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This chapter is honestly mostly smut, so for those of you who don't enjoy it, you can skip all that and get to the cute scene I wrote at the end.
Oh, and thank you to those who took the time to look over the smut for me, because I'm too gay to reread it my damn self without dying of embarrassment. I do think that I have a more clear understanding of where I want the story to go from here if I choose to continue.

Yuzu was surprised one morning when she woke up to find Mei pressed against her back. Mei hardly ever slept at night, usually getting her sleep through various naps throughout the day. The naps would come randomly and often, resulting in Mei nodding off at odd moments. Once while they were studying together Mei dozed off mid-paper, her handwriting going immediately sloppy and yet her hand still continued scribbling even after her eyes had shut and her head pitched forward. Yuzu had watched in fascination, not wanting to interrupt the display because she simply found it so adorable.

That's not to say that Mei hasn't been staying over in Yuzu's bed more and more. Yuzu had been horrified when Mei confirmed that she didn't have a place to stay and had mostly slept in the woods in her wolf form. She immediately insisted that Mei stay with her permanently so that she could fully commit herself to being a regular person. She didn't understand why Mei had seemed so pensive at the idea at first, but she agreed to take a key to the apartment and move her meager belongings there.

So Yuzu was pleasantly surprised to discover Mei wrapped around her back first thing in the morning, face in her neck. She was just groggy enough that she didn't notice that she was being used as a chew toy for a few seconds, but when she did she was instantly awake. Mei's breathing was hot and ragged on her neck. Her hands were gripping the fabric of her pajamas to the point of nearly ripping them. With this amount of stoking, Yuzu was primed and ready to go within seconds and she was soon gasping as Mei's tongue licked a trail from her neck to her earlobe. Liquid pleasure pooled in her abdomen when she felt the delightful pressure of Mei's breasts on her back.

"Mei," Yuzu moaned. She attempted to turn around to give Mei a good morning kiss, but by the way Mei's chest rumbled when she tried to move made Yuzu go still. "Mei?"

Mei's ragged breathing settled against her ear, her hands rubbing her hips and thighs. "You smell amazing right now," Mei's already heavenly voice dripped with lust. Mei buried her nose in her neck and inhaled as though she were stealing the air right from Yuzu's lungs. And she was going to huff and puff and blow Yuzu's clothes right off her body.

"D-do I?" Yuzu was unfocused, enraptured when she noticed Mei was grinding against her backside. She unconsciously pressed back into her, enjoying how frisky Mei was this particular morning. Her senses heightened tremendously even as her thoughts fogged up from the raw desire being shared between them.

Mei nodded her head against Yuzu's feather-soft hair instead of answering vocally, lest a growl escaped her. Arousal ravaged through her veins like an untamed beast and Mei had to keep it in check. Yuzu's body called to her and she moved once again with intent against Yuzu, pushing her hips upwards, and she had to bite her lip to contain her own noise of want as Yuzu rolled along with her. She had always enjoyed Yuzu's scent, easy to pick out in a crowd. She enjoyed trying on fruity products, but even under all the fragrances, Yuzu had a distinctly pleasant smell.

Right now her smell was singing to Mei's senses like a siren and when the scent of Yuzu's arousal hit her nose, Mei's eyes rolled back with pleasure.

She was incapable of wrapping her mind around why she was so inexplicably turned on right now. She had spent the last few weeks focused on her studies, determined to catch up to Yuzu in academics. College entrance exams were closing in, and Mei was grateful that Yuzu granted her a place to focus. So she'd had her nose buried within the pages of books for weeks, even if Yuzu insisted Mei use her laptop, but the concept of such technology escaped her. Maybe it was the stress of studying catching up to her or perhaps- Oh .

Mei realized that she hadn't gone into her wolf form in quite some time. Was this some sort of effect from that? She came to this realization when she noticed that she had an extra pair of ears on her head and her canines were begging to bite down on Yuzu's tempting neck. The staggering state of arousal she found herself in at the thought made her groan and press even more feverishly against Yuzu, thrusting her hips slowly against Yuzu's movements. Her leg nudged between Yuzu's thighs and felt how hot Yuzu was. The other woman whimpered, her hand reflexively reached back and buried itself in her girlfriend's midnight black tresses and tugged. It was clear Yuzu wanted a kiss, but in a moment of fading lucidity Mei found herself a touch embarrassed by her own state; her eyes had probably gone a feral gold and she didn't want to frighten Yuzu. She groped Yuzu's breast to distract her and the way it made Yuzu jerk her hips against the leg between her thighs did not help Mei's state. She sank into her animalistic desires, biting down on Yuzu's shoulder as her hand squeezed the marvelous mound of flesh in her palm.

She could feel Yuzu's heartbeat wildly thrumming through her veins and it appealed to every single one of Mei's senses. This time Mei did growl, low and heavy in her chest as her mind scattered away in the fog. She dragged her tongue over the bite, making sure she didn't draw blood while the wolf in her wished she had. Yuzu moaned feebly and pressed her hand to Mei's encouraging her to move her pajama shirt out of the way to cup her fully. Groaning, Mei reached around under Yuzu so she could palm both of her breasts, making Yuzu arch into her.

Mei couldn't help biting Yuzu again, enjoying the marks she was leaving and the responding gasps that came out of Yuzu's mouth.

Mei herself was sweating, her hands trembling as she rolled Yuzu's nipples between her fingers. She felt as though she was burning up; as if her desire for the blonde would consume her if she didn't devour Yuzu first. "Fuck," she rasped quietly against Yuzu's spine and she felt the body in her grasp jolt in surprise; Mei had never sworn before. "I want you so bad, Yuzu," Mei confessed as she grinded her crotch against the swell of Yuzu's ass.

"Holy shit, Mei," came the confused jumbled response that was also thick with excitement. Mei loved the way they usually made love, but right now the need to ravish the body in front of her with teeth and claws eclipsed her usual judgment. The fact that Yuzu wasn't protesting the rougher treatment elevated her surfacing greed further. Yuzu tilted her head pleadingly in Mei's direction and Mei couldn't help responding this time, placing her mouth on Yuzu's tempting lips. She opened pliantly under her, tongue hot and caressing. Yuzu's hand in her hair discovered one of Mei's wolf ears. Both of them were too far gone in their pleasure to question the presence of the ears, simply not caring right at this moment. Whether on purpose or not, her fingers caressed the wolf ear in her grasp and Mei just lost herself entirely.

Possessed, Mei's fingers found themselves scratching down Yuzu's stomach to sink under the waistband of Yuzu's shorts and underwear. Her fingers found the scorching patch of flesh and ran her fingers through her soaked lips. Yuzu cried out against her mouth and her legs parted to allow Mei better access. Mei caressed wide slow circles over her bud a few times, passing over her entrance and feeling it contract every time she pressed against it. She could feel how Yuzu ached for her, how wet and ready she was for her and Mei was salivating. She latched her mouth onto Yuzu's shoulder and pushed two fingers into the swollen flesh. Yuzu shuddered with pleasure, chanting Mei's name as she pushed only to the first knuckles. Then she would pull out and push further in little by little, reveling in the way Yuzu's walls massaged her fingers, drawing her in. She relished in it, smelling how close Yuzu was already.

A soft whine escaped her lips when Yuzu's fingers joined hers inside her straining shorts, encouraging Mei to move. Her mind was already gone and only driven by the urge to claim the slender figure in her arms, to rip her clothes off and make her scream her name until her voice was hoarse.

Uncaring at this point about whether or not Yuzu saw her in her current state, Mei craved to taste her prey. She removed her fingers much to Yuzu's vocal dismay and, leaning over her so that Yuzu could get a good view of the way she spiritedly sucked her fingers clean. She sensed the way Yuzu's heart rate spiked at the sight of her, and for a moment she was concerned whether the large wolf ears and eyes were too much for the blonde.

Green eyes wide and pupil huge and blown out, Yuzu repeated the same dumbfounded words she said when she first saw Mei in wolf form, "Wow." Her heart was practically vibrating with excitement under Mei and the other woman smirked wolfishly down at her when she sensed the spiked arousal in her partner. "I like smelling how excited you are for me." She licked her lips.

"Aw, heck," Yuzu muttered breathlessly, never having been good with dirty talk let alone Mei being the one to initiate it. No sooner had she muttered that Mei lowered herself down and crashed their lips together, both of them moaning as their legs entangled and mouths melded. Seeking something to hold onto, Yuzu's arms encircled Mei's neck as her long deft fingers reached under her shorts again and returned to quench the heat between her legs. Mei's fingers slipped right in and she rubbed them against Yuzu quickly and harshly, making Yuzu sob helplessly against her mouth.

She was close and hot, it felt like her fingers were melting inside of her. Yuzu clung desperately to Mei for dear life as Mei thoroughly fucked her. Mei herself had to wrench her lips away from how hard she was panting. Her body felt like it was on fire and everything felt so intensely magnified. Yuzu's harsh breathing was hitting her hot on her lips, intoxicating the other woman with all the stimulation. Every sound Yuzu produced, from her cute little moans to the erotic groans of Mei's name shook the chords to Mei's arousal like an amplifier. She practically snarled against Yuzu's abused neck, relishing in all the teeth marks she'd left already. A part of her she wasn't even aware of was wildly pleased to territorially mark the girl under her. Mei growled in welcomed pain when the hand clinging to her hair fisted tightened and pulled when Mei pressed into the other woman's insides particularly hard. Mei could hardly recognize her own voice in this state but she was far beyond caring. Nipping at her neck, she was rocking her body along with Yuzu, rocking their hips in time to her plunging, curling fingers.

Soon enough Yuzu's body couldn't take anymore and she tumbled over her peak. Her stomach clenched and her legs convulsed cutely around Mei's legs as she came undone in her arms. With tears of pleasure leaking down her face, Yuzu buried her uncontrollable chorus of Mei's name into the other woman's neck. Just the sound of it was more than anything that had ever graced Mei's ears before and she had to mentally record it. Mei just might explode from the feeling of their damp bodies flush against one another, panting from the passion of it. Like she was tasting greed for the first time, Mei wanted more.

Yuzu was seeing stars. Very blurry and spinning stars. Mei had just pulled out one of the most powerful orgasms out of her with her fingers and it had only taken her a few minutes. Her lips bruised from the force with which Mei devoured her, and the oh so sweet pain on her neck from Mei's hungry teeth ached in satisfaction. The memory of Mei's voice, hoarse as she whispered the word "Mine," against her throat as she trembled under her was one she would revisit many times in the future. She could barely register that Mei's delicious hot weight atop her was gone for a moment. She weakly reached up to brush the hair away from her sweaty forehead, still trying to catch her breath. "Mei, that was- phweow!" she laughed as much as her twitching body was able to. Once the bright rainbow fireworks died down to the edges of her vision and limbs, she noticed Mei's presence was missing from the bed. "Mei?"

Apparently, the other woman had gotten out of bed to rip her own clothes off because in the next second Mei's burning weight was pressing down on her again, naked and fervid. Yuzu's eyes went hysterically wide at the powerful sensation of Mei's heat on her thigh. "Oh my god," she whispered, amazed by the sight of Mei, sweating, soft lips parted, and unmistakably primal eyes that were full of hunger all for her. Yuzu laid on her back, trying to memorize the moment while Mei hooked her fingers into Yuzu's now messy shorts and underwear and pulled them down her legs.

Something had activated Mei's unrestrained impulses, and while Yuzu was confused by what brought this intensity on, she definitely wasn't complaining. When she had initially found out she was dating a werewolf she started noticing little quirks about Mei that separated her from normal human behavior. Her tendency to chew on her pencils for example, or how she could make food disappear in one or two bites, or how dogs barked at her when she walked by. Yuzu wondered if this sudden change in their lovemaking from sweet to wild was another symptom of that since it was certainly awakening instincts in her that she never even knew she had. They were in a frenzy, telling her that she was about to be devoured like the most expensive piece of steak in the world. And just like that, the simmering embers of Yuzu's arousal ignited back to life.

Mei crawled back up Yuzu's body once she got rid of the barrier to Yuzu's lower half, naked want painted on Mei's features. The sound of a needy whimper slipping past Mei's lips as she searched for friction to alleviate the pounding ache between her legs prompted Yuzu to act. She reached for the other woman's hips, grasping them and pulling her to guide Mei into a better position. The unreserved sound that escaped Mei's mouth when she found that delicious traction Yuzu fell in love with. The fervor with which her hands raced across her skin Yuzu tried to sear into her memory. Hands braced themselves against Yuzu's shoulders with a strong grip as her body started rubbing herself liberally against Yuzu. There was something undeniably erotic in the fact that Mei was no longer holding back. Their motions were powered by the runaway train of satisfaction.

Utterly fascinated by the open display of carnal desire before her, Yuzu did her best to assist her girlfriend. Her hands grabbed and held Mei's waist and buttocks, marveling at the flex of muscles as Mei rode her. The way she moaned with abandon was an utter departure from the careful and precise way Mei usually made love to her. It clashed with the way Mei would usually smother her own sounds, but now it was like she was too turned on to care if she was heard by all the neighbors. The usually tightly controlled woman was now shaking with a desperation for release. The pitch of her voice went higher and she looked so damn sexy rolling her center against Yuzu's hip like her life depended on it. The blond drank it all in, hands roaming as she pleased while Mei worked her beautiful figure. Recognizing that Mei was approaching the edge as her pace increased, Yuzu dug her heels into the mattress and moved her hips under Mei's erratic tempo. 'Mine,' Yuzu's mind sang as her heart beat wildly in her chest. Whatever had taken hold of Mei must've been contagious. Mei responded by putting her full weight into her grinding, rocking Yuzu into the mattress. Her fingernails dug into Mei's hips as though her grip would prevent the bed frame from breaking.

A cry ripped itself from Mei's throat like she was in pain, her muscles clenching as white-hot pleasure pulsed heavily from the tops of her ears down to her core and curling her toes. Gone was a sense of rhythm, her orgasm crashed over her, burning through her body from the inside out. She nearly collapsed on top of her girlfriend, but Yuzu was already sitting up and wrapping reassuring arms around Mei's waist. Her hold was tender as she was whispering sweet nothings to her to gently bring her down from her crushing high. Mei whimpered as her hips continued twitching sporadically. The fog in her mind was finally starting to clear as if the orgasm penetrated through it. Her sense of self slowly returned to her. "Yuzu?" Her voice came out more watery than she had intended, but her face was numb and her senses were in a disarray. It had been so much. Never had she felt so overwhelmed by her instincts before.

"Mei," the other woman echoed with so much love in her voice that wrapped around Mei like a warm and comforting blanket. Yuzu softly fell backward onto the mattress, dragging Mei with her. To Mei it felt as though weights were tied to her eyelids and every bone in her body turned to liquid. Combined with Yuzu's gentle hands stroking her hair and rubbing her wolf ears as though it were a normal thing to do, slumber swiftly claimed Mei.


She couldn't have been asleep for long because when she woke up, her cheek was still resting atop Yuzu's rising and falling chest and fingers still softly combed through her hair.

It was warm and cozy and Mei was nearly lulled back into sleep listening to her lover's heartbeat. Except Mei could also feel the sticky mess she had left between them and suddenly it was difficult for Mei to swallow and her body stiffened.

"Mei? Are you awake?" Yuzu whispered. "Do you want something to eat? I wanted to cook, but you're actually a lot heavier than you look and I didn't want to wake you. Ah- not that you're fat! Wow, that sounded rude. You're just weirdly heavy, but like in a great way!" Yuzu rambled while Mei stewed in shame.

"I'm sorry," Mei immediately apologized after running her unacceptable behavior through her head a hundred times in a few seconds. "I was too forceful."

Yuzu's responding laugh was incredulous. "I'm okay," Yuzu gave her middle a squeeze of reassurance. "Kind of sore, but it was totally worth it!"

Her limbs still feeling heavy, Mei huffed out a breath as she rearranged herself so they facing each other on their sides. She put some distance between them so they weren't touching too much. "I don't know what came over me," Mei explained, not quite meeting Yuzu's eyes. She thought back to before all this started, how while she was studying her eyes couldn't help trailing over to Yuzu's sleeping form. She had looked so innocent and vulnerable, Mei felt like a wolf in human clothing for preying on her. "I'll figure out what prompted it and it won't happen again," she solemnly promised. She could feel Yuzu's eyes search her face and she avoided her gaze completely by turning her head away.

"Mei," Yuzu scooted closer, voice low and personal. "Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked. The question made Mei flush up. There was evidence of how much she had enjoyed herself all over Yuzu's body, but it felt like such a terribly selfish thing to admit to. She kept her face controlled so that she could lie and say she didn't enjoy that at all.

Yuzu scooted even closer to her without fear, pressing her mouth against Mei's ear. "I like seeing how excited you get for me," Yuzu playfully imitated Mei's sexy declaration earlier by touching Mei's wolf ears and grinning. The younger woman internally cursed; she had forgotten she left those out, and they were misbehaving by being expressive and giving away her true feelings.

"Stop that," Mei blushed at hearing those words said back to her. "I'll eat you," she said in a way that made it very hard not to tease her. The fluffy wolf ear flicked under Yuzu's petting and she whined softly under her breath.

"I wouldn't mind getting eaten up by you again," Yuzu giggled, pressing her mouth lightly against Mei's. Savoring the lovely contact, Mei cradled Yuzu's face in her hands before running them down to her neck and shoulders. She frowned in disapproval when she saw the numerous bite marks along with redness she had inflicted on Yuzu's beautiful skin. "Are you sure about that?" Her thumb ran over the marks delicately, her eyes full of regret. "I hurt you."

Yuzu's hand joined hers. "Don't worry about that! I'm an expert with concealer!" the blonde reassured with a squeeze to Mei's hand.

Mei's disapproving look shifted from Yuzu's neck to face with narrowed eyes. "Is this your way of telling me you prefer me to be rougher with you?"

Yuzu instantly lost her composure in a fit of what she dubbed gay panic. Mei didn't understand how she fell into this state so often, but it was kind of fun to purposefully incite on occasion simply to watch Yuzu squirm. She could try to deny it, but Mei didn't need her enhanced senses to discern that Yuzu didn't mind her aggressive side.

"It's not that I prefer it!" Yuzu eventually managed to articulate with her forehead against Mei's shoulder to hide her red face. "I just love discovering your different sides. So if you feel the need to let out your um… your wild side… Or ANY side," Yuzu peeked up from her hiding spot, eyes all heart. "Then you can feel safe letting it out with me."

Ears flicking back as though she were embarrassed by her next words, Mei whispered, "What if you don't like what you discover?" She watched Yuzu's face closely. "What if you're not safe?"

Yuzu's eyebrows went up as though her words were a completely foreign concept to her. "I trust you, Mei," she said as her hands absently massaged Mei's waist. Mei's hips faintly squirmed at the touch, not having realized she was still rather worked up even after all that. "How about this," Yuzu propped her head up with her hand. "We could use a safe word?" she offered as her hand traced soothing patterns on Mei's skin.

Wolf ears flicked forward at attention. "A safe word?"

"Yeah, like, um," Yuzu juggled her words. "So when we're… you know... And you or I feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed at all, we say a word and it's like a code word. If we hear that word, we stop what we're doing immediately," Yuzu explained. "Would that help, you think?"

Mei considered it and nodded her head slowly. "I think it would," she said with relief.

Yuzu's face lit up with relief as well. "Okay! So now we just gotta think of a word… How about 'moist'?"

Mei frowned immediately. "Why that word?"

"Because when I said it the other day you had this funny blank muppet face- like the one you have right now."

"What is a muppet? Nevermind, just never say that word again," Mei vetoed immediately.

"But why not, it's obviously effective!"

"Choose another word," Mei said with a roll of her eyes.

Yuzu's sigh of exasperation was playful. "Alright. Then, uhh. Hm. Peaches? Strawberries? Banana? Citrus?"

"Why fruit?"

"I might have a craving," Yuzu admitted, still lost in thought. "What's your favorite animal, Mei?" Yuzu asked out of the blue. Before Mei could think about the answer properly, Yuzu was shaking her head already. "Nevermind, obviously wolf is your favorite, right?"

"I like bears," Mei contradicted, making Yuzu's eyes pop in wonder.

"You like bears?" Yuzu confirmed, a smile tugging at her face that made Mei feel a little self-conscious. Mei's single nod made the smile on her face grow, and Mei wondered how something so small could fill her with such joy. "Then how about 'kuma' for a safe word?"

"That's fine," Mei agreed easily to that suggestion. Wanting to share in whatever mystifying joy Yuzu experienced, Mei also asked what Yuzu's favorite animal was. The other woman was so easy to read, Mei could write an entire page in a book about the journey Yuzu's face went through before she finally settled on the answer "Wolf" which she tried to deliver as smoothly as possible.

"You're lying," Mei threw the blanket off of Yuzu's misplaced sense of romance for the sake of truth.

"Okay, okay," Yuzu laughed, caught. "I've always been more of a cat person, but I like wolves now too!"

"It seems you are easily influenced," Mei observed with a straight face.

"Can you blame me?" Yuzu was being cheeky.

"I blame your shameless lack of responsibility," Mei said firmly as her fingers tugged at Yuzu's shirt. "And your unfounded trust in temperamental animals," she added sourly.

Yuzu's lips were pulled back in a smile as she pressed their foreheads together. "I don't think you realize how amazing you are. Whether you want to be a regular girl, or a werewolf, or both, it's all you, Mei. And you're my favorite person in the whole world."

Mei couldn't detect a single hint on a lie in Yuzu's words. She framed Yuzu's face with her hands, brushing away stray strands of hair from her eyes. Those eyes that never reflected fear or hesitance when it came to Mei, who accepted Mei's inner monster like it was another adorable quirk. Mei thought Yuzu was the amazing one, with her glimmering face that emitted such positive energy and love. This moment of Yuzu accepting all sides of Mei was more intimate than the sex they just shared. Once again Mei's heart swelled with love, grateful that Yuzu had found her. In a time when she had wondered if humans were worth living among, Yuzu had found her and became the world she wanted to live in. And maybe she didn't have to push aside one side of herself to accomplish that.

Mei drew her in closer, helplessly drawn to her light and planted a featherlight kiss to her lips. Gently as opposed to how roughly she treated her some minutes prior. Yuzu held the soft kiss as long as she was able before she tilted her head and kissed Mei again more firmly. Mei melted at the sweet contact, pressing as much of herself as she could to Yuzu. The response she got from Yuzu was immediate, squeezing Mei impossibly closer to her.

Over the weeks she had come to find that Yuzu was a wholehearted and lively lover. She always responded to whatever Mei had to offer with ample enthusiasm. She was surprisingly intuitive when it came to reading Mei's body, which the dark-haired woman was grateful for since she was usually reserved when expressing her physical needs. Whether she wanted to be in control or wanted special attention from the blonde, Yuzu would impassionately fill whatever role Mei needed. And right now Mei wanted Yuzu to make love to her the way only Yuzu could. Not driven by hunger or lust, just the simple desire to feel closer to her and indulge in their connection. When she took hold of Yuzu hands and guided them to rest on her backside Mei watched green eyes rekindle with a colorful fire that consumed the both of them.

Yuzu marveled at the goddess next to her, squeezed at her impossibly smooth skin that Mei had offered to her. They continued their passionate kissing as Yuzu generously kneaded the flesh in her hands, prompting Mei to lift her leg around Yuzu's thigh. Taking advantage of her position with Mei practically wrapped around her, Yuzu pressed kisses from Mei's chin down to her neck and chest. Mei's body was a lot more sensitive than she would lead others to believe. Yuzu always took pleasure in drawing out even the tiniest of moans from the normally stoic woman. It was worth so much more that way. Mei's fingers flowed and tugged through blonde hair as Yuzu sucked at different points on her skin. It was only fair since Mei left Yuzu's body looking like she had been mauled by a bear with all the teeth marks.

Yuzu wished she could see Mei's face right now as her mouth traveled to Mei's chest, her hands gliding up Mei's glistening back to hold her close. Mei's bottom lip was probably between her teeth, Yuzu imagined. With her eyes closed, Yuzu immersed herself in reading Mei with her other senses. Her hips were squirming the more Yuzu's mouth teased. When Yuzu wrapped her lips around one of her nipples, the grip on her hair tightened. Yuzu moaned at the shudder that went through Mei's body as though it sent an electrical current straight to her core. Everything Mei did turned her on so much. Fingers massaged at her scalp in mind-numbing patterns as Yuzu's mouth found the opposite breast and lavished it with attention as well. A heavenly sigh escaped Mei's lips as Yuzu took her time exploring the velvet of her skin with her mouth.

If their last session was an act of pure carnal sin, this one was like experiencing religion. Yuzu lauded Mei with worship, smoothly sliding her fingers into Mei's waiting entrance. Mei made the softest of sounds with her arms looped around Yuzu's head and Yuzu couldn't help going back to her lips for a kiss. She slipped a third finger inside while their tongues danced against each other. Mei was so wet and ready for her already, it was easy to glide her fingers in long strokes while her palm pressed against Mei's clit. Mei hiked her leg higher over Yuzu's waist, melting into her deep touches. Yuzu set an undemanding pace that had Mei's eyes closed, bottom lip between her teeth and her brows furrowed in a pleasing picture of rapture. Yuzu could watch that exquisite face all day and she pressed her lips against that furrow in her brow to sooth it as Mei's fingers curled behind her ears.

Compelled by curiosity, Yuzu gradually stopped the movement of her fingers, watching her face to see how Mei would react. Her elegant brows furrowed in confusion. "Yuzu…" she quietly begged, voice hitching. Yuzu's torturous pace forced Mei to move her hips against her fingers and it brought a smile to Yuzu's face, and only then did she resume her motions between Mei's legs. She hoped to reassure Mei through her loving actions that she could make love to all sides of her. She knew Mei was probably sensitive from how hard she had fucked Yuzu earlier, so she made sure to keep her touches slow but thorough. Her fingers kissed Mei's thrumming insides, again and again, stirring her gently to a boiling point until she overflowed. Mei trembled in her arms from her release and Yuzu pressed her fingers deep to prolong the movement of the other woman's hips and the sound of her moans. Once she calmed down, Yuzu tenderly swallowed her remaining breathy gasps, her kiss deepening as she removed her fingers from inside her to squeeze her close.

For a few minutes, they indulged in the luxurious exploration of softly making out. Once she recovered, Mei reluctantly parted from Yuzu's lips and started peppering grateful open-mouthed kisses down the center of Yuzu's body. Amazingly, Yuzu still had her pajama top on and they worked together to get rid of it before Mei gently pushed Yuzu back onto the bed. Her hands caressed Yuzu's bruised neck and shoulders in silent apology before traveling lower. Yuzu's thighs were soft and yielding in Mei's grasp as she gently guided a knee over her shoulder to close in on her destination.

Yuzu watched her, face furiously flushed, but gaze fixed and adoring. She reached down to brush Mei's long hair away from her face and their longing gazes met. "May I?" Mei asked.

"God, yes."

Their fingers interlaced in a firm promise as Mei started her descent anew. Her lips teased upon the inside of Yuzu's thigh, and the blonde was absolutely throbbing for the woman between her legs.

And then she took Yuzu into her mouth and drank from her like it would grant her passage into heaven. Yuzu was already flying through the pearly gates of euphoria. Even if she wanted to keep watching, her back arched and her gaze ascended to the ceiling. Her movements were out of her control and Mei ran her other hand up her stomach to steady her. The notes of their stuttering breaths filled the room. Between Mei's tongue pushing through her folds and the fingers gripping her hand, Yuzu wondered if she could count this as a religious experience if it felt so sinfully good. "Mei," she said in a wondrous prayer, begging that she would be able to be intimate with the woman she loved for as long as she walked this earth. Her leg jerked reflexively when Mei paid special attention to her clit. Caught between heaven and earth, Yuzu's spare hand traveled with a mind of its own, from Mei's hair to squeeze her own breast and up further still to her own yearning mouth.

Mei gripped her hand tighter one last time as if to call her down and Yuzu promptly fell back towards earth. Mei caught her, holding her steady and helping her down as Yuzu's hips jumped against the source of her pleasure. Yuzu's lungs were rattling in her chest as if she had cried out but she hadn't noticed. She could barely open her eyes for a few seconds but she felt Mei nuzzling her face and kissing her eyelids. Yuzu weakly grabbed at her, smiling and pulling the other woman down. She couldn't get enough of her kisses, even when she could barely respond to them. Her true heaven was right here on earth with Mei.

Then the thunderous sound of Mei's angry stomach vibrated against Yuzu, shattering the atmosphere. Mei went red in embarrassment at her body's rudeness while Yuzu snorted in laughter. She promised to cook once she could move again.


"I think I'll go hunting later," Mei said over the small dining room table.

"Hunting?" Yuzu called back from the kitchen. The pleasant smell of food cooking and the sizzle of the pan accompanied her question.

"Yes," Mei cleared her throat. "I think perhaps I've neglected my wolf's physical needs for too long. That was probably why I acted the way I did earlier."

Yuzu scraped a pile of scrambled eggs onto two plates along with toast. She had been listening so intently to Mei's words that she almost let them burn in the toaster. "If you think it'll help," she said as she placed the plate in front of Mei. The dark haired woman seemed to slightly perk up at the sight of a meal and Yuzu watched her very carefully, trying to catch a glimpse of the mystical way Mei inhaled her food. Mei paused mid-chopstick when she noticed Yuzu's intent stare.


Yuzu blushed at having been caught. "Nothing!" She turned back towards the kitchen to start brewing herself a pot of coffee while Mei took her usual tea. When she glanced back, the food on Mei's plate was gone and she internally cursed at yet another missed opportunity. "Do you want me to come with you?" Yuzu offered, regarding the hunting Mei mentioned earlier.

The napkin Mei was delicately dabbing her face with paused as Mei looked at her in confusion. "Why would you want to do that?"

"Well, I could bring a blanket to the forest and we could have a picnic or something. We could make a date out of it!' Yuzu suggested as she took her kitty mug out of a cabinet. Mei shook her head.

"I don't think you understand. It's not a pretty thing when I go hunting. You wouldn't want to see it."

"Oh." Yuzu tried not to sound too crestfallen at the rejected plan. She knew she didn't understand the ins and out of Mei's particular needs when it came to the werewolf aspect of her life, but she hoped to learn more. It was a huge part of Mei's life and she wondered if Mei felt stifled living with her as a normal human. If Mei needed to go out as a wolf, Yuzu thought about ways to help her and be more involved.

An image of Yuzu walking Mei like a comically large pet dog flashed through her mind and she banished it as offensive. However, like a fly caught in a sticky trap, the image of Mei wearing a collar invaded her thoughts. Her mind's eye presented Mei in human form on all fours, panting while Yuzu tugged on her leash… Or maybe even Mei pulling her around on a leash wouldn't be so bad either. The blonde immediately flushed from her shamefully perverted notions. Much like her brain, Yuzu's mug started to overflow with heated coffee that she noticed too late. "Aw crap!" As she rushed to clean up the mess from the counter without burning herself, Mei spoke up again.

"Although… I appreciate your offer," she mentioned quietly, sipping her tea as though she hadn't heard the mess Yuzu was making in the kitchen. "Maybe one day we could try something like that."

Yuzu perked up at the possibility. Tossing a wad of paper towels into the trash, Yuzu finally joined her lover at their small table. "And I appreciate you talking to me about your special needs!" Yuzu placed her hand over Mei's on the table and smiled.

The other woman tilted her head towards Yuzu, her dark eyes staring at their joined hands. "I'm sorry," she said, confusing Yuzu with her words once again.

"What for?"

"That I can't be normal for you," Mei elaborated, keenly watching her thumb run over Yuzu's knuckles with a featherlight touch. Yuzu responded by gripping Mei's hand tighter.

"Do you think I care about being normal, Mei?" she laughed at the very idea. "When I was in high school Himeko nearly expelled me on multiple occasions because of… well, because of everything that I ever wore and did! I just wanted to be myself. So don't worry, we'll figure out our own normal." She gave Mei's hand one last loving squeeze before letting go to bring her mug of life-sustaining coffee to her lips.

"How did you avoid getting expelled?" Mei asked curiously.

"Hm? Oh, I ran for student council president against Himeko and won," Yuzu revealed nonchalantly. Yuzu nearly missed Mei's reaction due to the lip of her mug having a cat hanging off of it with the words "hang in there!" When she peered back at the dark haired woman, she was surprised to see that Mei was staring at her and still holding a sip of tea in her mouth as if she had forgotten to swallow. "What?"

Mei properly swallowed and cleared her throat. "That was just unexpected," she answered, assuming her aloof personality once more.

Yuzu snickered. "I surprised you?"

"You're always surprising me."

"It's hard to tell sometimes. That's why I like it when you have the wolf ears out- it's easier to read you!" she said humorously.

Mei gave her an odd look at that admission, her expression more unreadable than usual and Yuzu started to wonder if she had said the wrong thing. Then after a beat Mei's wolf ears peeked from the top of her head timidly and Yuzu couldn't help the squeal that peeled out of her throat at the adorable sight. As if spooked by the high-pitched sound, the ears retreated back into hiding.

"Nevermind," Mei turned her head away.

"Aw, c'mon Mei!" Yuzu whined, reaching out for Mei's head to coax them back out.


"Ah..." Yuzu withdrew her hand in an instant, contenting herself with coffee.

Across the table, Mei kept her face turned away to hide her reddened cheeks.

Nightfall painted Yuzu's lonesome window as she finished up the remainder of her homework. Her eyes were drawn to the moon peeking through the clouds and she wondered when Mei would return from her hunt and if she was safe. She had become accustomed to Mei's presence next to her as she did her work, often studying for her own upcoming college entrance exams and offering Yuzu advice whenever she was stuck. Yuzu was excited in particular to greet her today since she had been inspired earlier to pick up a gift for Mei.

She jumped by the time the apartment door banged open and closed, not having noticed she had nodded off waiting for Mei's return. "Mei!" Her back cracked as she stretched. "Did your hunt go well?" She pushed herself up to her feet, walking towards the entrance. "I actually got something for you today," her words evaporated in her throat when she caught sight of Mei.

The other woman's front was covered in feathers as though she picked a fist fight with a pillow, but what had Yuzu's eyes bugging out of her skull was the large dead pheasant Mei was holding up by the neck. Standing tall despite her disheveled appearance, Mei never looked more pleased with herself.

"I brought you something as well," she said over Yuzu's 'eek' of alarm. "I thought perhaps we could share it," she said with some amount of hope. She finally seemed to notice that Yuzu was standing there gawking at the bird, for once at a loss for words. Mei blinked at her, her pleased look melting into confusion, and then dejection. "You don't like it," she deduced quickly.

Yuzu's hand shot up, willing Mei to wait a second so she could get over her bewilderment at seeing Mei holding up a dead animal in her doorway. Her astonishment turned into a laugh that bubbled up in her throat. Mei looked on in deepening concern as Yuzu wiped a tear from her eye. "I love it!" Despite her inclination to wrinkle her nose at the big dead bird, her heart soared at the fact that Mei was trying to involve her in the wolf part of her life! That warm feeling of understanding overpowered everything else.

Yuzu stepped closer to Mei to brush a feather off the top of her head. "We'll have to stuff this guy in the freezer," she said, her mind going through several leaps to make this work for them. "I'll have to google how to clean a bird," Yuzu couldn't help the grossed-out shudder at the thought.

"I can do that," Mei reassured quickly before Yuzu resigned herself to her fate. "I suppose I got ahead of myself. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry!" Yuzu laughed, continuing to remove feathers from Mei's clothes. "You were excited to bring me a present, right? Thank you."

Mei's face colored slightly when Yuzu gave her a grateful kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, that reminds me," Yuzu jumped back, pulling Mei along with her. "I already ran a bath for you," She grinned. "Then I have a gift for you too!"

By the time Mei emerged from her bath feeling refreshed and loose from her run in the woods, Mei was amused to find Yuzu was the one covered in feathers this time from putting away Mei's kill. Mei was as charmed by the sight as she was proud of the fact that she had caught the pheasant without bloodshed. Being able to provide for Yuzu was an odd point of pride that she felt she owed to the other woman for everything she had done for her thus far. She had wanted to show Yuzu that she wanted to be even closer to her, and she felt confident Yuzu got the message, even if she couldn't quite put the sentiment into words.

Yuzu was clearly filled with giddiness as she sat Mei down and told her to close her eyes. Mei defied the order for a long moment before humoring her lover and closing her eyes. A moment and a hearty "Ta-da!" later Mei was prompted to open her eyes.

Mei gazed at the large stuffed bear Yuzu was holding out to her with doubt in her expression. Her dubious look traveled from the bear to Yuzu. "A toy?"

"Well, you said bears were your favorite," Yuzu said with a sheepish smile. "And you can hug this as hard as you want and it won't break!" Hiding behind the bear, Yuzu held up its paws and adopted a different voice. "Please take care of me, Mei!"

It took a few seconds of waiting until Mei gingerly took the bear from Yuzu. Her hands were uncertain handling such a delicate object. The brown bear's face was full of trust and kindness. It reminded Mei of the time her father had gifted her a similar, much smaller bear when she was younger. And how she had torn it apart after he disappeared. The memory made Mei bite the inside of her cheek. Mei looked back to Yuzu, silently asking if it was really okay for her to take care of such a precious item, and received the same trust and kindness reflected on Yuzu's face. Encouraged, Mei carefully hugged the plush to her as if fearful that it would come apart in her hands. When it didn't, Mei buried her face in its softness. "Thank you," she murmured into the bear's fur. "I'll take care of you."

A moment later she felt Yuzu throw her arms around her, nearly knocking them over onto the floor. In her arms, Mei experienced the feeling of homecoming that she now associated with Yuzu, and she hoped this feeling was her new normal.