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~Yami Kumo~
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~Chapter 1~


Harry Osborn fumbled for a clear crystal wine glass, feeling the pressure the job his father had left him when he died four years ago become thicker. After working hard to keep Oscorp up and running, even when the military had soon dismissed the idea of using the serum Norman Osborn had designed for them, he kept pushing the company to the best it could be(or the best it could be without his father around, in his opinion).

But it cost him a lot; his social life took a nose dive, and he had lost contact with his high school buddy, Peter Parker, about 8 months ago. But who was keeping track, anyway?

But he ignored the voice in the back of his head to keep the company going, just like his father had done. But now, he was pretty certain Oscorp was going to go under ground much like his father had done when he passed away.

Or, more like taken away.

Even now, Harry still held a hatred towards the one who had 'killed' his father. Spider-man. He wanted him to pay, to pay dearly. And not with money, either; with his life.

Looking back on his previous flashback thoughts, Harry was certain that he was becoming insane. More so than before, ever since the 'lab accident'...

Harry had no clue of how related he was his father were; even though they were, well, father and son. The old saying 'History Repeats Itself' was surely effective now.

Because while he was studying his father's work on the special super soldier serum one night, he was examining the formula under a scientific microscope (he wished he had had contact with Peter during that time, since he was the science whiz, not himself), when he suddenly felt like somebody was...watching him. Watching over him.

And breathing down his neck.

Harry held his breath, and tensed up. Could somebody had broken in? Of course not, the security was too great to let some just walk in.

Yet, he still felt the feeling of somebody's gaze burning into his back.

Harry then suddenly felt a wispy, cold hand grip onto his forearm. With a gasp of surprise and terror, Harry spun around to face who had dared to come into the labratory unannounced. Instead, he was greeted by a ghostly push towards his chest, knocking him backwards and into the table which had all of the tubes filled with the special serum, and colliding with a high pitched crackling noise of glass hitting ground, as well as wood and a body. HIS body.

He felt the pain of the impact echo throughout his body, as he hissed in pain. He shook his head a few times trying to shake off the blow, and slowly stood up.

Not a very wise choice of actions, one might say.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the menacing cackle bounce off the walls, and into his ears. His blood ran cold, as he heard faint whispering.

Like father like son.
Such a shame you will soon do what Norman had done.

"Who's there?" Harry called out, barely bothering to cover up the fear in his voice.

You know who I am.
You always have.
You have goblin blood in you, boy,
It's about time you've realized it.

"L-leave me alone!" Harry replied shakily, "I don't understand what you're talking about! Who are you?!"

Don't play the innocent with me.
Because you know who you are meant to be.

Harry took a step backwards, almost banging into the table behind him. His eyes were wide, as he said, "I-I'll give you a chance to leave, because if you don't, I'm calling to cops!"

The whispful chuckle filled the room again, as for the second time within two minutes, he was knocked backwards but a chilling push, and this time when he fell, his head collided with the table, and at the same time, landed on the many sharp pieces of broken glass. He didn't get up. When he lay there, unconscious, the super soldier serum started to seep into the cuts he had gained when the glass brushed again them, and found it's way into his blood stream...

Harry could barely recall the evening, and thought it best not to. He took the last sip of the white grape wine he had poured into his glass, and stood up, and soon found his way into his office's bathroom. He stood in front of the mirror, reflecting the tired and worn out image of himself in the mirror. He felt disgusted with himself; he really needed more sleep than 3 hours a night.

Splashing cold water he had run from the tap, Harry thought through with what his next move should be for the company. Harry could have sworn he saw tumble weed roll by beside himself.

Harry looked up into the mirror once more, expecting to see his tired face once more, was greatly surprised to see himself, looking fully rested and lively.

But, also with a very evil smirk planted on his face. The reflection's eyes glinted with malice, hearing Harry's gasp.

"What the..." Harry murmured to himself, thinking he had finally succeeded becoming completely insane.

"It's time, Osborn," The reflection hissed.

Harry's eyes widened. "Oh my god..." This couldn't be happening!

The reflection cackled insanely, just as Harry felt a surge of pain eclipse over him. Harry screamed out in pain, grasping onto his head firmly, in hopes of relieving the pain in a new way. He screamed again, hitting the floor, feeling the world blacken as the pain became to immense for him to handle, and the echo of the laughter of his reflection struck his ears...

Meanwhile, miles and miles and miles away, the young Japanese boy named Yuugi Motou sat up in his bed with a gasp. Yuugi started to pant wildly as he slowly recalled the nightmare he had just awakened from. He started to run his fingertips through his one of a kind multi-coloured hair, feeling the cold sweat dripping down the side of his face moisten them.

Yuugi closed his large innocent violet eyes tightly, feeling fear grip him like a hand clasped over his throat. His dream...it haunted him, the echo of the cackling laughter of the one in his dream to be feared echoing throughout him, emitting a shiver throughout his body. He hugged his legs tightly after he wrapped his light power blue sheet around himself. He laid himself down gently onto his pillow, keeping his eyes tightly clamped shut.

/Mou hitori no boku?/ Yuugi asked slowly through his and Yami no Yuugi's mental link. Even with the puzzle not around his neck, but placed on top of his dark brown dresser, they were still close enough to converse with each other.

//Aibou? Shouldn't you be sleeping?// But obviously, they were too far apart from each other to sense each others' emotions, even if it it was only a few meters away.

/I was,/ Yuugi answered back, /But I had a nightmare. I can barely remember it...but it frightened me so deeply, I wanted to make sure you were still with me,/

//Well, you can see that I am still around, my young aibou. Everything is alright. You have nothing to fear. It was just a nightmare.//

/...I guess so,/ Yuugi replied to his Yami with a small mental sigh. /'Night, mou hitori no boku,/

/Goodnight, mou hitori no ore,/ Yami no Yuugi replied warmly.

Yuugi cut the link, and lay in his bed awake for a while longer. His last thought before drifting back off into slumber land was, That dream was no ordinary dream. It has a serious meaning... but what?

'Harry Osborn' stirred from the position he was laying on the icy cold floor of his office's bathroom, struggling to awaken. He was groggy at first, until it dawned on him. He was in control. He could see with his own eyes. He could move on his own. He was in charge of the body.

Which would spell disaster to so many innocent people across New York.

'Harry' smiled evilly to himself, a sinister chuckle crossing his lips. He raised his body up, and slowly looked himself over in the mirror.

'Harry' saw in front of him the twisted emerald green mask/face of Norman Osborn's alter ego, the Green Goblin himself. The wide mouth to make it look like his was constantly cackling, and the piercing yellow eyes stared his reflection down.

Himself. That was his own reflection. The Green Goblin was in control at last.

Green Goblin could barely hold back the insane and giddy dance and laughter that was itching to come out. Instead, he settled with his evil smirk reflecting his inner emotions.

He started to pace around the clean bathroom of Harry Osborn's office, pondering to himself. How long had it been since he had fought Spider-man in that old broken down building, anyway? It must have been a while. A long time. He could tell by after being in Harry Osborn's body for so long after Norman died and digging into his thoughts so often, it had been a while.

And while digging into his thoughts, he soon realized how he was able to inhabit his body; after his counter half died in the unfortunate accident in the fight between Spider-man and himself, his spirit had left the dead body, and was floating around in limbo. But, since Harry had such negative thoughts and the blood of Norman Osborn flowing through him, it was easy to become a part of the young man. He just needed to find the opportunity.

Say, during Norman's funeral.

So now, he was stuck on another problem; what was his next move to be?

Green Goblin scoffed. World domination, duh.

But how? How was he to achieve this difficult task? Green Goblin had hit a dead end head on.

Green Goblin sighed, stepping out of the bathroom. He check the clock on Harry Osborn's desk; 6:06am. It was still very early in the morning, and it was doubtful anyone was still in Oscorp, other then himself.

Green Goblin sat down in the black leather desk chair behind Harry's desk, and rubbed his temple. OK, time to put your master mind to work, Gobby,

Green Goblin thought to himself for a while. Nothing. He cursed to him, Dammit.

Green Goblin looked up for a moment, until something caught his eye. He raised an eyebrow, as he looked over the newspaper in front of him. Title: JAPAN HOSTS ANCIENT EGYPTIAN EXHIBIT! This peeked Green Goblin's interest a bit. He remembered a few nights that Norman was studying Ancient Egypt, and how they used to believe random things such as there being all sorts of gods such as Ra and Osiris, and how there was the possibility that they also used to play 'Shadow Games'. Archeologists were still looking into it, but maybe in the past few years, they had found more information of the subject.

He raised the newspaper article to his face, as he skimmed it over. The worlds 'Shadow games' suddenly caught his eye, as he read one sentence over and over.

"...At one point," Isis Ishtar claims, "The Ancient Egyptians feared the worst for the Earth as certain people were using the Shadow Games to take over the world, until a brave and powerful pharaoh..."

He would always stop there, not interested in some goody-two-shoes saving the world once again. He grinned evilly; perhaps if he looked more into this matter at the Japan exhibit, it would help him and his plans more with world domination!

He grabbed a pair of blue scissors, and clipped out the entire article. He pocketed it, and exited the room, to find his suit...

Until his had no clue of where to find it.

Damn. This was NOT his day. OK, there was a spare suit somewhere around this stupid building...I remember specifically, because Norman made many copies of it for the super soldiers...but where the hell would they be right now??

~Half an hour later...~

Green Goblin cackled maniacally as he fitted the last glove over his hand with a snap. He squeezed his hand into a fist; it felt good to put on the old suit again. He looked back in a mirror in front of him, now back in Norman's old room with all the creepy masks(Harry never changed the room as a 'memorial' to his father). He struck a few poses to experiment, then he laughed to himself once more. He looked behind himself, and saw his glider (a slightly newer model; the other one was no where to be found Damn that Parker, thought Green Goblin. He grinned underneath his emerald green mask. Japan, here I come! thought Green Goblin, But first, I need to check if...Spider-man is still around...and I know just how to lure him out, too.

Peter Parker, AKA Spider-man, millions of miles away from Yuugi's time zone(12:50am there, 6:50am here) woke up suddenly only to hear the sound of fire engines whiz by his apartment. His groggy eyelids snapped open fully in realization. He jumped up in his bed, like his had just been struck in the head and was recoiling in pain. He bolted out of his bed, now wide awake, and pulled on his Spider-man suit before you could say 'Dark Magician, Dark Magic attack!' He had pulled his red and blue suit on and off so many times within the past few years that he was able to do it under 30 seconds without much thought.

He jumped towards his window, and stared outside. He breathed in the polluted air of New York and coughed a bit. He looked on beyond the roads underneath him, and more towards the yellow and orange pastel shaded sunrise, where he saw two scarlet fire engines speeding away, their alarms blaring loudly, towards a neon orange emblazed apartment building, gray cloudy smoke puffing over top of it and into the atmosphere. No wonder Peter was having more trouble breathing than usual; the smoke from the burning building was clogging up the air!

Out of habit, Peter looked around himself for safety. Good, nobody was looking at the guy in the tights about to jump of the building. Peter took one more glance at his bed; oh well, no rest for the weary...

Peter looked in front of him again, pushed his arm in front in front of himself, and just before releasing the webbing that came from his wrists, shouted out a mock Tarzan called. He grabbed onto the webbing he had released as it stuck onto another building, and started to swing as fast as his body would allow towards the fire.

As soon as he had caught up to the fire engines, who were still a little bit away from the fire, Peter released the grip he had on his strand of white sticky webbing, and did a back flip in the air as he fell towards the red fire engine. He landed in a crouch on top of it, making a very soft 'thump'ing noise. Barely 30 seconds later, the fire engines screeched to a stop in front of the burning building. Peter noticed that there were already three fire engines there, and a group of people surrounded the building. They were obviously in the building just before, since all of their clothes were slightly singed, and just happened to be bed clothes. He then saw one lady, who was trying to get out of one fire fighter's arms.

"Micheal! My little Micheal is still in there!!" The lady shouted out, tears streaming down her face.

The firefighter started saying comforting words to the lady. Peter took this time to leap off of the fire engine, and slam into a broken glass window nearby. The sound of shattering glass filled the room, but it didn't drown out the sounds of crackling fire, and the soft sobs of a child.

Peter looked around, feeling the hot smoky air of the fire slowly filling up his lungs and making it harder for him to breath. He then called out, "Where are you?!"

"O-over here!" The voice called out, followed by some coughing. Peter, now knowing where the sobbing was coming from, raced over towards a burnt down kitchen. He jumped over an emblazed wooden table, and over towards the corner of the room. There were chunks of wood over the area, but Peter could still see the figure of a sobbing child curled up in a ball underneath it. Peter said as calmly as he could, "It's alright, I'm going to get you out of here," With a small grunt, he lifted the heavy blocks of woods off of Micheal, and scooped up the boy, who looked barely six years old. The six year old looked up and into the glassy eyepieces of Peter's mask. He saw the kid's teary brown eyes brighten. "S-spider-man! You're here!"

Peter was about to reply, when his spider sense started to scream.

"Not for long, kid!"

Peter barely had time to jump out of whatever had made his spider sense go off. He stumbled to regain he footing as he landed to the side, afraid he'd accidentally drop the now fearful youth.

The super-hero looked around for the source of wherever that...thing came from. He then heard a high pitched cackling that sent chills down his spine, and could only belong to one person. He didn't want to believe it, though. It scared him too much to even think that HE was alive, after all these years.

Especially since he was at his funeral those long four years ago.

He then saw what he had feared loom down in front of himself like a sudden cold wind. It really was him. It was the Green Goblin, glider and all.

For a moment, Spider-man couldn't find his voice. It had abandoned him, and was hiding somewhere in the burning building. But when Spider-man finally found his voice from underneath a pile of burning wood, all he could say was, barely louder than a whisper, "No way."

"Surprised, Spider-man?" The Green Goblin sneered in an almost amused tone, as he pulled out one of his pumpkin bombs from his belt. Spider-man's eyes widened from underneath his mask; if that thing went off, it would be much harder to make it out of the building alive, since he was still holding Micheal, and was afraid he might hurt the child!

Forfilling Spider-man's current worst fear, Green Goblin let out another cackle, and threw the bomb right in front of the web-slinging super hero. Spider-man took a few steps back as he heard the rhythmic beeping coming from the round bomb, and saw the blinking lights count down his short time to get out of there. He looked in front of himself to see that Gobby had already flown out of the apartment building on his glider. It figures, Spider-man thought morbidly as he broke into a run to get of of the burned kitchen. He leapt over broken piles of wood, while trying his best to grasp onto the six year old boy in his arms, hearing the beepings from the bomb grow louder by the second. After being attacked by the bombs so many times, he memorized how much time he had left long ago.


Spider-man neared the broken window that would be his ticket out of there.


His spider sense suddenly screamed at him as a pile of broken wood collapsed on him and Micheal.


He strained every muscle in his body to get up and stay conscience, all the while still grasping tightly onto the now crying Micheal.


He threw the piles of wood off of his body, and broke out into an all out sprint for the window.


Spider-man leaped out of the building and shot out a strand of webbing while now holding onto Micheal with one arm just in time the hear the bomb go off, and a deafening explosion echoed through the streets of New York, and stray pieces of glass and woods sprayed all over the place. Everyone around the apartment ducked when this occurred, trying to avoid the flying pieces of glass and wood. Hanging onto his webbing still, Spider-man lowered himself onto the ground, gasping for air as discreetly as he could, and landed right in front of the fireman that was trying to comfort the bawling mother of Micheal.

The mother looked up at Spider-man hopefully as he presented her son to her. "He's fine, don't worry, ma'am," Spider-man said politely, as the woman scooped up Micheal. She hugged him tightly, and after saying many rapid words the her son comfortingly, she looked up at the web-swinger and said gratefully, "Thank you so much, Spider-man. I don't know what I'd do without him.."

"No problem, just doing my job," Spider-man grinned from underneath his mask. That grin soon faded when he heard the familiar hovering noise the Green Goblin's glider would make when it was in the air. Spider-man turned around sharply to see Gobby hovering over the crowd, his mask glaring mockingly into Peter. Spider-man gritted his teeth, wondering what the villain would do next. His eyes widened at the same time as well, fearing what he would do next.

To Spider-man's surprise, Green Goblin didn't attack the crowd or Spider-man. Green Goblin slowly hovered higher and higher away from the crowd. Peter narrowed his eyes from underneath his mask, knowing that something was up. And not just the Green Goblin. Peter then with great speed released a strand of sticky webbing from his wrists onto the side of a nearby building, and swung over to it. He kicked his feet in the air to speed up his swing, and flipped in the air as he changed directions. He released another strand of webbing onto the same building as he released the other one, and vaulted onto the top of the building. He landed in a crouch, and stood up straight, glaring straight at the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin laughed at Spider-man once more, and said, "Even though you made it out of there alive, Spider-man, that bomb was not a challenge to a fight."

Peter became confused. "What?"

"That was simply a warning if you get in my way again. Remember last time?" sneered Gobby. Spider-man remained silent. "I'm also saying that I won't be hanging around here for a while. I'm going to go see the world, as well as overthrow it! I have plans, Spider-man, and you won't be able to mess them up since you'll have no clue where I will go! But, I shall give you a hint, just to keep you guessing." Green Goblin hovered even higher into the air, and just before dashing off into the distance on his glider, shouted out, "Sayanora, Spider-man!"

Yuugi Motou felt like math class would never end.

In fact, it was extended because the English as a second language teacher passed away a few days ago, and the school was currently searching for a replacement. Yuugi glanced to his left with a yawn. As the math teacher drawled on about percentages, Yuugi watched his friend Katsuya Jounouchi snore and mutter about 'giant donuts' in his sleep. And watching Jounouchi sleep made Yuugi feel even more tired than before. As he yawned once more, Yuugi wished that the new English teacher would come soon.

He wasn't sure if he could survive more of double time math class. Or Jounouchi.

Yuugi felt himself nodding his head feeling himself almost fall asleep, copying Jounouchi. Then, out of nowhere, the insane cackling from the nightmare he had the night before echoed once more. He yelped out and fell out of his chair, attracting everyone's attention. Jounouchi snorted awake. Yuugi blushed in embarrassment as he sat back down in his seat. Crap.

While back in Japan it was 10:00am, in New York with Peter it was 4:00pm. Many hours after the confrontation with the Green Goblin. Almost the whole time he was teaching at his school, the Green Goblin had clouded his mind.

A lot had happened in the past four years. Peter had continued to work at the Daily Bugle as a photographer until a year ago, in which he took a job as a collage science teacher. As Spider-man, he had defeated many villains from taking over the world, including Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, The Scorpion, The Shocker, and various other criminals who happened to enjoy stealing old ladies' purses at night. Peter was also in contact with Mary Jane again, but refused to go farther than friends, afraid that somebody like the Green Goblin would find out that he loved her. And other than the Green Goblin, nobody knew that that he was secretly Spider-man.

But now, the Green Goblin was back, and was bound to cause loads of havoc. Especially since he knew he was Spider-man. Which scared Peter deeply.

But then again, thinking back to what the Green Goblin had said to him, it didn't look like Gobby was going to attack him head on. He said only if he interferes with his 'plans'...

That also scared Peter. Nothing good could come out of what the Green Goblin had in store. He also said he was going to see the world...he also gave Peter a clue to where he was going. But what was the clue??

Peter growled out in frustration as he sat up from his bed. Peter had to think of what that clue was and figure it out, quick! Even though he feared what Norman would do to his Aunt May and Mary Jane, he also feared what he could do to the world. He was torn, but he decided that he would have to keep a close eye on them after this. He couldn't bare it if something happened to them.

He jumped up from his bed, and started towards his computer. He rolled the Green Goblin's words over and over in his head, desperate to figure out the puzzle. He sat down at his computer, and just sat there, thinking for a moment. He tapped his index finger on the desk his computer sat at, recalling the last sentence his said to him, right after saying he'd give Peter a clue.

"Sayanora, Spider-man!"

Wait a second. Wasn't Sayanora a different language than English? Wasn't it...Japanese for good-bye?

Peter eyes brightened as he whispered to himself, "That's it. He must be going to Japan!" He jumped up from his seat, and placed his jacket on himself; he was going to have to go to the bank to see how much money he had, because he was going to Japan.

~To Be Continued...~

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