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Chapter 1

It was senior year for the VK group and they were officially helping Ben bring in the new group of kids from the Isle. Ben sat at his desk with the boys sitting across from him. Evie had given Ben her recommendations and he had let Mal know as well. Now, he needed to talk to the boys and hope they will help.

"Thanks, you guys, for taking the time out to help. I really want the news kids to feel welcome and I think it will go a lot better with familiar faces there to greet them." Ben said smiling.

Jay and Carlos just looked at each other. The welcome factor all depended on who they were bringing over. Jay knew Evie was only giving Ben the names of the kids that wouldn't cause trouble and be able to adapt to life here. That didn't mean they all got along though. It could get messy depending on who Ben chose.

"I've already talked to the girls about them and they are both fine with who I chose, but Mal did mention you had a interest in a couple of them, Jay." Ben said and hesitated. He really wanted this to go well.

"Who's coming, Ben?" Carlos asked, when Jay said nothing. They were both worried.

"Zevon, Yzma son, Fletcher, Dr Facilier son." Ben said, so far so good. Ben noticed neither of them flinched. "Jacy, your cousin, Jay… and Greta, Mother Gothel's daughter."

Jay cringed hearing this. His life just got screwed. His eyes closed as he rubbed his head. How was he going to explain to Ben that Greta coming over isn't a good idea. Not that she's evil. He wouldn't call her that. It was more like obsessive, but only about him.

Greta, Mother Gothel's daughter, was a problem Jay had for several years on the Isle. Jay dated her, if you could call it dating, before he left the Isle. He wouldn't say they were on bad terms, just not on good ones. She wasn't happy about him leaving and was even more upset when she had seen him on TV at the Cotillion with Lonnie, despite the fact that he and Lonnie are only friends, that wasn't going to change.

Greta had gotten word to him through Ben several times since the Cotillion that she wanted to talk to him. None of which Jay responded to. She believed they were still together, but Jay has enjoyed his single life here, without a thought about her and what he considered was in the past. He had no intention of changing. He flirted with all the girls, had almost all of them falling at his feet and could have almost any girl he wanted. Almost, there were a few exceptions. Mal and Evie, of course, were immune to his charms, but so was Jane, he just made her nervous, and Lonnie who just seemed to take his flirting as part of his personality and ignored it. Which drove Jay crazy.

"Jay? Is there a problem?" Ben asked. Evie had already warned him that Greta had a past with Jay, but that Jay had moved on and she was sure Greta had too.

"Greta is… Let's just say she can be difficult. She tends to get…" Jay thought for a moment. He was trying to put it nicely.

"Obsessive, controlling… psycho, flat out crazy." Carlos rattled off, then shrugged at the look he got from both of them in response.

"She just isn't a good idea, Ben." Jay said softly.

"Look, I get you have a past with her but so do the rest of us. Look at me and Audrey, we don't exactly see eye to eye, but we figured it out. Somehow you're gonna have to work out whatever differences you have. We can't just invite the people you like. I'm sorry." Ben said.

Jay sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He would have to figure it out. Jacy coming over could be a help. His cousin knew the history there and having been there for the last year, she would have some insight on how to deal with Greta.

Jacy was like Jay's twin in many ways. They were both very good looking, were the best thieves on the Isle and could charm anyone. She was confident, smart and skilled. All attributes Jay admired in a girl. Unfortunately, there was a shortage of finding a girl like that in Auradon, and dating his cousin wasn't an option. Jay was looking forward to seeing her again, and thought she and Lonnie would probably get along well. They had a lot in common.

Jay and Carlos walked out of the office, not really happy with the turn out. The other three were fine and Jay was happy his cousin was getting a chance, it was Greta he was concerned about. They headed back to their dorm and left the door open like always as they talked about it.

"At least Jacy's coming. She was cool and maybe you can get her on the team." Carlos said as he rubbed Dude's ears.

"Not really up to me anymore. That's Lonnie's call, but I'm sure she'd do it. I'll talk to her." Jay said laying back, he began tossing the tourney ball into the air. Dude's head bobbed up and down watching the ball.

"What about Greta?" Carlos asked watching Dude track the ball Jay was tossing.

"What can I do? Ben isn't changing his mind." Jay muttered. He wasn't happy about this.

Carlos thought for a moment before his phone went off. It was Jane checking to see if they were still on for their date later. He text her back and thought about it. Jane was the only girl he wanted, but what did Jay want.

"What about a girlfriend?" Carlos asked as the idea hit him. Jay only raised his eyebrows at Carlos's suggestion. He wasn't exactly boyfriend material. "Seriously, you have your pick of girls. Every girl here falls at your feet. Just pick one and solution found. You think Greta will keep bugging you if she sees you've moved on?"

Jay shook his head. "It would have to be realistic though. Greta would see through a setup in a heartbeat. She crazy, not stupid. She knows me too well, plus you and I both know, I'm not the princess type. Besides, I couldn't put up with all that..." Jay waved his hands in the air and flipped his hair over his shoulders like the girls do. "I'd choke one of them first."

"Are you saying there isn't a girl here you'd even consider dating?" Carlos asked surprised that Jay hadn't found a girl. He normally would have gone out with many of them by now. He had really kept to himself since arriving in Auradon.

"I don't know. I would have to find a girl that likes sports, is confident, strong, can take care of herself… smart, not to mention hot...what princess is like that?" Jay grumbled.

"Hey, guys!" Lonnie smiled at them as she stuck her head in the door. "Don't forget practice is at three. See ya over there." She disappeared just as fast as she came and barely gave Jay a single look.

Jay stared at the doorway for a moment. It drove him crazy, she didn't fall over him like other girls do. Maybe Mal and Evie had just rubbed off on her. Lonnie just didn't see him the way every other girl did. Jay frowned and thought about what Carlos said. Watching Lonnie walk off got Jay thinking of what girls would be options for him. He just wasn't seeing any.

They continued to talk about the situation and what girls might work for Jay. They both laughed hysterically at the idea of Audrey or Riley. Those were two princesses with their noses just too high in the air. Jay determined he would end it with either of them before the conversation was even over. He thought about Ally. She was cute, sweet and blushed every time he walked by, but as shy as she was, he'd probably scare her to death. There really weren't many options, but he only needed one.

"You think Zevon and Fletcher will want to join the team too?" Carlos asked as the boys started walking towards the gym.

Zevon was the son of Yzma and was more interested in magic and causing trouble than sports. He was slick and smart with a knack for chemistry and stealing. He was definitely a questionable move by Ben, but was relatively harmless as long as you didn't mind losing an item or seeing something blow up.

Fletcher was the son of Dr Facilier. He was handy to have in a pinch if your car or bike broke down. He was very mechanically inclined, but very shy. His father had done a lot to intimidate the boy, so he spent more time watching from his hiding spot than participating in any of the games. Especially if those games included girls.

"Doug might do good with Zevon. As long as they don't blow up the school. Fletcher we might need to take in. The kid is just scared. We can help him." Jay said pushing the gym door open.

The team was setting up as they walked in, Lonnie was talking to Chad again. He was frustrated and throwing another temper with her over something. Lonnie sighed and shrugged her shoulders when Jay looked over and met her gaze. Jay laughed crossing his arms over his chest and leaned against the railing watching her handle him. She had more patience with Chad than he ever did. She also looked very nice today in her snug workout clothes and her hair pulled up in ponytail.

"Nice view, man." Tyler said pulling up next to Jay. He sat on the wall and followed Jay's gaze to Lonnie. The cheerleaders were off on the side calling Jay's name, but he ignored them. The group of princesses that followed Jay around were giggling trying to get his attention, he didn't acknowledge them. There were plenty of other girls in the gym to watch and flirt with, but Tyler was finding it interesting Jay was just watching only her. "Ever wonder what she's like?"

Jay frowned and looked at Tyler. He had thought about that several times in the last few minutes. How did Tyler know that was what he was thinking? He had to play it cool. "Lonnie? You know what she's like. She's been captain for months now."

"Nah, not like that, Jay. Like what she's like on like a dating level. To like kiss and touch and all? You think she's the same or does turn into one of those psycho princesses?" Tyler asked as he checked Lonnie out. The tight black yoga pants and pink sports bra and matching tank left little to imagine, her curves were right there to see.

"Lonnie isn't a princess and you better not let her hear you call her that." Aziz said joining them. "Kissing her, though… I wouldn't mind that."

"She'd kick your ass, Aziz." Carlos said standing next to Jay. Just because he was dating Jane didn't mean he couldn't appreciate the view.

Jay only shook his head and gave both Aziz and Tyler his 'Don't go there or deal with me' look. The guys talked a lot about Lonnie, but none of them made a move to ask her out because of Jay. They admired her from a distance, just as they were now. But because of Jay's regular warnings of hands off, they kept their hands to themselves and no one asked her out. This included Jay.

They were all waiting on Chad to finish his temper as Lonnie huffed out a long breath. Lonnie started twirling the sword in her hand in circles showing her impatience was growing thin. Jay saw Lonnie was about to let Chad have it and decided to give her a break.

"Hey, Chad! You know, I think Jane might want your spot on the team if you can't hack it." Jay yelled over, causing Lonnie to look over her shoulder and shake her head at him while she tried to hide her laugh. Jay smirked, he knew that would get her to laugh.

It was the one thing he liked to hear every day. For whatever reason Jay needed to hear Lonnie laugh. Her smile lit up the room, her laugh was like music to hear. It made his day every time he saw that smile and heard her laugh.