A/N: Before we begin, I've got some news for you all. Due to various issues, IcySnowSage is no longer my co-author for this story. They will be missed. That is all.

Saitama awoke with a yawn after his alarm clock rang before turning it off and stretching.

"Good morning, Master Saitama." Genos greeted as Saitama walked towards his bathroom. "What would you like for breakfast?"

"Do you have to ask that every time I wake up?" Saitama said as he put toothpaste on his toothbrush. He then began to brush his teeth before he heard someone knocking on his door.

"I will answer that." Genos said before he walked over and opened the door, revealing a nervous Nori standing there. "What do you need?"

"Um...hi Genos. Is...Saitama awake?" Nori asked.

"He is busy with his morning routine. I will not allow anyone to disrupt Master Saitama's calm morning. Leave." he said in a cold voice.

"B-But I-"

"Now." he said with a harsh glare. Nori eyes welled up before her head slumped and she started walking away.

"Dude, don't be mean." Saitama scolded as he walked past Genos and out the door towards Nori, his toothbrush still in his mouth. "Did you need something?"

Nori just stood there, her lip trembling and tears running down her cheeks. She just wanted to hide under her stuffed toys after being told to leave by Genos.


She wasn't going to keep shying away whenever she wanted to talk to Saitama.

"Nori?" Saitama spoke up, making her tense a little. She frantically shook her head before wiping her eyes and turning towards Saitama.

"DOYOUWANTTOGOOUTFORBREAKFAST?!" she rapidly yelled in a loud voice. Saitama just stared at her, making her realize what she said before she started to fidget in place. "Uhm...well...that is...if you're not too busy this morning, that is."

"That is not necessary." Genos said. "I am perfectly capable of making Master's breakfast. I also find it appalled that you would ask Saitama to use his hard earned money for breakfast."

"But I'm the one inviting him out. I'm paying." Nori argued while showing them some money from her pocket.

"But Master-"

"Hold on, Genos." Saitama interrupted. "There's nothing wrong with a little change every now and then. Besides, it'll be nice to get out for a while and just have some fun. And you can use the spare time to...review all your notes and think on them."

Genos's eyes widened at the thought before he nodded.

"Very wise, Master Saitama! I shall review all 10 of my notebooks." Genos stated before walking back inside, leaving a slightly disturbed Saitama and Nori standing there.

"That guy needs a hobby." Nori whispered, earning a nod from Saitama.

"Anyway, we'll head out after my daily training. Work up an appetite that way." he said before he turned back towards his home to get ready for the day.

"Oh! O-Okay!" Nori responded before running towards her room, nearly crashing into Raptora along the way.

"Watch it!" she snapped, baring her teeth at Nori. Nori gasped and shrunk in on herself at the taller monster's attitude before Raptora sighed and looked away. "Sorry." she said before she walked away.

"Um...Newti-Uh, I mean, Raptora?" Nori called out, making the monster stop. "Are you...alright?"

"...I'm fine." was all she said before she took off running. Nori just watched her run off with a frown and a heavy sigh.

"If one of my sisters took off like that, I'd probably want to be alone too." she said before shaking her head. "She'll see reason soon." She then turned and headed for her room. "Now, to get ready."

Saitama, dressed in his blue track suit, had just arrived up at the roof before stopping in surprise. He expected Kogane, Beast Queen, and Captain Mizuki to be up there. He didn't expect Midori to be there as well.

"Aren't you supposed to be heading for Bang's place?" Saitama asked.

"He wanted a day to focus on Charanko's training, so I got a day off." Midori replied with a smile.

"Alright then." Saitama said before he went to his spot and turned to the women present. "Everyone ready?"

"H-Hold up!"

All of them turned to see Nori standing there. She was now wearing a pair of tight yellow shorts and an even tighter red top, her breasts squished inside.

"I...wanna join you all." she got out.

"Alright, but are you sure you're alright to? You look a little...off." Saitama commented.

"No worries! Just not...used to training clothes!" Nori answered with a forced smile before standing next to the other women.

"You heard her! Let's start!" Midori declared. With that, the four monsters and two heroes all began to do their exercises, starting with push-ups. Most were doing well, but Nori was struggling a little. Not only were her breasts trying to break out of her top everytime she went down, she struggled to push back up due to their weight.

"You doing okay?" Saitama asked.

"Y-Yeah! I'm fine!" Nori grunted as she continued. "98...99...100!" she finished before flopping down, panting for air.

"You need a break?" Beast Queen asked.

"No!" Nori snapped before standing up. "I'm good! Let's all do the next one."

"Actually, we're done." Kogane informed the big breasted sister.

"Say what?" Nori asked.

"We finished all but the run. We're just waiting on you." Mizuki explained.

Nori just stared with wide eyes before falling onto her back.

"Oh, you doing sit-ups now?" Midori joked, making her sister growl before she started the next set. A feat done with extreme difficulty due to her tits weighing her down. She struggled on 20 before falling and panting.

"Here you go." Saitama said as he knelt down and held her feet down, keeping them down so she could sit-up easier.

"T-Thanks!" she wheezed before taking a few breaths and continuing. "21...22...23..." she continued, her eyes closed as she focused on getting to 100. Because of this, she didn't notice that Saitama's eyes had drifted down to her breasts, which bounced each time she moved despite their confinement. The other women smirked and giggled while Midori tried to shush them so he wouldn't notice he was staring. "99...100!" she got out before flopping onto her back, wheezing and sweating up a storm. "Next is...squats." she said before opening her eyes and seeing Saitama staring at her. "What are you...staring at?" she asked.

"Huh?" Saitama asked before realizing that he was staring at her before shaking his head and helping her up. "Uh...nothing." he said before he left her to do her squats. 'I think I'm hanging around Ki for too long. I'm staring like some kind of pervert.'

They all waited until she finished her last squat before congratulating her, then cringed when she threw up.

"How...do you all...do this...each day?!" she asked between breaths.

"Believe me, it's not easy. My body felt like it was tearing itself apart at the beginning too." Saitama answered. "And we still have our run."

"Not quite yet." Midori said as she stood her sister up on her feet. "Take that off." she ordered while pointing at Nori's top, making her blush.

"What?! But I can't! Saitama is-"

"Forget it! It was funny at first, but now I can't stand you putting yourself through all this pain! Off!" Midori snapped before she grabbed the zipper and began opening it. She barely pulled it down before the zipper flew down, allowing Nori's breasts to surge forward and smack Midori in the face, knocking her flat on her back. Nori gasped in relief at the feeling of being able to breathe again before covering her bra covered tits with her arms while the others looked down at Midori.

"You alright?" Saitama asked as he stood over her.

"Kiss me, you bald angel." she slurred in a daze.

"What?" Saitama asked while the others laughed. Midori just sat there with a grin before shaking her head.

"How can something so big and soft hit so hard?" the martial artist kombu sister asked while rubbing the small bump on her head.

"You gonna be okay?" Saitama asked after kneeling down to her level.

"You kidding? Master Bang hits a lot harder than that." Midori said with a chuckle. "I'll be fine."

"Alright then." Saitama said with a smile before turning back to Nori, who was blushing up a storm and still covering her breasts with her arms. "Why did you wear such a tight outfit if it was going to hurt you?"

Nori's response was to glare at the ground.

"Because Ki keeps doing this stupid stuff to me. She keeps hiding clothing that fits me while buying stuff that's too small, just for kicks." she answered.

"She does?" Saitama asks with a frown. "I'll have to talk to her about that."

"That would be great! It'd be nice to have clothes that can hold these...things in." she said while looking down at her breasts.

"Sure. Now, we all still have the run to do." Saitama informed them all. Nori whimpered while the others smiled.

The group was running through the streets of the Ghost Town, most of them keeping a steady pace.

"You're doing good everyone." Saitama told them.

"Thanks." Midori said with a smile before looking behind them all. "But it looks like Nori's having a rough time keeping up."

Saitama looked to see Nori bringing up the rear. The tight top she was wearing had been replaced with a spare blue tracksuit top he'd lent her. Not only was it just a little tight, but it also accentuated her large breasts. It also did nothing to stop them from bouncing with each step.

"She does look like she's struggling a bit." Saitama commented.

"Why not go back and give her a pep talk?" Beast Queen suggested.

"Alright. Keep up the good work." he said before slowing his pace.

"She gonna be alright?" Mizuki asked.

"It's her first run, so it must be hard on her." Kogane answered before giving Nori a sympathetic smile. "Plus, her breasts must weigh a lot, so there's that."

"Yeah. Without my muscles, I'd have trouble just walking with mine." Beast Queen chuckled.

Saitama was soon running next to Nori, keeping pace with the bustiest Kombu Sister.

"You okay?" Saitama asked.

"I'm...fine!" she said between breaths. "I'm just...not used...to running!"

"If you weren't up for it, why'd you want to try?" Saitama asked.

"I didn't...want to...be left out!" she answered.

"Okay, if you say so." he said as he took in her current appearance. She was sweating a lot, making her clothes stick to her more. The tracksuit was starting to become soaked, causing it to cling to her breasts as they bounced.


Nori blinked before looking at Saitama just in time to see a piece of mental fall off him, yet his gaze was still on her.

"What did you hit?" she asked.

"Huh?" he said before looking behind him. He saw a street light that had part of it's base missing, causing it to slowly fall over and crash. "What happened?"

"I don't know." she said in equal confusion before focusing on her running. Saitama ran alongside, his eyes drifting towards her breasts from time to time before he shook his head and focused on running, neither of them noticing the other women looking and smirking.

"He's totally looking at her breasts." said Midori.

"I hope Master Saitama doesn't become some pervert." Mizuki commented.

"Are you saying you don't want him looking at you?" Kogane asked.

"No. I mean, yes! I mean...not in that way!" Mizuki yelped, her cheeks flaring in embarrassment while the women laughed. "I want him to look at me like...like..." she began before her mind began to wonder.

"Well now. It seems my training is working quite well on you." Saitama said, his features sharp and his eyes going over every inch of Mizuki's body as he walked around her. "Especially those muscles."

"Really?" she asked before flexing her right arm. "They don't look any different."

"I can see the difference." he says before he pulled her close, both of their tops suddenly gone. "And I can definitely feel it." he whispered before he gently cupped her ass, making her blush as he gripped her left cheek in his strong hand.


Mizuki jumped and snapped out of it when she felt her fantasy Saitama smack her ass, her hands going down to the stinging part before turning towards her laughing companions. She leveled a glare at Kogane when she saw one of her strands of hair coming back to the others.

"What was that for?!" she yelled.

"We've been asking you why you're red as a tomato, but you weren't listening." Kogane answered before giving a sly grin. "Though with the way you were mumbling Saitama's name, I think we can guess."

Mizuki's whole body burned red before she took off.

"IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" she screamed as she raced past Saitama and Nori, making both of them blink in confusion.

"What was that?" Nori asked.

"Maybe she just likes to run fast?" Saitama guessed.

"Kogane was right. A shower after a workout is heaven on your muscles." Nori said with a smile as she stood under the shower in her and her sister's bathroom. After the run was done, the other monster women invited her to shower with the usual hydrant, but she refused to shower out in the open. "Shower out in the open where Saitama could see me? No way."

"I don't know. I kinda like the idea." Ki said, making Nori shriek in surprise.

"Don't do that!" she yelled.

"Sorry. Sorry." Ki apologized with a smile. "Just wanted to see how you're doing."

"I'm fine." Nori answered before glaring at Ki. "By the way, that workout top you picked out for me? It was way too tight!"

"I know, and I'm sorry. I was just having too much fun." Ki apologized while Nori's glare intensified. "And it won't happen again. Saitama scolded me about it. From now on, no more clothes that are too small on you." she said before a tendril of her hair brought a package into view. "And speaking of clothes, here's an outfit for you to wear, along with that money the Beast Queen said she'd lend you for breakfast."

"Thanks!" Nori said with a grin before seeing how fat of a stack of cash she was getting. "I didn't ask for nearly this much!"

"She said she's got more than she knows what to do with from all the bounty hunting, so you can have that and keep whatever you don't use today." Ki explained before another tendril brought a bottle of liquid into view. "And here."

"What is this?" Nori asked as she took the bottle.

"It's fertilizer. Saitama said you've been punished enough and can have your hair long enough." Ki answered before bending down to Nori's level and patting her head. "Have fun today with Saitama. Okay?"

Nori gave a watery smile before hugging Ki.

"I will. Thank you." Nori said with before pushing her out the door. She then dried herself off before she examined her outfit. When she did, she was a little hesitant.

"I don't know about this." she said to herself before shaking her head. "No! If I keep this up, the others will all get ahead of me!"

With that, she got dressed, grabbed the cash, and left for her morning with Saitama.

The streets of City-Z were busy as people were heading for work or various other places they frequented before work. Some were out and about just chatting with friends. Some were hoping to catch the bus. Some were even grumbling to people operating food stalls about their terrible bosses.

"I work my ass off for eight years without a raise or promotion. This new guy starts off in less than a month and becomes assistant manager?! How unfair is that?!" one guy complained.

"Didn't you say the guy was your employer's nephew?" the food vendor asked as he got the man's hotdog ready.

"Yeah! And the worst part is that he's dicking around, but the rest of us are getting in trouble for it!" the man growled before noticing the amount of ketchup the vendor was putting on his hotdog. "Isn't that a little much?" the guy asked. The vendor was silent as he put so much on that it began to pool under the dog. "Hey! You're gonna drown it in ketchup!" the man snapped. He looked ready to yell again but found that the vendor's wide-eyed gaze was on something on. The complaining employee followed the vendor's general gaze before his eyes widened as well.

Others, mostly men, were starting to stare as well. Some of them were slapped by their girlfriends or wives. Some of the women were staring just as hard as the men though.

And they were all staring at two people walking down the street.

Saitama was wearing his usual oppai hoodie, blue jeans, and shoes.

Nori, who was garnering all the attention, was wearing a pair of jeans, a blue hat that shadowed her face, a pair of sandals, and a red and gold tank top that, while still holding her large breasts, showed off a lot of skin, cleavage, and bounced a little bit with each step she took.

'This was a bad idea. I knew I should've asked Ki for something less revealing.' she thought as she tried to fight the blush on her face.


"Eek!" Nori jumped before turning towards Saitama. "Y-Yes?!"

"You okay?" Saitama asked.

"Fine! I'm fine!" she answered before looking down again. Saitama raised an eyebrow at that before he started to pick up on other people speaking.

"Check out that woman. She's big."

"Big nothing. She's huge."

"Why's her skin so dark?"

"Maybe she's related to Superalloy Darkshine?"

"Who's that guy with her?"

"Maybe her boyfriend?"

"No way. He looks so plain."

Saitama heard Nori moan in discomfort at all their words before he gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

Hey, its okay. Just remember this day is for just the both of us. Let's try to ignore them and just enjoy ourselves." he said with a smile. Nori looked up at him before giving a small smile back.

"O-Okay." she nodded before seeing something being posted on a window. "Looks like the supermarket's having a sale in a few days."

"Really?" Saitama said before turning and looking at the ad. "Whoa! That's a lot of savings! Half off stewing meat." he muttered the last part before looking up in thought. 'You know, the others have all been making me food. Maybe I can make something for them.'

While Saitama was lost in his thoughts, Nori took the opportunity to drink the fertilizer Ki had given her.

"Just a few sips to calm my nerves." she muttered before she started to drink.

"Pardon me, Ma'am." came a smooth voice and tap on her shoulder. The instant she felt it, her eyes went wide and she sucked the bottle dry, making her gulp before turning towards the voice.

Standing before her was a young man with brownish blonde hair that was combed back, an indigo button up shirt, khaki pants, sperry shoes, and a large class ring with a big gemstone set inside.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." the man apologized with a smile while holding his hands up.

"W-Who are you?" Nori asked.

"My name's Tatsu." the man introduced. "What's your name?"

"My name i-is Nori." she answered.

"Nori. That's a lovely name." said Tatsu. "I bet there's a lovely woman that matches under that hat."

"Uh...maybe?" she answered with a nervous smile.

"Well, why don't we see?" he asks as he reaches for her hat.

"AHH!" she yelped before she ran towards Saitama and hid behind him, making him look at her.

"What's wrong, Nori?" Saitama asks as people gather around after hearing Nori yell.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know, but I think that one guy was hitting on that woman."

"Is that bald guy her boyfriend?"

The noise of the crowd and Nori hiding behind Saitama caught the hero's attention, making him look at Nori before looking at Tatsu.

"Who are you?" Saitama asked.

"I'm Tatsu." Tatsu answered before raising and eyebrow at Saitama. "And who might you be?"

"I'm Saitama." Saitama answered before looking back at Nori, who was eyeing Tatsu with a nervous look. "Something wrong?"

"I'm afraid I spooked Nori there by accident." Tatsu answered.

"He was going to take my hat off." Nori said to Saitama.

"Oh, I see." Saitama nodded before turning to Tatsu. "Mind leaving her hat alone? She's really shy."

"My bad. Let me make it up to you. If you're free, we can visit this nice little spot I know of for some breakfast." Tatsu offered.

"No thanks. Saitama and I are already heading somewhere. Right now." Nori answered before she started to pull on Saitama's sleeve.

"Yeah. Okay." Saitama nodded before the two walked away, leaving Tatsu and the crowd watching. The women were in awe while the men gave a small cheer.

"Did you see that? She chose that bald guy over that hunk." a woman whispered as the crowd dispersed.

"I know. She must have low standards." her friend whispered back.

"Ain't that guy the rumored 'Second Amai Mask?'" one guy asked.

"Yeah. Honestly, they're both douches. That chick's lucky."

"With knockers that big? I think it's the bald guy who's lucky."

Soon the chattering died out when the crowd fully disappeared, leaving Tatsu standing there with a small frown.

"Hmm." he hummed before taking out his phone and dialing a number. "Yeah, it's me. I need you to get me some info on a guy by the name of Saitama."

After getting away from Tatsu and the crowd, Saitama and Nori walked on until they came to the restaurant Nori wished to take Saitama to.

"'Crêpes, Cakes, n' More?' I've never been here. I heard it's great." Saitama said with a smile before opening the door for Nori. "You coming?" he asked before noticing her standing there and hugging herself. "Nori?" he called out, yet she didn't move. She just stayed put until she felt someone move in front of her. She looked up at Saitama, who was looking down at her with a blank look. "You okay?"

"...Yes...no..." she said. "I'm sorry. It's just...that guy from earlier. I don't know what it was, but he gave me the creeps." she confessed.

"You mean that guy that wanted to take your hat?" Saitama asked, earning a nod from Nori. "Did he say something or try to do anything to you?"

"No. I can't explain it, but something in me didn't trust him at all." Nori answered.

"Hmm." Saitama hummed before smiling and gently patting her head. "Well he's not here anymore. And if he tries something, just tell me and I'll get him to leave you alone. Okay?"

"Okay." she said with her own smile before hugging him, which he returned. They both broke the hug and entered the restaurant, where a waitress lead them to an empty table in a corner.

"I'll be back to take your orders." she said with a smile before leaving to help another table, leaving the two to look at their menus.

"Let's see...this is around 500 yen...Oh! This is 299 yen!" Saitama said to himself.

"What are you doing?" Nori asked him.

"Just looking at these items here." he said while showing her the menu pictures.

"Why are you looking at the side orders?"

"Because they're the cheapest things." Saitama answered, making Nori sigh.

"Why not just order a meal? I'm treating you, remember?" she told him.

"Oh yeah. I usually don't eat out with others." he said before looking at the menu again. "Are you sure about ordering anything? Some of this stuff is a little expensive."

"It's no worries. I've got money." Nori said with a smile while thinking to herself. 'The Beast Queen gave me a lot of money to spend when I asked. We'd probably still have change even after ordering three of everything.'

"Alright then." Saitama answered without hesitation. If she said she's paying and treating him, he wouldn't deny her.

"Are you two ready to order?" the waitress asked after returning.

"I'll take the pancake platter combo and a cup of coffee please." Nori answered.

"Okay...and you, sir?" the waitress asked after writing down Nori's order.

"Hmm...what do you recommend?" Saitama asked Nori.

"Me?" Nori said before she started fidgeting. "W-Well, maybe...a special, or something?"

"We have a special today at half price. 'Savory Savings' as our store says." the waitress suggested.

"Okay. I'll have that and some coffee as well." Saitama answered.

"Alright then. I'll get those for you and be back soon." the waitress said as she wrote it down before walking away, leaving the two alone again. The two waited for their food for two minutes, neither of them knowing what to say.

"Uh...so...how has hero work been?" Nori asked after finding her voice.

"It's okay. It's still a hobby to me." Saitama answered. "What about you? How's...actually, what do you do all day back home?"

"I mostly just collect things like stuffed animals and clothes that people left when the Ghost Town was abandoned." Nori explained before looking down at her breasts. "However, Ki and Midori keep hiding any tops I find that could fit these things in."

"I talked to Ki about that. She said she'd stop and return the clothes she's been hiding." Saitama told her.

"That's great." Nori said with a smile. "Now I can finally wear all those clothes I worked on."

"Worked on?" Saitama asked.

"Yes. See, there were cute designs on a lot of shirts that I liked, but I couldn't wear them. They were too small to fit these into them." she explained while gesturing to her breasts. "So I made copies of the designs, cut them, and sowed them onto larger shirts."

"Huh." Saitama answered before thinking. 'Why does that sound familiar?' He couldn't ponder on it for too long since their food had arrived.

"Here are you orders." said the waitress as she set their plates before them. The sight alone made their stomachs growl long before the pleasant smell hit their noses.

"This looks great." Saitama said, sounding a little eager to eat.

"Then let's not wait." Nori replied before they began to eat. The moment that the first bite of pancake hit her tongue was pure bliss for Nori.

'The fluffy pancake, rich syrup, and creamy whipped topping are amazing!' she thought as she ate, a huge smile on her face. She was at her fifth bite before she noticed Saitama was looking at her with a smile of his own. "What?" she asked.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. You were smiling so much after you started eating. I just thought it was cute is all." he answered. Nori's eyes widened at that before pulled her hat further over her eyes. "Uh, sorry. I didn't...uhh..." Saitama stuttered.

"N-No no! It's fine." Nori interrupted, her cheeks going red. "I'm just...really happy is all. I didn't think I could be cute since I'm a...well, you know." Both of them were smiling a little before Nori changed the subject. "B-By the way, I noticed that your hero outfit had some tears in it. If you want, I could fix it for you...if you want."

"That would be-"


Both hero and monster blinked before they looked down. Nori's mouth opened slightly in shock at the sight of a cream covered strawberry nestled between her breasts. Neither of them moved before a noise hit their ears.

"Hehehe. Bullseye."

Nori turned to see a few young boys sitting at a booth across from her and Saitama. They had big grins and blushes on their faces, with one holding a spoon that had a small bit of whipped cream on it.

"H-Hey! That's not funny!" Nori whispered at them, hoping not to be too loud and draw attention to herself. She reached down to grab the berry, only for it to slide out of her fingers and deeper into her cleavage caused by the whipped cream.

"Yes it is!" one of the boys chuckled before he scooped another another strawberry and whip cream before aiming at her. "Here. Have another!" he said before flinging it at her. The piece of fruit flew straight for her breasts, only to be stopped in midair by a fork. The boys blinked before looking at Saitama as he brought the fruit away from Nori and stared at the boys with a frown.

"Food is meant to be eaten, not thrown at people." he told them. "Didn't your moms teach you any manners?"

"Who cares." one of boys said with a scoff. "What she doesn't know won't hurt us. And you better not try to squeal on us, or we'll scream and say you're harassing us. You got that, baldy?!"

Saitama just stared at them before shrugging.

"Okay, I won't." he said.

"Liar! Why should we believe you?!" the boy with the spoon asked. Saitama's only response was to point behind the trio.


The boys all turned pale before slowly turning around, seeing a middle-aged woman standing behind them with her arms crossed, an aura of rage surrounding her.

"I leave to get napkins and come back to find you boys flinging food at people again?!" she growled through grit teeth.

"M-Mom?!" yelped the boy with the spoon before he pushed it into his friend's hand. "It was him! He did it!"

"What?! Oh no you don't! This was your idea!" the boy yelled as he pushed the spoon back.

"No it wasn't! It was him!" the lead boy yelled as he gave the spoon to the last boy.

"Nuh uh! Not me!" the last boy yelled before the three of them began to push the spoon around and point at each other, a constant 'HE DID IT' being heard and drawing the attention of the other customers.

"ENOUGH!" the mother yelled before grabbing her son by the ear and the other two boys by their shirts. She then walked towards the door, but stopped and gave Saitama an apologetic smile. "I'm terribly sorry that my son ruined your date. I'll see to it his father knows about this and he is properly punished."

"No problem." Saitama said as the woman left the restaurant with her son and his friends. He blinked a few times before muttering, "Date?" He turned to Nori. "Is this a-"

"Stupid strawberry." Nori grumbled as she reached between her tits, making them bounce and jiggle as she fished for the piece of fruit. "Where are you?" she groaned before she finally pulled it out. "Got it. Rotten strawberry sunk deep down the-" she began before she noticed Saitama staring at her, eyes wide and cheeks pink. She looked at him, then down at her creamed covered breasts and shirt, and turned red before quickly getting up. "Excuse me!" she quickly said before she power walked towards the restrooms.

"That was...hmm." Saitama said before looked at the strawberry on his fork, then shrugged. "Waste not and all that." he said before he bit off a part of the strawberry. "These restaurants always seem to get the best fruit." he mumbled as he chewed before he put the rest into his mouth. 'I wonder if the one Nori took is this juicy. And the whipped cream as well. Well, maybe not since it was...'

"Saitama~ Hungry?" Nori asked as she a cream covered strawberry from out of her cleavage before holding it out towards him. "Say ah~"


Saitama's eyes flew open after that image came to him, which let him hear the sound of metal being crunched and a nasty metal taste in his mouth.

"What the-?" he began before he spit what was in his mouth into his napkin. He stared at the four little metal pieces before looking at his fork, which was now missing it's points. "Oh crap!" he whispered before he quickly looked around before wrapping it all up in his napkin and setting it aside. "Maybe if I apologize, they won't ban me?" he asked himself while sweating a bit. 'Calm down. Think of something. Maybe it won't be that expensive. Yeah. I can just pay to have it replaced. I mean, it's just one fork. It's nice like this is a five star place. It's not real silver.' After thinking that and taking a few deep breaths, he finally calmed down.

"Happy birthday."

Saitama opened his eyes and looked up at a different booth not too far away to see a man giving a woman a present, along with a delicious looking slice of cake. He watched as the woman squealed in joy before they kissed-

Why do you think I kissed you?

Saitama blinked, wondering why he was suddenly thinking about Vaccine Woman.

'What is up with me lately?' Saitama thought as he took his spoon as a replacement for his fork and began to eat again. He kept on having to stop eating at times since images of Nori kept popping into his mind. And after a while, images of all the other women started to come to him.

Images of Ki lying down in his apartment and watching TV while wearing clothes that showed a lot of skin.

Images of Captain Mizuki, Beast Queen, and Kogane in their outfits that clung to their bodies during their workout.

He smiled when he remembered a moment when Ki dragged him to a spot to see the Deep Sea Queen relaxing next to a spot in the ghost town that was full of water, her foot dunked into the water making her body swell until her nipple pasties pop off. He couldn't help but chuckled when he remembered her seeing them before hopping in the water and glaring at them with a blush from just above the surface.

He then thought to when Mosquito Girl had delivered some food for him. The two were on the rooftop watching the sunset, and Mosquito Girl feeding him bites of fresh takoyaki.

"Here Saitama~ Open wide and say Hey! Saitama! Wake up, dude!" she yelled, the chopsticks breaking in her fingers.

Saitama's eyes flew open before he looked around at the inside of the restaurant.

"Did I fall asleep?" he asked himself.

"Must've been a good dream. You were smiling and blushing."

Saitama turned and looked to see Metal Bat standing next to his booth.

"Yo." Metal Bat greeted with a smile.

"Hi...uh...I know I've met you before..." Saitama muttered.

"It's Metal Bat." the Class-S hero reminded him. "Man, Genos was right. You do have trouble remembering people.

"My bad." Saitama said before snapping his fingers. "Now I remember. You were there at the resort with all the other heroes from Class-S. What are you doing here?"

"I promised my little sister I'd make it up to her for missing her piano recital. Since Amai Mask wouldn't give me an autograph to give her, she made me bring her here for breakfast." Metal Bat explained before sighing and scratching the back of his head. "Sometimes I hate being in Class-S."

"Really? I heard all the heroes want to be in Class-S." said Saitama.

"It's true that we get the biggest paychecks and other cool perks, like my bat." Metal Bat replied while tapping his signature weapon in his hand. "It's strong enough that it won't break, no matter how much I go all out on monsters."

"Cool. So what's the problem with being in Class-S?" Saitama asked.

"Class-S gets called on for the most difficult jobs. I'm not saying I'll turn them down if there's a monster loose that needs killing. I just hate that they seem to either call at the worst possible time or call something stupid a serious assignment and force us to do it." Metal Bat explained.

Saitama looks at him and nods along, "Yeah, that's true. But hey, if a hero doesn't show up to save the people, then who will?"

Metal Bat looks both ways then replies, "Damn straight my man."

"Who were you looking for?" Saitama asked, curious on who would put an S-class hero on edge.

"Making sure my sister wasn't around when I swear." replied Metal bat.

Saitama looked around and didn't see anyone who looks similar to Metal Bat. "You said you brought your sister here. Where is she?"

"Restroom." Bat answered before looking down at the two plates of food. "Guess I'm not the only one who came with someone else. Let me guess. On a date?"

"A date?" Saitama repeated before looking up in thought. "Is this a date?"

"What else is it?" Metal Bat asked before he noticed his sister walking towards him. "Oh, there you are, Zenko."

"Hi big bro. Who's this guy?" Zenko asked.

"This is Saitama. I told you about him, remember?" Bad said.

"You mean the Class-B hero that was with you and all the other Class-S heroes when the aliens came?" Zenko asked.

"That's me. You must be Metal Bat's sister." Saitama spoke up with a smile.

"Uh huh. My name's Zenko." Zenko introduced with a smile. "Are you one of my brother's friends?"

"Nah. We just met. More like work colleagues." Metal Bat answered.

"What he said." Saitama agreed.

"Shame. Big bro could use more friends." Zenko sighed before tilting her head and staring at Saitama."

"Something wrong?" Saitama asked.

"You look...different from what Nori described." Zenko admitted.

"You met Nori?" Saitama asked in mild surprise.

"Yeah. She said that her date was strong, wise, resilient, and very handsome." Zenko explained.

Both heroes looked at her, then at each other, then back at her.

"I am strong, but the other three don't sound like me." Saitama admitted. "Where is Nori?"

"Right there." Zenko said while pointing before her. Both of them looked up to see Nori standing there, her legs trembling and her face red.

"Oh, there you are." Saitama spoke up before he started to blush a little. "You...okay?"

"...whoa." Metal Bat said as he looked at her. The cream had been mostly cleaned up, but now the top of her breasts looked shiny from the water.

"Ahem!" Zenko coughed before kicking her brother's shin, snapping him out of it and making him look away.

"Hey." Saitama spoke up as he approached Nori. "You okay?"

"F-Fine! I'm just fine!" she quickly answered before whispering to Saitama. "It's Metal Bat!"

"I know that." Saitama answered.

"He's a Class-S hero!" she continued.

"I know that too."

"A Class-S hero that doesn't know what I am and will kill me if he does!"she elaborated, her face full of panic.

"Oh...Oh!" Saitama muttered in realization before smiling and whispering himself. "Well nobody else figured it out, so just be calm and nobody will know."

"Yo, Saitama. Something wrong?" Metal Bat asks after walking up behind him. Nori squeaked at the sight of him being closer before hiding behind Saitama as best she could. "What's with her?"

"She's just really shy around new people." Saitama explained while Nori looked up at Metal Bat.

"S-Sorry." Nori apologized.

"Don't worry about it. My brother can be intimidating." Zenko answered before taking her brother's hand and dragging him away. "Let's go already. I'm hungry and it's not nice to interfere with someone's date."

"D-Date?!" Nori yelped while the two siblings left.

"Is this a date?" Saitama asked her, making her look at him.

"...I don't know?" Nori answered before her stomach started to groan. "Ohhh."

"You okay?" Saitama asked.

"I'm fine. Just...all that's happening probably upset it is all." she said before the two sat back down to finish their food in peace. Sadly, peace wasn't allowed at that moment.

"That was the Class-S hero, Metal Bat!"

"Who's the bald guy he was talking to? A friend?"

"Maybe he's another hero?"

"I think that guy is Saitama."

"The one everyone calls a cheat? Why would Metal Bat speak to him?"

"Maybe the baldy's trying to get close and steal credit from him?"

Nori felt her anger grow at all the hurtful things they were saying. Saitama didn't care at all, but the next few things that were said caught his attention.

"Who's the lady with him?"

"Can't see her face, but wow!"

"I thought I'd seen big when I saw a picture of the Blizzard of Hell."

"Same here. That woman's stacked."

"They look shiny too. Think she's related to Superalloy Darkshine?"

Saitama watched as Nori fidgeted in her seat, visibly uncomfortable with all that was being said about her.

And that stirred something very unpleasant inside him.


The people who were watching and talking suddenly felt chills run down their spines as Saitama glared at them with a serious look.

"Do you all mind? We're trying to eat here."

The people were sweating as they could almost see the aura of anger coming off of Saitama before feeling a similar feeling coming from another direction.

"Don't any of you have any manners?" Metal Bat asked with his own glare and aura of rage. "It's rude to talk about someone like that."

The people were now feeling terror invade their bodies before they were suddenly swamped with a feeling of dread that encompassed both Saitama and Metal Bat's auras.

"You heard them."Zenko growled, her eyes narrowing at them after listening to them talk about Nori like that. "Quit talking and eat your food."

As if looking at a monster, the people complied and hastily went back to their meals, afraid to piss them off anymore than they were. When it looked they wouldn't interrupt anymore, the rage subsided.

"That was annoying." Saitama muttered before he looked at Nori, who now had her head down on the table. ""Hey, its alright. You don't have to pay to attention to other people. It's only your own opinion that matters." he said with a kind smile. His smile turned into a confused frown when a loud gurgling came from her, followed by her groaning. "What's wrong? Food not settling right?"

"No...that's not it." she said.

"Then what's wrong?" he asked. She said something, but it was too low to hear. "What'd you-" he began to ask before he noticed her hat start to bulge out. She looked up at him with regret before uttering one word.


The outside of the restaurant was calm before many of it's windows broke from a flood of red seafood spilling out of them and onto the streets, sending people inside the restaurant out and those outside the restaurant running.

"What's going on?! A monster attack?!"

"What's with all that red stuff?!"


Some of the people who had been watching were too stunned to move until they saw people entangled in the kombu.

"HEY! YOU OKAY?!" someone shouted.

"Oooh. What happened?" one of the customers asked before they looked at themself. "Is this seaweed?"

"Sure tastes like it." another said before spitting some out. "Where'd it all come from?"

"BAAHH!" Metal Bat gasped for air after poking his head out of the flood of red seaweed. "What happened?!" he asked before he tore some of the seaweed off himself and stood up, his bat in hand. "What's going...Zenko? ZENKO?!" he yelled, realizing his sister wasn't there

"Hey look! It's Metal Bat!" someone shouted, gaining the attention of others.

"Mr. Metal Bat! Is it a monster attack?"

"What's going on inside the restaurant?"

"Is it a food monster?!"

"Did you just beat a food mons-"

"SHUT IT ALREADY!" Metal Bat snapped before he turned towards the wrecked restaurant. "ZENKO! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

"*cough* Over here!" came her muffled voice. He turned to see her hand waving up from a heap of kombu not too far away.

"ZENKO!" he yelled before he ran over and began tearing the kombu away before she emerged. "Oh thank God! You're alright!" he said in relief while hugging her.

"Why are you getting like this? It's just kombu." Zenko pointed out, though inwardly glad to see her brother not acting so tough.

"Yeah, but enough of anything can crush anyone. Look at all this!" he said while gesturing to the massive amount of kombu.

"Whoa." Zenko muttered after finally looking at everything. "How'd she hide all this?"

"She?" Metal Bat asked, making Zenko gasp and slap her hands over her mouth.

"Uh...did I say she? I meant...sheesh, this day started off wrong!" she said with a nervous smile. Metal Bat didn't look amused. He may be a big brother, but this was one time he had to be a hero.

"Start talking, Zenko."

Saitama and Nori were hiding in an alley a good distance away from the restaurant. The bald hero had cut Nori's hair to it's original length before grabbing her and booking it before anyone noticed.

"I don't think anyone saw us." Saitama said as he peeked out from inside the alley. "You okay, Nori?"

"Not in the slightest." Nori answered.

"Why? What's-" Saitama began as he turned toward her. His eyes widened when he saw that her hair wasn't the only thing that'd grown. Her breasts had swelled up as well, annihilating her bra and stretching her top so much that tears formed here and there, causing her tit flesh to try and surge out. "...oh."

"This is a disaster! My hat's gone, I can't disguise my hair and my breasts are so big that they're about to tear my top off!" Nori exclaimed before growling and yelling while throwing her hands up. "COULD THIS GET ANY-"


Nori didn't know what just happened. Nori didn't want to know what just happened. All she knew was that her breasts no longer felt confined and that Saitama's eyes widened as his cheeks turned red, a part of red and gold cloth hanging off his head

With rising horror, she slowly looked down to see that most of her shirt was now in pieces on the ground, leaving her huge breasts out for the world to see.

She looked down at her breasts, then up to Saitama, then rapidly back and forth before realization kicked in.

"AH!" she yelped before she hugged her breasts to cover them.

"Crap! Sorry!" Saitama yelped as he turned away from her, the cloth on his head falling off.

"This...isn't...happening!" Nori declared, her eyes welling up.

"Here!" Saitama said while holding his hoodie in front of her with one hand, the other hand covering his eyes.

"Huh?" Nori said in confusion.

"Put it on before someone sees you!" he quickly told her while waving the hoodie in front of her.

"Uh, right!" she said before she grabbed it and quickly put it on. She fit it over her head and pulled it down over her stomach, only for it to ride up and expose it. "What the...?" she muttered before she pulled it down again, only to have it come back up. "Are you kidding me?! I can't pull it all the way down?!"

"You can't?" Saitama asked before he looked at her. He saw that her breasts had not only stretched out the hoodie, but also kept it from covering her stomach. "Oh." he said before he tried to think of something to say. "Well...Captain Mizuki and the Beast Queen have their stomachs exposed. Maybe...it's not so bad?" he finished with an awkward smile.

"Do you really mean that?" she asked, still looking a little sad. "It doesn't look too revealing?"

"It didn't look that revealing earlier." he said as he looked at her. With the hood up and the big eyes she was giving him, it made her look a little adorable. "Actually, you look cute."

Nori's eyes widened before she turned away, her hands covering her face.

"Y-You mean it?" she asked as her face became warm.

"Yeah." he said with a nod.

"I prefer adorable."

Both hero and monster looked to see Tatsu standing at the end of the alleyway before he walked towards them with a smile.

"Hello Nori and...Saitama, was it?" he greeted while Nori clung to Saitama.

"You're...who were you again?" Saitama asked, not remembering the man. Tatsu frowned at that before shrugging it off.

"I gotta say, it was quite hard tracking you two down." he said as he stopped a few feet away from them.

"Tracking us down? You some kind of stalker?" Saitama asked.

"Stalker? That's rude." Tatsu responded, sounding offended. "I just wanted to talk to little Nori there."

"Well I don't want to talk to you, so go away!" Nori yelled at him while hiding behind Saitama.

"Come now. Don't be that way." Tatsu said as he took a step forward, stopping when Saitama got between them.

"She said she doesn't want to talk to you. Now leave her alone." he said with a frown.

"Why would I do that?" Tatsu asked, his smile taking on a minute undertone of maliciousness.

"Because you're creeping her out and scaring her." Saitama answered. "Now stop bothering her and leave us alone."

"And what makes you think I'm going to listen to you? Because you're a hero?" Tatsu asked. "Sorry, but I don't listen to heroes. Especially not bad ones."

"Bad ones?" Saitama asked while raising an eyebrow before he felt Nori being pulled away. He turned to see her being restrained by two other men.

"Any hero that let's someone become a hostage isn't exactly a good hero." Tatsu said with a chuckle. "Nice job, Sabu and Yochan." he said as more men gathered from both sides of the alley.

"LET ME GO!" Nori yelled while struggling to get free.

"What are you doing?" Saitama asked with a glare.

"Move and she gets it!" one of the men warned while squeezing Nori's arm, making her wince in pain.

"Knock it off!" Saitama told them, making Tatsu laugh.

"Sorry baldy, but you're in no position to tell us what to do." Tatsu said with a chuckle.

"Why are you even doing this?" Saitama asked him.

"Long and short of it? I want Nori." he answered, making both hero and monster's eyes widen. "Don't look so surprised. She's small, she's shy, and she's more stacked than an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet." Tatsu explained before eyeing Nori's breasts, a confused frown coming over him. "Though I don't recall her being that big earlier."

"That's none of your business! And I'm not yours!" Nori yelled in anger. She knew she could take these guys on by herself, but doing so would expose herself as a monster.

"Yes you are." Tatsu said with a grin. "Unless, of course, you don't care about what we'll do to your fraud of a hero here."

"What?" Nori asked while Saitama looked confused.

"It's no surprise that people know he's a fake. He even said that he took all the credit for that fish monster incident." Tatsu elaborated. "And let's not forget the meteor a while back. Two Class-S heroes destroyed it, but he made a jump from near the bottom to almost all the way to the top of Class-C? If that doesn't scream 'fake', then I don't know what does."

"But...But that's the truth! He really did beat the Deep Sea Queen and helped with the meteor!" Nori yelled, making all but Saitama laugh.

"This chick's either naïve or likes this bald dope too much!" one of them chortled.

"Wow. You really have her wrapped around your finger." Tatsu said with a snicker. "Still, it'd be best for you to give up on her and just let her be my girlfriend."

"I don't think she'd want a boyfriend who has his friends hold her hostage and threaten her." Saitama said, his fist clenching.

"It really doesn't matter what she wants." Tatsu said, his smile falling to a frown. "I'm going to make it so that even a moron like you can understand. If you get in my way, or if Nori resists, my boys punish her. However, I can make it so that she doesn't get so much as a scratch...but only if you help me make it look like we saved her from a fake like you."

"Speaking of fake." one of the men holding Nori said while looking down at her breasts. "I'm wondering if these might be. They're far too big."

"They do look bigger than the last time I saw them." Tatsu said before smiling. "Lift the hoodie. Let's see what she's got."

"Gladly~" the thug said with a perverted grin before he grabbed the bottom of the hoodie.

Time seemed to slow down as the man raised her hoodie, with Nori's eyes growing wide in horror. However, they also seemed to grow more insane the further up it came.

'Let go...Let go...Let go!' Nori repeated in her head as her breasts started to show. Her body quivered in rage and her eyes started to change as the hem reached up to her nipples-


Everyone froze as a horrible sound echoed around the alley. Nori blinked a few times while the men all slowly looked down in front of her to see the man's hand being crushed by a strong grip. The man's body locked up, a silent scream escaping his gaping jaw while his eyes trailed up the hand of the one crushing his hand to Saitama's shadowed face.

"G...GYAAAAAAHH!" the man shrieked in pain as he brought his mangled hand to his face, his screaming intensifying as he took in the damage. What was once a hand was now a messy pile of flesh covered in blood with bones sticking out in quite a few places. "MY HAND! MY HAAAAND!"

"What'd he-" the other man holding Nori began before Nori pulled herself out of his grasp and clung to Saitama, who held her with one of his arms.

"Hey asshole! Didn't you hear what...Tatsu..." one of the thugs growled before it trailed off, his anger slowly morphing into terror.

Gone was the bland look that usually adorned Saitama's face, replaced by a calm mask that did nothing to hide the boiling lividity behind it.

"Hands off." Saitama warned in a low tone, making Tatsu and his thugs tremble.

"W-What are you doing?! Didn't you hear me?!" Tatsu yelled as he tried to regain the situation. "Don't you care that I can mess up your life any time I want?!"

"Do you really think I'm going to just stand by and let you treat someone like that?" Saitama asked, his fists clenching. Tatsu merely grit his teeth before straightening himself up and grinning.

"Fine. But don't say I didn't warn you." Tatsu said before whistling. "FRANKY! GET OUT HERE!"

Saitama merely raised an eyebrow as he saw the other thugs start grinning as well.

"Uh...Saitama?" Nori whispered while pointing at the huge shadow that just appeared at the alley's entryway. The thugs all smiled at the figure as it stood there.

"Alright big guy. I paid you well enough. Time to earn your money." Tatsu said before pointing at Saitama. "Do your thing. And make it good." he ordered. Saitama clenched his fists as he stared at the large man, waiting for him to attack. He waited...and waited...aaaand waited some more.

"Um...what's he supposed to do?" Saitama asked, his face going back to normal and his fists unclenching.

"Huh?" Tatsu asked before turning to the man. "Hey! Didn't you hear me?! I didn't pay you to stand there like an idiot! Thrash this baldy already!"

Everyone watched as the figure got closer before falling to the ground with a mighty thud. They all looked to see a burly man in biker clothes with a large red beard and bushy eyebrows lying on the ground, a large bleeding lump on the top of his bald head.

"Is that guy Franky?" Saitama asked.

"Franky!? What happened?!" one of the thugs yelled.

"If he's out, then what do we do?!" another thug asked in panic.

"If I were you, I'd get my money back."

Everyone turned to see Metal Bat standing where Franky was, his trademark weapon slung over his shoulder and a glare in his eyes.

"M-M-Metal Bat?!" a thug yelped in terror while another began waving his hands in front of himself.

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! It's not what it looks like!" he said with a nervous smile, his face coated in sweat.

"Oh really? Looks to me like you jackasses are ganging up on a couple out on the town." Metal Bat said.

"Nononono! We were actually...uh...stopping this bald bastard from doing something to this poor woman!" the thug quickly said.

"He's right! We saw this bald jerk trying to force himself on the little lady!" another thug spoke up.

"Oh really? And what about this guy here?" Metal Bat asked while looking down at Franky.

"H-He's a friend of ours! We wanted him to come along since we heard this guy was a hero! Such a shame when a hero falls from the light! Right?!" a thug said, sounding more confident. Metal Bat simply stared at them all before sighing.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" the teenage hero asked. "If I believed that kind of crap, I'd be the worst hero alive." He then began to walk towards them all, his bat gripped in both hands.

"H-Hold on! Let's talk this out!" a thug yelped before turning towards Tatsu. "Tatsu! Do something!...Tatsu?"

The thugs all looked to see that Tatsu had vanished, leaving them all alone.

"Looks like your leader up and bailed on you scumbags." Metal Bat said with a sneer as the men all paled. They turned towards an irate Metal Bat, then towards an irked Saitama, then at each other.

"...uh oh."

That was all that was said before the two heroes knocked the shit out of them. It was only five seconds, but the seven men that had accompanied Tatsu were now lying on the ground in a large unconscious heap next to Franky. Needless to say, the sight calmed Saitama down considerably.

"Thanks for that...Metal Bat, right?" Saitama said with a smile after taking a moment to remember his name.

"Thank you." Nori spoke up as well. The smiles fell off their faces when Metal Bat pointed his bat at them with a glare.

"We need to talk." he said before directing his bat towards Nori. "About her."

"Me?" Nori asked before she noticed Zenko watching from behind the wall outside the alley. "Zenko?"

"I'm really, really sorry Nori!" Zenko apologized with her head bowed low. The group had decided to leave the area and walked a good distance away from the public eye, leaving the Hero Association haul the thugs off while they spoke.

"Sorry? For what?" Nori asked.

"I...I know what you are...and I told my brother." Zenko answered, making Nori gasp in horror.

"You know?" Saitama asked while Metal Bat took his bat and swiftly lifted Nori's hood off her head, allowing her newly grown hair to come out and down to her ankles.

"That your friend here is a monster." Metal Bat answered as he glared daggers at Nori, who quickly put her hair back before hiding behind Saitama.

"Oh boy." Saitama sighed, knowing this could go very badly.

"B-B-But how?! How'd you know?!" Nori asked in a panic.

"It wasn't like I meant to!" Zenko yelled, equally panicked.

"Why are you hanging with a monster?!" Metal Bat demanded of Saitama.

"When?! Where?! How?!"


"I'm waiting for an answer, Saitama!"


The three of them stopped after Saitama roared at the top of his lungs, aggitated from all three of them screaming at once.

"All this shouting is giving me a headache." he groaned while digging into his left ear. He then looked down at Zenko. "Let's start from the beginning. How did you find out Nori was a monster?"

"I...I found out...back in the restroom of the restaurant." Zenko began.


Metal Bat and Zenko walk into the restaurant, with Zenko smiling and Metal Bat just looking bored and yawning.

"Did we have to come here so early? Couldn't we have come a little later?" Metal Bat complained.

"If we did, they might've run out of the good choices of food." Zenko countered. "Besides, you promised to take me here for missing my piano recital and for not getting me Amai Mask's autograph."

"I said I was sorry about the recital, and that pretty boy hero wouldn't give me one to give you." Metal Bat replied.

"My brother and I argued a bit before I told him to find us a seat while I used the restroom."

Zenko is now inside the restroom and just finished using the toilet inside the stall. She reached for the door before she heard someone grumbling.

"Stupid, stupid kids." she heard a woman bemoan.

"I didn't know who was talking, but she sounded like she was on the verge of crying."

Zenko quietly opened the stall door just enough and peeked through to see Nori standing at the sink and using a damp handkerchief to wipe off the cream from her shirt and breasts.

'Wow. She's...big!' Zenko thought when she saw Nori's breasts before Nori just sighed after the stain refused to come out. She watched as Nori took off her hat and looked at herself, allowing Zenko to see her short kombu hair and let out a silent gasp.

"When I saw her hair, I knew that she was a monster. I got scared and quietly started to text out a warning to my brother. But as I was typing, I heard something I didn't expect to hear.

"...Why?...Why couldn't today be perfect?"

"I didn't know if I was hearing things, so I peeked out again at her."

"First that creep hits on me. Then all those people stared at me. Now little kids are throwing fruit at me." Nori listed off, her eyes scrunched shut as tears started to leak out. "This sucks."

"It was the first time I'd ever seen a monster cry or sound so sad. All the monsters that I've seen on the news were violent and crazy, always ranting about how they wanted to destroy everything. But when I saw Nori...I didn't know what to think."

Zenko just watched as Nori quietly cried to herself before looking down at her phone.

-Big Bro! There's a monster in the bathroom! HELP!-

That was the text she'd prepared to send to her brother, her finger hovering over the SEND button. She looked at her phone, then at Nori, then back at her phone...and put the phone away.

"I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't do it. I felt that if I did, I'd have regretted it. Still, I was curious, so I took a big chance."

Zenko opened the door and walked out of the stall.

"Do you need help with that?" she asked, making Nori jump before quickly putting her hat back on and spinning to face Zenko.

"Where'd you come from?!" Nori yelped.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you." Zenko apologized with her hands raised in a placating manner. "I was inside this stall and heard you." she explained as she took in the stain on Nori's shirt. "Who did that?"

"Some little boys." Nori answered as she tried to wash the stain out again while Zenko rolled her eyes.

"Of course it was." she muttered before she approached. "Want some help?"

"Can you get whipped cream out of this?" Nori asked as she gestured at her top.

"Maybe not all of it, but I can help." Zenko offered before she wet her handkerchief and helped try to get the cream out.

"Thanks." Nori said with a smile under her hat before sighing. "It's just been one thing after another today."

"With those boys you mentioned?" Zenko asked.

"And some other stuff." Nori answered as the cream was gone, letting them move on to the stained parts of her top. "People staring at me. Creeps hitting on me. Is it too much to ask to have some time alone with Saitama?!"

"Who's Saitama?" Zenko asked.

"He's a hero and a...very special person." Nori answered with a smile.

"I don't know any hero named Saitama." Zenko said after thinking for a moment. "What's he like?"

"After I asked, Nori began to say so much about Saitama. How he was a kind man. How he saved people despite all the bad rumors about him. How handsome he was."


"It's what you said. But it was the last part that really got my attention."

"Sounds like he's a really great guy." Zenko said after listening to Nori.

"He is." Nori nodded with a smile. "If not for him, my sisters and a lot of our friends would still be...well, we weren't exactly good people."

"What do you mean?" Zenko asked.

"We were as bad as monsters. We didn't care about anyone but ourselves and wanted to hurt others." Nori explained, a subtle undertone of guilt tinging her voice before she smiled. "But after meeting Saitama, we're all getting better."

"That's good." Zenko said as she dried what she could of the top. It looked a lot better, but was still slightly discolored. "Maybe he could change real monsters too."

"I don't doubt it." Nori said with a smile before they headed for the door. "Thank you again...I don't believe I caught your name."

"I'm Zenko." the little girl answered.

"Nori." Nori replied before they left the bathroom.


"And then Nori's hair exploded and those punks harassed Nori and Saitama and...here we are." Zenko finished up.

The three just stood there after hearing her story, each with different expressions.

Metal Bat just looked confused about the whole thing, Nori looked terrified that her secret was known to the two of them, and Saitama...well he was the same as usual. The Class-S hero was the first to shake his shock off before looking at Saitama and Nori.

"So you're telling me that she's a monster...but she's not a bad one?" he asked while Nori hid behind Saitama.

"Yeah. She was bad, but not anymore." Saitama answered.

"And, from what Zenko said, there are other monsters like her that are nice?" Metal Bat continued. Nori slowly nodded. Metal Bat just glared at the two of them before hardening his gaze.

"Let's say I believe you. How exactly did you pull that off?" he asked before spitting in his hands and tightening his grip on his bat. "And it better be good."

"I beat them in a fight and they surrender, give them a rule to never kill again, and they live." Saitama explained.

"And that works?" Metal Bat asked in a tone that said he didn't believe Saitama. "How?"

"Because he's strong and we're terrified of being killed." Nori answered.

"A lot of monsters get beaten by heroes everyday. None of them suddenly turn nice. Not even for us in Class-S." Metal Bat countered.

"It's different with Saitama! We're-" Nori began before realizing what she was saying and clamped her mouth shut.

"You're...what?" Zenko asked while the two heroes looked at Nori, making her fidget in place.

"Something wrong, Nori?" Saitama asked as he walked up to her. He raised an eyebrow when she looked away and avoided eye contact.

'She's always been shy, but this is different.' Saitama thought. He then knelt down to her level before gently turning her gaze towards him, allowing him to see her eyes welling up.

"What's wrong, Nori?" Saitama asked.

"...We're all still scared of you." she admitted, tears rolling down her cheeks. The three humans grew confused before she continued. "Even though you're so nice to us and we've made friends with other humans, we...we can't get past it." she continued while holding a hand over her heart. "That feeling from seeing or feeling your strength terrifies all of us monsters. If we ever have even a mere thought about going against you or attacking humans..." she trailed off as she started to hyperventilate, her gaze falling to the ground. "It's like we can feel your fist smashing into our hearts, sending terror throughout our bodies. We can't even try in our dreams! All we can see is that fist of yours coming at as and pasting us all over the-"

Nori's horrified rant was cut off when she felt a hand place itself on the top of her head. She was still for a second before she slowly lifted her gaze up to see Saitama giving her a kind smile.

"I know you and the other monsters are good. So do all the other heroes." Saitama told her. "So you don't have to live in fear of me or them. Alright?"

"B-But...we're monsters. We-" Nori began before Saitama gently rubbed her head.

"Yeah, but you haven't attacked any humans since our fight." Saitama answered before pausing and giving her a blank look and whispering. "Aside from those times you get grabby with the others with your hair."

Nori's eyes widened before she averted them, a blush forming on her face.

"Sorry." she muttered.

"It's in the past." Saitama said, his smile returning as he gently ruffled her hair. "So don't worry about it. Alright?"

Nori was completely frozen as she stared at Saitama, her eyes slowly welling up again. Finally, she lunged and buried herself into his chest, catching him off guard as she sobbed her heart out.

Saitama blinked in confusion before slowly embracing her, letting the little monster cry.

"...This is...beyond weird." Metal Bat whispered to himself as he and Zenko just watched with wide eyes, neither of them able to fully grasp what they were seeing.

"Big bro?" Zenko began, her eyes still stuck to Nori and Saitama. "Do you think monsters...can become good?"

"...I don't know." he answered, his eyes not leaving the hugging pair. "I'm still trying to believe what I'm seeing."

The brother and sister just watched in silence as Nori cried for a bit before calming down and relaxing in Saitama's embrace, a smile forming as she found comfort in his warmth. Saitama, however, was only calm on the outside. The reason?

'She is...very huge...and soft.'

His mind had finally caught up to this fact as he felt her body pressing up against his.

He was given a break from this thought when she finally let go and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Thanks, Saitama. I needed to hear that." she said with a smile before it fell when she noticed Metal Bat and Zenko. "What...do we do now?"

"Hmm?" Saitama muttered before turning to the hero and his sister. "Oh...yeah."

The four of them could only stare in an uncomfortable silence that seemed to stretch on forever. Finally...

"Please...don't rat us out." Nori begged in a tiny voice, her body trembling and tears spilling from her eyes.

Metal Bat just raised an eyebrow before he felt something tug his pant leg. He looked down to see Zenko giving him a pleading look. He flinched at the look before looking between the two girls before running his hand down his face.

"Can't believe I'm doing this." he grumbled before raising his voice. "Fine! I won't say nothing! Happy?!"

Nori gave a gasp of joy while Zenko hugged his leg, making him groan while Saitama just had a small smile.

"Thanks big bro." Zenko said.

"Yeah yeah." Metal Bat grumbled before glaring at Saitama. "But I want to know exactly what's going on. And don't think I didn't catch what you said before about other heroes knowing about this."

"Uh oh." Nori muttered, worried about what the others would think when they hear about this.

"Alright. I'll explain." Saitama said before they heard a low rumble. Three of them looked around before they turned to a blushing Zenko, who was holding her stomach.

"Can we get something to eat while we're listening? I didn't get a chance to eat before all the chaos happened." she said, making a few of them chuckle.

'I'm going to die.'

That was the thought that was running through the minds of Swim and Raptora, both hero and monster trembling in wide-eyed terror as Raptora gazed down at the sword to her throat and Swim stared down the barrel of the gun aimed at her head.

"Mind telling me what you're doing here, Flash?" Zombiewoman asked, her glare shifting to the Class-S ninja.

"If I had to guess, I'd say the same reason you're here." Flash answered, his eyes not leaving the back of the monster he was inches from killing.

"If that's true, then perhaps these two can answer some questions for the both of us." Zombiewoman said before huffing out some smoke. "About a hero by the name of Saitama."

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Life sucks. Hope you all enjoyed.