Chapter 5

-September 4th Gryffindor Common Room-

It is the afternoon in Hogwarts and the 5th years had a hour before their next class starts.

Hermione planted a pile of newspaper and magazine articles in front of Ron and Charles.

"This everything I have on Power Girl, the woman who saved us from the giants," she said. "She first appeared about 5 years ago as a 'cousin' of Superman. He is considered among the greatest heroes on the planet…"

Hermione continued her explanation, Charles noticed something sticking out from the pile. He pulled it out, causing the stack of articles to fall over.

"Charles be careful," Hermione chastised her boyfriend.

"I will," came Charles reply as he was looking at a laminated poster before turning it around for her to see. "Why won't you wear this for me?"

Hermione blushed hard at the image on the poster and Ron let out a wolf whistle at the picture. It is a picture of Power Girl wearing her costume, while bent at the waist giving a good view down her cleavage, while blowing a kiss.

"I-It was for charity," Hermione replied as she tried to defend herself as she snatched the poster back.

This cause Charles to snicker before replying, "I'll forget about it if you pose for me in that outfit."

Hermione blushed even deeper as she put the poster away in her bag. "You can forget about it or there will be no snogging for you for the next month!"

For the rest of their free time, Hermione tried explaining who is Power Girl to her friends but she was constantly being interrupted by her two friends.

They then started their way down to their next class before a young girls voice cried out, "Wait for me!"

They looked back and noticed Holly chasing after them, she wore Gryffindor colors on her uniform.

"Hi Holly," Charles said to his little sister.

"How do you like Hogwarts so far?" Hermione asked with a smile.

"It's great and everyone is so kind!" Holly said with excitement as she brushed some of her deep crimson red hair out of her face.

"It's because we are so awesome," Ron said with a grin.

"You? Awesome? I don't think so," came Charles response as he casually hit Ron with his book bag.

"You want a piece of my awesomeness," Ron called out in a mock challenge.

"If I did, I would lose my awesomeness," came Charles retort as he grinned.

Holly giggled at their banter and Hermione rolled her eyes at their antics. The poster of Power Girl fell out of Hermione's bag and she was completely unaware of this.

Holly reached down to pick it up, "Hermione you dropped some…" She stopped in mid sentence as she looked up to see that they were gone and she thought about chasing after them before realizing the time. "Oh my gosh! I am going to be late." She put the poster in her bag and hurried off to her next class.


Karen's eye was twitching as she looked at her refrigerator/freezer combo. The reason is that Sirius had changed its color from a sleek silver color to the brightest pink she had ever seen. She normally doesn't mind pink but the brightness of this pink hurts just looking at it.

"Why does that overgrown man child does this to me?" She asked to no one in particular.

"Because you love me," Sirius replies as exited the guest bedroom as he is wearing just his pants.

"And you have to stay at my place because?" Karen asked in a stern voice.

Sirius expression changed to, well serious, and said, "I've noticed more British wizards hanging around my place and I still have a warrant for my arrest in Britain."

"You have been extradited of said crimes," came Karen's reply as put a hand on her pajama clad hip and finally opened the fridge.

Sirius snorted in amusement, "Like they'd listen. They will pretend to listen but all they care about is there own pure blood agendas." Sirius then proceeded to pull a shirt from the dirty laundry and put it on without a care.

Karen snorted in amusement as it is one of hers that 'I'm too sexy for this shirt'.

Without missing a beat he then added, "Does this shirt make me look fat?"

Karen merely raised an eyebrow at the man's antics, before replying, "And you're supposed to be the adult in our relationship."

"Me, an adult? Never!" Sirius replied in an over the top, child-like, manner. "I don't plan on growing up! Like that Pan fellow in the Land of Nevers!"

"It's Neverland, annnd you are not listening are you," Karen said with a deadpan look as she watched the man looked at his reflection as he flexed his muscles.

"Did you say something Karen?" Sirius asked as he continued checking himself out, causing Karen to stare at the middle-aged man.

Sometime later, just outside Sirius's house, which is under a fidelius charm, two people are standing watching and waiting for the house to appear so they can get the man they are waiting for.

The first is a young woman who is about Karen's age, who stood at 5'6", with shoulder length purple hair.

"Why in the bloody hell are we here waiting for a bloody ghost?" She complained to her partner.

"He's mad, but no ghost Nymphadora," the man replied, causing the girl to glare at him. He is the same age as Sirius, with a more sophisticated stance to him but is wearing battered and worn clothes, with graying hair, he stood at 6'2" with a lanky body.

"Don't call me Nymphadora, Lupin! It's Tonks," the woman scolded at the man. "He's the only person to escape Azkaban and nobody has seen him since."

"There's a reason he does everything. I just don't know what the reason is to come here of all places is," Lupin replied as he rubbed his chin in thought.

"Whatever it is, he must've split," Tonks said as she glanced at where the building is supposed to be and then back to her partner and noticed that he wasn't anywhere to be seen. "Lupin! Lupin! Bloody hell! Must have been a trap for his former friends."

Meanwhile, Lupin was thrown on the ground in an empty alleyway. Lupin looked at the figure who took him from his post. Standing a couple inches shorter than him, the figure is wearing a loose grey sweater with a hood concealing the face, loose pants and a pair of tennis shoes.

"Why are you here?" the figure with a device electronically distorting the voice, in a masculine tone.

"I'm looking for a friend," Lupin replied as he took in his surroundings and carefully reaching for his wand.

"I know who you are Remus Lupin and I know you are Dumbledore's pet werewolf," the individual said.

"I'm nobody's pet," Lupin replied with a look of disgust as he realized his wand is missing. His kept his cool as noticed the individual wasn't really paying attention as he was more interested in his wand.

"And I'm George Washington," replied with a snark. "I repeat my original question, why are you here?"

"Like I said, I'm looking for a friend," Remus replied with a growing annoyance.

"So you can throw him in Azkaban again? I know that IWC made it clear that he isn't responsible for the crimes that he was accused of."

Raising an eyebrow Remus said, "I'm not here for that. The Dark Lord has returned and has taken an interest in him."

This caused the figure to snort in amusement as he used the wand to remove gum from his shoe, causing Remus's eye to twitch, "He has left Britain for over a decade, what makes you think he'll return to those that abandoned him in his hour of need?"

"I will not make excuses for my actions," Lupin replied, with a look of guilt on his face. "I will not make the same mistake twice, for one of best mates and my niece in all but blood."

The figure took a minute before replying, "Return to your master, Dumbledore, and say that his help is not needed here."

"But…" Remus started before the figure disappeared, and he didn't since any magic behind the mans(?) disappearance. Remus looked around some more before returning to Tonks.

Back at Karen's place, the hooded figure took off the sweater revealing that it was Karen herself in the sweater and she only wore a skimpy white bra under the sweater.

"Put on a bleedin' shirt," Sirius cried out as he noticed her state of dress.

"What I'm not good looking for ya," Karen replied as she put a hand on her hip and struck a pose for him.

This caused Sirius to reden due to the embarrassment, and retorted, "We are not bleeding hell having this argument again! Put on a shirt or I'll make you!"

"I'm so scared," Karen replied non coherently as she pulled a device out of the sweater.

Sirius took his wand and gave it wave and in seconds Karen is wearing clothes better suited for a toddler but in adult size. It consisted of blue shorts and a pink T-shirt, with the words 'Daddy's Little Angel' printed boldly in neon yellow on the shirt.

"Very funny Sirius," Karen said as she noticed her state of dress. "Now undo the blasted spell!"

"Nope," Sirius replied as he walked away,

"Sirius," Karen whined as she gave chase.


"Does Charles or Holly know of Karen?" James asked his wife as they had dinner in their mansion.

"I know our son has heard us talking about her but he doesn't know about our family's connection to her," Lily replied.

"We should tell them about her," James said, as he took a bit of his dinner,

"Yes we should. Though I don't know if they are ready," Lily replied with concern,

"We made a mistake when we listened to Dumbledore when Sirius was locked up, and we made the same mistake when we gave her up to your sister all those years ago," James said.

"So it's agreed, that when they're home for Christmas, we're going to tell them about their older sister," Lily stated.

"We should have told them a long time ago," James added. "We shouldn't have listened to Dumbledore! I lost my brother in all but blood and we lost one of our children."

"If we try now, we can probably be in their lives," Lily stated hopefully.

"But we lost our chance to be her parents and he will never truly forgive me," James said as he covered his face in shame.


Dumbledore is looking at the night sky from his office window from his chair.

"My time grows short," Dumbledore said to Fawkes, his Phoenix familiar. "I know that the war with Tom will have many innocent lives lost, but through their loss I can use their souls to help me create a new Philosopher stone."

The headmaster looked at where his phoenix's favorite perch in his office, "Don't give me that look old friend. It is for the 'Greater Good' after all. After Charles selfless sacrifice against Tom, and his following defeat, Britain will need a great leader to lead them into a new era of peace and the status quo remains intact, for years to come."

Dumbledore then looked back outside, never realizing that the perch was empty of the Phoenix and it is completely covered in dust, cobwebs, and dust bunnies from years disuse.


Back at Karen's, Sirius is wearing a matching shirt, but several sizes to large.

"You cheated," Sirius said with a pout.

"How," Karen asked with a shameless grin on her face.

"You used your super speed!" Sirius childishly whined.

"And you used magic," Karen retorted as she pointed at the too small shirt that barely covered her breasts, that showed the outline of her bra through the shirt and left her toned waist completely bare.

"At least have the body for it," Sirius shot back. "You can body shame Veela, just by standing in the same room as them, for Merlin's sake!"

"Which you keep reminding me," Karen replied as she struck a pose. "I wonder if I can get Jimmy Olsen to ask me on a date while wearing this."

"The kid who takes pictures of Superman," Sirius asked. "No! I banned you from dating boys!"

"He's 26 and I'm 20," Karen said with a grin, "And you never banned me from dating before."

"That's because I knew they weren't going to last!" Sirius said raising his voice at Karen as she walked out of the room. "And no boys! I forbid it!"

"Didn't you bring 2 19-year-olds to your place last week," Karen shot back, "And you had to replace the bed the next day from you 'fun' with them that night?"

"They were French identical twin Veela (quarter Veela to be precise) bikini models," Sirius countered. "And they told me they were older!"

"And I'm the Pope," came Karen's reply from her room.

To be continued…