A/N: This is a new fic that I have been working on. I already have 6 parts done and will be posting one part a day. I was originally not going to post this until All for Love was done, but decided to post now so that I can get feedback as I write it. I am still working on All for Love so don't worry about that.

The Prince and the Slave


In a world far away, on a continent in the center of a great ocean there were 5 great kingdoms. One of those kingdoms was the kingdom of Gryffindor. It sat on the border of 3 other great kingdoms, those being the kingdoms of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Though on the other side of Slytherin was one more kingdom. It was a kingdom of darkness and greed. Simply put it was the Dark Kingdom.

A vicious dictator that called himself Lord Voldemort ruled the Dark Kingdom. He ascended the throne 20 years ago after killing off the royal family. The only kingdom on the continent that bordered them, Slytherin, made no move to stop this oppression. Gryffindor while not bordering the lands of the dark lord, followed suite with those of Hufflepuff and raven claw, and condemned the coup, and cut off all trade and relations to the kingdom. The only kingdoms to keep ties with Lord Voldemort were those of Slytherin.

This brought strain on relations between Slytherin and it's counter parts. Many thought that a mighty war would break out between Slytherin and the Dark Kingdom, versus Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. But thankfully war was deterred due to the fact that no known alliance existed between Slytherin and the Dark Kingdom. Slytherin was advised that if they were to ally with forces of the Dark Kingdom, Gryffindor would lead all the other kingdoms in an invasion of Slytherin.

After this was announced the kingdom of Slytherin closed all borders with those of the others and a sort of cold war started on the continent. While no official declaration of war was declared minor skirmishes were not an unknown event. Since this event little to no knowledge was learned of Slytherin. What knowledge that did get through was that King Lucius Malfoy produced an heir. He kept the heir in the castle to keep him away from assassins. It was not known if the heir was male or female.

The other kingdoms, Gryffindor included, did not wish a war so only kept a force along the border as a deterrent to keep Slytherin from attacking. The continent was split into two groups many stated as the dark and the light. The light consisting of the kingdoms of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, while the dark consisted of the kingdoms of Slytherin and the Dark Kingdom. While no official alliance was known between Slytherin and the Dark Kingdom they were still labeled in the same group. And so it went for the last 20 years.