Morning had come for the next day, and the abandoned district was as quiet as usual.


All that ended at the sound of a man suddenly screaming his head off. A scream that alerted everyone inside and sent them all running towards the man's room.

"SAITAMA?!" Ki shouted as she pounded on the door. "SAITAMA! WHAT'S WRONG?!"

"If this is another booger dream, I'm gonna slap him. I don't care if he gets mad." Vaccine Woman groaned as she rubbed her eyes. The door opened to reveal a sight none of them thought they'd see: Saitama trembling with a haunted look on his pale face.

"Sheesh. You look like you've seen a ghost." said Midori.

"Ghosts do not exist." Genos stated. "All I did was wake him up for breakfast."

"You have a booger dream?" Vaccine Woman deadpanned.

"No." Saitama answered, his voice only minutely shaken.

"Hmm...Just realized you missed a sale?" Beast Queen guessed.

"No." he repeated.

"Bedbugs?" Nori asked.

"No." Saitama answered.

"Then what is it?" Kogane asked.

"I was dreaming. Everyone was in it." he explained.

"Everyone? As in, all of us?" Deep Sea Queen asked.

"Yeah. It was...actually nice." he said with a smile as he thought back to it.

"Oh? And what exactly happened, hmm?" Ki asked with a sultry smile.


Saitama was walking about on patrol, hero outfit in place, and was looking for any monsters to fight.

"Man, where are they?" he asked in a bored tone before coming upon a small pond. He grimaced as he noticed the area littered with trash and the pond itself a dark and murky color. "What the heck is this? I stumble into a landfill or toxic runoff? They really need to clean this place up. Or at least fence it off until something's done." He blinked when he the water rise, causing him to back up. "Oh crap! Is it a sewer line?" he asked as the water rose just enough to allow the trash to float before receding, bringing all the garbage into the pond. It then seemed to spin and spiral, the garbage disappearing down the hole until it was all gone. "Huh. That was weird. The trash is gone and the lake's not dirty anymore. I wonder how that happened."

"You can thank me later~"

"Huh?" Saitama said as he looked around for the owner of the voice. His attention went back to the pond as someone began to walk out of it. "Oh. Hey Vaccine Woman."

"Hey yourself, big boy." she cooed as she walked out, allowing Saitama to see all of her. And for some odd reason...he couldn't tear his eyes away.

Her body look more feminine than when they first encountered each other. Her wide hips swayed with each step, her bigger breasts jiggling each time. The color of her skin also looked a little less toxic. More of an indigo hue that one would see on flowers.

"Saitama." she said, catching his attention. She smiled as leaned forward. "You're staring."

"Oh? Uh, sorry." he said while averting his eyes. "I don't know why, but I couldn't help it."

"Careful. I'm alluring, but toxic." she giggled as she gently ran her finger under his chin. His cheeks dusted pink again at her touch before she lead his attention towards the distance. "By the way, Captain Mizuki wanted to show you something. Don't keep her waiting~"

"Okay." Saitama shrugged as he left Vaccine Woman, who winked and went off in another direction. He walked for a while before coming to a staircase that lead into the Earth. "Is she down here?" he asked himself as he wandered down. When he got to the bottom, he was greeted to the sight of the Subterraneans standing in a two rows, all of them dressed in fancy tuxedos that fit their various shapes and sizes.

"Right this way, King Saitama." they all said in unison as they held their hands out towards the large doors at the end.

"King?" the bald hero said while tilting his head in confusion before walking towards the door. "What is this?" he asked. He got his answer when two of the Subterraneans opened the door, allowing him to enter. His eyes widened at the sight before him.

Food. Lots and lots of food.

Spread out in an elegant banquet hall was various food on a multitude of tables.

Katsumon, ramen, sushi, fugu, lobster, steak, hot pots of all kinds, and so much more. All of which was surrounding by a fountain that flowed with broth into a pool of Udon.

Saitama could almost feel himself drool at the sight of all the food. Many of the dishes made from ingredients he'd have to wait forever to go on sale. And even then, most weren't ever on sale at the same time.

"Whoa! Where'd all this come from?" he asked in shock.

"Do you like it, my beloved?"

Saitama looked at the other end of the banquet hall as another set of doors had been opened, revealing the Subterranean Queen elegantly walking in.

She was wearing a dress that look flowed like silk and held upon her right shoulder by a golden pauldron. The dress was tight around her large breasts and waist, but loose below that with a slit all the way up her thighs, showing off her legs, and colored the same as her armor. Finishing her look were high heels as red as his gloves and boots.

"Subterranean Queen?" he asked, wondering if it was her. He blinked when something else finally clicked in his bald head. "Beloved?"

"Indeed. I am Queen, and you are my King." she said with a loving smile.

"Huh?" Saitama said while crossing his arms, thinking back to when they first met to now. "I don't remember you ever saying that."

"Oh, you and your forgetfulness~" she giggled as she took her place at the end of the table, sitting herself inside a grand chair that only one of royalty could ever have. "But, that's one of the many things that made me fall for you. Now come. It's time to eat."

Saitama was still confused at her words, but the mention of food put those thoughts on hold. He looked around for a moment as he walked closer to her.

"I only see one chair, and you're sitting in it. Where am I sitting? The floor?" he asked.

"No, silly!" she laughed before picking him up with two of her arms. "You're sitting where you always sit." she said as she gently placed him down on her lap, his head slight sinking between her breasts. "Right here."

"Wait? What?!" he asked in shock as he looked up at her. Her only reaction was to smile while clapping two of her hands, signalling the rest of the Subterraneans to begin serving them. He turned to them as they took platters of food and approached before she gestured towards the meals.

"What would you like to try first, me beloved?" she asked. Saitama looked at the array of food before for a moment before grunting in indecision. "How about something simple first?" she suggested as she took the tray with a steaming bowl of udon from on the servants. As she used two hands to handle the food, she used her second set of hands to gently massage his shoulders, making him relax a little into her bosom. "Say ahh~" she cooed as she brought the food before him, letting him enjoy the bite as she went to get another bit of noodles with the chopsticks.

"This is delicious." he mumbled through his food.

"I'm glad you enjoy, my King." she said before leaning down and whispering. "Don't forget to save some room for dessert~" she breathed into his ear. He blinked at the way she said that before shrugging and enjoying the food some more. He'd just finished his third bite before he found himself in a hug.

"Something up?" he asked when she stopped serving him food. The only response he got was the hug getting tighter, pulling his head deeper between her breasts. "Uh, Subterranean Queen? What are you-"

"If only you'd been there." she muttered, a tear falling from one of her eyes.

Saitama didn't have time to ponder the meaning of her words as he found himself sinking so far between her boobs before suddenly falling.

"What the-? What happened?" he asked nonchalantly as he fell before looking up at where he came, a frown on his face. "Aw man. I was enjoying that meal." he grumbled.

"If you want food, all you have to do is order it."

"Huh?" he said in confusion before finding himself not only no longer falling, but was now sitting on a fine leather couch. He looked around and noticed that he was now in what appeared to be a mix of a suave nightclub/bar, with people's indistinct voices filtering from outside the small booth he was in. He also realized that he wasn't alone.

A young woman was sitting next to him, a smile on her face. She was wearing a black and white cocktail dress that accentuated her curves, and black stilleto high heels. Her flawless skin was a shade of pearl that was borderline luminescent while her hair was a sakura pink. The lip gloss and eyeliner she wore seemed to only increase her beauty.

"Hello, Saitama." she greeted.

"Uh, hello?" he greeted back. "Do we know each other?"

"I guess you wouldn't remember me as I am now." she said with a giggle. "Let's see if I can jog your memory. I had thousands of little ones bring me blood. I nearly broke your disciple, Genos. I was also nearly slapped to death by you."

"Slapped?" he said before the dots started to connect. "Wait a second. Are you Mosquito Girl?"

"Glad you remembered." she said with a smile.

"Wow." he hummed as he looked at her from head to toe. "You definitely look...different."

"I had a little work done, thanks to Dr. Genus." she said as she stretched her humans arms up while arcing her back, which threw her chest forward in the process. Saitama prepared to look away before noticing something different.

"You look bigger than the last time I saw you." he said before raising an eyebrow. "Feeding on blood again?"

"Monster blood." she explained as she lifted her breasts, making them bounce a little. "Helps that there's tons of them that my little ones can find hiding here and there." They both blinked when a slight buzzing sound was heard from a nearby vent, causing Mosquito Girl to smile. "Speaking of the little ones."

Suddenly, a mist of mosquitoes flew in through the vent, causing Saitama to grimace at the sight of them.

"Don't worry." Mosquito Girl said in a calm voice as the mosquitoes began to surround her. "They're here to feed me." Saitama watched as the mosquitoes surrounded her, injecting her with fresh blood from their latest monster kill. His eyes widened in surprise her breasts and ass slowly began to enlarge while she let out a lewd moan, her dress looking to be fighting against the flesh straining against it. They eventually ran out before dispersing and disappearing back up through the vent, leaving the two alone in the quiet. "Delicious~" she sighed as she readjusted her dress to accommodate her new assets. She saw that Saitama was staring at her with wide eyes before smiling at him. "See something you like?"

"That...just happened." he finally said before shaking his head. 'What's wrong with me? Why am I staring a lot all of a sudden?'

"So, did you still want to order anything?" she asked as she leaned towards him, her enlarged breasts pushed together by her arms in front of him.

"Yeah. I'm hungry." he said, his appetite subduing the strange feelings he was having. He took a look at the menu for drinks and food before he went pale as a sheet. "What is up with these absurb prices?! I can't afford these things! How'd I even get in here?!"

"You don't remember?" she asked with genuine curiosity. "You saved the owner of this shop and all the other employees from a monster that was thrashing about. They gave you a One Day VIP Pass to the best booth here, along with the company of their best worker, me. Plus, all the food and drinks are on the house."

"It's free?!" he asked in shock before looking at the menu prices again. "Holy crap."

"Well? Will you order, or are you gonna gawk at the menu all night?" she giggled. Her words snapped him out of his daze as he began to slowly read each item, wondering what it was he wanted. After all, if it was all free, then he didn't have to worry about getting the lowest priced item. A full minute had passed and he still hadn't decided on what to order, causing Mosquito Girl to sigh before grinning at him.

"Could you hurry up a little?" she asked in a teasing voice while leaning against him, her breasts engulfing his arm. "Any longer am I'm gonna think you're more interested in that menu than me."

"Oh. Sorry about that. Everything sounds delicious, so I'm having a hard time choosing." he explained.

"Oh, do they?" she said before bringing her lips up to his ear and whispering. "Do you think I would taste delicious?" she whispered before lightly licking his ear. The bald hero's eyes widened at the sudden touch and felt himself shudder, a foreign feeling sparking in his chest for a split-second before vanishing again. He shook his head for a moment while she leaned back with a giggle. "I'm just teasing you, Saitama." The baldy merely smiled before ordering a steak and some wine to share. Saitama did a double take as he saw the food in question before him on the table the moment he said what he wanted after putting his menu down.

"Wow. Talk about service." he muttered before shrugging it off. The two of them began to dine in peace as they engaged in some idle chit-chat, a few laughs being thrown in the mix every now and then. After the food was done, Mosquito Girl sighed as she looked at the time.

"We'll be closing soon." she said as she looked at him.

"Really? Wow. Time flies." he shrugged.

"Well, it's actually a good thing." she said with a smile. "After all, she's waiting with some entertainment."

"Oh? You mean Mizuki? Vaccine Woman was saying something about that earlier." he mused.

"Nope. Somebody else. Now, run along." she said as she gently pushed him out of the private booth.

The moment he was out, he held up his arm to block the blinding sunlight that suddenly came out of nowhere.

"Now where am I?" he asked as he looked around. It looked to be some kind of ancient arena full of people cheering. "Who are all these guys?"


Saitama looked up to see a balcony to see two figures upon it. One was Charanko, though he didn't remember who he was, and the other was Bang. Both looked to be wearing togas, with Bang being fanned by two unknown women while he gazed at the arena with a bored look.

"What the heck are they wearing? And what did he mean by 'challenger?'" he asked with an eyebrow raised in confusion.

"So, you're the one I get to pummel next?"

He turned to see three other figures on the opposite side of the arena. Two of them were the Tank-Top brothers in gladiator type armor, which was as damaged as the two wearing it. And sitting atop them like they were her personal throne was the Beast Queen, who was smirking at Saitama all the while. Her outfit consisted of nothing more than a thin cloth wrapped around her furry breasts with a skull keeping it from falling and a ragged mini skirt that only just covered her ass.

"Beast Queen? What's with the outfit? Or lack of one?" Saitama asked.

"Clothing reduces mobility." she answered as she stood up, making the two men under her groan in pain as she purposely stepped on their bodies while walking towards Saitama. "Get ready to fight." Without warning, she suddenly lunged at him and began swiping her claws in an attempt to rip him to shreds. Saitama merely dodged each swipe with ease as he kept his eyes on her before they locked onto her bouncing breasts.

'Huh. Do those always move like that? Wait, why am I thinking about that now?' he thought as he continued to dodge. He jumped at the last swipe before landing on the other side of the arena far away from her.

"You're fast for a little guy." she smirked before suddenly going berserk, her breasts breaking free of her small top in the process. "Now let's see if can dodge THIS!" she roared before charging at him. "LION SLASH: METEOR POWER SHOWER!"

Once again, Saitama began to dodge around her attacks with ease. However, there was one thing that stood out with this attack.

"Have you gotten faster since last time?" he asked with a small smile.

"STRONGER TOO!" she roared as she kept on slashing at him, her attacks only serving to tear up the arena grounds and walls, scaring all but Bang and Charanko away, though the latter was only due to being pushed down by Bang to avoid a stray attack. She swung both arms at the same time at him, only for him to catch them in each hand, stopping her attack dead. She struggled to push her attack further, but Saitama wasn't budging. She growled at the realization before jumping high into the air, with Saitama craning his neck to follow. "LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN STOP THIS! LION PRESS!" Saitama squinted his eyes as he tried to shield them from the sun to see what she was up to. He'd found her when she was about a second away from hitting him before a single word came from his lips.



A massive dust cloud enveloped the arena after the attack connected, preventing anyone from seeing what was happening inside. It also prevented Saitama to see what it was that was on top of him, but unless someone else joined the fray, there could only be one that was on top of him now.

'What was that? A bodyslam?' he thought as the dust finally began to settle. His eyes were still closed, but he could feel her body atop of his. Oddly though, her body felt like it was vibrating on top of him. And most of it felt...soft? When he finally opened his eyes, he understood exactly why.

His body, from the bottom half of his face to his toes, was being smushed by her breasts. That explained the softness he felt. As for why he felt her body vibrating?


Was because she was simply purring as she stared down at him, her cheeks dusted pink under her whiskers.

"Pinned you~" she giggled as she looked down at his head sticking up from her cleavage.

Saitama didn't know what to make of the situation, but he did know that she wasn't anywhere near heavy enough to keep him down.

"You do realize that I can lift you-" he began as he started lifting his arm up, only to stop when she released a breathy moan as his hand sank into her breast flesth, the palm of his hand pushing the nipple her nipple in. "Uh! Sorry!" he yelped when he realized where his hands were. He began to sweat when he noticed her face turn a few shades redder from his touch.

"Grabby, aren't we?" she asked as her breathing started to become a little ragged.

"I didn't mean to do that! I was just trying to lift you, but your breasts are kinda squishing me!" he explained.

"I don't mind." she said with a grin. "But only because I acknowledge that you're stronger than me." She then leaned forward and whispered into his ear. "In fact, I feel that you deserve a little...reward~"

So many questions ran through his head at what she could by that before she sighed and got up off of him, letting the bald hero sit up as well.

"However, Mizuki's been wanting to see you for some time now, so we'll get to that later." she said before pointing at the entrance to the arena grounds. "You should meet her soon. It's rude to keep a lady waiting."

"Oh. Okay." he shrugged before walking through the doors. The doors slid shut behind him as the area change to what looked like a close resemblance to Bang's Dojo. "Isn't this that old guy's place?" he said as he looked around. He stopped and looked at a set of doors when he heard a girl shout every now and then coming from the other side. Seeing as he was bored with just looking at the empty room, he walked over and opened the door to reveal a large outdoor training area, a lone figure in the middle throwing precise strikes, shouting after each one. Saitama watched her perform her strikes with a dull gaze since he had no interest in martial arts, though his eyes widened a little when finally noticed her form.

Namely, the fact that her big ass jiggled each time she moved in her suddenly too tight gi. He blinked a few times before looking again just as she performed a high kick, causing her top to ride up and her pants to lower a little, causing him to see a pair of white panties on her butt.

"Hey, Midori? I can see your underwear." he stated, causing her to look at him. She then peered down at her butt before blushing and covering herself.

"Don't look!" she snapped as she tried to right her uniform. "Stupid clothes. Charanko never has this problem." she grumbled.

"Sorry." he apologized as he looked away. "So, how's the old man's training going along?"

"Well..." she began with a smile as she got her clothing readjusted. "He's been treating me well. Teaching me all kinds of techniques too. I keep using them on Charanko and laugh at him screaming like a girl."

"But you're a girl." Saitama pointed out.

"That's not what I meant and you know it." she pouted.

"Sorry." he apologized while scratching his head. She remained in place with her pout before turning towards him.

"You wanna try?" she asked him.

"Who? Me?" asked the bald hero while pointing at himself.

"No. The monster masquerading as your shadow. Of course you!" Mirodi joked.

"Awww, no fair!"

Saitama looked down to see his shadow produce two sad eyes before morphing and sliding away on the ground, leaving his shadow as it should be.

"I really wanted to try." it pouted before slinking off.

"...what?" was all Saitama could say before shrugging it off. "Weird."

"Anyway, did you want to try? I mean, you're bored, right?" she asked again.

Saitama crossed his arms as he contemplated the offer. On one hand, he didn't have much care for martial arts. On the other, he was bored.

"Fine. But not too much. Otherwise, that old guy will probably think I want to join his dojo." Saitama relented, causing her to smile and call him towards her.

"We won't do much. Just a little tweak to your form when you throw a punch." she explained as she stood behind him and out of the direction of the punch. "Okay, throw a punch."

Saitama merely shrugged before throwing a casual punch, sending out a shockwave with a loud 'BANG' following it.

"Like that?" he asked while looking at her.

"...Yeah...that's good." she whimpered before shaking her head. "But if you alter your stance and footing, you can get better. Here, let me help." With the use of her hair, she gently positioned Saitama around before mimicking his stance herself. "Now when you throw a punch, pull the other back while taking a step forward." She then demonstrated by throwing a punch herself before relaxing. "Now you try."

"Alright, here goes." he said before mimicking her actions. He stepped forward, drew his forward fist back, punched with his cocked fist-


-and stared up at what looked to be a spiderweb of cracks slowly forming in the sky. The cracks got larger and larger before finally caving, sending shards of the sky crumbling down.

"Did you...just break...the sky?!" Midori asked in shock, her mouth practically hitting the ground at the display of power.

"Oops!" Saitama gulped before getting out of his stance. "I think I better not take anymore stances! That actually make me even stronger than before!"


Both man and monster looked up at the hole in the sky to see what looked to be two giants peeking in with annoyed glares on their faces.

"AAHHH! GIANTS!" Midori screamed while Saitama just looked on with minute curiosity.

"Really guys! I'm a psychologist, not a carpenter! Now I have to fix this broken wall!" one of them grumbled as they gathered some wooden planks and a hammer.

"You got the easy gig. I gotta glue all these pieces back together." the other bemoaned as they began picking up the pieces. The two began to work while Saitama and Midori looked at each other with Midori shrugging and both looking back up at the giants.

"SWEET SASSAFRAS!" one of the giants yelled after smashing their thumb with a hammer before glaring at the other. "How is this the easy gig?!"

"Because a lot of these pieces are small and require a lot of glue!" the other snapped before shaking their hand in annoyance. "And glue is very sticky and likes to get all over and it makes everything difficult!"

"Good thing I got gorilla glue." said the giant with the hammer before pausing. "Oh wait."






Both giants just kept up with the screaming before they noticed that it began to snow.



"Um, excuse me?" Saitama interrupted.

"WHAT?!" both giants snapped at the bald hero.

"Sorry to interrupt, but who are you two?" Saitama asked.

"Oops. Where are our manners? People call me System. I'm the brains" said the giant with the glue before gesturing at the giant with the hammer. "And this is Icy. He's the...well, he's Icy."

"Well that was a little rude." Saitama commented.

"No, it's pretty accurate. Tall and firm like a glacier! Wide and encompassing like a blizzard. Gentle and serene like the snow. Yet, that fits." Icy said in a gradoise way. Both man and monster looked at the two before Midori summed up her thoughts about the name.

"Did you just make icy and cold puns? That's lame, man." she scoffed, sending System into hysterics while the Icy gives her the stink eye.

"I should turn you into a seaweed wrap for my friend's sushi!" Icy growled, causing Midori to grab her hair and shrink back away from them.

"Ah, lay off, Icy. Let's just fix this thing." System chuckled before turning down at the bald hero and monster. "You two run along now. Gotta keep things going."

"...sure." was all Saitama said before he and Midori walked for the door inside the dojo, leaving the two giants to bicker. Saitama sighed as he shut the doors behind him before basking in the silence of inside the...

"Where am I now?" he asked as he looked around the new area before noticing he was one person short. "Midori? Where'd she go?"


The bald hero turned his head at the shout of his name to see Nori running towards him, a smile on her face, and her breasts bouncing with each step under a too tight shirt.

"Nori? What are you doing here? And where is here?" he asked her.

"Never mind that! Look at your uniform!" Saitama took a moment to look at his uniform, only for his eyes to widen at the damage that suddenly showed up. "It's a mess! Any more tears and you could get arrested for public indecency! Especially since your butt's almost sticking out!" She then took his hand began leading him somewhere inside the building. "Come on. I'll fix it up for you."

She lead him towards a changing room before tossing him a sack of clothes. "Here. They're from home. Put them on."

"Alright." he sighed, wondering why she was so pushy all of a sudden. He stripped out of his hero suit, handed it to Nori's waiting strand of hair, and slipped into some more casual clothes. "Hey, my favorite hoodie." he said as he stared down at the big 'OPPAI' on it. He walked out of the room to see Nori sitting on a bench while she slowly mended the tears in his uniform. Nothing caught his eye at first until she jerked the thread, causing her breasts to jiggle each time she repeated the action.

'What's up with me?' he thought while rubbing his eyes with one hand before looking around to take his mind of her body. He immediately noticed that the changing area was littered with stuffed animals and two sets of clothes in piles. One were store brand wtih pictures on them that were in a small size, while the other pile looked like they had the same designs sewn into the fabric, but on larger sizes. "What's all this?"

"I like the designs on the clothes, but they're a little too small, so I remake the designs and sew them on sizes that'll fit me." Nori explained as she held up his hero suit, free of any tears. "There we go! Good as new!" she announced before handing it to him. "Go on! Try it on!"

"That was fast." he said as he walked back in. A moment later had him stepping out in his suit. "Nice job, Nori."

"Thanks." she said with a small blush while avoiding eye contact with a smile on her face. "I-If you ever need it mended again, just ask a-and I'll do it for free."

"Great. Thanks." he said with a smile before a thought came to his mind. "Hmm. I kinda feel like I'm ripping you off if I don't pay you."

"I don't need money." she replied before she began fidgeting in place. "B...But...if you want to give me something...there is one thing I'd like to have."

"What's that?"

"A hug?" she asked while still looking away, afraid he'd say no.

"That's all? Sure." he said.

"Really?!" she yelped, surprised he'd agree. He didn't say anything as he held his arms out, causing her to squeal and tackle-hug him.


Saitama's eyes widened a bit as he held the smaller monster in his arms, his chest being pushed by two soft and very large objects all of a sudden, causing the warm feeling from earlier in his chest to increase ever so slightly. She let go of him and backed away while waving him goodbye as he went in a random direction to leave. Though as he walked, his mind began to have a few stray thoughts pop up. Thoughts of Nori trying out those clothes she had. Specifically, the clothes that were too tight on her and would strain against her giant breasts. Breasts that he suddenly noticed would bounce, sway, jigg-


"What is with all these odd thoughts?" he asked himself as he lowered the fists he'd just smashed into both sides of his head. He walked out of the store and found himself in the middle of the abandoned district. "Huh? Am I close to home?"


"Huh?" Saitama hummed as he turned around just in time to see...

Saitama's eyes followed as someone jumped over him, mere centimeters above his head, at a fast speed. However, everything felt like it was going in slow motion at that moment. To others, they'd have seen a blur of blue. To him, who could make anyone else's top speed seem like that of a slug, he could see so much more. Even if all that he could see was a pair of small spandex clinging tightly to a woman's crotch and riding up their ass.

Time seemed to resume it's normal flow as the woman landed on their feet behind Saitama, who blinked a few times as he tried to figure out just what it was he just saw.

"Man, today was a great workout!"

The bald hero turned towards the woman to see Kogane smiling and stretching, the sweat glistening off her body giving her a beautiful shine. The clothing that she was wearing, however small it was, seemed familiar as it clung to her body from all the sweat.

"Hey Saitama." she greeted as she continued stretching. "Were you looking for me? I just got back from today's workout."

"I can see that." he said as he stared at her clothing, his mental gears grinding as he tried to remember where he'd seen them before.

"Careful Saitama. People might think you're trying to undress me with how much you're staring." she giggled.

"Huh? No! That's not it. I'm just trying to remember where I've seen those clothes before." he explained.

"Oh, Mizuki lent them to me. She's a little bigger up top, but it all feels so clingy when you sweat." she said as she approached a hydrant, her long kombu hair acting as a curtain to hide her body. Saitama watched as a strand of her hair reached out and took the top off of the hydrant, causing a geyser of water to shoot up at an angle. His eyes widened when she reached over and placed the spandex on a nearby railing before stepping under the stream, a content sigh escaping from her as she enjoyed the cold water running down her hair and body. "This feels sooo good~" she moaned as she washed herself before looking over at Saitama. "Hey, could you do me a favor?" she asked as she parted her hair, showing her toned back and taut butt. "Scrub my back for me?"

He stared at her for a moment before his eyes landed on her butt, then back up at her eyes.

"Your back only, or your butt too?" he bluntly asked with a faint blush, causing her to cover her ass and blush herself.

"J-Just the back, please!" she yelped in embarrassment as another strand of kombu held a loofah out towards him.

"Why not yourself?" he asked as he took the loofah and approached her.

"Well...I...never felt like it?" she answered weakly before turning towards him again. "Please? I'll have Ki cook you something nice!"

Saitama looked down at the loofah before up at her back muscles, which seemed to shine a little under the water, before sighing.

"Okay." he answered before he began to scrub her bare back. Nothing happened as he gently scrubbed her until he noticed her form trembling and her breathing getting weird. "You okay?"

"I...I'm fine." she breathed as she hugged herself and curled her toes against the street. The constant soothing motions mixed with the amount of pressure he was using felt like a gentle massage, and it was driving her nuts. And it only got worse as the scrubbing travelled lower and lower, eventually focusing on the area on her lower back just above her butt. When it hit there, she couldn't stop herself from releasing a shuddering moan.

"You sure you're okay?" he asked her.

"P-P-Peachy!" she panted before continuing. "A-Actually, M-M-Mizuki was lo-looking for you! Best n-not to keep her wai...waiting."

"Oh? Well, okay. I did get your back. See ya." he said after handing her the loofah and left, leaivng her to collapse in a blissful heap of hair.

"You know, I just realized that I didn't ask Kogane where Mizuki was." Saitama muttered to himself before the area suddenly changed. "Now what?" he said as the scene changed from the abandoned district to what looked like some kind of forest of made of kombu. "Where'd all this kombu come from? Wait, did Ki or her sisters drink too much fertilizer again?"


Saitama looked down at the shredded pieces of kombu that had just tried to strike him before continuing to do so with the sudden assault from all around as the kombu did it's best to strike him.

"What's going on? What's with all the attacks?" he monotoned as he kept ripping, slashing, and punching the kombu as it attacked. The kombu itself seemed to have no end as it seemed to regrow moments after being destroyed and attack again. "Maybe they're mad about something?"


He looked up to see Ki descend from above, her hair carrying her while easily keeping up the attack on Saitama, who simply swatted the hair before it suddenly stopped, allowing him to relax.

"I just wanted to see if I could do anything against you with this much hair." she explained before letting out a sigh. "But I guess that it just wasn't enough. Oh well." she shrugged with a smile.

"So that's why you attacked, huh?" said the bald hero before finally noticing her outfit. Covering her breasts and crotch was a bikini made from her own kombu hair. "What's with the outfit?"

"Oh, you like?" she asked with a flirtatious smirk as she approached, her hips having a little sway in them with each step. A motion that she noticed had immediately caught his eye, seeing as his pupils shifted in time with her steps. "You're staring~" she sang.

Saitama started to feel strange sensations throughout his body for a moment as she closed the distance, her body pressing up against his. A lump felt like it formed in his throat. His stomach twisted in knots. A warmth spread throughtout his chest. And finally, he almost felt something twitch below his waist.

All that happened in a single moment...and then it passed just as quickly. Though he did divert his eyes so that they wouldn't stare down at the valley made by her breasts squishing against his chest.

"Hmhmhm. You avert your eyes even when I'm doing this?" she cooed. "You're not only a hero, but a gentleman, too." She released a content sigh as she rested her head on his shoulder, her arms slowly embracing his form. "But, I guess that's why we all..."

"'We all?'" he parroted, waiting for her to continue. She merely gave him a kind smile as she backed away, her body slowly disappearing into the kombu.

"You'll know the rest one day." she said before she and the kombu forest simply vanished into thin air, leaving him alone.

"Where'd she go?" he asked no one before perking up at a sound in the distance. He began walking towards it while the ground under his boots felt like it was slowly changing. He lifted one boot up to see a boot print left in the sand that now surrounded him. "Sand?" he said before looking up at the sound that had become much louder and clearer, watching as waves crashed against the shore and a gentle wind blowing around him. "The ocean?"

"Of course it's the ocean? What, never been to the beach before?"

The baldy turned towards the new voice to find the Deep Sea Queen laying in a lounge chair big enough for her dehydrated state, a parasol keeping her in the shade. She was in her usual speedy with heart shaped pasties covering her nipples, but her crown and cape were gone.

"Deep Sea Queen? What are you doing here?" he asked in surprise.

"Just relaxing. No humans are around, so I could finally visit the ocean." she explained as she stretched her arms above her above, the action causing her breasts to jut out. Saitama found himself staring at the large orbs, the pasties looking ready to pop off as her nipples pushed against them. He shook his head just as she relaxed back into the chair before she suddenly perked up. "Hey! While you're here, could you do me a favor?"

"Like what?" he asked. She grinned as she held a bottle out towards him.

"I wanna try tanning that you humans do. Could you rub this on my back?" she asked as he took the bottle of sunscreen from her.

"You sure?" he asked her.

"I trust you not to touch anywhere you're not supposed to." she giggled as she got out of the chair and spread a large blankent on the sand before lying down, leaving her bare back for him to see.

"I think I saw how they did this on a movie when I was a kid." he said as he removed his gloves and squirted a glob of suntan lotion on his hands. He then began to rub it on her shoulders and work his way down.

"That feels nice~" she sighed in contentment as she felt his fingers work the lotion into her skin. "You sure you haven't done this before?"

"Nah. Never really had a chance to, even before I decided to start training to be a hero." he explained.

"You should get out more." she said as he turned to put more lotion on his hands. She sighed as she waited for him to continue rubbing the lotion on before feeling her body start to grow. "What the heck?"

"What? Sand crabs?" he asked as he turned to her, only to blink at her hydrated form lying before him. "You take a quick dip?"

"No." she denied before looking at the bottle of lotion. "Oh, that's what happened. This has moisturizer in it." she laughed before moving her bangs out of her eyes. "Huh. Been awhile since my hair was this long."

"It looks nice." he complimented, making her blush while twirling her hair.

"You think so?" she asked.

"Yeah. Why don't you keep it like that more often?" he asked.

"Didn't think it looked good on me. Maybe I'll keep it like this." she said before humming in delight when he began to rub more suntan lotion on her back. "You have such magic hands." she sighed before they suddenly stopped, followed by a 'Whoa!' from Saitama. She looked over to see a tiny sinkhole had emerged under his feet, causing her to chuckle. "Guess TT Girl's tired of waiting."

Saitama kept falling for a moment before landing on his feet inside some strange gym, unaffectedly staring around as some sand fell on his head.

"What just happened?" he asked before he felt his gloves flop onto his head. "Oh cool. My gloves." he said with a small smile before putting one on. His face shifted into a deader-than-usual deadpan look as he slowly took the glove back off. "My gloves full of sand." he huffed in irritation as sand poured out of the glove. He saw a speck of red fall out with it and looked at his glove in concern, afraid that it'd gotten a hole in it. "Good. No holes." he said before looking down at the little red speck scuttling around the sound at his feet. "A crab?"


The baldy looked up at the mysterious hole he'd fallen through at the sound of the Deep Sea Queen's yelp of pain before it closed up, as if it was never there.

"Weird." he said as he emptied his other glove before shaking the rest of the sand out of both and placing them back on. "There we are. Now, where am I again?"

"Saitama?" came another woman's voice. He turned to see Tank-Top Girl standing there in her usual clothes, a little sweat visible on her forehead and a towel draped over her neck. "What are you doing at the gym?"

"I don't know. I've been all over the place." he answered.

"I see. Hey, while you're here, you wanna spot me?" she asked as she gestured towards the various workout equipment.

"Spot you?" he asked in confusion.

"You know. Stay close and help me out incase I'm in over my head and try to do too much." she explained.

"I don't know. Sounds kinda boring." he said while crossing his arms and closing his eyes.

"Please?" she asked while holding her hands together before her. "I promise to repay you."

"Hmm...Anything to read here? Don't know if gyms have mangas or not." he said.

"We have sports mangas."

"Alright." he agreed, earning a 'Woohoo' from hero as she punched her fist in the air. She handed him the manga and he sat down behind her as she started with the deadlift bar. Lining herself up with it, she bent down, grabbed the bar, and slowly began her workout. As she did so, Saitama quietly read the sports manga as he spotted her, waiting if she needed any help with anything.

'Not really what I usually read, but this is a gym.' he thought with a shrug as he turned the page.

"How's the manga?" she grunted at him. He turned to answer her, but stopped when she bent forward again, causing her ass to jut out in her tight pants. After watching it slowly go back and forth in front of him, he shook his head before going back to the manga.

"It's fine." he replied in a casual tone as he kept reading, ignoring the urge to look back at her butt. Time passed as she did her workout before placing the bar down and walking off.

"Alright! Next, benchpresses!" she announced as she laid down and took the bar off, with Saitama watching and ready to catch in case it slipped from her hands. He stood next to her and read while she repeatedly lifted the bar up and down, grunting each time. He look down for a moment to see the bar squish against her breasts each time the bar came down, making them jiggle a little each time she lifted it back up. He held the book closer to block the view as she continued before she finished with that one as well.

"Whoo! I'm really working up a sweat!" she announced as she wiped her forehead with her towel before moving on to kettlebell sumo lifting. She took her stance, reached down for the bell, and began to do the lifts.

At this point, Saitama wondered if she was trying to show off her breasts and butt, seeing as the exercises had his eyes straying towards them. Just like they were straying at her ass everytime she bent down at the knees.

'Wow. Her ass looks taut when she does that.' he thought before frantically shaking his head. 'This is ridiculous! Why do I keep thinking these thoughts?!'

"Now for a jog on the treadmill." she said as she started the machine up and started jogging. Saitama peeked out from behind the manga at her to see her running, her breasts bouncing inside her now sweat soaked tank-top with each step she took. He said nothing as he put the manga between her and his eyes once more, a hint of red forming on his cheeks. He looked again when he heard the machine be turned off to see her get off the machine and pull on her tank-top. "Man, my clothes always cling so much when I work out." she complained before smiling. "Well, I'm almost done anyways. Last is the after workout stretches."

Saitama watched her as she touched her toes, bending over and having her ass strain against her pants, sounding close to ripping through the fabric before shaking his head again. He turned back just as she was doing a cross body shoulder stretch. The action would cause her breasts to squish against each other, then bounce when switching to the other arm. After that came the standing quad stretch, allowing him a view of both her tits and her ass before burying his face in the manga.

"Last one." she grunted as she laid down on a mat and began doing the reclined spinal twist.

'Good. Maybe I can leave after she's done.' he thought with a sigh of relief, glad that this exercise didn't do anything else that would thrust certain parts of her body out.

"Done." she sighed as she wiped the sweat from her forehead before heading towards a small refridgerator and pulling out cup with a lid on it, her hero name written on the side. "Man, I'm thirsty."

"What's that?" he asked while tilting his head slightly.

"A protein shake." was all she said before she began drinking.

"Well, I'm not much for protein shakes." he said. He was about to ask her if there was anything he could snag from it before seeing something that made him double take at her.

Halfway through her shake, Tank-Top girl's breasts suddenly swelled into a bigger cup size.

Saitama stood there for a moment before rubbing his eyes, wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. He opened them back up just in time to see them grow again just as she finished her shake, her nipples looking ready to poke a hole through her tank-top..

"That hit the spot." she sighed in contentment before noticing him looking at her. "What? Something wrong?"

"Uhmm...what was in that shake?" he mumbled as he unglued his eye from her expanded assets.

"Oh, just some protein powder, milk, oats. Oh, and some of Nori's hair. Mizuki said it's packed with protein." she explained with a smile as she flexed an arm, causing her breasts to sway a bit.

"It's...packed, alright. I'm gonna...I'm gonna go now." he said as he turned to leave, his eyes staring at nothing the whole way.

"Well, see ya Saitama. Thanks for spotting me." she said as she waved goodbye before turning around, leaving the bald hero to double his pace when he heard her say, "Time to hit the showers~"

"What is up with all of them?" he said out loud while rubbing his eyes with one hand as he walked. "Every woman I've met has either been extremely flirty or half naked." His eyes widened in horror as he just recounted what just happened before looking down at his chest. "I hope Nori's kombu doesn't affect me!"


"Huh?" he said before he walked into a pile of boxes that tipped over, sending all their contents spilling on the floor. "Whoops!"

"Aw man! It took me forever to find intact electronics!"

Saitama turned to see Newtina grumbling as she knelt down and began placing the various objects consisting of wires, motherboards, and other various computer scrap back into the box. Her outfit was, compared to all the others, quite tame, consisting of a simple long sleeve shirt with cute anime characters on it and sweatpants.

"Sorry about that. Here, I'll help." he said as he helped her gather the objects and placed them back into the box. As they did so, he noticed that a few of items were different mangas. "Are these yours?"

"Yeah. I found them while looking around in the abandoned district." she answered as she carefully set some more stuff in the box.

"Oh cool." he said as they filled the last box. "There we go." he said before looking around the room they were suddenly in. "By the way, where are we?"

"We're-" she began before going red in the face and looking away. "Crap!"

"What's wrong?" he asked her.

"I wanted to keep this place a secret from the others." she groaned before clasping her hands together and giving him teary eyes. "Please don't tell the others about this place! Please, please, please!"

"Okay, okay!" he said with his arms raised in surrender. "I actually read manga and stuff too."

" won't spill to anyone?" she asked in a hopeful tone.

"Sure." he nodded with a smile before looking around again. "But what exactly is this place?"

"Just a little place I put together." she replied as she went to a TV, flipped it on, and picked up a game controller. "Wanna play?"

"Sure. I'm game." he said as he sat next to her. She handed him the controller, turned it on, and the two began playing. "Never took you for someone who likes this kind of stuff."

"Meh. I like to keep some things about me private." she shrugged before glancing at him. "By the way, what was that book you had when you came in here?"

"Oh, that? That was a sports manga that I was reading earlier." he explained. "It's not my usual read, though. Maybe you might like it?"

"We'll see." she replied before grinning at the game screen. "Ha! Child's play!"

"You're pretty good at this." he said with a small, which got a smile out of her as the two played and chatted. After a few minutes, Saitama suddenly perked up. "Oh yeah. Mizuki wanted to see me."

"She said she was looking for you. Guess I was having so much fun, I forgot too." Newtina chuckled while Saitama got up to leave. "Wanna play again sometime?"

"Sure. It's been the most calming thing that's happened today." he said, getting a small blush out of her. "See ya." he said before leaving. He stepped out of the building before finding himself in some kind of void. "Now where am I?"


He turned to see a figure standing a distance away, beckoning him to come closer.

"Who's that?" he said before walking towards them. When he got close enough, he recognized exactly who it was. "Oh! There you are, Mizuki."

"I'm glad you made it." she said to him with a smile, her eyes covered by the shadows cast by her bangs. "I've been waiting all day. What took you so long?"

"Sorry. Been running into everyone else on the way here." he explained. "So, what did you want to see me about?"

"I wanted to say...thank you."

"Thank you? For what?" he asked.

"For all the good you've done by being a hero. And...for showing kindness when others wouldn't." she said as she turned around and gestured towards a group of familiar monster figures that suddenly appeared, smiling and waving at him before disappearing. "And for teaching others that they can change." The figures of some familiar hero figures appeared, who merely smiled at him before they too disappeared.

"Oh. Well, you're welcome." he said with a shrug.

"That kindness will be needed again." she said, her smile dropping as other figures suddenly began appearing. Many different shapes and forms surrounding them before vanishing as well, leaving the two heroes alone in the void.

"Well, I don't know what you mean, but I'll try to help." he said.

"That's what I was hoping you'd say." she said, her back still to him. "And for that, I think you deserve a reward."

"I didn't become a hero for rewards or glory. And I didn't help all the others for any benefits." he said, his arms crossed and a serious look on his face, his cape blowing in a nonexistent wind.

"I'm glad." she said. "But before the reward, there's something you need to know."

"What's that?" he asked her, his face going back to his usual expressionless.

"It's time for breakfast." she answered.

"It's what?" he said in confusion.

"I said," she began, her voice sounding lower and...strangely familiaaaaAAAHHHHRRR!

"It's time for breakfast, Master Saitama!" said Genos, his face appearing on Mizuki's body.


Saitama went pale when the end of the dream ran through his mind, a shudder running through his whole body at the images that he'd witnessed.


He blinked away the horror and looked at the girls as they stared back, making him realize that they were still waiting for him to explain the dream.

"What was the dream about?" Nori asked.

"Uh...I'll tell you later." he said.

"What?! No fair! I wanna know why you screamed awake!" Midori pouted.

"No." he said in a haunted tone, unnerving them all. "No way am I telling anyone about that. I'd rather forget I ever saw it." He turned away to have his breakfast before a thought ran through his mind. 'But the rest of the dream was kinda nice.'

-Time Passes-

A good portion of the citizens in City-Z were treated to a rare treat as they watched the Tank-Top Army march through, with Tank-Top Master himself leading them. They all began to mutter as they made way for the heroes.

"Holy crap! The Tank-Top Army!"

"I've never seen them all together before!"

"I wonder where Tank-Top Al Dente gets his pasta from?"

"Tank-Top Girl is so frickin' hot!"

"I wonder where they're going?"

Most of the Tank-Toppers didn't pay their words much attention, leaving those that did to smile at them before one of them ask them a question.

"Tank-Top Master! What's the Tank-Topper Army doing in City-Z?" a random civilian asked.

"We're simply here to-"

"To expose a credit stealing fraud that's wormed his way up the rankings!" Tank-Top Tiger interrupted.

"And to release the heroes he's got under his thumb via blackmail and other dirty ways!" finished Black Hole, much to the crowd's shock and approval that they do their best.

"You two! Enough!" Tank-Top Master scolded. "We don't know if he's a fake or not. That's why I decided to meet them in person to see if these rumors were true."

"Uh...sorry." the Tank-Top Brothers mumbled as they faced the ground.

While this was happening, the sole female member of the Tank-Top Army was having an internal struggle to keep herself from breaking down in panic, her body having gone pale for quite a while.

'What do I do?! There's no way we can avoid a confrontation with the monsters living in the apartments! And I didn' have enough time to call and warn them before TT Master decided to fill me in on going to City-Z! Worse! They're gonna spill to the Hero Association! And fighting Saitama?! As if! The guy's unstoppable!'

"Hey. Who's that?"

The question snapped Tank-Top Girl out of her thoughts as she and the rest of the Tank-Top Army stopped walking. Everyone was now focused on a young woman wearing a wetsuit, scuba googles, and a utility belt. A trident was also strapped to her back.

"What's with her?" asked Tank-Top Hatter.

"She spying on someone?" Tank-Top Mask quiered while Tank-Top Master approached her.

"Excuse me?" he said while tapping her on the shoulder, making her jump before spinning around to look at him. Upon seeing him, her face lit up in recognition.

"You're the Class-S hero, Tank-Top Master!" she said in awe before seeing the rest of the army behind him. "And all of the Tank-Top Army as well? What are you all doing here?"

"We're on our way to meet someone inside the abandoned district." he explained.

"Y-You are?" she asked before a thought came to mind. "Would it happen to be Class-B hero called Saitama?"

"That's right. Do you know him?" asked the Class-S hero.

"N-No, but I was hoping to meet him today...but..." she trailed off while looking away.

"But what?" Tank-Top Mask asked while fanning himself.

"Well..." she said before peeking out from behind the building they were standing next to. "I think we might not be the only one's looking for him."

The rest of the Tank-Top Army walked past the building to see the gate that lead into the abandoned district.

And the two groups of heroes standing in front of it arguing at each other.

"What the heck is going on?" Tank-Top Rockabilly asked.

"Let us see." said Tank-Top Master as he and the rest of the Tank-Toppers approached them, leaving a nervous Swim behind. As they got closer, the two groups got clearer.

One group was the Blizzard Group, lead by Blizzard of Hell.

The other group was made up of a handful of Class-A heroes.

Death Gatling, Heavy Kong, Stinger, Lightning Max, One Shotter, Spring Mustachio, Golden Ball, Shadow Ring, and Twin Tails.

"Blizzard of Hell. How many times do we have to tell you and your little group to stand down?" said Death Gatling in annoyance.

"And how many times do I have to tell you that we're not here to hunt any monsters?" she answered in a calm tone. "We're only here about a potential recruit for the Blizzard Group."

"And you're saying they live inside the abandoned district?" Shadow Ring.

"According to those I've asked, yes." said Fubuki.

"She's not lying." said Twin Tails, her ears detecting no change in her heartrate or breathing pattern. "She's not here for the same reason as us."

"Be that as it may, it would be unwise to enter here. Even with your entire group." Spring Mustachio cautioned as he messed with his moustache. "The monsters inside are quite dangerous."

"Take it from us. We know." Golden Ball added.

"It's for your own safety." said Heavy Kong, his arms crossed over his chest. "Unlike your sister, the monsters dwelling within are too much for you."

The rest of the Blizzard Group adopted tense looks as an aura surrounded Fubuki's body. They knew that she despised being constantly compared to her sister, and how violently she could react to it.

"Calm yourself." said Shadow Ring as she glared at Fubuki. "The monsters will notice if you start using your power out here."

"She's right."

Both groups turned to see Tank-Top Master and the Tank-Top Army slowly approach them, shocking them all.

"Tank-Top Master? What are you and your army doing here?" One Shotter asked.

"Did he recieve orders from the Hero Association as well?" Lightning Max pondered out loud.

"I don't know what orders you're talking about. I merely came here to speak to a certain individual." Tank-Top Master explained.

Fubuki's aura receeded, but her glare only hardened at the Class-S hero.

"If you're talking about that muscular female bounty hunter that's been thrashing a lot of Class-A criminals, then you're too late. We were here first." she stated.

"I'm afraid you're mistaken." he denied. "I'm looking for a Class-B hero that lives within the abandoned district that goes by the name of Saitama."

His reason for being here sent confusion throughout both groups, with some of them looking back at the gate into the abandoned district.

"A Class-B hero lives in there?"

"Why would anyone want to live in there anyway?"

"Maybe they're working with that bounty hunter?"

These and other questions floated around before Tank-Top Master stopped them all by raising his hand.

"We can stand out here and question who and why all day, but that won't answer anything. If any of us wish to know, then we'll have to venture inside and see." Tank-Top Master spoke.

"Master's right." Tank-Top Jungle nodded before his curiosity got to him and he turned to the Class-A heroes. "By the way, what were those orders of yours?"

"We were ordered to find and, hopefully, subjugate the monster known as Vaccine Woman." Lightning Max explained.

"Vaccine Woman?" Tank-Top Black Hole said.

"Isn't she a Dragon level threat? Why'd only Class-A heroes show up?" Tank-Top Tiger asked.

"She was, but her power has been drastically crippled since King's intervention." Spring Mustachio explained as his and GB's last encounter came to mind.

"We nearly had her, but then some other monster showed up and kicked our asses." Golden Ball said, his voice carrying irritation at their defeat.

"Which is why the Hero Association decided to send a whole squad of us in to capture her, or kill if need be." Death Gatling finished.

"I see. Well, if we see her while en route to Saitama's house, we'll do what we can as well." Tank-Top Master said.

"Forgive me for saying this, but I believe that one of your team may have a second opinion." Twin Tails spoke up, gaining their attention. They saw her looking at the group, despite being blindfolded, before following her gaze towards Tank-Top Girl, who was now sweating bullets. "Tank-Top Girl's heart rate has been steadily rising throughout our conversation."

"She's just nervous about confronting that fraud ever since he got some made up dirt on her the first time she came here." Tank-Top Black Hole laughed, which was followed by his brother. "Don't worry, Tank-Top Girl. We'll take care of him."

If they only knew the true reason of why she was nervous.

'This is getting out of hand! With all these heroes here, there's no way the others can hide forever! And what about Saitama? He can wipe out mountains with a single punch, and that was just for show. What if all his monster friends get killed or captured?!'

That last thought send a heavy shudder through her body as the image of a pissed off Saitama ran through her mind.

"She came here before?" Heavy Kong asked.

"That's right. And she's been coming here a lot, so we wanted to meet the guy she's been meeting and help her in case he's doing anything rotten to her." Tank-Top Vegetarian explained.

"Is that so?" Twin Tails asked as she approached the trembling hero. "Is that why you're trembling?"

"N-No." TT Girl got out. "I just...didn't know about a possible Dragon level threat being here. And I...I wanted to meet Saitama because...because I wanted to know about the rumors as well, and to help Captain Mizuki out in case...In case she was in trouble too." she explained. The others were all queit as TT Girl spoke.

"She's not lying." Twin Tails confirmed. "Her heart rate didn't change, and her speech was more even. Also." She turned off towards the direction the Tank-Top Army had come from. "Whomever's over there! Come out!"

Everyone turned in the same direction, but didn't see anything. Most were about to ask who she was talking to before Swim finally walked out.

"Oh yeah. We were talking to Swim earlier." one of the Tank-Toppers said.

"If I recall, she wanted to meet Saitama as well." concurred another Tank-Topper.

"What rank was she? I don't recall a hero by that name." said yet another Tank-Topper.


Everyone turned to the Blizzard Group just as Eyelashes put his phone away.

"She's a very low ranked Class-C hero." he finished.

"Oh. No wonder we don't know her." Tank-Top Tiger scoffed before looking down on her. "Listen. You'd be better going back to where ever you usually patrol. This is no place for a low ranker like yourself." He gained a cocky smirk as he continued. "I mean, what's with that get-up? If I didn't know better, I'd think you were going deep sea diving! I bet your strength isn't all that-"

"Tank-Top Tiger!"

TT Tiger stopped when he felt a hand clamp onto his shoulder after a voice spoke up behind him. His body broke out in a cold sweat as he slowly looked over his shoulder.

"We're going to have a talk about your actions towards other heroes after this mission!" TT Master said in a low tone with eyes full of anger and disappointment boring into him.

"Y-Yes, Tank-Top Master!" Tiger squeaked out.

Swim simply stared at them with sadness in her eyes as she lowered them to the ground. No one had ever mocked her choice of hero outfit before, but being called weak was nothing new.

'Maybe he's right. Maybe coming here was a bad idea. I've also heard that the abandoned district's full of monsters. Maybe I should just go back home and...and...'

Her hands suddenly tightened into fists.

'No! I have to do this!' she mentally yelled as she looked back up, her eyes hardening over as she approached the gate. 'I came here because I'm weak! I came here because I wanted to look for this guy that's said to have a Class-S hero under him! I came here because I wanted to get strong! And I'm not leaving after coming so far!'

"Hold on. It's dangerous in there." Death Gatling said as he stepped in front of her.

"You want to stop me?" she asked in a low tone. She then looked him in the eye as she finished. "Then shoot me."

Death Gatling stared at her with a gobsmacked look on his face, one which was matched by many others as she walked past him, smashed the lock with her trident, and strode into the abandoned district. No one said anything after watching a low rank Class-C hero stand up to a well known Class-A hero. Finally...


"She may be a Class-C hero, but she's got Class-A guts." Golden Ball complimented.

"Indeed. If she truly works tries and gets stronger, she may even join us in Class-A one day." said Spring Mustachio.

Death Gatling stopped the laughter with a glare, though it didn't keep the smirks off of some of their faces. He sighed before turning back to Fubuki and her group to tell them that they had no business there...

One problem with that.

"Where'd Blizzard and her group go?" asked the gun toting hero.

"They went inside while you were standing there with your mouth hanging open." Twin Tails informed.

"What?!" he snarled before having had enough. "Fine! If she and her group want to learn about the dangers of going in there woefully unprepared, then fine by me! Everyone, let's go!"

The others agreed before the group of Class-A heroes walked in and began their search and contain mission.

"We will go as well. But be on your guard." Tank-Top Master warned as he stared out in the abandoned district with narrowed eyes. He couldn't quite place it, but he felt something was inside this place. Something...powerful.


While the heroes were approaching from the gate into the abandoned district, a group of monsters were slowly pouring out of one of many secret entrances into the same district.

"All this for the recruitment of one monster?" asked Super Mouse as she and quite a few others from the Monster Association gathered around in the street.

"A monster that managed to overpower two Class-S heroes! That kind of strength would be great to have when the time comes." said a small monster, earning a few nods from the others.

"Yeah, and I heard that she took them down and wasn't even at her full power. Something about needing water to be at her best." explained another.

"It doesn't matter what state she's in said a giant monster that looked like a walking elephant. "Our orders were to bring her in alive. One way or another."

"Uh, just on the off chance she doesn't want to go and is a little too strong for any of us, how would we do that?" asked another smaller monster.

"Don't worry about that." said Do-S. "She'll come~" She finished her statement with a mighty crack of her whip.

"Please." Eyesight scoffed while playing with one of her snakes. "Just a nip is all I'll need to make her cooperate."

"Unless you have an antidote back at the Monster Association, keep your snakes in line." Vacuuma warned, his trunk waving just in front of her face. "Otherwise, I'll be borrowing your powers for a while. Got it?"

"Got it." she huffed.

With that, the monsters all scattered about in their search for the Deep Sea Queen.

Nobody could've forseen the day that many of them were about to have.

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