Hey guys! How's it goin'? I hope you're having a good day or night. Whichever time of the day it is for you.

Now, the reason for why I'm posting this is that I just wanna let y'all know that I'm gonna be rewriting earlier chapters of this story. Don't worry, the plot, characters and what not will still be the same. It's not that kind of rewrite. Just want to go back and fix mistakes that earlier me made, the me before I discovered the magic of proofreading XD, as well as change it up a bit to make it sound smoother. I like to think that my writing skills have improved over the last few months and I want that to show throughout this story when you read it from the beginning, seeing as it's my second most followed and favorited story on this site. Thanks very much for that by the way, and I deeply apologize for not working on it enough. I'm trying to pick things up, I swear. Lol I'm working on fixing up a schedule thingy. Though it's really more like a routine I guess. Like I said, I'm working on it. XD Anyway, hopefully after all of the rewriting is done, it'll be a better read all the way through, that is if you're willing to give it a shot when the time comes.

When the rewriting is done, I'll get right to making up the next chapter. That I know I want to do. I'll keep y'all posted about it. (:

Alright, that's all I gotta say for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this A/N and I'm really sorry again that this isn't an update chapter. It'll be out as soon as I can get it made, don't ya worry.

So if it wasn't already obvious enough, this story IS NOT abandoned! And it never will be, I assure you! (: If it was abandoned, then this story would've already been deleted.

Okay, now I'm really done talking. Thank you for your patience guys! And have a good one!