024. Slip



Ningen behavior, admittedly, baffles him.

Kurama has been as close to a friend as Hiei thinks he's allowed himself the luxury of as a demon. Reincarnation hasn't altered their bond.

No words pass between them, as Kurama's pale, rose satin-soft hand grips onto Hiei's calloused fingers, leading him through the narrow and brick-encased alleyway. It's not as dark as Makai here.

Radiant, white bulbs of glowing lights string haphazardly above Hiei's own head, grazing over the tips of his black hair.

Even stars do not twinkle.

Kurama hunches over, avoiding the lights, squeezing their hands and urging Hiei forward.

Hiei has gotten used to the newest scent on him, hovering over the nectar and flowers, but not powerful enough to erase a demon's essence.

"… I'm getting married," Kurama declares, his features neutral, and Hiei's body goes rigid.

Confiding in him alters nothing.

"Then you are a fool."

A stubborn film of moisture appears in Kurama's eyes, as soon as the words free themselves from Hiei's tongue. If his friend's tears could be round, sparkling gemstones, like Yukina's, they would be a pale and sickly green, hitting the concrete.

Hiei's fingers jerk out of his irresistible warmth, and he vanishes into a flash of static-darkness.



YYH isn't mine. I NEED TO REWATCH YU YU HAKUSHO GOD I MISS MY FAVES I MISS MY BOYS I MISS HOW RIDICULOUS IT ALL IS my fic is not a reflection of those emotions because it's all Sadness lmao BUT STILL! Who still loves this show and gets nostalgic? Or about this ship? Thoughts/comments welcomed!