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Two years later...

A lone figure strode into a deep forest. It was night and the place was creepy at this time. But the figure ventured on, now perturbed by any of the frightening looking shadows caused by the trees. But he then stopped and looked to the right at one of the shadows. It looked normal at first, but the traveler knew better. Unlike the others, this particular shadow wasn't moving.


The shadow emerged out into the moonlight enough to reveal his form. The shadowy presence of Testament. His crimson eyes pierced through the night as he held his equally red scythe. For a moment, they said nothing. Then Testament turned around…

"Come knight. She's waiting."

Testament lead Ky through the bushes of the forest. As he did, he examined Ky. He hadn't changed much, aside from being slightly taller. He still had the same, self-righteous eyes. 'No, not self righteous. Perhaps just righteous.'

The two of them finally reached as clearing by a small lake. It shone like a crystal as the moon lit above it. And standing before this was Dizzy herself. Ky gasped. She had changed a bit since the last time. She looked more mature than before, but her eyes still held its innocence. Her slightly-pale skin glistened in the moonlight.  Her hair was no longer tied up and was now flowing freely. Also out was her wings and tail, left outward to be brushed along with the wind. Testament slowly disappeared as she turned to Ky.


She swooped toward him and him to her. They finally met in each others embrace and held each other. Warmth filled both of their souls as they held on to each other, at long last. Their heads finally backed away, but they didn't let each other go. Rather they simply gazed into each others eyes.

"Thank you for waiting for me."

"Thank you for keeping your promise."

But words alone could not convey the feelings and emotions they felt within. The warmth of his palm across her delicate cheek followed by a deep, soul-searing kiss was all the two lovers needed. A Knight and a Gear, expressing their love for each other beneath the moonlight.

-"Thank you for showing the beauty and love you share,-

-that lay within the heart of a gear."-


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