out over the scene. "Damn. They're bringing out some big guns."

"Bigger than you think." Off to the side, and now revealed to the other two, Raven was perched on top of a section of the wall like a gargoyle. She was dressed in a lighter version of her armor in the audience with short sleeves and shorter boots that only reached a couple inches past her ankles. It was better for the now complete coastal property of Remnant.

Raven raised an eyebrow seeing herself and how she acted in the moment.

A few people were just chuckling at gargoyle Raven.

Qrow turned to his sister, "How so?"

Raven points to the ship near the center of the blockade, "They brought a Warlord. And I confirmed at least two Vice-Admirals among the ranks."

"They can't make it easy on us for once, can they?" Qrow's smirk showed he wasn't as exasperated as his words imply.

"What?" Winter smirked and leaned her weight to the side with her hands resting on her hips, "Think we can't handle a few Vice-Admirals?"

"That depends who they sent." Qrow turned back to Raven, "Did you get a look at any of them?"

Raven shook her head, "I couldn't determine who was there. Just the numbers."

"It's weird seeing you two get along." Tai chuckled a little while elbowing his old teammate.

Qrow nodded as he thought back to the old days. Way back, they stuck together, mostly against their father and his abuse. But, after a while, she changed. She started to become more like him. Ever since, it was impossible to get along with her, but they could be civil. That didn't stick either.

"It doesn't matter." Winter folded her arms and looked out over the wall of Navy vessels before them. "We can't let this place fall."

Qrow smirked and looked back over the town behind them. "True enough. This was where it all started."

Raven grinned from her perch. "And there's no way it'll end here." She stood up and drew her sword from her hip with her scabbard in her off hand. "Let's get to it."

The camera fell away to show the deck of the flagship of the Navy force. Standing at the stern of the boat was a large man, with a skull helmet of some unrecognizable sea creature. He was dressed in an officer's shirt, dark pants, and, more importantly, his Vice-Admirals' coat hanging off his back like a cape. His dark hair swayed in the breeze as he looked to the wall in the distance.

"Vice Admiral Carbuncle!" A lower rank officer ran up with a salute to the man. "Vice Admiral Teresa says her units are ready at your call."

Carbuncle nodded, "Good. Send a message over to our pet pirate. It's time to take this island from those damned Whitebeard Pirates."

Another scene transition showed a young woman sitting on a makeshift throne of wood and iron. She was dressed with a red coat with white stripes, tall boots, dark pants, and black scarf. She also had a bandage covering her left eye.

"Oh!" Ruby perked up in surprise. "It's May!"

"You know her?" Yang questioned.

"Yeah," Ruby nodded, "I met her at the firing range a couple weeks ago."

May tapped her foot against the floor as she thought over the message she'd received. "Alright." She stood up and made her way out to the deck. As she made her way toward the bow of the ship, she was handed what looked like an old flintlock rifle that towered a good three feet over her.

"That's a big gun." Nora was just surprised at the sheer oddity before her.

May pointed toward the wall and narrowed her good eye. After a moment, she fired her gun with the crack of thunder ringing out over the scene. The bullet flew over the grounds before impacting the wall with the impact of an artillery shell. The impact didn't quite damage the wall, but it did kick up a lot of dirt and earth below it from sheer force.

This actually got Watts to pay attention again.

Ruby, on the other hand, was just awestruck at the power behind such a weapon despite it more resembled a sniper rather than a cannon.

The Navy soldiers ran from their ships and landing crafts with swords and guns at the ready to fight whatever would face them. Until they heard a loud avian screech. Many looked up toward the sound and a few recoiled. Flying over them was a massive bird seemingly made from blue flames. The mythical phoenix flies before them.

"Woah." It was the common consensus among the viewers. To see a majestic being like that made it impossible to think of anything else.

But one of them recognized the beast. He pointed his rifle toward the bird, "Shoot it down!" But he didn't get to pull the trigger as the bird slammed down atop him with wings stretched and glaring down at the others. Then, suddenly, two figures flew off its back. Winter stomped down onto another officer as Raven hit the ground with herbllade swinging with force to send a small group back.

"Wait? But then…" Nora just looked on, confused, "what's with the bird?"

The phoenix swung around and knocked a trio back with its talons before its flames flew off to intimidate the others from attacking. When the flames dissipated, it revealed Qrow with his arms replaced by the phoenix's wings.

This made all involved just more confused.

This was why Ruby responded with, "What?"

Some of the Navy were in shock, and they'd regret it. They found Raven's scabbard slamming into a row of their faces before turning to smack the rest with the back of her sword. With a bit of flourish, she jumped away as the afflicted seemed to get beaten down further by unseen attacks. Meanwhile, Winter was walking up toward a line of rifle Marines.

"What the heck is she doing?!" Whitely shouted, concerned.

The Marines didn't waste time and opened fire. Each bullet that hit Winter seemed to fly through her body as fires flew out behind her. After a minute of sustained fire, they all lowered their weapons in shock. She smirked, her hands sitting at her waist. All the while, a series of flames flew off her body. "My turn." She motioned as though he was drawing a pair of pistols from her sides and unleashed a series of fire-bullets into the crowd.

"King." Weiss spoke low and plain.



After a moment to get his ears to stop ringing, King explained, "In this world, there are a series of fruits cursed by old gods and / or devils. They are known as the Devil Fruits or Cursed Fruits, depending on who you ask. The idea is that, by eating the fruit, you are given supernatural powers. Both Winter and Qrow have done so. Winter ate the Mera Mera no Mi, or Flame-Flame Fruit. This, as a Logia Type, turns her entire body into a walking inferno. She can produce, control, and turn her body into fire. Meanwhile, Qrow ate the Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix or the Bird-Bird Fruit: Model Phoenix. This, as a Mythical Zoan type, allows him to transform his body, either completely or partially, into a Phoenix."

"That's insane!"

"Welcome to this Remnant."

Winter swung her foot to the side and unleashed a whip of fire to knock away from the trio. Qrow used his flight ability to smack a group apart with little issue. Meanwhile, Raven ran through the group with her blade swinging like a windstorm.

"So, what's her fruit?" Tai asked.

"She doesn't have one. Raven is just a skilled swordswoman."

Raven smirked hearing this.

As Raven ran into the line, she jumped away from an impact. Off in the distance, May reloaded her gun again and aimed toward Raven. With a heavy shot, the bullet was sent flying at the blade wielder. Raven saw this and leapt to the bullet before slicing it in half midair. The sections flew back and hit into the Navy lines and sent a series of them flying. This surprised May before she handed the rifle back to her crewmate.

As the fight raged, the Vice-Admirals jumped into the fray. Teresa was revealed to be a shorter woman in the same uniform as Carbuncle. She held up a rifle and placed it onto her shoulder. Meanwhile, Carbuncle had a large sword in his hand as he marched forward. Carbuncle swung his sword downward and created a shockwave of air pressure toward the trio. Winter intercepted the attack with a wall of fire that forced the air attack to lose its course.

Port nodded with his arm crossed, analysing the scene, "A good way to hold off such an attack."

Teresa fired a shot only to have Raven swing it out of the air. Qrow dove toward the scene and Raven, placing her scabbard on her belt, grabbed his ankle and was pulled into the air by the flying Branwen brother. Qrow flipped around before tossing his sister toward Carbuncle as she reared back her blade back over her head. With a scream of defiance, she swung her weapon down onto the waiting block of the Vice Admiral, only for her to push him down into a crater from the force.

As this went on, however, May was handed another rifle and leveled the weapon barrel toward the scene. She fired the bullet toward the scene. Like last time, Raven noticed but saw the trajectory aimed for Winter. Since the Leader of the Second Division could become literal fire, she didn't think to try to strike against it.

Winter blinked in surprise, "Second Division leader?"

King nodded, "Kind of like a general under the head honcho."

The bullet ripped into Winter, who instinctively turned her body into fire only for it to be forced back to normal. Her shoulder was bored into as she flew back from impact.

"What happened?!" Now Weiss just sounded scared for her sister's counterpart.

This made Qrow recoil then instantly know what was up. "Seastone!"

"Shit!" Raven cursed before swinging to push Carbuncle back a bit and gain some distance to protect her crewmate.

Seastone was dangerous for any of the Devil Fruit users. A consequence of eating the fruit made it so that the user loses their strength in the sea and cannot swim. Seastone, also called Sea Prism Stone, gives off the same wavelength and saps the user of their strength. This forces them to lose access to their powers, thus how it could injure Winter.

"That explains that." Hazel was finally able to speak without his energy draining.

"But why not just make all the bullets made of them? Just to be careful." Watts asked.

"Because it's very rare." Knox explained. "May only has a few of these bullets."

Winter tried to get back, thankful the bullet had gone completely through her shoulder rather than getting stuck inside her. She also had to be thankful that the gun seemed to be different from the first one so the impact force was lesser. That at least saved her from the follow up attacks from the Navy soldiers around her. She had to gain distance and get back to the wall, but stamina was lacking when you had a hole in your body that shouldn't be there. She tried to run off the scene as Raven and Qrow kept the attacks away. As the Navy started to surround the trio with the Vice Admirals nearby, the trio was so close to the wall. So very close.

Then, the ground began to shake.

Yang turned to the duo gods of the theater, "What's going on?"

Knox smirked, "Pops is home."

King nodded with a grin. "And he's pissed."

A section of the wall began to lower, revealing a gate opening on the border. All the while, the ground shook hard enough to make many of the weaker members of the Navy fall on their asses. The camera hung low as a boot fell onto the land, followed by another. The man was revealed to wear a long white coat with his skull symbol with the Whitebeard crescent mustache on the back along with the cross of bones behind it. He wore faded yellow pants and nothing under his coat on his upper body. A bandana covered the top of his head. On his upper lip, was the glorious mustache in all its power. In his hand was a large naginata with its blade over his head in height. A text box appeared next to him reading:

[Jaune "Whitebeard" Arc, Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. Known as one of the Four Emperors and the strongest man on Remnant. Age: 68 Current Bounty: 15,046,000,000 Lien.]

This made Roman spit take a drink he'd been trying to enjoy. "How much?!"

"But why Whitebeard?" Nora asked. "He doesn't even have a beard."

But Jaune was just surprised at being called 'the strongest man on Remnant.' He wondered if he would ever reach such heights.

Jaune continued to march toward the line. "You threaten my home." His foot hit the ground with a thunderous shake of the ground. "You injure my precious children." He stood tall at last beside his crew, and loomed over the scene. Literally. Jaune was revealed to not just be tall, but absolutely gigantic. Twenty-one feet tall and built like a beast in his advanced age. And he was pissed.

"What the actual hell?!" This got many of the group to turn to the group of owners in shock.

King just shrugged. "It can happen in this world. And he's one such case."

The Navy started to back away in fear of the Legendary man before them.

"And now you shall suffer the consequences." Jaune raised his weapon back.

In the distance, May was scrambling with another shell, only for Jaune to slam his weapon onto the ground, causing the very earth beneath them to shake violently. This caused May to drop the shell and fall to her side. The ground beneath the Navy shattered like a violent earthquake. Carbuncle jumped over the ground and toward Jaune, only to be caught by the large man. An orb of white light surrounded the man before his body was violently shaken like the earth below them. This was Jaune's power after eating the Gura Gura no Mi, or Tremor-Tremor Fruit. He can shake anything with powerful vibration effects, similar to that of an earthquake. He can literally cause earthquakes or send these vibrations through various mediums to attack at a distance.

"Holy crap!" Yang was beyond amazed at the power level being shown.

Teresa recoiled, "Why… You weren't supposed to be here this quickly."

Jaune turned to her, causing her to jump in shock. "You believe I wouldn't notice this brazen attack on my home? This land where I met with these children I call my own?"

The trio grinned. Jaune had more or less adopted every member of his crew as his children. The trio had lived on this very island before meeting the man called Whitebeard. They all ended up joining his crew and looked up to the man, calling him Pops or various forms of 'father.'

Nora smiled, liking the idea. Taking in the orphaned and those in need, giving them a home… It hit her pretty hard about her old dreams as a child. But at least one of those dreams came true. She had a real family now.

Jaune raised his weapon to the sky again and swung down to hit the ground, causing a massive wave to push from the sea and into half the ships in the Navy blockade. He brought his weapon to a resting position as he glared down at the Navy, "You have to a count of three to run to your remaining ships. Do so, and you will be spared. One…"

He didn't get farther than that before everyone in the Navy's line broke formation and ran like hell to the ships. Even Teresa got the hell out of there. Vice Admirals might be strong, but Whitebeard was a different beast altogether.

The battle of Tetsubana was short, but found a complete rout for the World Navy.

"Well damn." Roman laughed. "Don't piss off the big guy."