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Harry Potter. The goblet just called his name. Why? Hogwarts already had a champion, Cedric. Why must it be him every single time? It couldn't be a coincidence, not four times.

"HARRY POTTER" The headmaster yelled.

"Get up here now!" The headmaster called again. Harry slowly raised himself from the table amid shocked looks from his table mates. Some were more than shocked. Ron looked as though he wanted to kill him. Harry raised his hands and did like the people in muggle cop shows do. He raised his hands over his head. He spoke clearly and loud for all to hear.

"Headmaster I did not put my name into that cup. I have enough attention and glory and money as it is. I never wanted any of it. And I sure as hell don't want anymore."

"Harry. Just go in the back room with the other schools champions. I will be there to speak with you shortly." The headmaster said calmly but with a stern look of anger. Harry avoided his accusing eyes.

"Little boy? Why are you here are we to go back out?" The Beauxbatons champion asked in a snooty French accent. He thought her name was Fleur something. With her snobbish remarks, pale skin and greater than thou way of going about everyone, She reminded him of Draco. Because she is part vella she thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the whole of the world. That's just complete crap. Then there was Krum, the Durmstrang champion. He was a pretty chill guy. He didn't like the fame that he got. Just like Harry in that regard. Finally Cedric, he is what the muggles would call a jock. He is handsome, popular, athletic. The captain of the Hufflepuff quidditch team. Everything a champion of a school should be. Harry couldn't compete with these seventh years. He is sooo dead.

"Harry look into my eyes and answer me." Dumbledore said entering the room. The other headmaster and headmistress entered after him along with professors McGonagall and Snape.

"Yes headmaster." Harry said weakly still contemplating his intimate death.

"Did you or did you not put your name in the goblet?" Dumbledore said. Harry could not bring himself to look him in the eye, to see the anger or disappointment in eyes.

"No sir"

"Look me in the eyes and say it again."

"No sir" This time Harry did look into Dumbledore's eyes. And Dumbledore used mind magics to peer into Harry's mind.

"NOOOO!" Harry yelled blasting Dumbledore off him with a banishing hex. Dumbledore didn't have far to fly so no damage was done. "Sir never do that again."

"I see you do not take kindly to me being in your head." Dumbledore said with... a smile? Why would he be smiling? "What that is called is Legilimency, a branch of magic few can master or even proform. I see you have a gift for Occlumency. Something we will talk about later I'm sure."

" Will all due respect sir don't ever do that again. I am telling the truth. I did not put my name into that cup. Sir. I do not want to be in this tournament. I want to go back there and be with my friends that, by the way, hate me know for not telling them how my name got in the cup. I don't know because I didn't FUCKING DO IT!" Harry yelled getting very angry. All the objects in the room that they were in started to shake or hover. Accidental magic was starting to take over.

"Make the goblet take it back." Harry said with the calmness of a murderer.

"Harry the only way to do that would be to break a binding magical contract, that would either kill you or cause you to lose your magic." Dumbledore said also calmly but like one talks to a cornered animal.

"FUCK MY LIFE!" Harry screamed and everything made of glass in the room shattered at once. Metals bent. Tables cracked. The walls shook trying to contain such a surge of raw magic.

"I'm going to my room. Dumbledore get me a copy of this 'contract'. I'll need to know exactly what Voldemort has planed." Harry said with a voice of steel. Everyone but the 2 foreign students and Dumbledore gave a shiver.

"Don't be stupid Dumble we both know this his his work. He wants me killed. Goodnight professors. Goodnight fellow champions sorry to ruin your nice clean fair game. But someone is trying to kill me."

Harry turned and left the room slamming it shut as he went. He heard the beginnings of an argument going on the other side of the door.

"I demand that my school also be allowed to..." Harry assumed a silencing charm was cast onto the door. Harry thought nothing of this and strove off in an anger toward the common room. He arrived without incident. He went right up to bed silently casting privacy charms as he went. Harry slept soundly without dreams, a strange happenstance.