King: Happy Halloween!

Knox: Holy crap! How'd you get this out so quickly?

King: Inspiration and a nice weekend to work.

Knox: Fair. Now, let's get a look at... Oh.

King: I hope you all enjoy as usual. I got a little creative with one of them, and focused more on the 'Bloodsucker' trait since the source only has like two actual bloodsuckers. So, you know. I'll explain who's who at the end if you need it.

Inspiration: The Vampires of Fate (RWBY)


King tapped his cheek in thought. "I wonder what will play next~"

Ruby could feel a shiver run up her spine. "You already know, don't you?"


The world opened to a dark screen as a red glow started to form to the lower left. Soon, it erupted like a blood splatter across the screen.

This made many in the audience suck in an apprehensive breath.

But Tyrian was excited. What could this be?

The blood effect faded into a transition to reveal Jaune as he ran through a burning scene of destruction. During the Vytal Festival, Cinder and her cabal enacted her plan for power. This would no doubt come to be known as the Fall of Beacon.

Cinder's attention on the screen and mood did a complete 180.

Jaune ducked under an attack from a Grimm and swung his sword up to slash into its neck and let himself bolt. He had to reach the tower. He HAD to stop her.

Pyrrha and a few of the others started to piece together that this must have been where she was to die in the future before being brought to the theater. This was how it was to end.

Jaune jumped away from a slash and got into a fighting stance.

Standing opposite him was a White Fang member with a large blade. "Hope you've made peace, human. Because you're going to die!"

As the Fang member ran forward, Jaune bashed him with his shield and ran around the man to escape. I don't have time for this! As another got in his way, he continued to force them out his way to keep running. Come on! COME ON!

Suddenly the screen went black. Red lettering started to fade onto the screen. [I envy those men who know not of the horrors of the night. Steel, blood, and dread give life to those who have lost their own.]

"What's that supposed to mean?" Velvet started to shrink in her chair a little.

Things faded back to normal to show Jaune as he burst through a door atop the Beacon Tower. He scrambled to look around, finding the scene of Cinder and Pyrrha's battle. Pyrrha was tossing around the gears of Ozpin's office trying to crush the villainous woman, but Cinder would just burn through each of them with each swing of her glass swords. As she spun around another gear, she turned her blades into a bow and fired an arrow of searing glass toward Pyrrha.

This got most of the audience to think back to the world of the King of Heroes card. Pyrrha's possible death haunts many of them by this point for any number of reasons. As Pyrrha herself started to shake from the possibility, she felt a hand rest onto her own. She turned to find Jaune smiling as though to remind her it wasn't going to happen. And a turn to Nora who jump-hugged her teammate told the Champion that they would make sure of it.

Jaune picked up a small gear next to him and threw it at the arrow, knocking it off course. This caused both to turn to him in surprise. This allowed Jaune to run forward and tackle Pyrrha away from the battle. He hoisted her over his shoulder and leapt down a broken section of the floor to return to the floor below.

Pyrrha, finally catching up with the situation at hand, stammered in surprise. "Jaune?! What are you doing here?"

"Talk later!" Jaune ran through the hall and to the stair system. He jumped down a few stairs at a time as he rushed toward the ground floor.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha scrambled and finally wrenched herself from his grip and returned to her feet. "Listen, thanks for helping me, but we can't let her just do whatever she wants. We have to hold her back so one of the professional huntsmen can arrive to stop her!"

"You were about to die, Pyrrha! Magic isn't something you can fight with a sword and shield!"

Knox jumped up with a strange, long necked mask of a blue creature like a serpent that seemed to wiggle around a bit, "Blasphemer!"

This made many in the audience jump in confusion.

Jaune realized his voice rising before taking a breath. "Pyrrha, please."

His tone and the look in his eyes made Pyrrha's heart hurt. "I…" She sighed and hung her head a little. "Jaune. I know I can't beat her. But that doesn't mean we can ignore her. We need to at least slow her down. Maybe that means we… don't make it. But that's what we signed up for." It was a somber truth. A reminder that Huntsmen didn't live very long. She knew she might die, but she had to try to act.

Pyrrha pulled herself closer to Jaune, causing him to wrap an arm around her. It was comfort she really needed right now.

Jaune took a deep breath and nodded. "Okay. I get it."

"Thank you…"

Pyrrha was cut off as Jaune's sheathed sword came down hard onto the top of Pyrrha's head, knocking her out from the combination of low aura and the sucker punch effect.

This made a few of the viewers jump and actually made Qrow crack up from the suddenness of it all. This got a couple glares, Winter in particular, to glare at him.

Jaune caught her as she started to fall before picking her up in a bridal carry. "I get that I need to do this the hard way. Now…" He closed his eyes and a strange mist seemed to fade in around him. The night is upon us.

The screen faded to a new scene to show Weiss as she jumped back from the attack of a hacked Atlasian Knight.

This made Ironwood twitch in frustrated anger, but he felt better knowing Pietro was taking to create a better firewall after learning about the intrusion of the Vale CTT and Beacon's electrical systems.

Watts just smirked to himself. He knew they'd have figured his work out by now, but he wasn't worried. He could easily crack whatever code they tried to create after that.

Weiss swung back to avoid another attack. This allowed her to use her glyphs to jump upward with her blade tearing into the armor beneath the 'chin' and ripping the head off. "What the heck is going on?"


Weiss was caught off guard by the new voice and wasn't ready for the attack that followed. She was sent flying back by a heavy swing into her aura.

The man before her was the man from the train, the man with the chainsaw. "I didn't get to kill you before. Let's fix that."

Adam tapped his heel on the ground, "So that's what Bram was talking about."

"So that's his name." Weiss finally had a name to put to the mask.

Weiss grit her teeth before she heard something. Nothing on the wind, but something in the mind.

"The night is upon us, my countess." It was Jaune's voice.

"Um…" Yang looked on, confused, "What's going on?"

Weiss went from confusion to a toothy grin. "The night is upon us!" She stood up and swung her hands outward to both sides, "You think you can kill me? TOO LATE!" She was suddenly surrounded by a wave of red liquid that flew up before starting to rain down over the area.

Bram recoiled in confusion. "W-what the hell?"

As the red rained down around them, the scene felt more malicious. Weiss's attire had changed with the atmosphere. Her wedges had become thigh high boots with a pointed heel. Her dress was replaced with a strange leather strap-like outfit like a leotard missing multiple sections, a long hoop-skirt, large sections of dress sleeves, and bone-like, iron structures around her body. Her hair pin had broken apart and created a small crown as her hair fell down her back.

Weiss took a step forward with a large grin on her face. "Finally~ I get to fight properly."

Weiss nearly had a heart attack seeing her counterpart. "What the hell is that?!"

"Crazy looking." Yang snickered a bit at Weiss's reaction.

Bram growled before readying his weapon again. "I don't know what you're up to, but I'm not going to-"

He was cut off as Weiss was suddenly in front of him. She backhanded him and sent him to the ground. "I put up with your barking long enough." She slammed her heel down onto his chest and pointed her rapier toward his neck. "Any good guard dog knows it's meant to bite first and ask questions later."

Bram grit his teeth and swung his hand up to try to attack her, only to find a glyph in his way before it grabbed hold of his wrist and slammed his hand back to the dirt. "Damn Schnee! You think you're better than us? Do you think you're some kind of god?! You're not! You treat Faunas as lesser. Like we were animals! But you're wrong! You're the monsters!"

Weiss rolled her eyes and stepped off his chest and walked past him. "You think I care what you say? What you think? I don't have to." He held her blade close like it was a loved one, a blissful grin on her face, "All that matters is my king~"

This got a few in the audience, particularly her team, to look on in shocked amusement. Weiss, herself, was just confused and appalled.

"Besides," Weiss returned to her usual demeanor, "you don't interest me right now."

"Don't move!" A trio of White Fang ran up and pointed their weapons toward Weiss.

Weiss turned to the group and scanned them over before noticing the one on the left was a woman. After a moment, she smirked and licked her lips, "That one, however…~"

Yang started to snicker before elbowing her teammate, "Got something to tell us, Ice Queen? Have we finally discovered why you rejected Jaune so hard?"

Weiss just huffed in annoyance, "Shut up, Xiao Long. Besides, we've lived in the same dorm room for most of a year, I think you'd have noticed if I was."

This got Yang to blink, confused. That wasn't the answer she was expecting.

"Besides, different worlds have different rules. Simple as that."

The woman in the line felt a chill run up her spine. She shook her head to right her mind and readjusted her aim. "Don't move, Schnee!"

The Fang in the center jolted his body forward a bit to keep up the threat, "Or you die!"

The final Fang grinned, "Maybe we should just kill her anyway."

"This doesn't involve you two." Weiss swung her hand up and the red liquid around her gathered together and shot up like a wave and knocked the middle man back and into a wall behind him. She suddenly disappeared into the liquid and shot up by the third before slashing her nails across his mask.

The effect was shown as deep slash marks and the man falling back with hands over his eyes. "My eyes!" He screamed out in pain and terror, his sight torn from him in an instant.

Maria recoiled in a sympathetic pain. Having gone through the same thing. It still hurts at times, but she's long since gotten used to these robotic lenses.

The woman tried to get her head back in the game, but Weiss's hand was suddenly at her throat and lifting her lightly off the ground, given the slight height difference. "You… what are you?" She choked out, trying to fight against the strength wrapping against her throat.

Weiss smirked and tossed her back, causing the woman to stumble. The world moved in slow motion as she stumbled into a Schnee-esc construct of a rounded, double-door coffin with spikes on the internal side topped off with a woman's head. As she tried to escape, the doors slammed shut with her screams as the white construct became stained by red as the woman's blood burst from her like a squashed grape.

Pretty much the entire audience was in shock seeing that horror.

Tyrian was having fun though. "Oooh~! I like this one!"

Weiss groaned and scooted away on her seat. Sure, the counterparts are different, but she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable on her counterparts behalf.

Bram and the Fang member that can still see looked on in shock as Weiss walked up to the structure. She ran her finger up along the woman's blood before licking it off her finger. "Such a lovely taste~ I'll save you for my king." She snapped her fingers and a dark portal opened up beneath and the structure sunk into the ground. "I just know he'll love it~" Once it was gone, she turned back to the three left. "You three, though, aren't worth my time." With that, she disappeared into the portal.

"I'm sorry, but what the HELL JUST HAPPENED?!" Sienna shouted.

Ilia tapped her chair in thought. "I think… she's supposed to be a vampire."

"A what?" Weiss turned to the chameleon faunas in shock.

"I thought vampires were supposed to bite the neck, you know?" Sun commented.

"Not necessarily." Neptune took a breath for a moment, "There can be as many versions of monsters as there are people."

The scene changed to a White Fang member among the others, complete with long curved ponytail.

After what just happened, Ilia was more than a little concerned.

Ilia closed her eyes as she watched the scene below her from a bullhead. That was when she heard him.

"The night is upon us, young one. Now is your chance to impress me."

Ilia grinned from ear to ear hearing him. "Oh course my king!" As the others turned to her confused, the scene moved to show her punch through the side of the ship and flying toward the ground laughing. Her hands were covered by blood with splatter following behind her. "I finally have my chance~! Watch me, my King of Darkness! Watch me as I strike down these foolish mortals~!"

The camera moved to the ground as Ilia slammed down onto the ground. The scene showed Ilia's transformation similar to how Weiss had. Her new appearance adorned a black 'dress' with the sides, down her chest, and back exposed. In either hand was a pair of straight swords.

The outfit definitely got a few surprised reactions. Ilia in particular. She'd never shown off more than she was right now, still in her stealth suit. But, of course, that just reminded her she meant to get a new outfit now that she wasn't needed as an inflitater.

Ilia ran through the burning landscape before reaching a group of Grimm. She swung her weapons down and sliced two in half. "You think you're monsters? You don't know what monsters are truly like!" She swung her weapons and created waves of fire to burn through a number of the creatures. She laughed as she tore through these 'monsters,' "You are nothing but dirt! Not even dirt! Now burn away in the name of the Dark King!" She swung her arms wide and created an explosion of fire that flew out in every direction. Once clear of her annoyances, she charged forward again.

"So… Yang turned slightly to face Jaune, "Dark King?"

No one really thought about it. But then it hit them. Jaune was the King being referenced.

The scene changed again to the lower level of Beacon tower as Jaune stepped out from the building. A portal opened to his side and Weiss stepped out with a glass filled with a red liquid. She noticed Pyrrha's state and smirked, "Are you sure you want to select her? She'd make a wonderful spirit~" Jaune shot her a glare, causing Weiss to visibly shiver. "Mmm~ You know just how to make a lady feel so loved~"

This got scandalized looks from the Schnees. Their tormentors (Yang and Qrow), however, just laughed at them.

Yang in particular had to speak up, "Oh, the irony~"

The flames around them seemed to shift before pooling together and forming into Ilia. "I am here, my King."

Jaune motioned to Ilia who moved closer to take Pyrrha from his arms. He took the glass from Weiss and swirled the liquid in the glass. "Another one of your works?"

Weiss's smile was genuine, like she's happy to tell the man, "Freshly made," as though it would impress him.

But it was hard to forget the Fang member that got juiced, for lack of a better term. So that smile just made it so much worse.

And Tyrian was finally out of it. "Ugh. I can understand the violence and the torture. I can understand a little blood licking for intimidation. But actually drinking someone is just disgusting."

Watts turned to Tyrian, "I'm surprised you have any scruples. Fascinating."

Jaune took the glass to his lips and his own transformation began. His hoodie became a long black coat. His shoes became boots to reach to his knees and his pants seemed to grow into a larger form and faded into blue. He looked like a nobleman ready to kill at a moment's need. His weapon melted and morphed to create a silver spear. His hair had grown out to reach over the upper half of his back. He struck his spear against the ground, took Pyrrha from Ilia, and looked out over the land before him. "I lay claim to this land as my own, even if only for a moment. Weiss! Ilia!"

Both jolted up at attention, shouting in unison, "Yes, my King?!"

"Enact my will upon this land. Do so and I shall reward you properly. Go! I have someone to deal with personally." He shot away with Pyrrha in his arm.

After a moment of silent stillness, Weiss let out a moan, hugging herself. "Oh, I love it when he gets like that~"

Causing Yang to crack up even harder.

Weiss, meanwhile, turned a shade of red in her cheeks.

Ilia stepped up beside Weiss, "Do you think he'll select her?"


"But shouldn't you be concerned by that then? You know since you…"

"Don't be ridiculous." Weiss waved it off. "A King like our Dark Master deserves the best. And it's impossible to ignore that's her. Strong, beautiful, a kind soul…" Weiss cupped her own cheek with her hand, a look of bliss on her face, "Oh, I would have loved to have a taste of her blood before she's turned~"

"That's not the part I meant." Ilia drew her blade again and nonchalantly slashed a Grimm in half with a burn effect. "I know you have a thing for him."

"You say that like you don't." Weiss stabbed her hand forward and impaled another Grimm at its neck before swinging her hand to the side and sending it to the ground. "Besides, like I said, our King deserves the best. And by extension, deserves all~"

This got plenty to turn pink in recognition of what she was saying. It also didn't help that it was basically playing out among them in the seats. Granted, Weiss wasn't involved, but still. And it really didn't help Ilia who was still without in the situation.

It was here she decided the next intermission would be her play. She wouldn't make the same mistake she had with Blake. She fell for the image she'd created of Blake, and maybe that was happening with Jaune. Or maybe it was more genuine since Jaune wore his emotions on his sleeve as compared to the reserved and distant Blake. But she'd never know if she didn't try.

Ilia blinked before thinking it over. After a moment, she nodded, "True. But for now, we have to focus."

"Right~ Shall we?"


The two disappeared into a portal created by Weiss. The camera hung on the area looking out over the city below as waves of blood and fire shot up all around Vale.

"You two scare me." Neptune joked toward Weiss and Ilia.

Both had to just nod and agree. There was no other way to put it, really.

The camera returned to show Pyrrha as she started to wake up, leaning up against a wall. "What… Jaune?"

"Do you truly have so little value of your own life that you would throw it away." Jaune asked, his back to her.

Pyrrha was too out of it to notice the change over him. "I had to do something."

Jaune sighed and turned to her. "I can accept that. But you can't win that fight. Not as you are now."

"What are you-?"

"Pyrrha Nikos." Jaune kneeled in front of her to meet her eyes. "I hate that I have to ask you this. I wanted you to live happy and mortal. A life worth living. But after these months, I can't afford to have to run off just to do what's right only so you can die a hero. If you want to stop her, it will have to be as a monster. Is that something you can live with?"

Ozpin felt that one a little hard. A previous life had lived such a life and he wasn't a good person. He did what he thought had to be done, and broke plenty of ethical standards. In the end, it all fell apart and actually made things worse.

Adam could also feel personally attacked by that. Being turned into a monster for the desire for justice. But then again, he wasn't that kind of monster.

Pyrrha blinked, confused, "What are you talking about…" That was sounding suspiciously like Ozpin's Maiden speech, but also with a darker spin. Where the maiden powers were told to be powerful but a curse that would make her a target, this was out right saying she would be a monster. "I have to do something." There was a resolve in her voice, knowing she had to take up this offer this time. She held off on the Maiden, not thinking she was worthy or entirely okay with it, and that led to Cinder having the chance to take the power for herself.

Jaune nodded and held up his hand, running it against his spear. His blood began to fall from the wound and into a small glass. As it healed, the glass filled with his blood. "With this blood, I give you the body of a monster. But know that in doing so, you will never be whole again. Mortality will be forgotten, immortal in death and hollow in life. And by my hand I unleash your soul." Some of the blood in the glass began to vaporize around them and surround Pyrrha.

"That sounds a lot like the chants used to unlock aura." Port raised an eyebrow.

Oobleck nodded, "There are clear similarities."

Pyrrha didn't go through a transformation like the others, but her body did go through a change. Her skin paled to a deathly shade, as though all the blood in her body was disappearing. She convulsed in pain as her body burned up in agony. She felt a growing hunger, a desire and need. That was when the glass was placed against her lips. The moment the blood reached her lips, she felt her body calm and shiver. It was as though it was filling the hole that burned into her. Once it was all gone, without her realizing she'd drunk it all, she sat back with heavy breathing. "Jaune… what's going on?"

"What I said. You've become a monster. A vampire."

"A what?!" Pyrrha shook as though she'd seen a ghost.

This got Nora to laugh, "Really?" Then she thought about it. "Wait… are you afraid of ghosts?"

Pyrrha jolted a bit before nervously shaking her head. "Of course not! Ghosts aren't real."

Jaune stood up again and reached his other hand down toward her. "You're still weak, having just turned. So let me handle the heavy lifting for now."

Once she was back on her feet, she started to fumble, being caught by Jaune. "I don't understand…"

"Few ever will, Pyrrha. You'll get used to it." He helped her walk for a while as they climbed a few steps before opening the door to the roof again.

At the center was Cinder as she looked up to the Grimm Wyvern. She turned slightly to see the two approach. "Oh. You're back. Here to die, then?"

Jaune propped Pyrrha against the wall. She was able to stand, but it was clear her knees were still failing her. Jaune stepped forward and swung his weapon with a flourish to the side. "I am Jaune Arc. Once I was called the Dragon of Arcadia, the Blood Horror, and the King of Darkness. I was once Lord Tepes."

This made Cinder pause a moment. Tepes? Wasn't that the…

"I am the Vampire King. Jaune the Impaler!" He swung his weapon up to point toward her. "And I am here to enact my justice upon you!"

And that just clinched it for Ozpin. It was the same as his old life, Vladimir. Vlad enacted horrible things upon those who would threaten his home, be they human, faunas, or any other creature. He strung up countless men, women, and even children. Vlad the Impaler was notorious to Remnant, only to be forgotten as life trudged on and new horrors began.

Cinder was quiet for a moment before starting to laugh. "Is that right? I'm supposed to believe that?"

"You don't have to believe it. Because in a moment it won't matter." Jaune charged forward and swung his weapon forward.

Cinder dodged to the side and brought her weapon up to attack him, only to have him dip back under the attack and jump kick her away. Cinder used this to create her bow again and created three glass arrows, sending them flying forward toward the vampire. Jaune used his spear to knock all three out of the air before he charged after her again. He tried to strike at her, but her agility helped her avoid the attacks. Cinder had more successes in striking him, but found he didn't slow down at all. Each wound would just heal by the time she could make a new one. Jaune jumped away as he healed another set of burning wounds.

Jaune let out a huff as he brought his weapon down again. "What's taking those two so long?"

It was then that a portal opened at the door to the stairs. Weiss and Ilia stepped through, coupled with a now very red-faced Pyrrha. They both bowed to Jaune, speaking in unison, "It is done. We were able to place your banner across Vale. For the moment, it is yours."

Jaune smirked and nodded. "Good." He snapped his hand forward and spires of red spears erupted from the ground.

"What just happened?!" Harriet jumped in fear. It was hard not to be afraid of such a thing.

Cinder jumped off to avoid the attack. "What the hell?"

"This is my territory now. And so you are at my mercy." He snapped his fingers and spears burst out from Cinder's body.

This made many cringe. After all, being impaled would be awful. But to have it all happen from within just made it seem so much worse.

Cinder cried out in pain as she fell onto the ground. It was as if her own blood was tearing her apart from the inside. She writhed and screamed as she tried to pull them away as if to free herself from them. But another would just sprout out and tear her skin apart.

Even the people that hated Cinder found this hard to watch. This wasn't a fight or even a slaughter. It was torture, plain and simple. Tyrian was having fun though.

Cinder convulsed and used the Fall Maiden's powers to unleash a fire field and remove the spears. She tried to stand, only to have another spear rise up from the ground and bury itself in her stomach. Suddenly, it pushed her off the ground and into the air, impaled on the stake.

Ilia looked up to the scene before leaning toward Weiss, "Did you want to gather some of her blood too? She might be a virgin. I know you like that."

Weiss rolled her eyes. "Virginal blood or not, I bet her blood is as bitter as her personality."

Pyrrha looked at the two like they were crazy, but her new body made it difficult to try to judge them.

Jaune looked on at the scene of Cinder above him before he raised his hands to his wrists. He used his nails to drag into his skin and cast blood onto his hands. He swung his hands up as a spear of blood formed above his head. With a quick swipe, he slammed the spear down and pushed Cinder further down on the spear, finishing off the woman with the burning ambition.

This didn't sit well with Cinder.

But it gave Salem some new ideas.

Jaune swung his hand to the side and slammed his weapon down before a wave of blood dripped down from Cinder's body and shot toward the city. After a moment, stakes shot up from the ground below, each with a Grimm, hacked mech, or White Fang grunt on their spire. This was the true terror of Jaune the Impaler, the Vampire King.

"Holy shit." Qrow couldn't even begin to comprehend what he's just seen. He'd seen some shit, but that was beyond fucked up.

The last lingering shot of the scene showed Jaune as his coat swung in the breeze. He looked down upon Vale as blood began to flow around him. And with that, it went black.

King clapped his hands once loudly. "I think you guys need a break now."

Knox yawned lightly, "I know I do."

But most of the kind, young souls were huddled together in fright by the Vampire King.

King just sighed. "Yeah…"


Character plays:

Jaune - Vlad III (Apoc)

Weiss - Carmilla

Ilia - Consort Yu (this was the creative one)