A/N: This is my very first fan fiction, or fiction of any sort, really, unless you count the little stories they make you write in school. This story is primarily a Harry Potter/Pushing Daisies crossover, but there's also a little from Doctor Who and Star Wars. As you know, I don't own the rights to any of the original stories or characters. This is just a fan fiction. Enjoy! And please leave some feed back. Thanks!

Harry Potter and the Pie Maker

Chapter I

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, two Jedi sat in a small flat boat in a swamp populated with what looked like Cypress trees.

"Did you feel that?" asked the startled young Padawan. Higra Viaus was only 15 years old, but she was well trained in the Jedi arts and advanced beyond most of her own age.

"I did," replied Harsa. Jedi master Harsa Antyl was like a father to Higra. Although Higra had trained in the Jedi temple since she was six years old, Harsa had trained her personally for many of those years and he adopted her as his Padawan learner when she was eleven.

"What was it?" Higra asked.

"It was a disturbance in the force," came the reply.

"But what does it mean?" Higra knew vaguely what it meant, but such was her respect for Harsa that she always deferred to him and sought his council.

"It means something is wrong. Or will be."

"What do you mean, 'will be'?" This part, Higra did not understand.

"It is not wise to speculate about the future, but this disturbance is especially strong."

"But mustn't we prepare for the future? Aren't all promptings from the force somehow future-directed? Master Luke says the future-directedness of the force is why we appear to have such fast reflexes."

"Yes," Harsa conceded, "but this is very different. Tell me, Higra, how is this disturbance different to you than others you have felt?"

"It's hard to explain, master Antyl." Higra furrowed her eyebrows and gazed through the shadows of the trees on the water.

"Be mindful of what the force is telling you," Harsa urged.

"That's just it," Higra said as she turned back to Harsa. "It lingers and trails off as if it were a distant echo. Yet it's strong as if exploding inside my head."

"Yes," Harsa responded encouragingly. "What else?"

"I feel that this disturbance is not only temporally distant, but also spatially distant."

"That is also what I feel. In fact, it must concern another galaxy some eight thousand years in the future."

"But why? Why should the force will that we should feel such a distant disturbance? Master Luke said the force permeates everything but only gives us glimpses according to its will and our part in it. What part could we possibly have in something so remote?"

"That's a good question," Harsa said. "We must speak with the Jedi council. We must speak with Luke."

Higra smiled. "I was really enjoying it out here. It's peaceful. May we stay a little longer?"

Harsa smiled back. Higra was like a daughter to Harsa. The old Jedi order discouraged attachments, which Luke and Leia felt was a mistake. Harsa had become quite attached to Higra and cherished the rare moments of serenity they enjoyed while not brandishing light sabers or chasing cosmic outlaws through dangerous asteroid fields. Higra especially liked wooded areas, and the swamplands on New Tatooine seemed to her to be as far away from trouble as it was possible for a Jedi to get.

New Tatooine was a terraformed planet where the survivers of Old Tatooine set up colonies. Though not as populated as Old Tatooine, the tarraforming was wildly successful. Higra thought it was beautiful, and Harsa agreed. Higra's grandparents were from Old Tatooine, but they were lucky enough not to have been there when it was destroyed by the Death Star.

Or unlucky, depending on how you looked at it. They certainly didn't feel lucky at the time, being two of maybe 12,000 left of their kind in the galaxy. They were now members of an endangered species.