The battle of Yavin, if A New Hope and The Last Jedi were in the same continuity:

"We need you to distract the Imperials until the missile is ready. If you can hit the thermal exhaust port, all the better, but you need to keep them from looking for the missile."

A murmur of agreement from the pilots, and then it's back to the fighters, one more preflight, and then they are off.

Flashes of blaster fire, exploding turrets, TIEs and Y-wings, screams, calls for help, death.

Around the planet, opposite the rotation of the moons, a great, dark, irregular shape, a quarter the size of the Death Star, moving at a comfortable twenty kilometers per second relative, main engines burning hard to keep the massive asteroid from escaping the planned orbit.

Twenty seconds later it gains line of sight on the Death Star. Five seconds later it clears Yavin's gravitational shadow, and goes into hyperdrive.

The Death Star jerks in space, the middle quarter of it turning into a cloud of expanding gas as the missile falls back out of hyperspace on contact, punching back out the other side, a similar result to shooting a melon with a rifle.

The remaining mass of the Death Star starts to tumble, venting atmosphere, flames, and glowing bits of superheated metal.

"All squads, command, I need your accountability reports as soon as possible."

"Command, Red Five, two units."

"Command, Gold Two, four units."

"Command, Green Six, Eight units."