Episode 1: A Chance Encounter

The bell rang through the halls of St. Christina's private high school. Signaling the end of final period and the school day. The students were quick to rise from their seats. Their teachers spouting reminders of homework, and projects as the teens poured from the classrooms.

One such student, was Molly Mhan. She walked through the halls, chatting idly with her friends. Once she was sure there were no teachers or faculty about. She untied the bow around the neck of her uniform and rolled up her sleeves. Exposing more of her olive colored skin. With a sigh, she gave a gentle shake of her head. The bangs of her long black hair swaying with her movements.

Molly and her friends made their way out onto the school grounds, continuing their conversation. Once they reached the gate, the group parted ways. Molly waved goodbye to her friends, before turning the corner. Soon spotting her digimon partner, Liollmon, waiting for her patiently.

He appeared like a lion cub and was about the same size. A red tuft of hair sat atop his head, with a matching one at the end of his tail. Wrapped about his neck, was a golden collar, with an emerald pendant.

"How was your day?" Liollmon asked as he approached.

"Oh you know, same old, same old." she replied, reaching down to give the lion a quick scratch behind the ears. "How bout you?"

"Nothing too exciting. Though I did catch a bird earlier today." He smacked his lips. "It was delicious."

Molly stuck out her tongue with a grimace. "Ugh that's gross." She quickly shook the thought from her mind. "Anyway, why don't we head over to digimon town, and get some real food?"

Liollmon frowned a little. "You know your father doesn't like it when you don't head straight home."

She clicked her tongue, and harrumphed. "Yeah well, he can stuff it."

Liollmon sighed heavily. He knew trying to convince her was a fruitless effort, so he relented.

"Fine. But, you should at least tell your mother."

A satisfied smirk crossed the girl's lips. "Yeah I know. I'll call her right now."

She quickly whipped out her phone, clicked her mother's number on her contact list, and brought the device to her ear. There was only a couple of rings, before a soft ,gentle voice answered on the other end.

"Hello, sweetheart." greeted her mother.

"Hey mom. I was just gonna let you know me and Liollmon are gonna head over to Oni Bowl, in digimon town to grab a bite."

"Oh, I'm glad you called when you did then. I was just about to get dinner started."

Molly overheard the distinct sound of running water, and dishes clattering.

"Do you want anything while I'm out?" Molly asked.

Her mother pondered for a moment before replying. "If you could get me a spicy chicken soup that would be great."

"Yeah sure thing. Oh, and...don't tell dad about this okay?"

There was a sigh on the other end of the line. "I...don't think you'll have to worry about that dear."

There was a pause, Molly's brow knit, and her shoulders slumped. "He's working late again, isn't he?"

Her mother gave a hum of confirmation.

Molly breathed heavily through her nose. "Why am I not surprised?"

There was a few moments of awkward silence, before Molly spoke up again. "Anyway, spicy chicken soup right?"

Her mother replied with another affirmative hum.

"Okay, we'll be back after a while."

"Alright sweetheart, you and Liollmon stay safe. And don't stay out too late."

Molly rolled her eyes a little. "We will, don't worry."

"Love you both!"

"Love you too, bye."

With that, Molly hung up, and stuffed her phone back into her bag. She then glanced down at her partner.

"We're good to go! Oh and mom sends her love."

Liollmon smiled a little at that and the two headed off to the nearest street corner.

They soon waved down a passing taxi and got inside. Once the driver was directed to digimon town, they were off.

Around the same time that Molly and Liollmon stepped into their taxi. An armored truck was being prepared for transport in a secret location. Soldiers, fully clad in black kevlar armor, stood at the ready. All of them equipped with conventional assault rifles, as well as special anti digimon weaponry.

When fired, these weapons would release a powerful magnetic pulse, that would disrupt a digimon's digital structure, and damage it. They were less effective at taking down giant, or more evolved digimon, but were certainly better than the rifles. Which were about as effective as a beebee gun, when it came to dealing with most champion level digimon.

They all waited as their cargo was gently rolled in. It was a seven foot tall cylindrical container. That was being carried in on a large mechanical trolley and was secured by thick iron clamps. A series of tubes were attached to its bottom and top, each one filled with a neon bluish green fluid. Most of the tube was covered in metal plate. That not only protected it from harm, but stopped any prying eyes from seeing what it contained.

A pair of scientists and several engineers, walked along with it, the soldier's captain strolling just ahead of them. Once they reached the armored car, the captain stood aside. Allowing the scientists,and engineers, to begin the delicate process of moving the capsule inside and securing it into place. When everything was in place, it was double, and triple checked. Nothing could be taken to chance. Not with such a precious piece of cargo.

"It looks like you're ready to go captain." said one of the scientists, as she stepped out of the car.

The captain gestured a thumb to the back of the truck. "What exactly are we carrying?" he asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

The woman adjusted her lab coat, before replying. "I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to say, captain."

He nodded in understanding. As he was fully aware that some things we're just need to know. With a nod, the woman took her leave, her colleague, and the engineers following.

The captain turned on his communication headset. "This is alpha one to bravo two. Package is secure. I repeat, package is secure. Over."

"Roger that, alpha one. We're ready to move when you are, over."replied another voice on the other end of the coms.

"Roger, over, and out." The captain turned about to face his soldiers. "Alright let's get this thing moving! Everybody file in!"

At their commander's orders, the squad lined up, and slowly filed into the back of the truck. Their captain followed in after, and closed the doors behind him. The words 'FOX ENT.' were printed on their exterior. After giving the go ahead to the driver, the armored truck was off. A pair of armored transports soon rolled in beside it. One moved up ahead, while the other hung back, the armored truck sandwiched between them. The convoy of vehicles then rolled out of the secret facilities gate, and on to their destination.

Molly leaned against the door of the taxi, and stared out the window. She watched people, and the occasional digimon, pass by. The majority of the digimon being partnered with a human. Ever since the human, digimon exchange, and peace treaty, such a thing had become more commonplace. Digimon would often immigrate over, in hopes of starting fresh, or finding partners of their own. The reverse also being true for humans.

Molly recalled when she applied to get her own partner. It was a long arduous process, involving all kinds of paperwork, and other bureaucracy. Thankfully because of her father's position within the department of digital affairs, or DDA for short, they were able to bypass some of it.

Once that process was done there was the matter of a small personality test, to try and find a good match. Molly met several digimon before Liollmon. The two hit it off almost instantly, their personalities seeming to compliment one another. Finally, there was a grace period, allowing the two to bond a little, before a final decision was made. The two were then approved, and officially made partners.

It had been almost six years since then.

It was about a twenty minute drive, before the duo reached the edge of digimon town. When they arrived at the next street corner, Molly tapped the back of the driver's chair, getting his attention.

"This is good, you can drop us off here."

The cab came to a stop, and Molly payed off the driver with her debit card. She and Liollmon were then back on foot and walked the last block or so to their destination.

Molly loved walking the streets of digimon town. It had such a different vibe to the rest of the city. Buildings were a mixture of human architecture and the oddities of digimon design. Most, if not all signs, were written in multiple languages, including digicode.

The name 'digimon town' was kind of interesting in and, of itself . As it was actually not called that in any official capacity. It was simply an area of downtown, close to one of the largest artificial portals to the digital world. So, many digimon immigrated from there, making the majority of the population digimon. Hence why many people began to refer to it as digimon town, and the name stuck.

The two soon arrived at a small hole in the wall restaurant. The sign above the door was neon, with a picture of an oni eating a steaming bowl of noodles. With the name 'Oni Bowl' written below it. Another bit of new writing caught the eye of Liollmon. It was a sloppy bit of graffiti, with the words 'Go back home freak!' written in bright red. Liollmon scowled at the words, his fur bristling. Molly noticed this, and followed the cat's eyes. A similar look of anger coming over features.

The two quickly shook it off, before heading inside, a little bell ringing as they opened the door. They were immediately assaulted by the delicious smells within. The distinct sound of sizzling meat, and boiling water filling the air.

"Hey, if it isn't my favorite customers!" a gruff voice called.

The duo turned, to see a burly green humanoid digimon, standing behind the counter.

A pair of upward curving horns, grew from the sides of his head. He wore a large black apron, flecks of flower dotting it. His long flowing locks of white, were put up in a hair net.

"Hey, Ogremon!" Molly greeted with a wave.

The two then approached the counter.

"How have you been?" Liollmon asked, leaping up onto a nearby stool.

"Pretty good, nothing too exciting." Ogremon replied, wiping his hands on a nearby tea towel. "I did finally apply for the partner registry though!"

"Oh wow, that's great!" Molly exclaimed.

Ogremon smiled brightly. "I know. I'm super excited! It'll be a long wait, but worth it. So, what can I get for you?"

"I'll have a sizzling beef bowl please! With extra spring onion." Molly answered.

"A shrimp, and garlic rice for me." Liollmon said, raising a paw.

Ogremon quickly wrote down their orders. "Anything else?"

"Yeah, a spicy chicken noodle soup for my mom."

"Alrighty, I'll have it whipped up in a jiffy!"

Ogremon stepped back from the counter, and headed into the kitchen. The space was quite open, allowing customers to watch him work. While he worked away preparing the ingredients, Molly decided to broach a particular subject.

She leaned forward onto the counter. "So, I couldn't help but notice that new bit of signage outside."

Ogremon glanced back at her curiously, as he expertly diced up an onion. "Do what now?"

"She means the graffiti outside, Ogremon." Liollmon answered, with a bit more venom than he intended.

Ogremon was already slicing some garlic, when he replied. "Oh, that? Don't worry about it. Just a bunch of neighborhood kids. I'll wash it off later. Ain't no skin off my nose."

Liollmon's fur bristled. "How can you just take that! You don't deserve to be treated that way!"

Her partner nodded heartily in agreement.

"I just learned to pay people like that no mind." Ogremon replied, as he pulled down a large wok, and put it over the stove. "I'm used to prejudice, being a virus type digimon and all. I've just learned to let that sort of stuff go." He poured a glug of oil into the hot pan, a loud sizzle soon filling the air.

The duo wanted to argue the point further, but decided it was best to let it go. So they quickly changed the subject to more mundane small talk. Chatting it up about various things, as Ogremon worked away in the kitchen. Just as the cook promised, the two's orders were ready to go in almost no time. Liollmon, and Molly ate there's right away, while her mom's order was packed to go. After their meal, the pair said their thanks, and headed out.

They walked down the block, and out of digimon town. Coming back out onto the main street. Molly called up her mother once more, and brought the phone up to her ear. After only a couple of rings, a loud static noise filled her ear. Making her recoil, and almost drop the device.

She looked down at the screen curiously. There was no longer any signal. The screen image was warped, with bits of static crackling along it.


Liollmon suddenly felt a surge of energy in the air. It resonated subtly, like an electric charge. His eyes narrowed, hair standing on end.

Molly turned to her partner curiously. "What's wrong?"

"Something's coming."

When the two had first met, she would have paid no mind to a such a warning. However, she quickly learned that digimon had a sort of sixth sense about danger. So, she quickly pulled out her digivice from her bag. A small smartphone like device, that was issued by the DDA to all official recognized digimon, and human partner pairs.

Soon, the electric energy in the air grew stronger. All the nearby streetlights began to flicker, and change. LED advertisements turned to static. Televisions, and other electrical devices flickered on and off in display windows. Traffic suddenly came to a standstill, as all the cars electric engines began to go haywire. Including the mysterious convoy of armored vehicles.

The captain knocked on the back of the driver's cabin. "What's the hold up?"

A small slot opened on the wall,revealing the driver's face. "I'm not sure captain, the engine just cut out on me." He looked out through the window. "And it looks like we're not the only ones.

Before the captain could offer any reply, a voice came over his comm. The words were staticy, but the captain could still make them out.

"Alpha one, this is Bravo two, come in. Over."

"I read you Bravo two, go ahead."

"We're reading a powerful electrical disturbance on our instruments. Over."

The captain frowned slightly. "An electrical disturbance? Like an EMP? Over."

"Negative sir. It's signal is completely different. It's more like...a digital field."

"A digital field?!" The comm was suddenly filled with only static. "Bravo two? Come in, Bravo two!"

Just as the captain was about to head outside, a thunderous boom crackled through the air. He paused for a moment, his soldiers looking about anxiously.

"Stay with the cargo!" he commanded. "I'm going to go and see what's going on out there."

"Yes sir." one of the soldiers replied, the others giving a single nod.

With a bit of effort, the captain opened up the double doors, and stepped out into the street. He looked around, to see many of the civilians had stepped out of their cars as well. All of them were staring upward in awe. The captain followed their eyes, and looked skyward as well. A gasp of shock escaped his lips, as he saw what had held their attention.

Floating, thirty feet above the ground, was a pulsing portal of light. Pixels of shimmering data made up it's entire structure. A multitude of zeros and ones flickered along its edges.

Just as everyone else, Molly,and Liollmon stared up the portal as well.

"What is that?" the girl asked, taking a cautious step back.

"It's a digital gate." Liollmon answered, as he extended his claws.

She turned to him shock. "A digital gate?! Here? But that doesn't make any sense! They're not supposed to just open up randomly like that!"

"That's what worries me."

The digital gate began to pulse and flash even more erratically. All the electronics in the general vicinity doing the same. Slowly, more pixels of data poured forth from within. They formed together, coalescing into solid shapes. With another flash, a trio of forms fully came into being.

All three, were giant tyrannosaur like digimon. Two, were colored a bright red, with green stegosaurus like plates growing along their spines. Their hands ended in a trio of sharp claws.

The third dinosaur had black skin, and a number of scars. The plates upon its back were jagged and sharp. It's arms were longer than its companions, and were wrapped with leather straps. Its twin claws were reinforced with riveted metal, and gleamed with razor sharpness.

Without ceremony, the trio dropped down from the portal. Cars were crushed beneath their feet, and a heavy tremor rippled through the earth. They raised their heads high, and roared in unison. Screams of terror, and panic followed, everyone running away with all speed. Liollmon quickly pushed her partner toward a nearby doorway. To avoid being trampled by the escaping crowd. Molly took in a steadying breath, and said her thanks.

Liollmon gave her a nod, before taking a peek around the corner. "Tyrannomon, and DarkTyrannomon. I've come across them before."

"But, why are they here?!" Molly shouted, her voice just audible above the screaming crowd.

"I have no idea." Liollmon replied with a shake of his head.

After recovering from the shock of the dinosaurs arrival. The captain swung open the doors of the armored car.

"Let's go people! We have a code red! Everyone into position! We have to defend the cargo!"

The soldiers quickly filed out as ordered, and began moving into formation. The other armored transports opened up as well, their occupants marching out with practiced speed. With another command from their captain, they unshouldered their weapons and took aim. The magnetic weapons whirred, and charged with energy.

"Open fire!"

Triggers clicked, and barrels flashed, releasing pulses of blue, electromagnetic energy. They blasted into the side of one of the Tyrannomon. The champion roared in pain, as bolts of energy ripped through it. It quickly turned to face the attacking soldiers, and opened its maw wide. From the back of its throat, there was the telltale glow of flame. In a loud rush, fire blasted forth from within, spewing out as a gout of searing flame.

The soldiers all ran to avoid the flames, taking cover wherever they could find it. The blaze washed over everything in its path. Cars exploded into blazing infernos and nearby windows shattered. When the flames finally passed, the squad all leapt out of hiding, and continued to open fire.

With a groan, the injured Tyrannomon fell to one knee. The DarkTyrannomon came to it's side, and roared in challenge at the soldiers. It then made a running charge down the street. Everything in its path was knocked aside, flaming cars going flying in several directions. The soldiers quickly changed their target to the charging beast. This did not slow the champion however, its hide more easily withstanding the blasts.

"It's going to hit the cargo! Keep firing!" The captain shouted at the top of his lungs.

The soldiers continued to unload, as the DarkTyrannomon barreled toward them. Still, the dinosaur kept coming, its body smashing into the armored caravan like a freight train. All three of the transports were flipped over onto the side of the street. The mysterious cargo was knocked around. One of the clamps keeping it in place flew loose. While several tubes, and wires snapped along its bottom.

DarkTyrannomon came to a stop in the midst of the soldiers, all of them still unloading their weapons. The champion took in a deep breath, before unleashing a blast of fire downward. The explosion of flame burned the soldiers to ash. Only a select few escaped the blast. All of them blown back by the force of the explosion that followed. They went flying through the window of a nearby building. Their unconscious, and injured bodies soon covered by the collapsing ceiling.

As the roaring flame passed, Molly, and Liollmon dared to peek out from their hiding place. They spotted the third Tyrannomon smashing apart nearby buildings. It momentarily paused in its destruction, and sniffed the air. His pupils turned to slits, and he turned about, zeroing in on the two. With a thunderous roar he charged, sending small tremors rippling through the street.

Liollmon moved in front of his partner, baring his fangs, as the dinosaur approached. The Tyrannomon roared again, before unleashing a ball of searing fire. It sailed over the two's heads, exploding into the building above them. Molly staggered from the shockwave, bracing herself on a nearby wall. As the smoke cleared, a loud crack sounded from above.

Molly and Liollmon looked upward, to see a large crack had formed on the building. With a loud snapping noise, a large chunk of the building fell away. Plummeting down toward the two.

Molly's digivice quickly flashed. A robotic voice emanating from within. "Danger detected. Digivolution limiters released."

The girl screamed, bracing herself for the oncoming impact. Her partner let out a powerful roar, his form soon surrounded by shining light.

"Liollmon digivolve to…"

In mere milliseconds, Liollmon's body was torn apart into millions of data particles. Leaving only a vague form of himself, composed of golden energy. The energy form began to shift and morph, taking on a humanoid form. The data particles then gathered to him once more, forming his new body. He now stood eight feet in height. Taking on the form of a lion man. Scars, marked his rippling, muscular body. He had a wild mane of sandy blonde fur. His upper body was bare. Save for a necklace of fangs. His lower body was covered by long black pants, torn at their bottoms. A heavy long sword was sheathed on the back of his waist. Kept in place by several leather straps.


With new found strength, Leomon caught the hunk of rubble. Molly dared to open her eyes, looking up to see her partner, holding up the rubble above his head. With some effort, he heaved it aside. Before turning to his partner worriedly.

"Are you alright?" he asked, his voice deep, and booming.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks, Leomon." she replied with a smile.

The two were suddenly interrupted by the sound of the Tyrannomon's roar. Leomon spun about to face him, fists at the ready. With a low growl, flames gathered in the dinosaurs throat once more. Before firing out as another searing fireball. Leomon quickly picked up Molly in his arms, and leapt into the air. Completely dodging the fireball.

He came to land on top of another nearby building. With gentle care, he then placed Molly down.

"You stay here. I'll handle this."

Molly gave a single nod. "Go get em Leomon."

Leomon nodded back, and leapt down from the building. Coming to land only a few feet away from the vicious Tyrannomon. The dinosaur growled, and swiped at Leomon with one of his claws. Using both his hands, Leomon caught the Tyranomon's claws. He then shoved its arm aside, sending the dinosaur off balance.

The lion man then leapt into the air, and smashed the Tyrannomon's face with a powerful right hook. Following it up with a spinning kick. Both of the attacks, creating small shockwaves as they struck.

The dinosaur staggered back for a moment, before recovering. It roared angrily at Leomon, and fired off a ball of red flame. Leomon rolled out of the fireball's path, getting just out of the explosion that followed.

Leomon pulled his fist back, focusing his energy. "Fist Of The Beast King!"

As he loosed a powerful punch, an orange aura gathered around his fist. The aura quickly took on the form of a giant lion's head. A powerful roar ripped through the air, as the attack flew from Leomon's fist. The energy attack smashed into the Tyrannomon. With incredible force, it burst through its chest, leaving a gaping hole in its wake. The dinosaur let out one last roar, as data began to pour forth from the wound. It faded in and out for a brief moment, before completely disappearing in an explosion of zero's and ones.

The black Tyrannomon soon heard the death cry of its companion. It growled low in it's throat, and lumbered over to the street Leomon found himself upon. The dinosaurs other companion walking in line beside him. Having shaken off the pain from its injuries.

The two soon spotted Leomon, their eyes narrowing in fury. Together they let out a furious roar, the air reverberating from the sound. Leomon readied himself, his hand moving to his sword. His partner watched on from her rooftop perch in worry.

As the champions were about to face off, they all sensed something in the air. It was an almost overbearing aura of power. All three froze in their tracks for the briefest of moments, looking about for the possible source of the energy.

Within the wreckage of the armored truck, a low thrum began to emanate from inside of the mysterious container. A heartbeat, pulsing rhythmically. With violent force, a shadowy figure burst forth from within the container. Sending hunks of metal and glass flying everywhere. A wave of bluish green fluid then poured out from inside.

Several wires, and large tubes snapped as the figure stepped out from its container. The figure panted heavily, hot breath turning to steam. Its eyes glowed with fiery light, a low growl rumbling from its chest. The growl soon turned into a mighty roar, as the figure extended its claws. Its body then burst in an explosion of fire and light, completely destroying the armored car.

Leomon, Molly, and the Tyrannomon turned toward the sound of the explosion. The dinosaurs could see a shining light within the fire, and smoke. The light soon dissipated, replaced by the form of giant creature. With a low growl the creature stepped out from the smoke.

He was a giant humanoid dragon digimon. Standing as tall as the Tyrannomon themselves. Most of his muscular body was covered by smooth red scales. His stomach, and chest colored a tannish gold. Small spikes grew from the knuckles of his four fingers. Two large spikes jutted from his shoulder blades. A pair of curving horns, swept back from either side of his head. And a long, muscular tail swished languidly behind him.

The dragon's yellow eyes narrowed, and he let loose a mighty roar. He then made a wild charge toward the two Tyrannomon, the dinosaurs charging forward to meet him. The dragon swung out with one of his fists. It struck the DarkTyrannomon right in the temple, stunning him, and sending him flying backwards. The other dinosaur moved in, biting at other digimon with it's powerful jaws. With quick reflexes, the dragon caught both the bottom, and top jaw of the t-rex.

He held the beast back, keeping his jaw from closing with his incredible strength. The two struggled for a brief moment, before the dragon began to apply more power. He pushed up on the top, doing the opposite on the bottom. The Tyrannomon struggled fruitlessly, as its jaw was forced open. Wider, and wider it was pulled, muscles aching, and bone straining. Finally something gave ,and the Tyrannomon's bottom jaw snapped with a loud crack, hanging limply. It fell back, groaning in agony.

The dragon let out a bloodthirsty roar, and smashed its right fist into its face. The force of the blow sent the dinosaur toppling into a nearby building. Completely leveling it to the ground, and leaving the Tyrannomon aching on the ground.

With another roar, the dragon pulled back its other fist. A powerful spark ignited it with searing hot fire. He smashed the burning fist into the fallen champion. It's body bursting into a cloud of digital code.

As his companion scattered into data, the DarkTyrannomon recovered from the dragon's attack. He let out a furious roar, and smashed into him with a full body tackle. The attack pushed the dragon back, but otherwise left him unfazed. The dragon then curled both of its fists, each one becoming enwrapped in flame. The right fist smashed into the dinosaur's gut. While the other struck right across his face.

The DarkTyrannomon shook off the damage, and opened his mouth wide. A giant gout of searing flame soon firing from within. It washed over the dragon, completely engulfing him. After many long moments, the dinosaur finally ceased the stream of fire. Smoke billowing from the sides of his mouth.

When the flames fully dissipated, the dragon still stood, his body completely unscathed by the heat. His eyes narrowed at the DarkTyrannomon, and he let out a low growl. Making the dinosaur take a cautious step back.

With another growl, the dragon got into a wide stance, and opened his maw. A point of glowing yellow and orange energy appeared within. It slowly began to grow, creating a high pitched whine. It became louder, and louder as the energy grew. When the sound reached its peak, all of it burst forth. Creating a large, searing energy beam.

It pierced straight through the DarkTyrannomon, burning a hole through his heart. The beam continued on, before reaching the end of the street and colliding with another building. Creating a large fiery explosion that completely destroyed it. The buildings beside it were heavily damaged by its collapse. Leomon, and Molly looked on at the destruction in utter shock. Both too stunned to say a single word.

The DarkTyrannomon's eyes rolled into the back of its head, as the hole began to widen, its edges made up pixels of data. Soon the dinosaurs entire body burst into particles.

The dragon let out a wild roar, as it was surrounded by an aura of energy. Soon his entire body became pure light. Then, there was a flash of blinding fire. When it faded, the dragon was nowhere to be seen. Leaving behind only the destruction it had left in its wake.

Leomon waited in tense silence after the dragon disappeared. When he was sure the danger had passed, he leapt back up to Molly. He gently lifted the girl into his arms, and jumped back to the street, before becoming encased in light. His form returning to that of Liollmon.

Molly took a moment to look at the destruction the battle had wrought. Fires still burned, destroyed cars, and bits of rubble were lying about in the street. Soon, she saw the silhouette of a person moving at the end of the street.

"Liollmon, there's someone over there!" she exclaimed, with a pointed finger.

The girl ran toward them, Liollmon running alongside her. As they approached, they could see the person step through a cloud of dark smoke. Their full form coming into view.

It was a young man, easily a couple of years older than Molly. He stumbled through the street, eyes looking glazed over. Only a pair of black shorts kept him from being completely naked. His body was lean and muscled, skin colored a light brown. Long black hair, wild and unkempt, almost touched the middle of his back.

"Are you alright?" Molly asked as she neared.

"Molly, be careful." Liollmon warned, feeling somehow uneased by the young man's presence.

The young man stopped and slowly turned to face the two. He began to approach, staggering along. Then, his legs gave out, and he fell forward. Molly moved in to catch him, her smaller frame struggling under his weight. With some effort, she gently lowered him to the ground, laying him down on the street. The man groaned, before closing his eyes, his head listing to the side.

Molly quickly put her ear to his chest. As she heard the loud thumping of his heart, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness. He's still alive." She gave him a curious once over. "But why the hell was he walking around dressed like this?"

Liollmon shrugged in response. "No idea."

His ears suddenly perked up, hearing the sounds of sirens in the distance. Molly soon hearing them as well.

Only minutes later, several police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks came rushing to the scene. A trio of paramedics ran to the three. While the officers began to form a perimeter, and firefighters got to work. A stretcher was soon brought over to carry the unconscious stranger. While Molly, and Liollmon were asked to enter the ambulance.

The two complied, hopping into the back. Liollmon nuzzled up to Molly as they sat down. The girl was glad for his touch, and gently patted his head, making the cat purr in response. The stretcher was soon loaded up into the ambulance as well. Two of the paramedics closed the doors. While the third hooked up the young man to an IV. The ambulance soon took off, it's siren blaring.

Molly's mother burst through the the entrance of Fairbrook Hospital. She immediately rushed over to the main desk. Finding an older nurse working away at the computer.

"Can I help you?" the older woman asked, looking up from her work.

"I'm looking for Molly Mhan, and her digimon partner Liollmon." Molly's mother answered.

"Name please."

"I'm Elena Mhan. Molly's mother, and one of Liollmon's legal caregivers."

The nurse pulled out a tablet, and digital pen from nearby. "Sign please."

As Elena did as she was asked, the nurse typed in Molly, and Liollmon's names in the registry.

"They should still be in room B-5. Its down the left hall, and then on the first right." She motioned with her hand for emphasis.

Elena gave a quick thank you, and handed back the tablet, before quickly heading off down the main left hall. She looked frantically among the rooms as she rushed. Almost missing the room in her panic. She paused in front of the door, taking a moment to compose herself. Then, with a steady hand, she opened up the door. Finding Molly, and Liollmon sitting by a hospital bed, that was occupied by the strange young man.

Molly, and Liollmon turned about in their chairs, standing up as they saw Elena in the doorway.

"Mom!" Molly exclaimed.

"Thank goodness you two are okay!" her mother almost shouted. She rushed toward them, giving them both a big hug. "I was so worried about you two. After I the saw the news...and then I got the phone call from the hospital...I just…"

"Mom, it's okay, we're fine." Molly assured.

"Neither of us were hurt Elena." Liollmon added.

After giving them one last tight squeeze, Elena separated from their embrace. She then glanced behind the two, to see the unconscious stranger.

"Who is this? A friend?"

Molly looked back to him, and shook her head. "No, I came across him after everything went down. He came walking out of nowhere, and collapsed in front of us. The doctors don't know who he is, since he doesn't have any id on him." She turned to face her mother again. "After Liollmon, and I got out of our examination, I wanted to check up on him. It just felt like the right thing to do."

Elena smiled at her. "That was very kind of you."

"Oh! And one other thing…"

The girl reached into her bag, her mother watching curiously. She soon pulled out the bag from oni bowl.

"Here's the spicy chicken noodle soup! It's probably cold now though."

Her mother couldn't help but laugh, and wrapped the pair once more in a tight hug. "That's alright sweetheart. I'm just glad you two are alright."

To Be Continued...

Next Time On Digimon Cross! Episode 2: Enigmas

Author's Notes

I have returned! Hello everyone! I'm so sorry if you've been waiting. Anywho this is my new digimon story, Digimon Cross. For those of you who read my previous work, Digimon Saga, its going to be very similar. Its basically my own season of digimon with my own characters, and even some original digimon. Saga was my homage to adventure, and frontier. This story however will be similar to tamers, or savers. I really hope you all enjoy it! Please leave a comment, or review, I very much appreciate feedback! Oh, and by the way, just like Saga this story has an unoffical opening, and ending theme. Gone by JR JR is the opening, and Rearview by Bad Suns is the ending for this first arc. Givem a listen if you like!

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