A/N: I found this languishing in my 'incomplete' folder the other day, and decided with a quick edit and an ending, it would be ready to post. Apparently, I wrote it over a year ago, so it's not my best writing, but I hope you all enjoy reading it! It's short, sweet, and a little silly! I'll have it all posted in the next couple days.

The First Note

They all stared at the tiny folded wedge of paper stuck to the back of the locket. Hermione waved her wand at it, performing a basic unsticking charm. The crinkling of the paper as Harry unfolded it was the only noise in the tent. He cleared his throat.


It had damned better be you reading this. Although clearly not the best choice if I wish to stay alive, I have determined that my illustrious cousin had the right idea in seeking out the Dark Lord's horcruxes. Unfortunately, since I have no way of reliably disposing of them myself, I have attempted to leave this one in an easy place for you to locate-at least, compared to where it was, behind some very creative wards and curses at Borgin and Burke's. When I discover the next, I will make it known to you if I still cannot destroy it myself.


None of them knew what to say.

"DLM?" Hermione finally questioned. "Do you suppose… Malfoy?"

"Malfoy?" Ron said, incredulously.

"Malfoy…" Harry contemplated./p

"Yes, Malfoy. I'm fairly certain his middle name is Lucius."

"I suppose Regulus would technically have been his cousin."

"Malfoy or not," said Harry, "I suppose at least we've found a horcrux, even if we don't have a way to destroy it."