Hello! This is my first story I've written for Fates. I have other stories from different fandoms but I wanted to try my hands on writing a Fates one. This is essentially FGO storyline with some major changes. Both the male and female protagonists of the game will appear as well as my OC character Tsubaki Koizumi. Please note that I'm no expert of the Nasuverse and I will be changing details to better fit the story. I will be explaining what the changed details are at the author's note at the end of the story. However, I do want to point out that, while not shown in the first chapter, that I will be using certain details from GhostXavier's Fragments of Chaldea series. I have already asked for his permission to do so. Please see the bottom author's note for more information.

Disclaimer: I do not own FGO or any of their servants. I also do not own any details/events that have occurred in GhostXavier's series. Just my OCs.


"Sleep. Sleep my little flower..."

"Bathe in the soft light of our precious Sun..."

"Do not be sad when the clouds block the Sun-the giant star is still shining down upon you."

"Even when the Sun grows angry and begins to burn you-stand tall and show that you are still there for it."

"My little flower, born from tears of the Moon, won't you watch over the Sun's child?"

"And prevent the end of all that we know and love..."

Holy Grail Wars...Seven Masters and Seven Servants...

All to obtain the coveted Holy Grail and have their wishes granted.

Rules and regulations have been set to ensure that all have a chance for such power.

And yet...that all shall fall when the end of mankind has come.

However, three Masters shall emerge, taking control of all the Servants that they summon to fight against the impossible.

The time is now, little flower. Open your petals and stand against the cruel reality that is to become mankind's fate.

And perhaps you shall see your beloved again...

Deep in the snow covered mountains, secluded from society and bombarded by the elements, was a facility. This was Chaldea, the Security Organization for the Preservation of Humanity. Those that come are candidates capable of Spiritron Dives, a unique ability only a several few possess. And within the facility lies forty eight candidates—thirty-eight elite mages and ten talented public applicants. There lie the unaware heroes that shall rise to the challenge...

The sun that sat above the clouds bathed her in its gentle rays, filling up her body with warmth. The scent of flowers permeated the crisp air as she breathed, and then she heard a soft lullaby. She tried to open her eyes to see, yet they refused to open. Suddenly, something soft began to caress her cheek which she assumed was a hand.

"Though the sun's light feels soothing, you mustn't stay out in its rays that long." A calm voice chided her, making her heart flutter with longing and joy. With every ounce of her strength, she slowly forced opened her eyes and saw eyes the color of a clear sky.

"Wake up little flower."

With a gasp, Tsubaki snapped open her eyes and sat straight up, her amethyst colored eyes scanning her room. Tsubaki sighed as she ran her hand through her long red hair, the ends tinged with white.

"Another dream?" She whispered to herself. Tsubaki could still vividly recall the lovely voice and their blue eyes, her heart still aching to see more of that mysterious glimpse of that person. The woman suppose she should be glad—compared to her previous dreams, this time Tsubaki had seen more of that person. However, now was not the time to think about it. With a grimace, Tsubaki got out of her bed and proceeded to dress in her Chaldean uniform which consisted of a white top and a black skirt. Today was the today when the director of Chaldea, Olga Marie Animusphere, would be addressing the fourty-eight applicants that were admitted. Tsubaki knew better than to be late—after all she was one of the public applicants that joined. After tying her hair into a neat ponytail and touching up a bit, Tsubaki looked momentarily at the wooden frame on a desk by her bed. In the picture was a young woman holding a baby girl in her arms. A bracelet laid beside the frame-its gemstone glittering in the darkened room.

"...Mother." Tsubaki murmured as she went over to the desk. Tsubaki's lips quivered slightly as she gently picked the frame up. She gave the picture a small kiss and replaced it back on the desk. Before she turned to the door and left her room, Tsubaki grabbed the bracelet and placed it on her wrist. With that the woman left the room, heading towards the briefing. The red headed woman walked silently down the hall to her destination, only giving polite smiles to anyone that she met. When she neared the simulation room, Tsubaki paused at the door. She recalled her first time in this room, learning how to command virtual servants and best use their abilities. Shaking her head from her thoughts, Tsubaki began walking again when the simulation door suddenly opened. From the room emerged two people—a male and a female. The male teen had dark black hair and aqua blue eyes while the female teen had auburn colored hair and amber eyes. The two wobbled a couple steps forward before they ultimately fell unconscious onto the floor. Tsubaki immediately panicked.

"Woah! Are you two alright?" She exclaimed, quickly leaning them against the wall and checking for any bruises or injuries. Thankfully, it seemed that both people were fine, just sleeping blissfully. Tsubaki pursed her lips as she examined the two.

"Hm...Exhaustion from the simulation? Yet, why were both of them in there together?" She murmured. Suddenly, a ball of white fluff entered her vision. Tsubaki yelped in surprised as the ball of fluff began walking on the two unconscious people's faces.

"Kyu!" It said as the creature continued to walk. Tsubaki was so stunned, she did not notice when a someone approached them.

"Fou! What are you-?" A young teen began to say before she stopped. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did Fou bother you Senpai?" Tsubaki turned and faced a female with short lavender colored hair and amethyst colored eyes, not unlike Tsubaki's, which sat behind a pair of black glasses. The girl seemed familiar to Tsubaki. Where had she...? Suddenly, the red head had an epiphany.

"Oh, right! Your name is Mashu Kyrielight." Tsubaki said with a smile recalling when she had first seen her. If the teen was correct, Mashu had been with another man whose name temporarily evaded Tsubaki's mind. Mashu seemed pleasantly surprised.

"You know my name." She said. "Though I don't think I ever introduced myself to you Senpai."

"True, but I remember when that man introduced you to the workers here." Tsubaki explained. "I believe it was Dr.-?"

"Dr. Romani Archaman." Mashu finished. "But most people seem to call him Dr. Roman." Tsubaki nodded.

"That's right. Thank you for reminding me, Mashu." She said with a smile. However, Tsubaki frowned when she returned her attention to the two unconscious people. Though she was eager to get to the briefing on time, Tsubaki couldn't burden Mashu with the entire responsibility of the two. Mashu seemed to have sensed her dilemma.

"It will be fine, Senpai." Mashu said with a small smile. "I can watch over them while they rest. You should get going—the orientation will be starting soon." Tsusbaki bit her lower lip, still conflicted. After some time, she nodded.

"Thank you, Mashu. I owe you one." She thanked before turning to leave. Now running, Tsubaki took the time to look back at Mashu. It seemed that she was scolding the white furred creature. Facing back towards the front, Tsubaki kept running until she neared the room were the briefing would take place. However, as she slowed to a walk, Tsubaki suddenly felt a sharp pain strike through her head. Gripping her now aching head, the red head attempted to walk further but soon found the floor beginning to spin beneath her. Tsubaki felt as though her bracelet began to grow warm before turning hot.

"Remember. Remember Tsubaki."

"R-Remember...?" Tsubaki whispered back as she leaned against the wall for support. So absorbed in the strange pain and dizziness that struck her, Tsubaki didn't realize that a man had approached her.

"A-Are you alright?" He asked hesitantly. Tsubaki looked up and squinted her eyes towards the man, attempting to get a better look at him through her spinning vision. However, all she could make out was his orange colored hair.

"He-Help me..." She begged weakly. Then the darkness overtook Tsubaki's vision and she said nothing more.

Who are you?" a voice asked. A young boy with blue eyes and a young girl with amber eyes turned and saw another child behind them. Her amethyst colored eyes stared at them inquisitively as she waited for their answers. The boy and the girl looked at each other before answering.

"Gudao Fujimaru." The boy answered quietly. The girl beside him gave a wide smile.

"Ritsuka Fujiamaru!" The child proudly replied. The mysterious child gave a small smile as she pulled back her crimson hair tinged white at the ends.

"My name is Tsubaki Koizumi." She introduced herself. "If it's alright, could we be friends?" Suddenly, something strange happened. Gudao and Ritsuka watched as someone appeared behind the girl, flickering in and out of existence. His transparent arms wrapped around the girl protectively, the latter unaware of the man's existence. The man regarded them with careful blue eyes.

"Will you become the ones to support my beloved flower?"

Tsubaki snapped her eyes wide open and sat up straight. Immediately another wave of dizziness hit her.

"Don't sit up so suddenly!" A voice chastised Tsubaki as she covered one of her eyes. The red head groaned as she was laid back onto the bed she was sleeping in. Through her hazy vision Tsubaki saw who was helping her. She recognized his orange hair as the man who asked is she was alright near the orientation room. However, after an even closer look, Tsubaki realized who he was.

"Y-You're Dr. Romani, aren't you?" She asked. The man, though surprised, nodded.

"Yep." The doctor answered. "But just called me Roman. It seems no one can really pronounce my actual name and it has a nice ring to it." Tsubaki nodded when a horrible realization occurred to her.

"The briefing!" She nearly wailed out. "I'm missing it!" Tsubaki tried to get up once again but Roman stopped her.

"You are in no condition in moving about right now after falling uncsoncious." He said. "I already explained to the Director about what happened to you so there's no need to go. Just continue resting." Tsubaki reluctantly did as he said and laid back down. Looking around, she noticed that the room wasn't the medical bay. In fact it resembled the room she usually slept in, albeit with an extra bed.

"Uh, Dr. Roman. What room are we in?" Tsubaki asked. "This looks nothing like the infirmary." Roman blushed slightly at her words.

"Oh...about that." He said with a embarrassed smile. "The medical bay was all the way on the other side of the building from where I found you. I'm sorta too weak to carry you all the way there so I brought you to an empty room where I goof—I mean rest. I couldn't really ask anyone else for help since they all had to be present for the Director's speech." Tsubaki nodded before sighing.

"I heard that everyone was going to help out with the mission after the orientation. I guess I won't be able to attend." She murmured. "I hope the Diirector isn't mad at me." Roman shook his head.

"Oh you aren't on her bad side." He reassured. "Apparently it's two people who kept sleeping during the Director's speech. I heard she gave each of them a hard slap!" Tsubaki looked curiously at him.

"Is that so? But do you know they were?" She asked. As Roman was prepared to answer her, the door to the room opened.

"Ugh I can't believe we can't go to the first mission because we were caught sleeping!" The woman with auburn hair complained. The man with black hair shook his head.

"But that was technically our fault." He answered before looking at Tsubaki and Roman. "Huh? There are people here?" Tsubaki immediately recognized the people from before.

"Gudao and Ritsuka Fujimaru!" She called out. "What are you two doing here?" Immediately she frowned when both people gave a surprised look. She didn't recall knowing their names. So had did she know? Gudao must have thought the same thing.

"Uh, how did you know our names?" He questioned. "I don't recall us ever meeting you before." Ritsuka pulled on his sleeve.

"Wait, Gudao! She looks exactly like the person Mashu was talking about before." She pointed out. "The person who helped us out first." Gudao frowned.

"Even then she couldn't have known about our names." The man countered. "And what is she and this man doing in our room?" Immediately Tsubaki looked accusingly at Roman.

"I wasn't lying about this room being empty!" Roman cried out. "Unless...!" The doctor turned towards Gudao and Ritsuka. "Are you the last of the new arrivals to come?" The two nodded. Tsubaki raised her brow at that.

"Why are they sharing a room? Shouldn't they get their own?" She asked the doctor. Roman shrugged his shoulders.

"Director says we didn't have enough room so she placed the two together since they were relatives anyways." He explained. Tsuabki sighed.

"Then I should go. It isn't right for me to be in their room." She said as the red head sat up.

"O-Oi! Don't just sit up so suddenly! Who knows if you'll fall unconscious again!" Roman scolded as he help her sit up. Gudao and Ristuka shared a look.

"Again?" Ritsuka asked. Roman gave them a brief explanation of what happened to Tsubaki as he helped her stand up. The Fujimarus looked guilty.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that happened." Gudao apologized. "Are you sure you're alright Miss...?"

"Tsubaki Koizumi." She finished. "But just call me Tsubaki. I'll be fine." Then Tsubaki shook her head. "I apologize if I surprised you when I said your names before. I must have heard them from someone else." Ristuka shook her head.

"It's fine!" She said. "Besides, we owe you for helping us. Why not stay in the bed a little longer?" Suddenly, a white ball of fluff appeared out of nowhere and attached itself on Tsubaki's face, causing her vision to be momentarily blocked.

"Fou! Get off of Tsubaki's face!" Gudao scolded.

"Kyu!" The creature said as it removed itself from the red head's face and instead rested on her shoulders. Tsubaki recognized the creature as the one who been with Mashu. Tsubaki giggled as she petted the creature, the latter purring slightly.

"It's alright. He's rather cute." She said. Roman cleared his throat.

"By the way, my name is Dr. Romani Archaman." He introduced himself. "But just call me Roman. It'll be easier." Gudao and Ritsuka nodded.

"OK. As you know, my name is Gudao Fujimaru." Gudao said before he gestured towards Ritsuka. "She's Ritsuka Fujimaru. We're cousins by blood—our fathers were twin brothers." Tsubaki nodded. So this what Roman had meant when he said relatives—they looked similar yet not enough to be brother and sister. Ristuka smiled at Roman.

"It's nice to meet your acquaintance, Roman." The auburn haired woman said. Suddenly she walked over to doctor and tiptoed up to ruffle his hair. Roman was so shocked that he stood there and let Ritsuka do so.

"R-Ritsuka! What are you doing?!" Gudao cried out with a mortified expression. Ritsuka gave a content giggle.

"Wow! His hair really is fluffy as it looks!" She said joyfully. "Just like Fou's fur!" Immediately Fou gave an indignant huff as though insulted that Ritsuka said that. Tsubaki stared at the scene. As if realizing what was happening, Roman quickly brush Ritsuka's hand off and moved away with a deepening blush. As Gudao scolded Ritsuka, Tsubaki went up to Roman.

"Dr. Roman, are you alright?" She asked. The doctor nodded as he touched where Ritsuka ruffled his hair.

"Y-Yeah. Just surprised me." He answered. By then Gudao had finished chastising Ritsuka and the two came up to the others. Roman recomposed himself and gave a smile.

"Well, since we are all here why don't we spend some time together?" He asked. Ritsuka peered carefully at him.

"...Is it because you're a loner?" She asked.


Although she reluctant to stay longer, Tsubaki found herself to be enjoying the group's company. Romana and Gudao found themselves in a deep conversation about Chaldea while she and Ritsuka played with Fou and gossiped. As the girls were gossiping, Tsubaki tried to recall when she ever had as much fun as now.

"Mother and I used to have so much fun together." Tsubaki thought sadly. "Until she..." Suddenly, Ritsuka asked her something.

"Tsubaki, what's that bracelet around your wrist? I don't think I've ever seen it before." The female pointed out. Tsubaki smiled softly as she brought her wrist up to show it better to Ritsuka.

"It's because it was handmade by Papa." Tsubaki explained, tracing her fingers around the bracelet. "Papa made this bracelet entirely out of gemstones. The bracelet carved out from a large moonstone. Then Papa grooved out curves and put in different gemstones. He gave the bracelet to Mother on their wedding anniversary." Tsubaki pointed towards a pink colored gem. "This rose quartz is special. Papa put this in from Mother's wedding ring, which was a family heirloom, when it broke. Mother was so happy that she cried." Then Tsubaki frowned.

"However, I don't remember him. Mother said that Papa died in an accident just a little after I was born." She whispered. "Mother raised me alone after that—it seemed that all my relatives had passed away at that point. But, she recently died due to an illness and this is all I have left of her." Ritsuka said nothing at first.

"...I'm sorry." Ritsuka apologized. "I shouldn't have asked." Tsubaki shook her head.

"You couldn't have known." She said. "Besides, I'm glad you asked. "It helps me keep the memories of Mother and even Papa alive in me." Just then, a different voice rang out in the room.

"Romani, we're going to start the Rayshift soon. Could you come in case of an emergency?" The voice called out. As Roman began to communicate with the voice, Tsubaki felt a strange warmth coming from her bracelet. Looking down she saw that the rose quartz was letting off a glow. Suddenly the redhead recalled feeling a similar warmth earlier before she fainted. When Roman finished his conversation, Gudao spoke up.

"That voice sounded familiar. Was it a guy named Lev?" He asked. The doctor nodded.

"Yeah. His name is Lev Lainur. As you heard he wants me at the command room." Roman explained. "But it wouldn't hurt anyone if I was a little late. There seems to be no problems with the A Team anyways." Tsubaki pursed her lips at his words, the heat of the bracelet disappearing.

"Are you sure Dr. Roman? What if something does happen?" She asked. "You should go right away." Ritsuka pouted.

"Aw but I wanted to talk with him some more!" The woman whined. "Gudao was hogging him the whole time." Roman laughed slightly as he stood from his spot.

"Well, why don't you come to the infirmary next time then?" He suggested. "I'll treat you to some yummy cake too!" Ritsuka smiled.

"Alright! That's a promise!" The Fujimaru exclaimed. Gudao groaned and buried his face into his hands. Suddenly, the lights in the room went out just as an explosion sounded. The group was momentarily plunged into darkness before a large alarm went off followed by flashing red lights.

[Emergency. Emergency. A fire has broken out in the Central Power Station and the Central Command Room. Central Area's Containment wall will activate in 90 seconds. All staff must evacuate from Gate 2 at once.]

"Wha-What's happening Dr. Roman?" Tsubaki called out as the voice repeated its warning. "Was that an explosion?!" Roman grimaced.

"Monitor, show us the Command Room!" He commanded. Immediately a screen blinked to life and the group was greeted with a horrific scene. Debris and fire filled the Command Room, showing the destruction that had just occurred. Ritsuka gasped in shock.

"G-Gudao!" She cried out. "Mashu!" Gudao nodded as he understood.

"Mashu was part of the A Team. She must still be in there!" He whispered. Tsubaki's eyes widened in shock when she heard him say that. Fou gave a mournful cry as it jumped onto Gudao's shoulder.

"I'm heading to the command room. The containment wall will close soon. You three need to evacuate." Roman order before rushing out the door. The three people shared a look.

"We can't leave Mashu by herself!" Both Fujimarus declared. Tsubaki nodded in agreement. Though she hadn't known the teen for long, Tsubaki couldn't leave an innocent person in danger! Immediately everyone rushed after Roman.

"Wha-?! Gate 2's back that way!" He cried out as they ran alongside him.

"We need to help anyone still stuck in that room!" Tsubaki proclaimed. Roman, understanding their intentions, quickly led them to the command room. When the group arrived, Tsubaki felt her heart drop. A quick survey told her no one could have survived this explosion, not when flames had almost consumed the room and large pieces of the ceiling scattered the ground.

"This was no accident. This was sabotage." Roman murmured before turning his attention back to Tsubaki and the others. "I'm heading towards the underground power room. Chaldeas' lights can't go out! You guys need to go outside immediately!" With that the doctor left towards his destination.

"...I'm sure there has to be a survivor somewhere!" Gudao declared and began his search. Ritsuka and Tsubaki quickly followed him. No sooner as they done so when Gudao let out a yell.

"Mashu!" He cried out. Tsubaki and Ritsuka quickly caught up to Gudao and saw Mashu pinned down by a large debris. Blood dripped down from her head as she laid there. Ritsuka quickly went over to her cousin to help him but Tsubaki hesitated.

"Her wounds..." She thought. "And that giant debris. There's no way we can save her...No, I can't think that. Mashu is still alive!" Suddenly, the large machine in the middle turned on, letting off an eerie color not unlike the fire that surrounded them.

[Now rewriting Sheba's near-future prediction data. Unable to detect the existence of mankind 100 years in the future on Earth. Unable to confirm human survivors. Unable to guarantee mankind's future.]

"A-Ah...It turned red..." Tsubaki whispered, unaware that her bracelet began to radiate with heat again. Soon another announcement was sounded, indicating the closing of the containment wall and the beginning of the internal containment procedure.

"...T-They shut off...the area. Now we...c-can't get out." Mashu gasped out. Ritsuka stopped pushing on the debris and quickly grabbed one of Mashu's hand with her own.

"Don't worry! We'll figure this out!" She reassured. Gudao did the same as Ritsuka and took Mashu's other hand. Fou jumped off from Gudao's shoulder and licked Mashu's face to comfort her. Tsubaki nodded.

"No matter what happens, we'll get through this!" She declared. Suddenly, Tsubaki grimaced as she brought her wrist up. Her bracelet was now giving off an unbearable heat, the rose quartz shining brighter than before.

"T-Tsubaki! Your bracelet is glowing!" Ritsuka pointed out. Suddenly, another announcement echoed through the decimated room.

[Coffin Vitals: Masters. Baseline not reached. Rayshift requirement not met. Searching for qualifying Masters...Found.]

[Candidate No. 46, Tsubaki Koizumi. Candidate No. 47, Ritsuka Fujimaru. Candidate No. 48, Gudao Fujimaru.]

[Reset as Master. Unsummon program, start. Spiritron Conversion, start.]

"Tsubaki, grab our hands!" Gudao called out as he and Ritsuka offered their free hands to her. As the machine began to countdown, Tsubaki felt her bracelet grow ever hotter as she took both their hands. If this was to be the end then so be it.

"I...have no regrets." Tsubaki thought.

"...Are you sure about that, Tsubaki?"

[All Procedures Clear. First Order, commencing operation.]

Tsubaki thought she died. No, the redhead was sure she died in the burning room when the machine went on the fritz. And yet here she was, very much alive. Although Tsubaki was no longer in the burning room, she as now in a burning city.

"Where...am I?" She whispered out. "Gudao? Ritsuka? Mashu?...Anybody?" No one answered her calls. With a groan, Tsubaki looked down at her hands and gasped out in surprise. On her right hand, where her bracelet was, were red tattoos. The tattoos formed a familiar looking flower. Tsubaki realized the marks resembled a camellia—her namesake. However, there was more to that. The redhead felt as though she seen these exact marks somewhere before...Tsubaki shook the thoughts out of her head.

"Tsubaki, get yourself together!" She scolded herself. "I need to see if the others are nearby." Thus Tsubaki began to cautiously search around. Though she saw nothing but flames and totaled buildings, Tsubaki felt as though there were some hidden danger lurking nearby. As she looked around, Tsubaki suddenly heard a loud scream.

"Kyaaaaa!" A voice cried out. Immediately, Tsubaki rushed over towards the voice. When she arrived the red head was greeted with the sight of a white haired woman being surrounded by armed skeletons. Tsubaki immediately recognized the woman.

"That's Director—Olga Marie Animusphere!" Tsubaki thought. "I need to save her!" Though she had no real weapon on her. Nevertheless, Tsubaki improvised with what she had. She grabbed a loose pole from nearby and headed into the fray.

"Hey, over here!" Tsubaki yelled. The skeletons looked over at her just as she swung the pole at one of them. The red head was successful in knocking off one of the skeleton's head. Tsubaki quickly slipped under the legs of the enemies and placed herself in front of Olga Marie.

"Wha-?! Who are you?!" The director questioned. Tsubaki grimaced as she parried a skeleton's attack.

"I'm one of the Master Candidate from Chaldeas, Director Animusphere!" Tsubaki answered as she threw off an assailant. Just as another one prepared to attack, the skeleton was suddenly crushed by a large shield. Tsubaki blinked in surprised as the shield lifted to reveal a familiar face.

"M-Mashu!" The redhead cried out. Though she was in a different getup and carrying a strange shield, Mashu looked exactly the same. The kouhai smiled at her as Gudao and Ritsuka ran up to them from behind, Fou on the male Fujimaru's shoulder.

"Master, I'm glad you're alright!" Mashu said. Tsubaki frowned as she lowered the pole.

"Master?" She asked. Mashu nodded.

"Yes. You, Gudao, and Ritsuka are my masters. I am in a contract with all three of you." The girl explained. Tsubaki was shocked and was about to question Mashu more when Olga Marie interrupted.

"What?! A Demi-Servant?! Why of all times did it succeed now?!" She questioned. Immediately, Mashu explained the circumstances of her transformation and the contract that binded her with the Master Candidates. Gudao and Ritsuka took that time to explain to Tsubaki where they were and what happened to them.

"So there's more of these skeletons throughout Fuyuki?" Tsubaki murmured. "What exactly happened here?" At that point, Olga Marie seemed to understand the situation.

"If it's like this then I have no choice." Olga murmured before facing the Tsubaki and the others. "Since it's an emergency, I'll approve you three and Kyrielight's contract." Then she began to give out orders.

"First we need to set up a base camp." The director ordered. "We'll need to find a Leyline Terminal so we can contact Chaldeas. So this town's Leyline is..." Mashu pointed at Olga Marie's feet.

"Right where you're standing director." Mashu answered. Olga was stunned.

"O-Of course! I knew that." She said with a embarrassed expression. Ritsuka stifled a laugh which caused Gudao to glare at her and Tsubaki to sigh. Immediately, Olga Marie instructed Mashu to lay her shield down and created a summoning circle. Once the director finished the process, a blue glow enveloped the group. Suddenly, Roman appeared, albeit as a digital copy.

"CQ, CQ. Hello, Hello? Okay, the connection's back!" Roman said. "With this the connection's secure. Now we can communicate and even send rations..." Olga Marie seemd displeased that Roman greeted them.

"Huh? Why are you running the show. Romani? Where's Lev?" She asked. "Put Lev on!" Roman seemed shock.

"Wha-?! Director?! You're alive and unharmed?" The doctor questioned as though he couldn't believe.

"What's that supposed to be mean?" Olga Marie demanded. "Where's Lev? What's the head medic doing in charge?" At that, Roman expression turned somber.

"I know I'm not cut out for this task but there's no one else, Olga Marie." Roman informed. "Out of the current remaining staff that survived, no one is ranked higher than me. That's why I was put in charge of the operations. Lev...He was supervising from the command room. There's no way he survived." Olga Marie seemed stunned at this revelation.

"Dr. R-Roman. Who else survived?" Tsubaki asked. Roman said nothing at first.

"...From the full time staff there's only a third left." The head medic answered. "As for the masters, we could save a few, but we are low on medical supplies..."

"Idiot! Cyropreserve them first!" Olga Marie ordered. "We need to save their lives! Focus on reviving them later!"

"I forgot that the coffins had those functions! I'll get on it right away!" Roman said before he disappeared. Mashu gave the director a strange look.

"I'm surprised, Director. Cryopreservation without consent is considered a crime." The Demi-Servant said. Olga Marie shook her head.

"As long as they're alive I can always explain myself later." The Director answered before grimacing. "I couldn't bear the burden of those lost lives. Lev, if only you were here..." Tsubaki had to hand it to the Olga Marie—She put the the lives of humans before her own reputation.

"But she is the director." Tsubaki thought with a smile. Soon, Roman was back and gave a general report on Chaldeas' status. After some decisions, Olga Marie decided to remain in the Singularity for now while Roman continued with the Rayshift repairs. With that the director cut off connections with a sigh.

"Considering the...lack of experience you three I suppose we will need more support." Olga Marie said towards the group. "Thus I will be allowing you to summon more Servants." As she said that Olga Marie reached into the bag she had by her side and pulled out a small, rainbow colored star-shaped prism. "I was planning on allowing the other Masters to summon but I suppose you'll have to do." Tsubaki peered carefully at the glowing prism.

"What exactly are those things?" She asked. "I've never seen them before." Olga gave a small hump as she placed the item back in her bag.

"Saint Quartz." She answered. "An item containing highly condensed prana and mana energy that can be used to summon servants or used as energy for a mage. This is the result of of Chaldeas' FATE system. Making even one of these requires a great deal of time and effort. You should be honored that I will be allowing you three to use all ten that I have right now. Now get over here and I'll tell you what you need to do." Wasting no time, the Masters did as the woman said and positions themselves around the summoning circle—Tsubaki and Ritsuka at the side while Gudao was at the head. Olga Marie placed all ten of the Saint Quartz around the circle, equal distance apart.

"Now just raise the hand containing your command seals and it should start." The director instructed. Nodding, the master brought their hands up at the same time. Immediately as they did so the Command Seals on their hand began to glow brightly. The Saint Quartz began to glow brightly and, to their surprise, levitated off the ground and began spinning around. Eventually, the quartz slammed together in the center of the circle, releasing a column of pure prana energy. Everyone near the circle were force to squint their eyes or look away from the intense light that came from the column. Through her narrowed eyes, Tsubaki gasped in surprise as she spotted a figure emerging form the column. Soon another figure and then another until it totaled to eight people. Then the column of prana flickered slightly before it disappeared, leaving behind only a card in its place. With the light no longer in their eyes, the Masters took a closer look at their summoned servants. Each servant varied in appearance, yet none spoke to them. Then the one with blonde hair and green eyes broke the silence.

"I ask of you. Are you my Master?" The woman asked, her blue dress swaying slightly as she eyed the three people before her. With a nod from all three the woman spoke once more. "I am Saber; my true name is Artoria Pendragon." With that she stepped out of the summoning circle. The servants more or else followed the Artoria's introduction—EMIYA of the Archer class; Cu Chulainn of the Lancer class; Medusa of the Rider Class; Medea of the Caster Class; Sasaki Kojiro and Cursed Arm Hassan of the Assassin Class. The last Servant, whose garbled introduction somehow was deciphered by Ritsuka to be Heracles, was the last to step out of the summoning circle. Gudao went into the circle and picked up a card.

"What's this?" He asked Olga. The director examined the card.

"A Craft Essence." The director answered. "Not all summons grant a Servant. If a Servant does not answer a particular summon then a Craft Essence takes their place. I'll ask Roman to analyze it later." Tsubaki frowned as she recounted the servants.

"Wait, something isn't right. We're missing a summon." She pointed out. "Even if a Craft Essence counts as one, we only got nine!" Olga Marie frowned.

"It seems the FATE system has some glitches in it. I'll have to figure it out later." The albino answered. "Now, let's go. This investigation isn't going to be solved by itself." Ritsuka and Gudao walked away from circle to greet their new comrades but Tsubaki seemed reluctant.

"There must be something else." She thought as she walked over to where Gudao once stood. Immediately as she stepped into his position the rose quartz on her bracelet let off another bright glow, the heat suddenly radiating from the accessory increasing rapidly. Suddenly a column of prana erupted from the center of the circle.

"Wha-?! The summoning wasn't finished?!" Olga Marie cried out in disbelief. The command seals on Gudao and Ritsuka were glowing, but the light was significantly dimmer compared to Tsubaki whose seals let off a brilliant glow. Gritting her teeth, Tsubaki held up her hand towards the column, causing the seals to grow even brighter. Tsubaki watched as someone walked out from the prana yet the light was still too bright for her to see clearly. Soon the column faded away once more and Tsubaki wearily dropped her hand. Then, she noticed something.

"Eyes the color of the clear sky." Tsubaki remembered she stared into the Servant's eyes. The Servant in return looked at her. Gudao and Ritsuka quickly rushed over.

"A little late to the summons but it doesn't really matter." Gudao said. "What is your name?" Suddenly tears dripped down Tsubaki's face as the Servant answered the Fujimaru.

"I am of the Lancer class." The pale skinned Servant began, never taking his eyes off of Tsubaki. "My True Name is..." Tsubaki whispered the Lancer's name just as he finished.


Now begins the journey of the Three Masters. With the power of the Heroic Spirits now in their hands, can three seemingly ordinary people change humanity's future? And what exactly is the connection between Tsubaki and the son of the Sun God? Until Next Time...

So this is where I will explain what you can expect from the story and the details I added/changed:

Memorial Essence: This is one of the details I've decided to integrate from GhostXavier's story into mine. Besides providing a reason to exclude duplicate Servants from entering Chaldea, it always provides a gateway for character development. Please note that memorial essences won't be the only detail I will be "borrowing" but it is a major component that I want to point out. Generally Servants will some memory of past Grail experiences but it can differ depending on each Servant (i.e. Artoria remembers the events of the Fate Route but EMIYA only recalls the Fate/Stay Night route.)

Servants/Classes in the Game: While I won't be doing duplicate servants, I will be adding in Alters and Lilies. There is also the issue of same Servants but different classes. For example, Elizabeth Bathory has three canon classes so far in the game. All three classes can be summoned, but only one "Elizabeth Bathory" will be there. The other classes will come as an outfit, sorta of like a "Mystic Code" for servants. This mean that Elizabeth can change between a Lancer, Caster, or a Saber so long as she has those "Mystic Codes" somewhere on her. This also applies to other Servants with multiple classes. You may PM me if there is still any confusion.

Servants not in the Game: In this story I will be including OC Servants or Servants that are canon in the Fateverse but not placed in the game's gacha. The process in summoning these servants are quite different than summoning canon Servants. Please see When Masters Summon under Tsubaki Koizumi for more details.

Summoning: The summoning in this chapter will be the first and last of its kind—we all painfully know well just how bad the RNG of the gacha can be. Because this Singularity was occurring in Fuyuki and considering our newly titled Masters are inexperienced, I thought that the entire cast of servants of Fate/Stay Night could help bolster their defenses. Again, summoning such a high quantity in one shot will never happen again. Note that star ratings have no influence on the summoning. Also note that a summon will require a single Saint Quartz instead of three and a ten summons requires ten and not thirty. Saint Quartz are still rare to be obtain though.

When Masters Summon: While Masters are not able to directly choose the Servants they want, each individual person does have a particular perk they exert during the process in this story. The position they take around the circle also influences how the summoning will react that particular perk (standing at the head of the circle is usually where a Master's influence is the strongest.)

Gudao Fujimaru- If the male Master encounters a Servant that Chaldea has not summon yet, there is a higher chance said Servant will be in a single pull if Gudao stands at the head. The chance increases even more should he make a connection with them or vice versa. This does not work in a ten pull summons and will only give out Craft Essences/Memorial Essence if tried. Generally Gudao is good at getting decent repeats and thus is often the one to summon if a Servant requires a Memorial Essence or Craft Essence.

Ritsuka Fujimaru-It's either "go big or go home" with this Female Master. Similar to her Learning with Manga! counterpart's love for gacha, Ritsuka's perk shines when she does a ten summons. Ritsuka is guaranteed to pull at least one servant that the Gudao did not make a connection with (or vice versa) or a particularly useful craft essence. Of course, once she does so Ritsuka will get nothing but mediocre Craft Essence or Memorial Essence on the next ten pull as she has to take some time to restore her "gacha luck". If Ritsuka does a single summon, she is always guaranteed to pull a Black Key or the like every time (much to her chagrin).

Tsubaki Koizumi-This Master has an unusual perk. No matter which summons, a single or a ten pull, Tsubaki is only able to get Black Keys. She cannot even get Memorial Essences. However, as a result, she is the only one with the ability to pull an OC Servant or a Servant not in the game's gacha. In order to do so, Tsubaki must have dreams of the Servant she sees and must discover their True Names through the hints they gave. Once this occurs, Tsubaki's bracelet glows and she must hurry to the summoning circle to pull before the light disappears. While this ability does not work on the ten pull, Tsubaki is guaranteed that particular servant in the single pull should her bracelet still be glowing.

Ascensions and Noble Phantasms: Just like in the game, ascensions and powering up noble phantasms are critical in this story. Though Chaldeas' FATE system allows the summoning of more than one Heroic Spirit, the consequence is that the Servants are a weaker version of their original selves. The Masters of Chaldea often have to pull for duplicate Servants and search for Ascension materials (Leonardo Da Vinci is able to make said materials but it requires far too much energy and other components. This is usually done only when the Master cannot Rayshift to get the materials or if it important to get the materials as soon as possible.) A Servant can only max out Ascensions and Noble Phantasms as the same amount in the actual game. However, the Servants can still obtain more Memorial Essence though it will not necessarily affect their power levels. Servants typically have multiple Noble Phantasms but for the sake of simplicity they only have the one in the game.

Experience/Fou Cards: The " exp cards" do exist but come in solid gold/silver stars which are made by Da Vinci. It is a crystal of pure mana that provides energy for Servants though they much prefer to consume real food to maintain their mana levels. While it is not needed for Ascensions, Servants keep some on hand should circumstances force the connections to their Masters and they cannot be given the necessary mana to maintain their forms. Da Vinci requires a great of Mana to make these so the Masters often have to obtain Mana Prisms and exchange them with the Servant. Fou Cards are simply bronze stars that act just like experience cards but at a much lower level.

Leonardo Da Vinci: Da Vinci's role is exactly the same as in the game but with some additional jobs. The Servant happily takes on the responsibility of providing rooms for the new Servants and designs said rooms the way they are wanted in a startling short amount of time (aka Da Vinci is the designer/experimenter of Chaldeas).

Defeated Servants: As result of the FATE system, when Servants are defeated in battle, they do not return to the Throne of Heroes. Rather the defeated Servants are forced back into their spirit forms and must return to Chaldeas where they recuperate in special prana/mana chambers that Da Vinci made. However, while there may be no danger of the Servants disappearing from the system, it takes a considerable amount of time to regain their physical forms even with said chambers. As a result, Masters may become more exposed to their enemies as the number of Servants dwindle.

Karna: While the this Lancer is no different than any other Servant in the game, his connection to Tsubaki is critical in this story. This connection is the reason why he summoned so early compared to the game and why Tsubaki knows of his name.

There is definitely be more to be discussed but that can be saved later.

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