Episode 7:Pursuers

Just as with the other digital gate incidents, Arnold, and Starmon arrived at the stadium. For once the pair of investigators were some of the first on the scene. Police, firefighters, paramedics, and other DDA agents moved this way and that. All the civilians were rounded up and tended to, and the perimeter of the attack was secured.

"Can we go a couple of weeks without some new attack?" Arnold sighed.

"Apparently not." Starmon answered, surveying the scene. "Feels like just when we're starting to get into one of these cases, another pops up, and complicates things."


"Glad you could join the party."

Arnold, and Starmon turned about. Francisco, and Ariomon stood before the pair. The young man offered them a wave, as Ariomon regarded them with a glare.

"You two again?" Arnold sighed.

"What are ya'll doing here?" Starmon asked.

"My job." Francisco answered, holding up his camera. "Ariomon is just along for the ride. Don't worry, we're not gonna cause any trouble."

Arnold barked out a laugh. "I'll hold you to that."

"That mysterious digimon showed up again." Francisco stated bluntly. "The one from the first incident. I read about it from one of the interviews with Molly Mhan, and her partner."

"How can you be sure its the same one?" Arnold questioned, his eyes narrowing.

"Well, I can't be one hundred percent certain, but it certainly matches the description."

Francisco quickly pulled up a picture of Ignadramon, holding it up to the pair. Arnold, and Starmon studied the picture closely. It was just as Molly had described, but neither of the investigators recognized the digimon.

Starmon handed the camera back off to him. "So this digimon showed up from the rift?"

Francisco shook his head. "No it appeared out of nowhere. And it didn't seem too friendly with the digimon that attacked the stadium."

"Did you see where it went?" asked Arnold.

"It hopped over the stadium wall. I don't know where it went after that." Francisco replied. "But there was one other thing. There was someone that approached the dragon digimon. He seemed to recognize them, and calmed down. That was when he took off. The person was too far away for me to get a good shot of though. All the dust everywhere didn't help."

"I see. Was there anything else?"

"Nothing springs to mind."

Starmon gave the pair a courteous nod. "Well, we'll be getting back to work then. Thank you for all the information."

The two investigators then headed off toward the scene of the attack. Once they were out of earshot, Francisco let out a sigh.

"Lets head back home. I've got a story to work on."

"Just try not to stay up too late." Ariomon warned.

"You really do sound like my mom sometimes."

Among the crowd, Molly, and Liollmon reunited with their friends. Connie, and Eddy quickly embraced Molly. She squeezed them right back, happy for their concern. As the three embraced, Liollmon looked past them. In the crowd, he could see Kai, standing several feet away. The pair met eyes, and a sudden tension filled the air.

Before either could a make a move, Molly pulled away from her friend's embrace. Her eyes immediately caught Kai's. At first, the girl made a move toward him, but faltered. Kai seemed to have the same hesitation, but soon took the first steps toward her.

Liollmon leapt before him, barring the young man's path. Kai stopped in his tracks, looking down at the cat with a sad confusion. Nearby, Connie, and Eddy, watched the scene with equal confusion, and anxiety.

Suddenly, the tension was shattered as the group heard a sudden chatter nearby. They all turned, to see the crowd parting, making way for Julia, and Bellamon. The scene of tension seemed momentarily forgotten as the pair approached.

"Hi." Julia greeted. "I didn't get the chance to thank you, and your partner for your help. You really saved our lives."

"Uh...it was no trouble." Molly answered, surprised she could even form a sentence.

"Yes, we...were happy to help." Liollmon added, one of his eyes still trained on Kai.

"I'm Julia." the woman laughed. "But you already knew that!"

"I'm Bellamon." her partner added.

"My name's Molly." the other girl replied, still completely bewildered.


Julia smiled bright. "I really can't thank you enough for your help."

She reached into her bag, pulled out a small business card, and handed it off to Molly. The girl took it tentatively, and gave it a once over. It was made of a deep red cardstock, and written with stark white lettering.

"That's the contact information for my agent." Julia said. "I wanna set up something just for you. To thank you for your help. Just give him a call when your ready, and we can work things out. You can even bring your friends if you want."

All Molly could do was nod dumbfoundedly.

"Great. I have to go for now." She waved with a smile. "Hope to hear from you sometime soon!"

With that, Julia turned about, and headed back into the crowd. Bellamon bowed to the group, and followed after her partner. Molly was left completely dumbfounded, staring down at the slip of paper.

Suddenly, Connie rushed up to her side. "OH MY GOD! Molly this is so unbelievable! Julia. The Julia, wants to meet with you guys in person! And we get to go with you! It's like a dream come true!"

The girl began to scream, and giggle, bouncing up, and down excitedly. Eddy soon moved over to her other side, equally filled with excitement. Molly offered them a half hearted smile, as they continued to jump for joy.

Her eyes then lingered back to Kai, meeting his own. Liollmon looked back to the young man as well, his eyes narrowed. The tension in the air returned, as the unspoken questions between the three lingered like a thick fog.

The three returned to Molly's home later that night. Elena was wide awake, and waiting for them. Like so many times she had to do the past few weeks, she rushed over to them in worry. She frantically spouted about the news, and how worried she was about them.

Molly assured her mother they were fine, and just needed some rest. The girl then made her way up to her room, followed by Liollmon. Kai trailed behind, his mind elsewhere. Without even realizing it, he soon found himself at his bedroom door.

He sighed, and stepped inside, quickly flopping onto the bed. Everything that had happened, finally caught up with him, sleep soon taking him.

Molly awoke early the next morning. Her eyes were tired, and baggy from lack of proper sleep. With a groan, she slipped out of bed, and moved toward the door. She soon headed down stairs, and into the kitchen.

A low gurgling noise, and a distinct roasted smell filled the air, as Molly put on a pot of coffee. As she waited patiently for the machine to finish, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. She turned about, to see Kai, standing in the kitchen doorway.

He froze mid stride, and stared at the girl. After many long moments Molly broke the silence.


"M-morning." Kai replied.

"Do you...want some coffee?" the girl asked, gesturing to the pot.

"No...I'm okay. Thanks."

Another silence lingered in the air for several moments, before Molly moved to grab something from the fridge. The awkward quiet continued to hang in the air, as the two prepared their breakfast. As Molly finished, she moved toward the doorway. Her eyes met Kai's one last time, before she headed into the other room.

Liollmon came down the stairs not long after. He found his partner sitting on the couch, sipping at her coffee absently. Her breakfast sat in front of her, mostly untouched. A game show was playing on the television screen, but Molly's eyes were not focused on it. Liollmon could practically see her mind working, dozens of thoughts, and questions running through her brain.

The lion chanced a look into the kitchen, to see Kai sitting a the table. He too seemed deep in thought. Liollmon spared him a glare, and moved to sit beside his partner. He simply looked over at her for several moments, before finally speaking up.

"Molly, we have to tell your parents."

Molly was snapped from her thoughts. "About what?"

"About him." Liollmon answered, gesturing his head to the kitchen.

"We can't do that." Molly answered shaking her head.

"Molly, are you insane?" her partner hissed. "He's dangerous! I don't even know if he's human or a digimon! We have to tell them."

"And what do think will happen when we do, huh?" Molly snapped. "The DDA is gonna take him, and do god knows what. They could throw him in jail, or worse, perform all kinds of experiments on him. Do you want that?"

Liollmon seemed to falter for a moment. "He lied to all of us Molly. He is not who he seems."

"He doesn't even know who he is!" Molly retorted.

"The whole amnesia thing was an act." Liollmon growled. "He's been fooling us this whole time."

"You really think that he could fool all the doctors into thinking he has amnesia?"

"I-I'm not sure what he's capable of at this point." Liollmon sighed.

"Listen, I'm not going to pretend I know what his deal is, but I do believe he really doesn't remember anything."

"I am starting to remember some things."

Molly, and Liollmon looked up, to see Kai standing at the kitchen entryway.

"They're just flashes." he continued. "Sensations. Nothing concrete. I remember needles, and examination tables, and...glowing tubes of...something. Then I keep seeing that dragon's eye. Ignadramon. That's what its called."

Molly stood up from the couch, and stepped toward him. "Is that all you can remember?"

"Yes. I'm...just as confused as you are." Kai answered, looking down to his hands. "I have no idea how I changed or...any of it. It felt like I was someone else."

Molly could see the young man's hands begin to shudder. She moved in closer, and placed her hand over his.

"We'll figure this out." she said, smiling warmly. "Okay?"

Kai smiled back, and nodded. Molly glanced over her shoulder, meeting Liollmon's gaze. The digimon nodded as well, sighing in resignation.

Molly, and Cassandra sat in the school library, continuing their research into their project. The taller girl was working studiously as usual, typing away at her laptop. Molly's mind was only half there, staring off into space.

"I was looking into some more of the theories about how partners make digimon evolve." Cassandra stated, pulling out a series of notes.

"Hm." Molly replied halfheartedly.

"One of the theories talks about the idea of the digital world, and ours being sympathetic to one another." Cassandra continued. "You see, many believe things that happen in our world affect the digital world, and vice versa. A sort of butterfly effect."

Molly let out another noncommittal grunt continuing to stare into the distance.

"Some believe that digimon, and human partners represent this relationship on a smaller scale. The sympathetic bond between our two worlds somehow making something new. There's not really any science behind it, but the philosophical implications-Is something wrong? Your mind seems to be elsewhere."

"Y-yeah, sorry." Molly replied. "I just...have a lot on my mind right now."

Cassandra frowned slightly. "I assume it has to do with the attack on the Julia concert."

Molly couldn't help but laugh. "Figure that one out all by yourself, sherlock?"

"There's no need for sarcasm." Cassandra harrumphed. "I was just concerned about you is all."

"Thanks, Cassie." Molly smiled. "I appreciate it."

"Y-your welcome." Cassandra cleared her throat. "Did you...want to talk about it? Though, I admit I'm not the best at offering comfort or advice."

Molly laughed at her brutal honesty, and pondered for a moment. There was no way she could tell Cassandra about Kai. But that didn't mean she couldn't at least talk about everything else. She would just have to be a little careful with what she said.

"I just wanted a break." she sighed.

Cassandra cocked her head. "What do you mean?"

"I've almost been killed three times this month alone." Molly answered with a frown. "I just wanted a normal weekend with my friends. Just have some fun. Was that too much to ask?!"

Slowly, her voice had risen higher as she spoke. When the last sentence left her lips, it echoed throughout the library. Several eyes stared in her direction, including those of one of the librarians.

Molly blushed, and offered a quick apology, bringing her voice back down to normal levels.

"I just wanted a to have a good time, without worrying for my life."

"I know how you feel." Cassandra sighed. "I hardly get to have that sort of thing. Going to eat on the roof of your secret spot was the first in a long time. And even that was ruined."

Cassandra frowned, turning to Molly. "Forgive me, I suddenly made this about me. That was rude of me."

"Don't worry about it." Molly said, shaking her head. "I figured you didn't get out much, but I didn't think it was that bad."

"My mother tends to keep my schedule very tight." Cassandra sighed. "The only time I really have to myself usually is the first few hours after school. Everything beyond that is planned out by my mother."

"My dad is real strict too." Molly admitted. "Always wanting me to be home at a certain time, and makes sure I study every night. Even during vacations. Anytime I step out of line I always get a stern lecture."

Molly looked down to the table, and laughed bitterly. "Well, when he's actually around anyway."

"It seems we both have parental issues." Cassandra stated bluntly.

Molly let out a tired raspberry "Yep."

With a yawn, Molly stretched her limbs, and stood from her seat. She then looked down to the other girl.

"Wanna do a retry on that lunchtime roof thing?"

"I would love that." Cassandra smiled.

"You sure? Considering my luck so far, we might get attacked again."

Despite Molly's joking tone, she hoped with every fibre of her being that, that was not the case.

"Well I heard you got to meet Julia in person." Cassandra said, standing up. "So your luck can't be all bad."

"You heard about that?" Molly asked, as the pair made their way out.

"Well, I've never been one for the rumor mill. But it's very hard to avoid, when most of the school has been talking about it."

"Guess I didn't notice." Molly frowned.

"You did have a lot on your mind."

"Still do."

"Well, perhaps we can talk about it over lunch. I'll try not to steer the conversation to me this time."

"I'll hold you to that." Molly chuckled.

The two walked for several moments in silence before Molly spoke up. A smile crossed her lips, as an idea formed in her mind.

"Say, I've been meaning to call Julia's agent some time soon." the girl began. "Did you wanna come along, and meet her too?"

"I'll consider it." Cassandra answered with a small smile.

Kai sat in front of the television, half paying attention to the show on screen. His thoughts were still plagued by the images, and raw emotions from the memories in his dreams. The night before, even more of them had flooded his mind. All mixed with flashes of his transformation at the concert.

He flexed his fingers, almost feeling the scales across his skin again. There was a raw sensation in those memories. As if his body was acting purely on raw instinct. But the most intense feeling of all was the heat. Like white hot fire coursing through his veins. It permeated his being, filling him with strength.

He pushed the recent memories aside, and tried to focus on those from his dreams. His eyes closed tight, as he tried to envision them in his mind's eye. Each time he brought one of the images forward, he tried to study it. Some of them seemed to connect but in exactly what ways were still a mystery to him.

He had to know more. All his memories were there. If only he could reach inside, and take them.

"Kai, are you alright?"

The young man's eyes snapped open, and he looked up. Elena was standing over him with a slight frown of worry.

"I'm fine." Kai answered, putting on a smile. "Just thinking."

"Alright...if your sure."

The woman then moved past him, out into the garden. Kai sighed as she left, and looked over at the clock. An hour had passed without him even realizing. And finally he noticed a subtle, throbbing ache in his head.

"I need to take my mind off this." he sighed. "I'm just going to give myself a headache if I keep dwelling on it."

He pulled out his phone to surf around the web, when he noticed a small reminder notification. His phone displayed his only other contacts besides Molly, and Elena. Micheal, and Undinemon.

Kai looked at the two numbers, pondering. After several moments, he clicked call, and held the device to his ear.

Michael sat at his desk as usual, paintbrush in hand. He worked away at the model in front of him, running gentle brushstrokes over the plastic. Undinemon sat behind him nearby. A laptop sat in front of her, playing a makeup tutorial video on screen.

Suddenly, the quiet was broken, as Michael's phone buzzed on the table. He nearly jumped, though thankfully his model was left unscathed. Udinemon looked over at him curiously, as he reached over to grab the device.

They young man paused for a moment, as he looked down at the number. Undinemon sensed his hesitation, and moved over to his side.

"Who is it?"

"Its Kai." Michael answered

"Well, go on then, answer it."


Undinemon put her hands on her hips. "He's not gonna bite. Don't be so nervous."

After several moments of trepidation, Michael nodded, and pressed answer. Then, with a deep breath, he held the device to his ear.


"Michael? Its Kai."

"H-hey, what's up?"

"Are you busy right now?"

"Well...I'm not really doing anything super important. Why?"

"I remember you mentioning this one hobby shop where you get your gunpla. I was thinking, maybe we could...head over there, and you can help me make my first purchase. If you want to, anyway."


Michael glanced over at Undinemon. The little digimon had heard the exchange with her sharp hearing, and made a motion with her hands. As if to say 'go on'.

The young man nodded, and put the phone back to his ear. "Yeah, okay, sure."

"Alright, I'll meet you at the shopping center."

"Sure. Sounds good."

With that, Michael hung up the line. Beside him, Undinemon was grinning from ear to ear, and giving him a thumbs up.

Kai pocketed his phone, and moved toward the front door. He called out to Elena. telling her he was heading out. The woman told him to be safe, and returned to her task. Kai then headed outside, looking up to the clear blue sky.

As he headed out of the front gate, two pairs of eyes watched him from the safety of a sleek black car. They were a man and a woman, dressed in sharp black suits. Their faces were stony, and sunglasses obscured their eyes.

"Visual on the target." the woman said.

"Should we pursue?" the man asked.


Silently, the pair pulled out of their space, and took off slowly down the road. They kept a sharp eye on Kai as he moved. But made sure to keep a respectable distance away, as not to arouse suspicion.

Kai strolled through the quiet neighborhood, completely unawares. The beautiful day around him helped push his previous thoughts from his mind. He waved to every person he past with a smile, and absorbed the sounds of bird song in the air.

It didn't take him long to reach the shopping center. Repairs were of course still being done nearby. The rumble, and hiss of heavy machinery echoed in the air. Despite it being the weekend, the center was not quite as busy as he had seen it before. Most likely a side effect of the ongoing construction.

The sleek dark car pulled up to one of the stores across from him. The dark suited figures then sat in silence, watching their target.

It didn't take long for Michael, and Undinemon to arrive. Kai offered the pair a wave as they hopped out of their car. Undinemon waved back with enthusiasm, while Michael simply gave a reserved inclination of his head. As they approached, Kai could see Undinemon was dressed up in a flowing white sundress.

"Like it?" Undinemon asked, noticing his gaze. "It's one of my favorites."

"Yeah it looks great. It really compliments your eyes." Kai answered.

"Finally, someone who appreciates my fashion sense."

"I said the dress looked fine." Michael remarked under his breath.

"When I go through the effort to dress up I want a bit more of a compliment then 'fine.'" Undinemon huffed. " 'Great' is the minimum. But 'stunning', and or 'gorgeous' are preferred."

Kai chuckled at that, and Michael simply let out a long sigh.

"So, where to?" Kai asked.

"Oh! Uh...its actually not far from here." Michael replied after a few moments. "We can walk from here."

"Lead the way!"

Michael nodded, and headed off down the sidewalk. Undinemon moved in step beside him, with Kai trailing behind.

"He certainly has a lot of enthusiasm." Michael remarked under his breath.

"I like it." Undinemon grinned. "He seems nice."

"You're just saying that cause he complimented you."

Undinemon narrowed her eyes at him, and stuck out her tongue. The digimon then looked back to Kai.

"So, Kai what do you do? For work I mean."

"I don't really work." Kai answered shaking his head. "I don't even think I could find a job given my situation."

"What do you mean?" Michael asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Kai quickly explained his strange circumstances. His lack of identification, amnesia, and staying with the Mhans. He chose his words carefully, not wanting to give away anymore hints about his mysterious abilities than he already had.

"Oh! I...I'm sorry." Undinemon said, suddenly feeling ashamed.

"Don't be." Kai replied, shaking his head. "It's not like you could have known."

The three walked for several moments, before Michael dared to speak up.

"So...you really don't remember anything?"

"Other than basic stuff, no." Kai answered.

"I guess that means you don't know how you did all that crazy stuff." Undinemon pointed out.

"Oh, yeah! You ripped a car door off its hinges." Michael exclaimed. "That was crazy."

"Maybe you were some kind of mercenary before you lost your memories." Undinemon supplied.

"Or a supersoldier." Michael chuckled.

Kai laughed nervously. "Yeah, maybe."

The two suited figures watched, and waited until the trio were some distance away. They stepped out of the sleek back car in almost perfect unison. The pair then followed after them, moving in step beside each other.

It was about a ten minute walk, before the three arrived at the model shop. As they stepped inside, Kai's nose was immediately assaulted. Several strong chemical smells permeated the air. A mixture of glues, paints, and the chemicals used to remove them.

Michael noticed his reaction. "It's the smell, right?"

Kai nodded.

"Yeah, I should have warned you. Sorry. I've gotten so used to it, I don't even notice."

Undinemon grimaced. "Living with you has given me a resistance to it. I can tolerate it, but I will never get used to it."

The digimon looked up to Kai. "You let us know if its bothering you, okay?"

Kai nodded, and scanned about the space for a moment. Looking at the shelves upon shelves of model boxes. Small display cases were set up in between several shelves, each filled to the brim with masterfully made model kits. Model airplanes, spaceships, and other aircraft hung from the ceiling above. An entire section near the front seemed dedicated to hundreds of paints of all colors.

"Well, I'm going to go look at the train dioramas in the back." Undinemon stated. "You two have fun."

Before Michael could offer any kind of protest, Undinemon took off. The young man let out a sigh, and turned to Kai. His companion was still looking about in his usual wide eyed manner.

"The...gunpla are further in." Michael eventually said.

Kai nodded, and followed after him. The pair headed through a passage into another part of the store. Models, and figures of different types were here. Most of them seemed to be of anime, or cartoon characters.

Michael lead Kai to one of the larger sections of the space. This one dedicated to mecha models of different types. But it was mostly dominated by gunpla, of hundreds of different varieties.

"The first section is high grade models. That's the ones you're looking for."

Kai scanned over the all the boxes. "Are there any you would recommend?"

"Well...it depends on what mechs you like." Michael answered, rubbing the back of his neck. "But you'll probably want something simple for your first time. Like a GM, or Zaku two. You also can't go wrong with the original Gundam. Those are all really simple, and easy to build."

Kai nodded, and looked over the models in question.

"You really do know a lot about this stuff." Kai said, finally making his choice.

"That's just basic knowledge." Michael replied, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"So, do you come here a lot?"

"Not...really." Michael answered.

Kai noticed the other man was fidgeting nervously. His eyes also seemed to be scanning about from time to time. As if he were afraid someone was watching him.

"Are you okay?"

"I'll be alright...I just don't do well when talking to people. For personal reasons."

Kai wanted to ask more but decided not to pry. He simply nodded, and smiled.

"Okay. You don't have to talk if your not comfortable. This whole thing was my idea anyway."

Kai let out a long drawn out sigh.

"I feel bad. Like I'm using you as a distraction from my own problems."

Michael looked up to him. "What problems?"

"For me that's also personal." Kai answered. "So, I guess we're even."

"Yeah, I guess so." Michael said, with a small chuckle.

The pair moved toward the checkout for Kai to make his purchase. Undinemon joined them not long after. When she saw the pair conversing, a smile crossed her lips. It was still relatively subdued, but she could tell Michael was a bit more comfortable than before.

With Kai's purchase made, the three headed back out. Across the street, the pair of suited figures watched, before continuing their pursuit.

The group walked a block over, before entering a residential neighborhood. There were no proper roads in this area, only footpaths. High fences encircled every home, blocking most yards from view. Only a single person passed by them as they walked.

Undinemon began to feel a sense of unease the farther they walked. Kai felt it too, his senses opening to the world around them. That's when the pair heard the footsteps of the dark suited figures, moving in sync with each other.

"They're following us." Undinemon whispered.

"What? Who's following us?" Michael asked looking about.

"You're going to give away that we know!" Undinemon hissed.

Kai turned about. "Too late."

His companions turned as well. The two black suited figures stood several yards away. The pair's expressions remained neutral, their dark shades giving away nothing.

"What do you want?!" Undinemon growled, moving in front of Michael.

"We have no business with you." the woman answered.

"Our business concerns him." the man added, pointing to Kai.

"Walk away, and do not interfere." the woman finished.

Kai stepped forward. "You just want me, right?"

The pair nodded.

"If you come quietly, no harm will come to your friends."

"I'm not going anywhere." Undinemon said through grit fangs. "I don't know what you want with Kai but it can't be good. And I'm not gonna let a pair of suspicious creeps like you have your way."

"Undinemon...don't provoke them." Michael pleaded, his voice shaky.

"Listen to them, and go." Kai added. "I don't want you to get hurt because of me."

"Not a chance." Undinemon growled.

Before her two companions could react, Undinemon raised her arms. With the call of her attack, a powerful wave of water was summoned forth. She sent it barreling toward the pair, the water rippling and crashing over itself with great force.

The two agents dodged to either side of the rushing tide, avoiding the attack. In unison, the pair whipped out their digivices. Then, they reached into their pockets each producing a small silvery egg.

"Awaken! Homunculumon!" the two shouted together.

The two silver eggs were tossed into the air, landing on the ground several feet away. Suddenly, each of the eggs was engulfed in an explosion of energy, and digital code. Undinemon, and Kai readied themselves, sensing the swelling energy emanating from them. Michael took several steps back, his eyes scanning for any nearby cover.

The eggs began to grow, and grow, pulsing with life. Once they had nearly quadrupled in size, they split open. Strings of sticky slime connected the two halves of the eggs. Inside, a figure stepped out from each.

They were human in shape, with silvery white skin. Their bodies mostly featureless, save for toned muscles, and a jagged, toothy mouth. In place of eyes, and other facial features was a large red gemstone.

Both, Undinemon, and Kai felt a deep sense of unease from the creatures. There was something alien, and unnatural about them. The subtle motions of their body were stiff, like a puppet.

"Take the long haired one. Kill the others." the suited woman ordered coldly.

The gems on the Homunculumon's heads shone red. Both raised an arm, channeling power into it.

"Alpha Blade!" called one.

Its voice was warped, and almost robotic sounding. At the call of his attack, red circuit patterns ran up its arm, and down to its hand. Its fingers extended into claws, and came together, forming into a dagger like blade.

"Alpha Blaster!" said the other.

Just as with the other, red circuit patterns ran up the creatures arm. Its fingers twisted, transforming into into rounded, gun-like barrels. A barrage of energy bullets then flew from the barrels, hurtling toward Undinemon.

As the rookie tried to dodge the attack, the other Homunculumon moved in on Kai. lashing out with its blade. Kai was able to keep out of its range just in time, back stepping to gain some distance on his opponent.

Michael ducked behind a nearby telephone pole, as Undinemon serpentined. Her movements allowed her a moment's breath, giving her a chance to counter attack.


A pool of water appeared beneath the firing Homunculumon. Hands of water rose up from beneath, grasping at its ankles. It fired down, trying to stem the probing hands.

Undinemon rushed toward them, calling forth a wave. The rookie landed atop it, surfing the wave as it rushed toward the creature. Like the tide hitting the shore, the wave smashed into the Homunculumon, sending it staggering back.

Before Undinemon could press her advantage, the suited man reached into his coat. He whipped out a pistol like weapon with a triad of prongs. He pulled the trigger, and electricity arced between the prongs, before firing out as a bolt of electricity.

Undinemon was blindsided by the attack, electricity coursing through her. She cried out in pain, the edges of her sundress beginning to catch fire.

"Undinemon!" Michael shouted.

The woman moved into action as well, whipping out a metal baton. Kai immediately recognized the weapon, as she flipped its switch. The baton then began to hum with energy as electricity crackled along its surface.

She moved in on Kai's right, swinging down with the weapon. Kai avoided the swing, but was not fast enough to fully dodge the next from the Hommunculumon. The edge of the creature's blade caught him across the chest, slicing open his shirt, and leaving a bleeding gash.

When the last of the electricity passed through her, Undinemon fell to her knees gasping for breath. The dark suited man nodded to his Hommunculmon, and motioned toward Michael's cover.

The creature raised its transformed hand, and opened fire. A barrage of energy bullets hammered into Michael's cover. He ducked down low, covering his ears. Splinters went flying as the pole was marked with dozens of holes.

"Michael." Undinemon groaned through grit teeth.

As Undinemon tried to rise to her feet, the suited man cracked off another shot. The bolt of lightning struck Undinemon, making her cry out in pain again. Her clothes were then completely alight, searing her skin as they burned away.

Kai bobbed and weaved, barely able to keep out of his two enemy's range. The sound of the woman's humming baton, and the creatures slicing blade passed his ears more than once.

Suddenly, from beside him there was a loud snap. Michael's cover had finally given way, and the electric pole began to topple. The electrical lines snapped as the heavy wooden pole fell. With a loud creak it went tumbling toward Kai, and his pursuers.

Kai leapt back, as did his pursuers. With a thunderous thud, it struck the ground. Like writhing snakes the snapped electrical lines went flailing in all directions.

With his cover gone, Michael found himself exposed. The Hommunculumon took a step forward, readying its weapon. His partner did the same, taking aim at the fallen Undinemon.

The rookies eyes bulged, pupils slitting into pinpricks. She then let loose a wild roar, and leapt toward the suited man. With a crunching noise, she bit down on his arm, shark like teeth sinking into his flesh.

He shouted in pain, his weapon falling from his grasp. Undinemon loosened her grip, and dropped back down. She then scrambled, grabbing the man's weapon, and taking aim. Blue electricity arced through the air, striking the Homunculumon in the middle of its back. It let loose a horrible shriek of pain, electricity coursing through it.

An idea quickly formed in Kai's mind, and he reached out for one of the flailing electrical lines. He gripped onto it hard, and rushed toward the other Homunculumon, pressing it into the creatures stomach.

The Homunculumon screamed, and howled, as thousands of volts of electricity ran through its body. It then burst into digital particles, flying up into the air. The only thing that remained of its form was the red jewel in its head, that clattered to the ground.

The dark suited woman grit her teeth, and slowly backed away. Her companion did the same, as Undinemon aimed his weapon at him. He called to his Homunculumon, and the creature leapt toward him, returning back to its egg like shape.

Slowly, the two then began to back away. The woman reached into her jacket, whipping out a small explosive. She pulled the pin, and the device burst into a cloud of thick smoke. When the smoke passed, the two had disappeared without a trace.

Undinemon let out a sigh, and dropped the weapon from her grasp. She then rushed over to Michael, who still sat ducked low to the ground. She could see him shaking with terror, hands gripping onto his shoulders.

The digimon frowned, and moved to his side. Gently, she placed a hand on his back, and tried to soothe, and calm his nerves. Kai watched the two from a distance, his mouth trying to form words. After several moments, all he could manage were two.

"I'm sorry."

Undinemon looked over at him her face a mixture of confusion, and worry.

"This is all my fault. I'm so sorry."

With that, Kai took off at a full sprint. Undinemon tried to call out to him, but he was already well out of earshot. She let out a heavy sigh, and looked back to Michael, and continued to try, and soothe him.

To Be Continued...

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Author's Notes:

Just a quick thing about the original digimon in this chapter. Homunculumon. Their name comes from Homunculus. Which are artificial human like beings, created through alchemy. I wanted their designs to be very creepy, and almost un digimon like. To emphasize their unnatural nature.

Thanks for reading!