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~Yami Kumo~
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~Chapter 6~


Yami no Bakura knew he was here. He was so close, he could practically hear the exhaust of the green man's flying contraption nearby. All he needed to do was to get near him now...but he was sure that wouldn't happen right away. The reason-- he was trailing behind that fool Jounouchi, who was currently looking for Yuugi. Jounouchi had lost track of his best friend in all of the excitement and terror of the kidnapping of Seto Kaiba, and wanted to make sure the short boy was safe. Yami no Bakura wanted to seem in-character for Bakura, so he was there also 'looking' for little Yuugi.

"Yuugi? Yuugi? Where are you??" Jounouchi shouted out against the screams that echoed in the school hallways. Everyone was still in a panic, and Yami no Bakura could hear the nearby sirens of police cars. Jounouchi looked left and right, to find his friend. He felt panicked; what could have happened to him? Fear gripped at him, hoping that Yuugi wasn't captured as well. Jounouchi knew the odds of that happening wasn't very large, but his imagination was running away with him. And, cueing a bad pun, he started to run down the hallways, occasionally knocking over a rogue student in his way.

"Jounouchi-kun! Wait!" Yami no Bakura pleaded, putting on a fake 'I'm sweet little Bakura' tone in his voice. He ran after him, now very annoyed.

"Yuugi! Yuug--!" Jounouchi couldn't finish was he was saying, because the wind got knocked out of him. Someone who had also been running had collided with him, knocking both of them down. Jounouchi let out a breath of air, as he landed on his back on the ground. The person he had bumped into did the same thing as him. "Ow, that hurt!" Jounouchi said scornfully, grimacing.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, mutt," the other person scolded.

Jounouchi blinked, and looked up in disbelief, his chocolate brown eyes wide. "K-kaiba??"

"Well, I'm not Elvis," sneered Kaiba.

"Y-you're still alive! What the hell happened? How did you get away from that freak?? Do you know where Yuugi is, was he up there with you??" Jounouchi sputtered, bombarding Kaiba with questions.

Regaining his composure, Kaiba stood up, brushing himself off. "It doesn't concern you, poodle, and why the hell would Yuugi be up there with me?" Kaiba blinked, then continued, having just thought of something else. "However, I might have seen him..."

Jounouchi stood up, and grabbed him by the collar. "You only think?? Come on, Kaiba, spill the beans! Where's Yuugi?"

"I've been grabbed enough already, dog, now let me go," Kaiba snarled, his icey blue eyes narrowed as if saying 'I will personally throw you off the building if you don't let go right now'.

Jounouchi caught on, and let the CEO down. "Where's Yuugi?" Jounouchi tried again, this time a bit more politely.

"Like I said, I'm not quite sure if who I saw was him, but this information might be of use to you," Kaiba looked Jounouchi straight in the eyes. "When I was up there, that mad man had thrown me off the school. It looked like I was about to die, but then, this boy saved me. He was masked, but I doubt there's anyone else in Domino with a puzzle hanging around their necks and spiked hair like that."

Jounouchi's eyes widened. "Yuugi saved you?"

"Like I said, I'm not sure if it was him, but it sure as hell looked like him, even though he denied it, and called himself Yami Kumo,"

"Where is he now?" Jounouchi growled, his fists tightly held into balls.

"He's still up there as I can imagine, probably about to face that man in battle right now,"

"Why didn't you stay with him??" Jounouchi's anger rose.

"I think I've said enough," Kaiba declared smoothly, starting to walk away.

"Hey, I'm not done with you yet!" Jounouchi shouted, watching Kaiba make his way down the hall.

Kaiba looked back. "Why bother stopping me? Don't you want to see if that really is Yuugi or not? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make sure the police take that mad man into custody,"

Jounouchi kept him mouth shut until Kaiba was gone. Then, he narrowed his eyes. Don't worry, Yuugi, I got your back, he thought, running back towards the stairs up to the roof top.

Meanwhile, Yami no Bakura had hidden in the shadows, listening to the two teenagers' conversation. When they both had left, Yami no Bakura smirked. So, that's where he's been hiding. I guess I'll just have to pay him a little visit...

Yuugi's heart pounded rapidly in his chest, which his other half currently had control over. He could still barely believe what he and his darker half had just done. Had he really just jumped off the school building to save Kaiba? And had he really swung in the air like that just now? He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't just done it. He was still barely in control of his powers; all he could really control was crawling on walls. But then again, would that really help him survive his encounter with the Green Goblin? He was unsure, but he hoped desperately that he could as the Goblin zoomed closer and closer towards him on his glider.

His sixth sense screamed at him, telling him to move out of the way. He couldn't help but wince at the intensity; he would have to learn to tune it down a bit eventually, lest he go deaf. If he even lived after this.

The Goblin cackled maniacally, making Yami Kumo wish that he could sew his mouth shut. Shivers ran down his spine, almost making him miss the split second to dodge out of the glider's way. He fell onto the ground a few feet away, and rolled for a moment. He looked up, to see the Goblin growling angrily, with most likely a scowl under his green mask. Goblin went after him again, leaving Yami Kumo to believe that he would just ram after him again, making him slightly overconfident. But, his sixth sense told him otherwise, warning him that there was more to the Goblin than he predicted. Once again, it was right; bullets shot towards Yami Kumo, making him dance awkwardly to get out of their way.

Yami Kumo gritted his teeth. His sixth sense echoed louder, leaving him to think at first that more bullets were on the way. But, he realized it was not that too late; the glider rammed into his stomach, knocking his breath away. He shot backwards from the impact, and skidded across the roof. He landed into the cubical with the door to the inside, on the opposite side of the actual door. Yami Kumo groaned in pain, rubbing his stomach tenderly. God, that hurt! He didn't have much time to dwell on the past, as his sixth sense warned him of the Goblin coming back for more. He hadn't realized he had closed his eyes until he snapped them open, only to see the Green Goblin's piercing yellow optics of his mask glaring into Yami Kumo's serious crimson-violet eyes. For a moment, Yami Kumo's courage wavered under his evil stare.

Only for a moment. Yami Kumo gritted his teeth, and hoping against hope, shot some of his webbing from his wrists right into his yellow optics. Goblin snarled out in frustration, and tried to claw the webs from his vision. Yami Kumo took this moment of weakness to roll away from the Goblin. He stood up fully, and shot his fists up defensively. As much as Yuugi hated to hurt people, he would be ready if he really had to.

Goblin eventually got the last bit of gunky webbing off of his mask. He glanced around angrily in search of Yami Kumo. When he spotted him, Yami Kumo held his ground bravely. "You're more trouble than you're worth, boy," Goblin sneered.

Yami Kumo remained silent for a moment, then he spoke. "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Goblin pointed to himself mockingly. "Me? If you must know my name, you'll have to tell me yours, too. Why am I here? I have plans, big plans!" he cackled.

"What kind of plans?"

"Evil. What'd you expect?"

"Tell me your name!" shouted Yami Kumo.

"Tell me yours!"

"Very well then," said Yami Kumo, "You can call me Yami Kumo."

Goblin chuckled quietly. "So, Dark Spider, is it? You sound too evil to be fighting me,"

"Dark doesn't always mean evil. Now, I've told you my alias, what's yours?"

"They call me Green Goblin," Goblin smirked, as he slowly pulled his hand behind his back. Yami Kumo's sixth sense started to hum as he continued, "But you may call me the Grim Reaper!' he cackled, and threw an activated pumpkin bomb at the teenager. Yami Kumo's eyes widened, his sixth sense now attacking his ear drums. He dived to the side, to avoid the unknown danger. The bomb blew up, sending pieces of roof in every direction. Smoke clouded the area, making it impossible to see, and hard to breath. Yami Kumo coughed violently, and he rolled farther towards the roof's edge. He stopped just before it, and covered his mouth and nose. He continued to cough, feeling as if his lungs were on fire. He stood up shakily, and walked forward a few steps. The smoke must have contained some sort of toxic chemical that slowly kills, because he suddenly started to feel drowsy. His legs became jelly as he fell onto his knees. He continued to try and cover his mouth and nose, still coughing hard. Ra...please help... He thought sleepily, his eyes slowly sliding shut.

Suddenly, the Sennen Puzzle that hung around his neck started to emit a golden light. Yami Kumo's eyes snapped open fully, suddenly protected by the puzzle's aura. He smirked as the grey clouds of smoke slowly faded away. He stood up, and slowly saw he figure of the Goblin in front of him.

"W-what??" Goblin sputtered, "How are you still alive??"

"Looks like your stupid parlor tricks don't work on me, Green Goblin," replied Yami Kumo calmly.

Goblin growled, charging at Yami Kumo. He dodged to the side, Goblin's punch grasing his multi-colour hair. Goblin punched towards him again, but he ducked that one, too. Then, fighting dirty, Goblin kneed Yami Kumo in the gut. Yami Kumo was knocked backwards, gasping in pain. That was twice now he got hit in the stomach!

Yami Kumo stumbled to regain his balance, but was never able to do so. Goblin grabbed him by the arm, and flipped him backwards. Yami Kumo slammed into the ground, and yelled out in pain. Goblin kicked him, sending him flying again. Yami Kumo felt like a limp rag doll when his landed; he was sure that he at least had a bruised rib. He squinted in pain, wondering how much more he could possibly take. He waited for what would be another kick from the Goblin, but it never came. He heard some punches and groans, and even heard another voice? "Hey, no fighting on the playground, Gobby!"

Yami Kumo slid his eyes open, and what he saw shocked him. There in front of him was a man clad in blue and red, from head to toe. Black webs crawled along his suit, and a big ebony spider rested on his chest. He also wore a red mask, black webs also sprawled along it. Then, for eyes, were haunting white optics. They reminded him of the Goblin's large yellow optics, who was currently at the man's mercy. He held both wrists behind the Goblin's back, leaving Goblin cursing at the mysterious man. Yami Kumo gulped; despite the man's actions of stopping the Goblin, he wasn't sure whether he was on his side or not.

"Damn you Spider-man!" hissed Green Goblin.

"Watch your mouth, Gobby, we have kids around!" The man, Spider-man, quipped. Spider-man glanced over at Yami Kumo, who was staring at the man in awe. "Hey, are you alright?"

"Y-yes," stuttered Yami Kumo, "I think so," He stood up shakily. "Who are you?"

"Man, don't you people here watch American news? I'm Spider-man,"

"Spider-man?" blinked Yami Kumo, "I think I've heard of you. Aren't you some sort of criminal?"

"Nah, I'm just keeping bozos like Gobby here from taking over the world, you know, the usual stuff," Spider-man said casually. "Why were you fighting Gobby here anyway? This guy's pretty dangerous if you don't know how to handle him right,"

Yami Kumo narrowed his eyes. "He tried to murder a student, so I had to stop him,"

"Well, no offense, but it's more like he stopped you," Spider-man pointed out.

Abash, Yami Kumo looked in the other direction, hoping that the masked hero wouldn't notice his faint blush.

"Enough of this!" snarled Goblin, kicking Spider-man in the shin. Spider-man yelped in pain, and accidentally released Goblin from his grip. Goblin spun around and kicked Spider-man backwards. Spider-man stumbled, only to get punched in the jaw by Goblin again. Should have listened to my spider sense, thought Spider-man wearily, as he fell to the ground.

Yami Kumo gasped as Goblin continued to attack Spider-man. He narrowed his eyes, and shouted, "Leave him alone!" Yami Kumo shot a string of webbing from his wrist and entangled Goblin in his web. Goblin stopped in his tracks, and fell backwards as Yami Kumo pulled.

Spider-man stood up, shaking his head to rid himself of the sound of ringing bells in his ears. He glanced back at the two, and his eyes widened under his mask. "Whoa," he whispered to himself. How can he shoot webs out of his wrists?? Unless...no, that couldn't be...could it? "Hey, what do you call yourself, kid?"

"I'm not a kid," huffed Yami Kumo, "Call me Yami Kumo,"

Kumo? OK, that's just freaky. Could he really have been bitten by a genitically altered spider? "How...can you do that?" asked Spider-man as casually as possible.

"Um...just lucky? Why do you ask?"

"Because he can do it, too, imbecile!" snarled Goblin.

Spider-man stepped on Goblin's chest. "Hey, you're grounded, mister!"

Yami Kumo's eyes widened. "You can do these things, too? How bizarre!"

"'These things'?" questioned Yami Kumo skeptically.

Yami Kumo bit his lower lip. "It's...complicated..."

"We've got all day," shrugged Spider-man.

Yami Kumo frowned. "Actually...I don't think we do." He pointed towards Goblin. "Besides, does it really matter that much to know me inside and out? All that matters now is that we're taking Green Goblin to the police, right, Spider-kun?"

"'We'? Sorry, but I don't think you should get involved in this, Yami, I can call you that, right?" Spider-man answered.

"'Not get involved'? I'm already involved!" said Yami Kumo indignantly.

"You barely held your own with Gobby here! Don't push your luck, you're not trained enough,"

Yami Kumo narrowed his eyes angrily and growled softly. "I may not be strong physically, but mentally, I'm stronger than you'll ever be."

Spider-man blinked. "Being strong mentally is a good thing, I should know, but you've got to be able to defend yourself!"

Goblin, noticing the two were too distracted to pay attention to him, started to strain against the webbing that held him together. He gritted his teeth, and the webs slowly snapped.

Spider-man looked downwards, but was too late; Goblin punched Spider-man in the chin, and with a groan of pain, sent him flying backwards. Goblin stood up, and glared back at Yami Kumo, who's eyes were wide with shock. "You haven't seen the last me, both of you!" Goblin snarled, calling his glider. Yami Kumo stood still, too shocked to move. How did he get loose? Was he really as strong as Spider-man was hinting at?

Just before jumping onto his glider, Goblin threw a punch at the statue-like Yami Kumo, knocking him in the temple. Yami Kumo also flew backwards, and landed into the door cubical. Yami Kumo groaned, hitting his head on the solid metal. Spots danced on his vision, as he struggled to stay conscious. He barely saw Goblin fly away on his glider, and Spider-man approach him. He heard distantly Spider-man speak. "Hey, Yami, are you alright?"

Yami Kumo said weakly in reply, "I'll...get stronger...physically...you'll see..." Yami no Yuugi's crimson-violet eyes slid shut, as darkness took him. Yuugi took place of the body, but remained unconscious.

Oh, crap, thought Peter worriedly. He picked up Yami Kumo's limp body up, his thoughts racing. This is why nobody else should do the things I do, He thought guiltily, Somebody always gets hurt. I've got to help him somehow.

Suddenly, the door to the roof slammed open, and a blonde boy burst through. Peter recognized him as Katsuya Jounouchi, one of his students. He seemed to be looking for something, and realized when Jounouchi laid his eyes on Yami Kumo, he was looking for a someone.

"Oh my god!" Jounouchi shouted, approaching the two, "What happened to him??"

"The Green Goblin attacked," Peter replied softly.

Jounouchi's chocolate brown eyes widened. "That's what the guy was called?" he mumbled to himself. "Oh my god, is he...dead?"

Peter shook his head. "No, he's still alive, but he's going to have a big headache in the morning,"

Jounouchi bit his lower lip. "Whatever you did...thank you for helping him."

"Friend of yours?"

Jounouchi nodded. "Yes," If he is Yuugi,

Peter bit his lower lip. "Well, maybe you should take care of him then," He handed Yami Kumo carefully into Jounouchi's arms. Jounouchi cradled him carefully like someone would a baby. "Thanks a bunch. Do you know if...?"

Peter nodded. "I will catch Goblin, don't worry, Jounouchi,"

"How do you--?" Jounouchi was cut off when the door slammed open, a swarm of police following.

"Whoops, that's my cue to exit stage right, chao!" Before Jounouchi could even reply, Spider-man was already gone.

"Freeze!" The police shouted, pointing their guns towards Jounouchi.

Jounouchi started to sweat a bit, a nervous expression spread across his face. Aw, damn,

"Hold it, Jounouchi didn't do anything, hold your fire!" came a voice from behind the police force. Jounouchi's eyes widened, only to see Kaiba. "You," he said softly.

"Alright, where did that menace go, mutt?" Kaiba questioned coldly.

Jounouchi narrowed his eyes. "I don't know, and don't call me that!"

Kaiba frowned, "That freak got away? Well, he won't be a free bird for long, I'll see to that." He looked back at the police. "He's not here, don't waste your breath."

One female police officer narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean he's not here?"

"Well, do you see him??" Kaiba snarled.

They looked around, and once seeing that Kaiba was right, the force began to either vacate the building, or search for clues. But, obviously, nobody noticed Yami Kumo's limp figure in Jounouchi's arms, which frankly, he was glad for in a way.

Kaiba didn't disregard him, though. "What happened to Yuugi?" he whispered.

"That menace, Green Goblin, did this too him, and he needs medical help," Jounouchi explained.

"Is that so? Green Goblin's his name? How do you know this?"

"The guy who saved Yuugi told me,"

"Who exactly was that?"

Jounouchi shook his head. "I never caught his name,"

"Well, that's expected from some dumb dog," sneered Kaiba. "But he has medical attention you say?"

Jounouchi nodded, trying his best not to strangle the CEO. "Very well, I'll get him some. He did save my life, after all,"

"Oh, so now you care?"

"Do you want my help or not?"

"It seems I don't have much of a choice," huffed Jounouchi.

"Alright then, bring him to my limo, I'll get him to my mansion."

"Just one thing, we probably shouldn't take off his mask,"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Because...I just have this feeling that we shouldn't,"

"I won't promise that I won't forever, mutt, but I don't plan on doing it now anyway; I rather not kick someone when he's down."

"Surprise, surprise," muttered Jounouchi to himself.

Everything was black. Everything was weightless and endless, just like himself. Every sound he heard hurt, all a dull ringing sound. He wanted it all to end...

"Yuugi...come on, pal, wake up..."

The black slowly became gray. The ringing slowly faded, replaced by the sound of silence; pure silence. Then, the same voice called to him, way on the other side of the never ending gray. He reached outwards, the gray then shifting to a bright white...

Yuugi slowly opened his eyes, objects slowly forming and making sense. The ceiling. He saw a ceiling. He blinked, his head throbbing. He definitely wanted to sue the driver of the truck that hit him.

He shifted his head to the side, and saw a familiar face with a wide grin on his face. "Yuugi!" Jounouchi exclaimed.

Everything that happened flooded back to his memory. Was he still wearing his mask...? "I'm...not Yuugi," Yuugi lied shakily. He hated lying to his best friend like that, but he felt he had to.

Jounouchi grin faded. "Yuugi..." Jounouchi looked downwards. "You don't have to lie to me. I know you're you,"

Yuugi reached for his face, to check for his mask. The first thing he felt, though, were bandages wrapped around his head. "I left your mask on, don't worry," explained Jounouchi, "But I know it's you under that mask. Please don't lie."

Yuugi tried to change to subject. "Where am I?"

"At Kaiba's," Jounouchi said, his voice heavy with the apparent hate towards Kaiba. "You got smacked in the head pretty bad there, so we took care off you. He's somewhere else in the mansion, so you don't have to lie; I swear I won't tell anyone, and you know you can believe me...right, Yuugi?"

Yuugi bit his lower lip, and sighed. He knew already, didn't he? No use in trying to hide the truth now. Yuugi slowly removed his mask, and tossed it to the side. "I'm sorry for lying to you, Jounouchi-kun," he said softly.

Jounouchi smiled. "It's alright,"

"You're not mad, are you? And...you're ok with this?"

"Mad? Nah, I'm not mad. And of course I'm ok with it! Why wouldn't I be?"

"So...you know about what I can do?" Yuugi asked.

"Do?" puzzled Jounouchi, "What do you mean?"

"Long story, Jounouchi-kun, long story."

~To Be Continued...~

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