Cassandra and Tim had just come in from patrol, one of them tired and the other, keyed up.

"That was amazing Cassandra! How did you do that? I didn't know you could do that!" Tim rambled on about what happened that night.

Tim and Cassandra had gotten a lead on the Joker case. Apparently, Joker had been planning to release his toxin at the busiest part of Gotham at midnight.

Cass and Tim had successfully stopped him from killing hundreds of people but unfortunately, the Joker got away.

Cass was thinking of ways to get Tim to shut up, even though he's cute he can be a little chatty sometimes, when he grabbed her arm and turned her towards him.

"Cass, I need to tell you something." Tim was pale and shaking.

"What?" She asked.

Tim took a deep breath and lowered his voice.

"I might be in love with you." He mumbled.

His cheeks went red and he looked down, fear of rejection making him do that.

Cass softened and smiled.

"That's great to hear." She lifted his chin. "I am in love with you." She grabbed a fistful of his Red Robin costume, pulled him close and kissed him.

He paused, thinking this was a joke, but Cass would never do that. So he wrapped his arms around Cass, pulled her even closer and kissed her back.

She smiled and pulled away.

"Took you long enough." She whispered.

He shrugged. "I didn't know you felt the same way." He chuckled.

She smiled. "I always have."

She nuzzled his neck and sighed, happy to finally have him in her arms.