It has been a long night, fighting bad guys, stopping Selina from stealing another jewel she didn't need (she already had thirteen diamond necklaces from Bruce), when a voice came over his comm.

"Red Hood, there's a break in near your location. Someone is forcing their way into Starbucks. Can you check it out?" Bruce hung up before Jason could answer.

He sighed and pulled his hood on once again.

"Damn criminals." He grumbled.

After a few building jumps and one grappling hook across a large gap between two buildings, Jason finally got to the nearest coffee shop.

"Why is Bruce sending me to a minor break in? In Starbucks of all places." He huffed.

As he inched the door open, he pulled out his guns. He ducked in and held them out in front of him.

"If you don't want your ass kicked, give yourself up right now." He yelled.

I loud clang could be heard from behind the counter.

Jason inched closer and leaned across the counter.

"Replacement?" He exclaimed.

Said person was there, crouching behind the cash register, with a cup of coffee in his right hand and a five dollar bill in his left.

"Uhh... hey Hood... what's up?" Red Robin grinned and proceeded to exchange his five dollar bill for his change.

"What are you doing in here?" Red Hood sighed.

RR scoffed and held up his coffee cup.

"What else does it look like? I'm getting a cup of coffee obviously."

Jason stared at Tim for a few seconds.

"I regret asking..." he groaned. "How did you get in here anyways?" He asked Tim.

Tim held up a bobby pin.

"... I taught you how to pick locks. And this," he gestured to the whole shop, "is how you use that skill?" He ground out.

Tim shrugged and took a shot of his coffee. "How else would I use it?"

"Oh um, I don't know. Maybe for some fun?!" Jason yelled.

Tim sighed. "Whatever, Hood. I'm tired. Goodnight." Tim stood up and walked towards the door. "See you later." He called out.

As Jason watched Tim leave, he shook his head and sighed. "Why am I even with these people anymore?" He groaned.

"Because you love us." Batgirl is said over the comm link.

"Shut up."