"I'm being serious Andrea, I am gonna have a one night stand. " Michonne was pacing back and forth in her office. She pointed out of the window.. "Mike is everywhere with a different woman while I'm over here turning back into a virgin" Michonne knew her friend didn't understand. It was hard to watch the person who was such an ass move on when she seemed stuck with no one who she even desired to spend time with.

Andrea threw her head back and laughed out loud. "Are you listening to yourself Mich? You are acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend but you are the one who broke things off with Mike." She walked over to Michonne placing her hands on her shoulders. "I'm all for you clearing your cobwebs but we all know that's not who you are."

Michonne dropped her head then looked up at the ceiling. "I'm going to do it Dre... Tonight so make it happen." She was determined to get back into some type of sex life...

Andrea turned on her heels going back to the couch in Michonne's office to retrieve her purse. She pulled her cell phone out. "Siri call Sasha." She instructed the device.

"Hey what's up?" Sasha greeted. "Make it quick, I'm going into surgery."

"Hey Sash, Michonne is insisting she is having a one and done tonight are you in?" Andrea looked at Michonne sitting on the edge of her desk deep in thought. She was chewing on the side of her nail and tapping her foot on the carpeted floor.

Laughter erupted from the device as Sasha laughed heartily. "She is gonna fuck you up when she finds out about this." She laughed again until she heard Michonne in the background.

"Bitch are you in or not?"

"Michonne?" Sasha exclaimed in shock. "You really wanna do this?"

"I have to or I won't be able to move on. I don't want another relationship but I need a good fuck to clear away the Mike stench." She shivered in mock horror at the thought of Mike's touch.

"Well I am with you when you're right girlfriend" Sasha answered. "So meet at Sugar's around 730. I will call Maggie and Rosita. No backing out Mich, Bitch, I'm serious." She ended the call without a goodbye. Sasha was straight to the point.

"Ok then" Michonne expelled her breath looking over at Andrea who was gathering her things to leave. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to find you a 'fuck me' outfit for tonight." She strutted to the door before turning around to face Michonne. She stood there with one eyebrow raised. "You are just gonna let me pick you out an outfit?"

Michonne threw her hands in the air in surrender. "I'm all in! Go... hook a sista up!'

_ 4love _

Michonne and Andrea reached the bar just before 730. It was already crowded with people. Sugar's was one of Atlanta's hottest spots. It was owned by Sasha's brother, football star Tyrese Williams and his good buddy and teammate Abraham Ford. The bar was two to three deep with people trying to place an order. There was a loud whistle at the back and Andrea saw Tara waiving them over. Tara was the manager and also a good friend of the ladies.

All eyes turned to the two beauties making their way to the booth in the back. Michonne felt the stares and swayed her hips with more vigor. She knew she was hot in the outfit Andrea chose for her. The black leather pants were skin tight and hung low on her ample hips. The spaghetti strapped candy apple red wrap top left her cleavage open and her tits almost popping out. Her black Louboutins with the peep toes, a perfect pairing showing her perfectly manicured toes with a French manicure paint job. She felt hot and confident as she made her way to the booth following Andrea's thigh high red leather skirt and cream colored silk tank top with scrappy gold stiletto sandals.

Rick saw her from the door. Her gorgeous almond shaped eyes swept the crowd at the bar passing right over him in an attempt to not make eye contact. She licked her full lips painted red to match her top that left little to the imagination. When she walked past he turned in the seat to watch her walk by and let out a low whistle. He stood up to make an adjustment as he stared at the most spectacular ass he had ever witness. He would swear to that under oath. She was stunning and Rick knew he was not leaving tonight without making her acquaintance.

When she reached the table she put her small clutch down and raised both arms to secure a loc that escaped her messy bun. Her long arms were smooth and toned. The action allowed her top creep up and expose more of her toned stomach and the muscles there. He stared at her willing her to look in his direction but his view was blocked as three other ladies joining the table.

"Hey ladies looking good!" Tara said, eying each one up and down. "Still waiting for at least one of you to come over to the fun side." She laughed and took their appetizer and drink orders before walking away to tend the other patrons.

Now besides the hot blonde she entered with there was a green eyed brunette with a short bob cut. She was wearing boot cut jeans with cowboy boots and skin tight t-shirt that read 'taken'! The other was a Latino with long black hair swept up in a ponytail, wearing leather white leather short shorts and a hot pink silk halter and hot pick heeled Nikes. Then there was another African American with a big fluffy Afro centric puff high on her head. She was wearing a jumper that went to her ankles and 6 inch stilettos Sandals. They were a sight and every male in the room noticed.

Rick's attention was drawn back to the heated conversation Daryl and Shane were having about the hockey game playing on the big screen above the bar. The three Sheriff Deputies and friends only came in when they were here on assignment. This was the first time they had stopped in on a Friday night as they usually transported prisoners on Tuesday. With no duty for either of them on a Saturday morning they were out having a good time in the city.

About an hour later Daryl was trying to get the attention of the bartender for another round. Rick had just moved from his spot to go to the men's room when just as the bartender turned to get Daryl's order a voice called out. "Hey Noah can you send us another pitcher of margaritas and a round of beers please."

"Hey girl, you ain't see me waitin ta order?" Daryl was staring at Sasha as she grinned at the bartender. She had taken up Rick's empty space leaning over so Noah could hear her over the loud hum of the crowd. She turned to look at Daryl with her eyebrows creased together. He stared before checking her out from head to toe.

"So why didn't you?" Daryl shook his head and widened his eyes wondering if all city girls were this rude. She had a curious look on her face.

"Because you just sissies up here and tossed your order out before i could say shit" Daryl waived his hand in the air looking her up and down.

"Um anyways" she turned her attention back to Noah. "Thanks Noah, I'm sure Tara opened a tab for us." She turned back to Daryl and stated to speak but heard him. muttered under his breath "Bitches". Before he knew what was happening Sasha reached over the bar and grabbed Noah's small knife. She held it to Daryl's throat.

"Did you just call me a bitch you motha-fuckin redneck asshole?" She hissed out through her teeth.

"Whoa" Rick said just over her shoulder, having returned from the bathroom. He had caught the tail end of the 'conversation'. He glared at Daryl while reaching out to take the knife from Sasha's hand. "I'm sure 'Deputy' Dixon did not intend to say such a thing to a beautiful woman such as your self. Ain't that right Daryl?"

"Yup, my apologies" He sneered. Daryl was couldn't keep from staring at the spitfire who almost took his head off.

"Rick Grimes" Rick introduced himself as he handed the knife to Noah and extended his hand to Sasha who looked back and forth between Daryl and Rick. She shook it and glared back at Daryl. "The gentleman who temporarily lost his manners is Daryl Dixon and this if Shane Walsh" he said pointing to her left at Shane. "If you will allow we would like to buy you and your friends a round as a way to make amends." Rick quickly jumped at the opportunity to make contact.

"Are you all policemen?" She asked looking back to glare at Daryl.

"We are all Deputies from the King County Sheriff's Department ma'am" Shane offered tipping his non-existing hat to her.

"I just ordered our drinks but thanks for the offer." She was about to walk away when she remembered why they were there. "So come meet the ladies." She invited.

Rick let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He was going to get to meet the dark skinned beauty that kept his attention for the past couple of hours. They made there way to the booth in the back of the bar. "Ladies I would like to introduce some of King's Counties finest. Deputy Rick Grimes, Deputy Shane Walsh and hmm Daryl Dixon" The final name listed with intentional malice and a roll of her eyes.

Daryl grunted while Rick and Shane waved. "This is Michonne" she said pointing "This is Maggie, Andrea, Rosita and I'm Sasha." She finished sliding back into her seat across from Michonne. Daryl took post right next to Sasha placing his hand on the back of the seat.

The guys nodded at each lady as Sasha introduced them. Rick was standing just outside the step up booth next to Michonne. He extended his hand wanting to touch her and she took it. He rubbed his thumb across her knuckles looking into her eye. "It's nice to meet you all" he said never taking his eyes from Michonne.

She felt like she was drowning in the clearest ocean. His eyes were so blue and just when she thought she could identify the color it changed as he continued to stare at her. Maggie drew her attention with a nudge to her hip. "Let me out so I can call Glen back. I've missed seven calls."

Michonne slid out of the booth to let Maggie out. There was barely any space between the booth and Rick who refused to move an inch. Their bodies were almost touching as she stepped down at the back of the booth. Once Maggie was out Michonne went to move back into the booth but was halted as Rick's knee pressed between her legs hitting the back of the booth. She looked down and then up at his smirking face.

Michonne leaned back casually on her right leg with her hands on her hips. She watched as RIck's eyes traveled up her body. 'This white boy gonna get himself in trouble' she laughed to herself. He had her seriously considering taking him home tonight just from his boldness. When his eyes finally made it back to hers they stared at each other lost in their thoughts.

The drinks came and Sasha began pouring and handing out drinks as the conversation turned from stupid criminals to pick-up lines that would never work. The conversation between the group progressed nicely. Shane slid in the booth next to Andrea as he noticed Rick keeping Michonne occupied.

She nudged his leg with her own getting his attention after about thirty minutes. She was checking him out in his blue button down shirt and well worn black jeans with brown cowboy boots. He was definitely easy on the eyes. Feeling both sexy and emboldened by the amount of liquor she had consumed she titled her head and smiled sweetly. "Is there something you want Deputy?" She asked licking her lips, her eyes sliding down to his lips and back up.

"Yeah" he drawled out slowly. Leaning in close to her ear "I want you" he whispered. "Maybe there is a more quiet spot where we can go talk?" She even smelled good, like coconut and vanilla. It was intoxicating and he wanted to breath her in.

Michonne's hands smoothed up Rick's chest and down his arms. It felt like electricity moved through her entire core from that simple touch. She felt his muscled tense under her hands and knew he felt it too. She turned her head into him and whispered back. "How about my place?" Rick leaned back to look at her and she winked at him licking her lips again.

Rick bit his bottom lip, titling his head to the side. "Yes ma'am, yes indeed" He breathed out slowly nodding his head. Rick was shocked and elated. He didn't think this would be happening this way. He wanted to clear the table where their friends were and fuck her right there and then. He moved back slightly to allow her to move and him to recover his senses. She reached for her small bag resting on the table.

She hesitated and asked him "Do you have a card?" He pulled out his wallet and she took it digging out his drivers license and two business cards. She handed a card to Sasha and the other to Rosita. Then she took a picture of his license and handed it and his wallet back. Rick appreciated her cautiousness. The gesture allowed some safety for herself. Shane was holding a whispered conversation with Andrea when she addressed the table. "Ladies I will catch up with you tomorrow. Shane, Daryl it was nice to meet you both." She gave Rick and look and began to walk away.

Rosita, Andrea and Sasha looked at each other with raised eyebrows and grins.. "Are you leaving with her?" Daryl asked Rick when he began to follow Michonne. Rick pointed at her ass grabbing Daryl's shoulder. He shook his head as if clearing his thoughts, and with a light squeeze to Daryl's shoulder he nodded without taking his eyes off of her swaying hips followed her towards the exit.

'She better not be no high priced hooker or some shit" Daryl called after him.

"You know what... Fuck you Daryl Redneck ass Dixon". Sasha rolled her eyes at him. Giving him the finger.

He looked over at her and tipped his head back "You know what Sasha you got a dirty ass mouth! But If that's what you want, came on girl! We can go some rounds and see who cries uncle first." He glared at her under his hair and she stared back in shock.

"Cards on the table Dixon" Rosita challenged for her open mouthed friend. Daryl took out his wallet handed Rosita his ID and dropped two business cards on the table as she took the photo with her phone and handed it back. "And by the way it's Dr Williams if you're nasty." Rosita laughed. Sasha smirked at her friend, shaking her head as Daryl extended his hand. Sasha looked at it before getting up and stepping into him. "Tsk" Daryl sucked his teeth and moved back to let her lead the way.

Andrea reached over and palmed Shane's hard-on. "Come on then" He grinned at her. He slid out of the booth reaching for his wallet, he followed Daryl's actions with the ID and cards and dashed off after Andrea who was halfway to the door.

Maggie walked back to the table to find everyone gone except Rosita who had a half shocked animated look on her face. "Where is everyone" She asked. Tara had just reached the table and began to clear the bottles and empty glasses. Both ladies were waiting for Rosita's explanation.

"Well apparently its hook-up Friday and they all hooked-up." She laughed at their faces and she knew that's exactly how she looked. "I can't wait to tell Abraham. He swore up and down Mich would not go through with it. I should have made the fucking bet...Shit."

"Who with who?" Maggie asked sitting down. Tara sat opposite Maggie. Both ladies were moving in slow motion as if their lives depended on this information.

"Michonne left with the blue eyed dream boat and then the redneck pretty much just tossed Sasha over his shoulder cave man style. Then Andrea sexually assaulted office number three under the table not so subtly."

Tara held up a hand. "So you are saying our demure Ms. Michonne Ben'et left with a guy she just met and Sasha left with the guy she was about to kill at the bar?" All three ladies roared with laughter.

_ 4love _

Rick went to the bar to settle their tabs and collect his credit card while Michonne called for an Uber. He paid both tabs knowing Daryl and Shane would settle up and split the bill with him later. They had just got into the car and pulled away when Sasha and Daryl came out.

Sasha noticed Andrea walk out with Shane wrapped around her from the back. She snorted and Andrea looked at her shrugging her shoulder with a grin. The Uber came and Daryl reach around quickly to get the door open for Sasha. She took in the smug look on his face and place a kiss right on his lips and got into the vehicle. Daryl shook his head smiling in shock.

"So y'all come here picking up guys a lot?" Shane asked Andrea as the Uber carrying Daryl and Sasha sped away. He was curious as to what they were getting into with these fine ass women who seemed too easy.

"Actually this is a first" Andrea admitted. "One of us was going through something so we came out to loosen up a bit. Y'all got lucky as we were in a particular kind of mood." She moved to the curb where the Uber pulled up and got in quickly.

"So right place... right time?"

"Exactly." Andrea giggled.

_ 4love _

As soon as Rick got into the car with Michonne he claimed her lips. There was no way he was not going to touch and kiss her sitting as close as they were. She didn't even bother to move close to the other door, stopping with just enough room for him to sit. He was temped to pull her into his lap and kiss every expose piece of her skin as he could. The couple never came up for air in the eight minutes to took to reach her building.

The car stopped in front of a high rise condo building and they quickly exited moving to the elevator inside. Michonne pushed the button and the doors opened immediately. Michonne stepped inside with Rick following closely. He stepped into the back of her and palmed her ass in his hands. "The is a work of art." He exclaimed. "It should be one of the wonders of the world." He stepped in closer and grind his erection into her. She pushed her ass back and he growled deep in his throat. "Harder please" he begged and she accommodated using the elevator wall for leverage.

The elevator chimed indicating their arrival. Michonne swiped a card and punched in another code and the doors opened to her unit. Rick gave a low whistle when he enter the spacious condo. The cream colored leather furniture sat atop of a large purple area rug covering hard wood floors. The open plan flowing into a beautiful chef's kitchen with glass door white washed cabinets. Michonne picked up a remote and opened the blinds covering the outer walls. She walked to the bar as Rick looked out over the city. "What do you do?" He asked in awe.

She chuckled lightly. "I am an ADA. But don't be fooled my dad bought this place for me when I passed the bar. Prosecutors don't make this kind of money." She walked over and handed him a glass of whiskey as she noted that was his drink of choice at the bar. He took it absently looking at her move around the room. He wondered if she was nervous. He walked over to stand in front of her pulling her into him with a hand on her ass. "I don't want to be presumptuous. And just so there is no misunderstandings... Tell me why I'm here Michonne."

Michonne looked into the storm. His look was intense, his lust turning his eyes deep sea blue. He was waiting for her answer. He was breathing hard in and out and rubbing his palm up and down then squeezing her ass. "There is no misunderstanding Rick. You are here to fuck me until you have to leave." He bent over placing the glass of whiskey on the table before he pressed his lips to hers. He cupped her face before slipping his hand to the back of her neck and holding her in place as his lips and tongue explored her mouth. Her hands circled his neck and her finger thread into the curls of his hair.

"Where baby... It doesn't matter to me. Here on the floor, the kitchen counter. Just tell me where." Rick buried his face in her neck sucking her skin. Michonne pulled away holding his forearm to steady herself. She turned around and headed for the stairs leading to her loft bedroom. She paused at the foot of the stairs looking over her shoulder. She watched him stalk towards her with his thick thighs and bowed legs. It took a moment realized the growl she heard was coming from her own throat. Just as he was about to reach her she released the button on her top and shimmied it off of her shoulders letting it drop at his feet.

He was temporarily mesmerized watching the tiny material cascade to the floor. He looked up when he hear her heels on the stairs. He was just in time for that ass to reach eye level. He quickly started to follow.

She ascended the stairs releasing the clasp on her leather pants and sliding the zipper down. Rick could see the thin strip of her g-string peeking out from her loosened pants. She reached to top of the stairs and stopped kicking off her shoes before shimming her pants down. Bending at the waist she pressed her ass out to step out of the pants. Rick reached her apex just in time to lick her through the thin strip of material. A ripple ran through her body at the contact. "Shoes back on please" rick asked.

He cupped her hip as she slipped back into her red bottom shoes and proceeded further into the room in only her g-string and 4 inch heels. Keeping her back to him just because she knew he enjoyed the view she stated, "Your turn, clothes off. Hey Siri play Michonne's fucking playlist." Rick chuckled.

Rick moved in the room noticing the king sized sleigh bed in the middle of the room. He pulled his button down shirt over his head not bothering with buttons and kicked off his boots. Moving up behind her he cupped her breast in his hands and kissed her shoulder. She grind hard into him as he pinched her nipples making her moan loudly. He sucked her neck and pinched hard on her nipples needing to hear her again.

Michonne moved away slipping out of g-string and stepping again out of her shoes, she rolled onto the bed giggling. "Why are you still wearing pants?"

Rick dropped his pants and boxer briefs to the floor and crawled after her on the bed. Stretching out next her he leaned in kissing her lips softly. Kissing her was like kissing pillows. Her lips were plump and soft. He licked into the crease asking for entry which she granted eagerly. He tasted her tongue with his licking around it. He thrust his tongue deep in her mouth and she began to suck it hard. He pulled his tongue from her mouth and plunged it in again, fucking her mouth with it. Her hands in his hair was holding him to her and she was squirming her body into his.

His hand was pressed on the stomach to stop her from wiggling. His hand moved lower to cup her sex. His middle finger pressed into her folds and he moaned into her mouth finding her slippery and wet. "So wet Minx!" He breathed into mer mouth. Her legs fell open and she bent her knees. Her right knee was resting against his hip as he leaned slightly over her. He moved in closer and she felt his hard-on press into her ass cheek. She moved her hand between them and grasped onto it and began stroking him in her fisted hand.

He sunk two fingers deep into her causing her back to arch. His long finger explored the inside of her pussy, moving in and out and circling. She was panting into his mouth but didn't let go of him. They stayed that way lips barely touching, breaths mingled, stroking each other.

"You're big" She moaned into his mouth still stroking him. she felt him twitch and she ran her palm over his dick head coating her hand with his pre-cum. "I want you now Rick... inside me please." Her hips were circling and she was squeezing his fingers inside of her. Rick was mesmerized by the feeling of her wet, tight pussy and her hand on his dick.

He moved slowly between her legs before removing his fingers. He sucked one of his fingers clean that was inside her before coating her lips with the other. Her lips parted taking his digit into mouth and sucking it clean. She pumped his dick a couple more times before positioning him at her entrance. He pushed inside her slowly but completely with a groan. His head falling to her shoulder. He circled his hips adjusting to how tight and hot she was. He felt her everywhere on his penis. She had him complete gloved in her tight canal.

""Fuck you feel good!" He started moving slowly pulling out and pushing back in to her fully. Her hips were still circling until he set a rhythm, then she match it. He was resting on his forearms and reached down with one hand to cup her ass. He pulled back to look at her, she was biting her lip with her eyes closed. He raised up more to look down her body beneath him. Her breast were jiggling up and down in tandem with his thrusts, her nipples hard. Her stomach was displaying every muscle. He watching as he slipped in and out of her. "God... you're fucking perfect." He exclaimed in wonder.

Her left hand was in his hair tangled in the curls while her right hand circled under his arm holding his bicep. She was concentrating on the feel of his thick veiny dick moving inside of her. He had her completely full, it was almost too much. Every time he pushed back in she felt his balls hit her ass and his mushroom rubbed her spot. His pelvic hairs tickled her clit when plunged deep and circled his hips. His stroke was delicious.

He pulled his hand from her ass to finger her clit as he was ready to explode. They were both covered in sweat, few words had been spoken. Their body were speaking for them. Time passed and stood still as they kissed and breathed into each other. Groaning, moaning and staring into each other's eyes. Their hands roamed the others body, getting to know intimate details.

He bent his head sucking her nipple into his mouth. The pads of his finger pressed urgently into her clit and circled her bud begging for her release. He felt her tighten around him as her fingers that were threading through his hair pressing into his scalp.

Rick sucked her clavicle and kissed up her neck to her lips "Can I cum inside you, Michonne?" He breathed it out as if it was his dying wish. Her orgasm rocked her at his request. Her foot pressed into the mattress and her back arched pressing her breast into his hard chest.

"Fuck! Yes, Rick!" She screamed it.

Rick's growl was pure animalistic with his own release, moving his hand back to her ass and pressing hard into her as his seed filled her.