The Prince and the Slave

By: Shinri

Chapter 27


Hermione sat and watched as Draco paced back and forth in the entrance hall of Gryphindor Castle. She could barely believe that it had been over 7 months since their lives had changed so much. Sometimes, she still felt overwhelmed by it; and, she knew that if she had those feelings that Draco's must be much worst. In those first few months, he had gone from having the world at his fingertips to being a slave and now he was 7 months pregnant with the child of Harry Potter. She chuckled to herself at the thought. Who in their right mind would have thought such a thing a year ago?

At her chuckle, Draco stopped his pacing and put his hand on his bulging belly for support. "What are you laughing about?"

Hermione gave another small chuckled before answering. "Just thinking about how much has changed. Could you have imagined what we would have said a year ago if someone said all this would happen?"

Draco gave a snort and a small chuckle of his own before moving to the side of the hall to sit next to his lifetime friend. "True, imagine what my father would have said."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Draco dropped his head and closed his eyes. Hermione knew without words what Draco was feeling now. Even with a Father who had betrayed him to the dark lord, Draco still felt a deep sadness at his loss and not more than a little guilt about his parent's death. She placed her arms around him and held him for a moment, being careful not to press much into his belly. "It's okay Draco. Don't think of it today. Today is a happy day for you."

The prince sniffed back a tear before taking a deep breath and trying to get his emotions under control. Pregnancy sucked that way and he knew he owed a lot to Hermione. He had heard her talking to the queen on several occasions about his heavy mood swings, and he happened to agree with her. Of course, he would not admit to such a thing, but there were times when his emotions felt like they were going everywhere at once. But, he knew she was right about the happy day. And, just the thought of what the day would bring made him smile all over again. "I can't believe he is coming home. Even if it is only for a couple weeks, it will be nice to see him." Yes. His Harry was coming home.

The war had progressed well in the past months with all of Slytherin falling under their control. It was still a touchy subject with him about not being allowed to visit his former home. But, the Queen had said no each time and had even went as far as having his husband write him absolutely forbidding him to leave the castle. He knew he must have been a right bear for days afterwards, and he did notice how the servants went out of their way to avoid him. But still, Harry was coming home.


Harry Potter was riding on his horse next to his godfather Sirius. The war was progressing well. In the last months they had taken all of Slytherin and most of the Dark Kingdom as well. They now laid siege to the Capital of the Dark Kingdom, but all knew that it would take many months to take the city as the city was well supplied. But enough of that, for right now he was so excited. He was already in the town riding towards the castle and could hardly wait. It had been a long 7 months without Draco by his side. It was true that he really did not know Draco for long before he left but he knew in his heart how much he loved him. He kept playing pictures over and over in his mind about what Draco must look like now with his belly swollen with his child. The thought of a heavily pregnant Draco aroused him a bit and he took a deep breath to keep himself under control. But, he was brought out of his thoughts by a laugh from beside him. Turning his head to his godfather to see what was so funny, he almost dreaded asking the question, "What?"

Sirius gave Harry a smirk and let out another laugh before answering, "Just the look on your face. There was no doubt, what you were thinking. Missing your husband, huh?" He watched Harry's face turn red and knew it was embarrassment and not anger that drove it. "It will do good for you to get laid."

Harry almost fell off his horse at the last comment from Sirius's mouth. He could not even formulate a response. He felt like his face was going to explode it turned so red. Deciding not even to answer, he put his head high in the air and gave his horse a light tap trying to make it to the castle as soon as possible. Two reasons drove him now. One was to see his husband and the second was to get away from Sirius. He ignored the chuckled from behind as his godfather followed.


Hermione let out a sigh as Draco once again got up and started to pace the hallway. There was no use. She had already tried to get him to sit and relax 5 times to no avail. She watched as he stopped and placed his hand over his belly and let out a smile. She knew what that meant. Ever since the baby started moving she often found Draco standing somewhere with a smile and a hand covering his abdomen. She also knew of his doubts. It had taken her hours last night to convince Draco that Harry would not find him fat. She rolled her eyes at the thought. Draco was not an entirely vain person, but he did have his moments. She was brought out of her thoughts when the queen arrived.

Queen Lilly stopped in front of Draco and looked at him a moment before smiling. "They are here." No sooner than the words were said, she was met with the back of her son in law as he started walking as fast as he could towards the main doors. She nodded at the guards and they followed to make sure he stayed safe. She turned around to head back to her rooms when Hermione stopped her.

"Are you not going to greet Harry?"

The Queen smiled at the lady who in the past few months she had grown to love. Many a night the two sat and talked about different things, and it was a great distraction from her constant worry of her son's and husband's well being. "No. Harry will seek me out later. Right now, I am sure there is someone else he is more looking forward to meeting." With a smile, she continued on her way.


Harry raced into the main gate of the castle and quickly handed a servant the rains to his horse. He could already see Draco moving towards him and he rushed to meet him halfway through the courtyard. It only took a moment for him to have a sobbing blonde in his arms and he buried his head into blonde locks and inhaled. "I missed you so much baby."

Draco attempted to get his emotions under control and was barely able to choke out a response, "Me too."

After a few moments, Harry pulled back so that he could look at Draco better. He looked from the ruffled blonde hair down the beautiful face of his husband and stopped when he came to Draco's belly. He stared at it for an over a moment, unable to take his eyes off it. He let out a smile and looked into Draco's eyes, easily seeing the doubt in them. He made sure to put that aside quickly by placing his lips upon his.

The kiss was powerful to Draco. He missed it so much. The way Harry dominated his mouth. He wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and gave everything he could into the kiss, trying with all his might to express every emotion he felt in these past months in it. They both broke for air before delving back in again. Draco felt Harry run his hand down his side before moving in front to lie on his swollen abdomen. They both could have stayed there forever but a loud whistle startled them apart. Harry groaned and Draco, face flushed looked to his right to see none other than a grinning Sirius. Trying to gather his composure, he nodded towards the man, "Sirius."

Sirius could not help the grin and looked at both of them. "Get a room you two. Although, I think the servants are enjoying the show."

Harry watched Draco color in embarrassment and cover his face with his hands. He turned towards Sirius, "SIRIUS, THAT'S ENOUGH!"

Holding his hands up in surrender, he shrugged his shoulders. "What? It's true."

Harry let out a huff before taking Draco's hand and leading them towards the castle. Stopping at the door, he turned again to his smiling godfather, "Tell mother I will see her at dinner. Me and Draco are going to our room to talk." He turned and made a point to ignore Sirius

"Yea right. Talk my foot."

Draco was happy to be dragged away from that embarrassing situation. Never in his life had he met a man so weird. They had just stepped into their room when he felt himself pushed against the wall and Harry was again claiming his lips. Groaning he opened his mouth and lets his tongue dance with his husbands. He felt Harry's hands move to the buttons of his shirt trying to remove it. After hearing a huff of annoyance, he let out a gasp as the shirt was ripped open and buttons went flying. "Harry!"

Harry pulled back and smiled. "Yes?" It was all he could do before his eyes locked onto Draco's now bare abdomen. He went to his knees in front of it and reached his hand out slowly to lie on it. "Wow. I can't believe there is a baby in there growing right now." He let his hand slide along wanting to feel every inch. He looked up at Draco's face. "You are so perfect. You know that right?"

After hearing his husband's words Draco smiled and helped his husband stand before letting out a sniff. "Off course I am perfect. I am after all a Malfoy."

Harry gave Draco's lips a quick kiss. "You mean Potter."

Draco sent Harry a quick glare. "Fine. Potter. But part of me will always be a Malfoy."

Harry gave Draco a hug. "I really did miss you, you know."

"I know."

Harry smiled into Draco's hair and pulled back for yet another kiss. "Is there anything I can do for you love? Just name it."

Draco stepped back and did a little cough behind his hand. "There is something."

Harry looked concerned. "What? Just name it."

Draco felt the heat start on his face while he tried to think of a way to say what he really wanted. "This pregnancy causes a lot of moods. I-"

Harry was quick to cut him off. "I know love. My Dad told me all about it."

"What do you mean your Father told you all about it?" Draco was a bit ticked but tried to calm himself down so as not to fly off the handle. It would not do good to get in a row right now. That could wait to after.

Harry quickly held his hands up. "Nothing bad. Dad just told me about when mom was pregnant with me. That's all." Harry saw the slight nod of Draco's head. "What was it that you needed?"

Draco thought it over one more moment before trying a different tactic. He walked slowly to close the gap to Harry and ran his fingertip down his husband's chest while giving him a sexy smirk. "Surly you can figure it out." He then took his finger and stuck it in his mouth sucking lightly.

Harry did not need a translator and immediately felt himself harden. He was just about to pounce when he had a thought. "What about the baby?"

"Don't be an idiot. Of course, it won't. Damit, I have needs. Now come and fix them now. This is your entire fault. You just had to go and get me pregnant and leave me with all of these urges and moods. And right now I want sex. And you are going to give it to me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Draco took several breaths to calm himself. He would be damned if he admitted to Harry that he did have a talk about sex with Madam Pomfrey as he was also worried about the baby.

Harry was quick to snap to with the order and covered the blonde's lips with his.


Draco woke with a pleasant ach in his bottom and shifted a bit. He smiled as he thought about earlier. The first time was quick and needy, by both of them, but after that, Harry truly made love to him, slowly and lovingly. He had fallen asleep with Harry spooned around his back. It only took a second for him to realize that those arms were no longer around him. Looking towards the side of the bed, he was shocked to see Harry sitting on a backward chair with his head resting on the top of it staring at him. "What?"

Harry gave Draco a small smile. "Just watching you sleep. I love you so much."

"I love you too." Draco let out a small gasp.

"Is something wrong?" Harry crawled on the bed to get closer to his love. "Did I hurt you earlier?" The only answer he got was when Draco took his hand and placed it on his belly. He gave Draco a confused look until he felt it. He let out gasp at the small hit. He broke into a big grin. "Wow. That's him. Isn't it?"

Draco let out a small laugh at the wonder in his husbands face. "Yes. That's her."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Her? I think not. This is going to be a boy."

Draco shook his head and stuck out his tongue. "Girl."





They both stopped and looked at each other before they started laughing together. Harry smiled and gave Draco a quick kiss. "Do you really want a girl?"

Draco thought on it. "I will love a boy or a girl. It really doesn't matter. I can't decide. One day I think boy and the next girl."

"I do have a good solution to this."

Draco could tell by the smirk on Harry's face that he may not like the answer. "What?"

Harry lay down beside him and put his forehead onto Draco's so they both were lying on their side. "We will just have to have both a boy and a girl."

Draco snorted at this comment. "Oh please. You can't control that. For all we know I could have 5 boys."

Harry smiled. "Then we will just have to have 6 then, won't we."

Laughing Draco rolled moved over to the side of the bed and worked his legs into his loose pants. "You would like that wouldn't you. Just keep me pregnant all the time."

Harry smirked and helped Draco lace his pants, as he could not do it over his bulging belly. "That's the plan."

Shaking his head Draco grabbed his brush and stood in front of the full-length mirror that was in their quarters. It was a gift from one of the Slytherin Governors to him. He turned towards his husband and stuck his tongue out at him. "You can try." He then turned back to the Mirror to see what he was doing but stopped and gasped. It was not his reflection in the mirror. He dropped the brush onto the floor alerting Harry who was standing on the other side of the room putting his own pants on.

Harry heard the brush drop and quickly turned his body to make sure Draco was ok. He stopped for a second at the site. There was a man with red eyes looking at them from the mirror. And Draco was close to it. "DRACO, GET AWAY FROM…" it was too late. All at once, the man in the mirror reached into the room through the mirror and dragged his husband into it. He ran towards the mirror but found that he could not get inside. He dropped to his knees and watched as the man turned Draco towards Harry, while holding a knife to his husband belly. He saw the tears of terror running down Draco's face before looking at the person who was holding him captive. "What do you want? Release him at once."

"I was waiting for you to arrive before I made my move prince." The figure let out a cold laugh. "I really did enjoy the show. Maybe I should take a little taste." The figure ran his tongue along Draco's cheek, which caused a broken sob to come from Draco.

"STOP IT." Harry banged his fist on the glassy surface. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

The figure let out another laugh. "Oh, I will leave him alone for now. But whether he stays in one piece is up to you. Tell your father to leave my country."

Harry gasped. "Voldemort!"

Voldemort gave him a smile. "Yes prince. I will give you one month to move your troops from my country. If not… Well…" To prove his point he pressed the blade a bit into Draco's stomach and caused a small stream of blood to leak along where the knife was pressed. "I take it you get my point?"

Harry nodded his head. "Yes, just please don't hurt him. I will talk to my father as soon as I can. Just please don't hurt him. Promise me you won't. Promise me you will give him back." Harry pleaded.

"I make no promises as to his health. As long as he behaves, he will be unharmed. And, I will return him once you are gone from my country. But, the baby is mine. Let's call him insurance. Bye prince. Remember… One month." With that, he disappeared, taking Draco with him.


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