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"Ms. Johnson---I can't say this on the record yet, but welcome to Julliard." These words remained ringing in Sara's ears as she headed back to the changing room with Derek explaining what the judge had said to Roy. As she walked out of the changing room with that uncontrollable grin on her face, she saw Roy come running towards her

"You got in!??" He exclaimed, so enthusiastic that his had fell off and with a laugh, Derek bent down and picked it up for him

"Dad, calm down---You're making a scene," She replied, trying to sound casual about it all

"Hey, who cares whose watchin'! You're goin' to Julliard baby!" Derek exclaimed as he leaned in for an enthusiastic hug. Sara could feel the eyes of other ballerinas waiting to audition staring at them in envy. She could also see ballerinas who hadn't made it staring at her with resentment. Quite frankly, she didn't care. ----------

As the three of them piled onto the subway and sat down, Sara realized how tired she was. She propped her head up with her fist and tried desperately to keep her eyes open.

"Tired?" Derek asked

"Mmm," she replied

"You'll be home soon," he added, and nothing else was said on the ride home. They only heard the divine sound of silence.

The next day at around noon Sara heard a knock on her door. Since her father was out working, as he usually was on Saturdays, it was up to her to answer it. The first thing she saw when she opened the door was a huge bouquet of flowers in her face

"Congratulations Girl!" Chenille screamed as she pushed herself in and greeted Sara with a heart-felt hug.

"Thanks!" She replied, still in awe as Derek walked over to her and gave her a quiet but sweet peck on the lips while handing her the flowers.

"So I know you're goin' all fancy and shit but you still wanna hit Steppes tonight?" Chenille asked with a smile on her face

"Yeah, of course I'll go!"

"A'ight girl," She continued as a sly grin formed across her face, "So tell me 'bout it, what'd they say 'bout ya'?" Sara laughed and sat down on the couch along with Derek and Chenille

"Well he just said that I was going to Julliard," Sara replied casually

"How you gonna act like that Sara?" Derek asked as he put his arm around her, "All casual and shit. You goin' to Julliard baby! You're allowed to be excited you know!" They all laughed

"I am! I am!" She replied, "I'M GOING TO JULLIARD!!!" She yelled, "That felt really good,"

"So, I was talkin' with Kenney yesterday after you left the park, Derek," Chenille started, removing her coat and placing it over the edge of the sofa. "He said he's gonna start comin' around more, you know- seein' Christopher and everythin',"

"And do you---" Sara was searching for the right words, but realized there were none that could be used except the ones she wanted to say, "Do you actually believe him?" Sara and Derek waited for an answer, and after a long pause Chenille answered

"I---Look, ya'll are lucky a'ight? I wish me an' Kenney could be as happy as you two are but I do love him an' I can't help it,"

"Chenille---" Derek started

"No, Derek!" She exclaimed as she felt tears starting to form in her eyes before she viciously wiped them away, "I'm gonna do anythin' I can to get him to love me too,"

"Chenille you don't need him," Derek said, placing one hand on her knee, "You'll find someone who'll love you back, but it ain't Kenney. He don't support Christopher, he don't visit him, he doesn't even visit you!"

"I know Derek but that's what he was talkin' 'bout after you left. He says he sorry for all that. I wanna give him one more chance an' I think he deserves it,"

"Will he be at Steppes tonight?" Sara asked

"Maybe," Chenille replied, at that was the end of that conversation.