Author's Note: Hot DAMN people, I was hoping that last chapter would get a lot of comments, but you all have managed to completely blow me away! In light of all the requests for more, I've decided to dust off an old idea: five times Peter introduced himself to someone at Avengers Compound, and once that a visitor already new exactly who he was. I'm re-purposing it to fit this AU, as a prequel for Curbside - and this time, I hope to actually keep it in a proper 5+1 format, but as you all can probably tell I am a huge pushover when it comes to requests for more content. xD

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Chapter Twelve - Fall Finale

"You had to ask," Peter groaned. "You had to ask if we could still do this." Despite his grumbling, though, the teen was grinning, and MJ wore her usual smirk. The two of them stood against the gymnasium bleachers, laughing as they observed heroes known the world over chaperone a high school dance.

Miss Potts, when made aware of the plan, quickly took charge in order to place people appropriately - not, for example, letting Sergeant Barnes or Falcon anywhere near the punch bowls. Instead, she put Colonel Rhodes and Doctor Banner on that particular guard duty, and sent the other two off on trash can detail.

Outside, Peter knew, was a surveillance team under the real Maria Hill (and boy hadn't that been a fun introduction and explanation) along with some Asgardians brought along by Thor who'd be getting their own party later. Meeting Heimdal had been cool, Lady Sif was awesome, and the Valkyrie Brunhilde was ten kinds of epic. Supposedly, Loki was around too, wearing a magic disguise to blend into the crowd. Peter had seen Doctor Strange walking around earlier, eyes narrowed and fingers glowing, and suspected the two were doing some kind of hide and seek exercise.

Captain Rogers seemed to be having a great time circling the dance floor - not actually yelling at teenagers who stood too close together, but inspiring propriety by his mere presence just the same. Hawkeye was watching things from somewhere in the rafters, Mister Stark and Shuri were battling for control of the music while T'Challa guarded their confiscated tech, and door-minding duty was rotated between Natasha, Wanda, Vision, and Okoye.

Chuckling when he saw Scott dragging Van Dyne onto the dance floor, Peter glanced over at MJ. "Sooo..."

The girl arched an eyebrow at him. "If you're gonna ask me something, Parker, then ask it."

"Wanna dance?"

"Only if you don't mind getting your toes stepped on."

Peter beamed. "I think I can manage, m'lady."

MJ rolled her eyes, but smiled. "Down, Tiger."

They strolled over to the dance floor hand in hand, well aware that several Avengers were not so subtly grinning and taking pictures. As far as Peter was concerned, though, his weird arrangement of aunts and uncles could take the backseat for a night.