My Life . . . The Wonderful Happy Story! . . . Not

Chapter 1

Hey, my name is Lily Marie Evans. I have dark, red hair that goes to my butt, curling at the end and bright, emerald eyes (my favorite thing about myself.) I am pretty short, about 5'2 1/2 and I weigh 115 lbs (not skinny or fat.) Other people told me that was nose was just fine, but I couldn't believe them. I hate my nose. It's like the one thing that stands out in pictures. Then there are my lips. I guess they are okay, I mean they are full and pale pink. I hate my skin, it's so pale. I've tried everything to get a tan but it never works. Then there are my freckles that run across my nose. Hate those too. Why couldn't I be a blonde with a natural tan? But no, I got cursed being a redhead. I also have double earring piercing and one on my cartilage.

I think the only thing I like about myself are my eyes and personality.

Hmm, my personality, you ask. Well, I am extremely shy when I first meet someone new but start to open up later. I love the way I look at life though (Even though life sucks.) I actually look around myself and view everyone and everything. And I'm a dreamer that's for sure. I'm also very nice to everyone. People have told me I am funny but I don't see that. Then some people tell me I am extremely smart, but I also don't see that. I think it's out of pure luck that I pass the tests.

The things I do? Well, I love to draw, read, write, and daydream. My passion is drawing though. But the thing is that I haven't drawn in such a long time. I'm scared to now. I feel like I still don't have it in me.

About life . . . I hate it. One of the main things I hate about it is the people. Some people are so judgmental. Then you have the people who don't even give you a second glance. People are so stupid, I'm stupid! Life is so confusing; I honestly don't get it sometimes. And what confuses me the most is my luck with guys. Or what luck I even have . . .


"Ugh!" I punched my fist into my pillow, angrily. I screamed into it, letting the angry tears fall.

Here I was thinking about life and guys.

I could've had a chance with Chris. But no, I actually thought Rob was the one.

See, I met this guy named Rob. I thought he was funny and everything. We ended becoming great friends, but I really liked him. I wanted to become more than friends. Then my feelings changed when I realized how immature he really was. And earlier in my divination class I met this guy named Chris. He was really sweet and everything. But then I only thought of him as a friend. And after I realized how immature and annoying Rob was I started to like Chris more. But it was too late. Chris and I drifted away and only waved once and awhile to each other in the halls. We never talked in class. I'm too big of a chicken too.

"Life sucks," I mumbled in my pillow, drifting into an uneasy sleep.


"Lily, wake up. Rise and shine!"

That would be my friend, Rose. She had black hair that reached her shoulders and beautiful, grey eyes. Sometimes I got so jealous of Rose. It seemed that if a guy met me first, then Rose, they would like Rose better just because she was more outgoing. But she was like my best friend . . . it wasn't her fault the guys always ended up liking her.

"Ten more minutes," I mumbled, pulling the covers up to my neck.

Rose, being who she is, threw a pillow at me.


"Ouch!" I laughed waking up fully. "Are you happy now?"

"Yes, very. Now get your lazy bum up and into the shower so we can head to class." Rose said putting her faithful converse's on. She has had those since the third year and had never got rid of them since.

I don't think I mentioned that I'm a witch. Yes, that's right, so get that shock look off your face. I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And I absolutely love the school. Ever since I was little, I believed in magic, fairies, dragons, etc. Then, when I got my letter . . . I was in paradise. Some people think I'm mad to love school and all the classes, but that's just me. Right now I am in my sixth year and in Gryffindor. Next year would be my last.

After I took a shower; I walked into the room and changed into my uniform. I applied my lipstick, then some gloss to give it a shine and then my green eye liner to make my eyes stand out even more. I added a little blush to give my pale skin for some color and smiled weakly at my reflected.

I silently screamed at my hair, while flipping it, in an attempt to dry it. It didn't work. I did a quick low, French braid. It'll have to do. I slide into some flip flops, not caring about the school rules.

I quickly hurried down the stairs and frowned when I didn't see Rose. Oh well, I'm used to being alone.

I slowed my pace and walked out of the portrait hole, blinking a couple of times, trying to get rid of the tears.

To say the least, I cry and laugh easily.

"Hey Lily," My friend Matt waved.

"Ew, it's Matt," I greeted, glaring.

"Lily," he squinted his eyes. We couldn't hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.

"See you in Charms," I called out, walking toward the Great Hall doors.

I spotted Rose easily. She was at the end of the table, with a bunch of guys crowded around her. Jealously built up, but I pushed it aside and strolled to the end of the table trying to keep my back straight.

Whenever I go home for the summer or Christmas break, my mom nags me to no end about keeping my back straight and to stop hunching. She said short girls like me shouldn't hunch because we want to look taller.

That was another think I didn't like about Rob; he always hunched.

"Thanks for waiting for me," I said sarcastically to Rose, sitting down in my chair.

"Your welcome," She smiled.

We both rolled our eyes at each other.

I know what you're thinking; they don't seem like really good friends. But trust me, we are. We've just grown to know when the other is joking.

I poked at my food. I didn't care for breakfast. Lately, come to think of it, I haven't really been eating healthy. I've recently starting sneaking into the kitchen to get junk food. I admit it, I have a sweet tooth.

I glanced up and down the table, my eyes stopping at one boy. He was cute, with messy, black hair and beautiful, blue eyes. I think his name was like John Potter or something. I know for sure his last name was Potter. Of all the times I heard the teachers call out his last name. I knew he got in lots of trouble too because him and his friends always pulled pranks. In fact, he didn't really seem like my type, but something about him made me want to know him.

Without warning he looked up at my direction and locked eyes with me. I froze, and we kind of just sat there starring at each other. He finally smiled at me and turned back to his friend and laughed at one of his jokes.

Wow, that was freaky. And why am I shaking? He has a great smile though.

I'm not going to dwell on this though, because I have no luck what so ever with guys. And he probably has a girlfriend who is just in another house. With his looks and everything, he'll never like me.

I glanced at the Hufflepuff table and saw Chris. I sighed. Oh, if only I gave him the chance.

"Lily, eat right this second," My "friend" Alicia told me. She really got on my nerves. And I know she uses me. I mean I feel sorry for her and all because her grandma, who she calls mom, has a muggle disease called cancer. But really, she shouldn't feel like people owe her. Plus, she always asked if she could borrow my stuff, and it got on my nerves.

"I'm not hungry!" I mumbled.

"Ok, whatever," she let out an angry sigh and turned away and started talking to one of her other friends.

I rolled my eyes and stood up.

"I'm going to start heading for class," I said, grabbing my stuff.

Owls started flooding through the Great Hall. No mail for me. Oh well.

"Like you guys really care," I mumbled the last part to myself as I walked out of the Great Hall doors.

I walked down the halls, staring at the ground the whole time. I kicked a random rock, angrily.

"Lily!" Someone from behind me called out.

I turned around slowly. And there he was.


"Hi!" I said, nervously. I cracked my knuckles out of nervous habit. I hate my hands . . . and my feet.

"Um, going to Charms?" he blushed.

"Yea, how did you know?"

"Wild guess?" We both laughed. "May I walk you to your class?" he asked, smiling.

Did he ever have a great smile.

If you didn't notice, the first thing I look for in a guy is their smile and personality.

"Sure!" I said a little too loud. Chris grabbed my books and we walked silently.

"What class are you going too?" I tried to make conversation as the bell for lunch getting out rang.

"Transfiguration with Slytherins," he said dryly.

"Ouch," I said. I felt sorry for him. Everyone, but the Slytherin's themselves, hated them.

He laughed and I smiled.

"Well, here's my class, thanks for walking me." I said slyly.

"Anytime," He said, handing me my books.

I watched him leave and sighed. I might still have a chance with him! I grinned and headed inside, sitting myself in the middle. Soon the class started to fill up.

Rose sat in front of me and turned around.

"Are you okay?" She asked as the one the Potter guy laughed at, sat himself next to her.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" A blush crept on my face as the Potter guy himself sat next to me, making himself at home.

"I don't know. You seem distant lately. Are you positive?"

"Yes," I said with a little annoyance in my tone.

Rose looked at me worriedly and turned around.

"Hey, I'm James Potter," 'James Potter' introduced himself.

"Lily Evans."

He smiled, his oh so beautiful smile.

This is the moment when my life got even more confusing.

All thanks to James Potter.

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