"The Truth Hurts"

Chapter 6

The day after the Yule ball and Harry and Luna's magical kiss was the final day of term. Harry was going to spend the yuletide with the Weasleys. He, Luna, Hermione, and Ginny all rode the train back to London in the same compartment. Harry, Luna, and Hermione on one side, and Ginny on the other. It was a warm time of catching up on the happenings of the past term. Hermione made a new friend in Neville after tutoring him in several subjects. Harry told the group, after much poking and prodding, what he was up to after he left the dorm for the chamber. He told them of his lonely existence being by himself for the majority of every day until he met Luna. At which point in his story he subconsciously began to grip onto Luna's was still unclear their relationship, but Luna was not shying away from it and she was smiling as Harry talked of her. Still, Hermione was, as the most observant, the only one to notice Ginny's sulte reaction of furry. Ginny brooded to herself the entire ride, sultily furious. Harry was supposed to be her boyfriend, that's what Mum said, that's what Dumbledore said. When are they ever wrong Never that's when.

After many games of exploding snap, and wizard's chess, the Express arrived at platform 9 and ¾. Everyone quickly gathered their stuff and hurried off the train. "Come on Harry, you simply must meet Daddy!" Luna cried tugging on Harry's arm. " One minute Luna, I'm going to talk to Mrs. Weasley for a quick moment. Then I'll be able to escort you home before going to the Burrow."

"Harry that is an excellent idea!" She slipped off at that point presumably in the direction of her father. It was hard to tell with how packed the station was. Harry quickly found the large grouping of redheads across the station and quickly made his way over to them. Once Mrs. Weasley was done with her bear hug and pleasantries. "Mrs. Weasley so good to see you. I have a quick question?"

" 'Course dear, what is it?"

" I was wondering if I could accompany Luna Lovegood home, there are some books I want to borrow." The last part was a lie he made up on the fly. " Course dear, it is a bit of a walk across town but easy to find."

"Um… I meant like now."

"Oh… go on then. Be back before dinner and no funny business."

"Yes, ma'am." Will that Harry ran off to where the Lovegoods were.

"I wonder if he has had the Dragon and Fairies talk… probably not, I'll talk to Arthur about it." Mrs. Weasley whispered to herself as she watched Harry go. Oblivious as everyone else to Harry's new found relationship with Luna Lovegood. Magic was in the air, as Muggles would say. Harry walked over to where Luna was standing with a man how could only be her father, the resemblance was obvious. Although his hair was lighter and messier than his daughter' wore bright yellow robes that made him stand out like the sun, ironic considering his daughter's name. "Mr. Lovegood I suppose?" Hair said as he came up behind the pair. Startling them slightly. " Daddy, I want you to meet my best friend Harry," Luna said sweetly waving a hand towards Harry. "Ah, Harry Potter. I have heard much about you, from my daughter and others. Although I trust her more. Please call me Xeno." Xeno Lovegood said reaching a hand to Harry, which Harry took and shook. " Luna says you want to escort her home so you may borrow some books. That would be excellent. Please follow me to the floos." Will that said he walked off to the fireplaces. Harry Looked over to Luna and whispered to her. "I used the same excuse to Mrs. Weasley." They shared a giggle and went off after her father. But Luna stopped halfway and grabbed his arm. "Harry about what happened yesterday…" Luna spoke quietly and with seriousness, enough to make Harry cringe at what he thought was going to come next.

"Luna, it's okay if you don't want to have that kind of relationship with me. I understand" Harry said with deep sadness and guilt. Why did he even let himself think that she would want to be him? No one would ever want him. They only ever wanted the Boy-Who-Lived, never Harry.

"NO!" Luna yelled a little louder than she wanted to, causing some people to look her way. "Harry that was amazing! And I want to do it more. But, let's keep it a secret. Act as friends in public and boyfriend-girlfriend in private."

"You… you want to be my Girlfriend… ?" Harry stammered looking more like a deer in headlights than the brave lion he was 'supposed' to be.

"Yes, of course, Harry you are the most amazing person ever. You are smart, funny, brave, handsome, and loyal to a fault. Any girl would be lucky to have you. I want you to be the Night to my Moon." She said with a dreamy look in her eyes as she stared into his. "But Harry, we have to keep it a secret at least for now. Other girls would metaphorically and literally kill to be where I am now, with you. They will try to hurt me, or you. Not to mention the death eaters that seem to be coming back." She said her eyes now filled with sadness at the thought of Harry being hurt Harry Gently grabbed her hand and squeezed just a little. "Hey, that's alright. We will still know we are together. Always. No one is going to hurt you. And if they do they won't ever do it again."

Luna wiped her eyes with her sleeve and said " come on Harry Daddy is waiting. They made their way to the floos and went over to Luna's home, called the Rockery, or a nesting place for ravens. They came out of the fireplace and into the kitchen. It was dark and full of papers and other mysterious objects, and what seemed to be a magical old fashioned printing press. " Sorry for the mess wasn't expecting guests," Xeno said trying to tidy up the kitchen slightly. "Oh it's alright, lived in is so much more natural," Harry responded as Luna grabbed his wrist and dragged him toward the stairs. "Come on Harry, I want to show you some stuff," Luna said winking and making Harry blush slightly before he got himself under control. Luna took her up the stairs and to her room. "I'll make you two some tea!" Harry heard Xeno call after him and Luna. Luna room was blue and had nicknacks and butterbeer corks and caps muggle coins and other things scattered around the room or hung to the walls. "Oh, I don't need these anymore," Luna said as she started to take all the necklaces she had made off of the walls. "You see Harry after I meet you I began to slowly release what I was doing. And after last night I understand why I did it. You see all the nargles and wrackspurts are all made up. When my mum died when I was nine in a potions explosion that was right in front of me. She shielded me instead of herself. She shamed me and sacrificed herself. Both me and Daddy kind of broke. I couldn't deal with the feelings I was having so I made up little creatures that were in my hair or around me to explain my feelings as some effect of the magical creatures based on what Daddy used to tell in bedtime stories. I don't need to explain my feelings with nargles anymore. I can take the mask off now that I'm with you. I'm still Luna but I'm better now." Luna said still taking things off the walls and not looking at Harry. So Harry came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist. "Luna… are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you?" Harry asked in a smooth calm voice, a voice one would use to call a frightened animal. "My Night, I'm fine." She snuggled back against him. Pressing her body into his. "but... you could kiss me to make me feel better." Luna pouted like a two-year-old. "Yes, Ma'am." Hair said with enthusiasm spinning her around in his arms. She squealed and giggled as he did but was quickly cut off as Harry's lips pressed into hers. They kissed passionately. Harry pulling Luna closer to him, Luna's hands in his hair. Tongues fighting for dominance for a few seconds before Luna summited and let Harry explore her mouth. Nothing mattered but them. Only they existed in the world.

"Oh my!" Or not. The door to Luna's room was wide open and Xeno was standing in the doorway holding a tray with a tea set on it. He caught them in the height of their passion.


"Mr. Lovegood!"

The couple cried leaping apart. "Daddy, please don't be mad, please," Luna said rushing to her father and giving him a crushing hug around the waist. Xeno set the tea down on a bedside table and hugged his daughter back. "Mad? Of course not. I'm ecstatic! This is wonderful. You are more than just best friend. My daughter has a boyfriend. The most wanted bachelor in the country, one that will never treat her wrong." Xeno Lovegood said looking into Harry's eyes. The implication was clear. You better not hurt her. " How long has this been going on? Why wasn't this in any of your letters?" Luna said now speaking directly to his daughter pulling her back from his waist. He was proud, so very proud. Most fathers would be terrified but he knew they were good kids and wouldn't do anything. " Well Daddy, It wasn't in any of my letters because it didn't start till last night. This was just our 3 kiss we had two at the Yule ball yesterday. That's when we became more than friends. Harry and I, we went out to the courtyard and danced alone and then Harry leaned in and kissed me. There was a bright golden light and a sound of bells when we did that." Luna said, her eyes dreamy and full of wonder.

" Harry you take care of my little Moon." said turning back to Harry with a slight glare. "Yes, sir. Always." Harry said with a slight gulp under the piercing gaze.

"Daddy you have to keep this a secret just between you me and Harry. Like you said everyone wants him as a boyfriend. Some of those people might try and hurt me, or him. In a reckless thought that they would be able to get with Harry." Luna's eyes switched from wonder to business in an instant.

"Are you sure? All right anything for you. But Luna cleans your room you have a guest over. Harry come with me to the library. You said you wanted some books?"

"Yes, sir." Xeno left the room after one last hug for his daughter and grabbed his tea on the way. Harry followed giving Luna a kiss on the forehead and grabbing a tea as well. The library was down in the basement and took up what looked to be the size of a small house. There was another door across from the library that Harry assumed was probably the potions lab. It was bolted shut and had a large chain draping it shut. But for now, Harry had eyes for the library.

"Here Harry I have three books for you." Xeno handed a small stack of books to Harry.

'Love Magic, all you need to know'

'Dragons and Fairies, Growing up boys and girls.'

'A practical history of the Lovegood family.'

"Thank you, sir, may I continue to look around for a bit," Harry asked taking the books.

"Of course. Knowledge is meant to be shared. I'll be right upstairs."

Harry looked around in the Lovegood library for what must have been an hour. He picked up three more books.

'A Practical Spell Book for Practical Wizards.'

'Hogwarts, it's Founding and Magic.'

'The History of the Founders and Merlin.'

Harry went back up the stairs to catch the last half of a conversation between Luna and her dad.

"...I'm worried about what you saw last night. Something like that shouldn't happen so early… Oh, Harry! You found your books." Xeno was whispering to his daughter before he saw Harry. It was obviously a conversation he wasn't supposed to hear.

"Yes, I found three more," Harry said handing Xeno the books.

"I'll record these so I know you have them," Xeno said writing the titles down on a small slip of paper.

"Daddy, you said we should go to Gringotts to sort this out. Let's go now, and bring Harry with us. He needs to attend to some other business." Luna said slightly mischievous she had a plan and it was going to work.

The Lovegoods plus Harry flooded over to Gringotts after finishing their tea.

Harry walked over to the nearest goblin and said to the short, bald, vicious creature. " Hello goblin, may your enemy's blood flow and your gold stack high."

The goblin took aback by the wizard using the formal greeting. Took a moment to recover and respond. "Good day to you Wizard, may your enemy's blood flow and your gold stack high." The goblin said back to him. "How may Gringotts help a wizard like yourself today?" The goblin said putting down his quill.

"I would like to see the account manager of the Potter accounts," Harry said voice smooth and formal.

" Why yes, of course, is it about time especially with recent developments. Now for security reasons I need to check your wand. And ensure that the magical signatures match. The common procedure for meeting with account managers."

"Here you are," Harry said pulling his wand out of the holster he had at his wrist. And handing it the goblin handle first as if it was a knife. The goblin looked at it for a moment and then back at him. "All good Mr. Potter I will go get your manager, Please wait here." With that, the teller gave back the wand and went off to get the manager. A minute or so later another goblin came following the other. The new goblin was taller and had more hair.

"Hello, Mr. Potter. My name is BoneSpear." the new goblin said bowing slightly.

"Good day BoneSpear, may your enemy's blood flow and your gold stack high," Harry said also bowing slightly but to a lesser degree than the goblin did. He looked slightly shocked before chuckling and saying "Follow me, Mr. Potter." Harry waved to the Lovegoods asking them to come with. They followed the goblin down a hallway and into what can only be described as an office. There were a small wooden desk and a pair of chairs in front of it and another behind it. Along both walls were many sets of filing cabinets. "Please sit Sir and Ma'am." The goblin said and started going through a filing cabinet. "I'll stand you two sit," Xeno said leaning against the wall with keen watching eyes. He had a suspicion of what this business was about. The goblin found what he was looking for a file labeled POTTERS. He placed it on the desk and took his seat. "Now, First order of business is your parents will." BoneSpear started digging through the file. Many more papers that could have possibly fit. Magic. "Ah, here it is. It has already been read but you are allowed to witness it."

The last will and Testament of James, and Lily, and Lily Potter. I make this will in sound body and mind and under no coercion or distress. If this is being read then both me and Lily are dead and our little boy is an orphan. The first order of business is to find a suitable home for our boy. Under no circumstances is Harry Potter to go into the care of Petunia or any member of the Dursley family. They hate magic and us, we fear what they could do to the boy.

"I was never to go to them." His eyes filling with anger slightly but mostly sadness. This would be as close to his parents as he would ever get. A little bit of their handwriting. It looked so much like his. He choked back the tears and kept going. Luna put her and on his leg, but he took it and wrapped his hand around it.

I have a List prepared for Harry's safe keeping. Sorry, Sirius but you're not ready to take care of a child.

Frank and Alice Longbottom

Wherever Neville goes if his parents are killed or incapacitated.

Alillia Bones

Minerva McGonagall

Molly and Arthur Weasley

Remus Lupin

St. Augustus Home for Orphan Children, Inverness Scotland

These are suitable locals for Harry.

Article 2: Lordship.

As I am Lord James Intoxs Potter, upon my passing Harry James Potter, Inherits my lordship. But he also inherits the other lordships that I have under my possession. The lordship of the Most Noble and Ancient and Magical House of Peverell(also known as the House of Merlin), and the Lordship of the Most Highly Noble most Ancient and Founding House of Gryffindor. Giving him 5 votes on the Wizengamot. One for House Potter, Two for House Peverell, And Three for House Gryffindor.

"I'm a lord?" Harry said very much confused.

"Not just any lord Harry, Lord of a founding House and Lord of the House of Merlin as well," Luna said as her father looked on in shock.

Harry is likely confused so give him these books (attached chest number One) The goblin handed Harry a shrunk wooden chest. "Articles 3-6 deal with giving things to other people would you like to skip to the 7th article?" The goblin then asked.

"Sure," Harry said now openly wiping tears from his cheeks.

Article 7: Our deaths

If we are killed in our home at Godric's Hollow then the fault lays with our secret keeper. Peter Pettigrew. He has betrayed us to the dark. Sirius Black is the only other person to know that Peter and not him is our secret keeper and does not know our safe house. Only Peter as secret keeper can reveal the location of our home. Sirius Black is likely to go after Peter for revenge, but as he is an Auror, he is only hunting down a criminal and should not be accountable for anything Peter does. Submit this will at a trail for our murder investigation, only showing Article 7.

Article 8: Possessions

All other states, businesses, and vaults go to Harry James Potter and only him. Harry's trust vault can be accessed by his guardian for his care and school, supplies when he is old enough. All other items belonging to Us go to our son to do with what he will.

Harry was openly crying at this point. He put the will back on the desk and Luna came up into his lap to hold him as he cried. He sobbed into her shoulder for at least 10 minutes as Luna ran a hand through his hair and told him everything would be okay.

"Okay, I'm better now," Harry said finally wiping his eyes. Luna got off of him and sat back in her seat, her hand never leaving his. "BoneSpear you may continue."

" Our next order pertains to your Lordship. Being the eldest, and the only person capable of claiming these lordships, you can do so now and not on your 17th birthday. In this box, there are the lordship rings of the 3 houses you are the lord of. You claim the lordship by stating your name and saying that you rightfully claim the house of, whatever house it is. Then place the ring on your finger. As they are lordship rings they will offer you limited protection from some hexes, resistance to memory and coercion charms and Full occlumency proficiency. You may now claim your titles." The goblin pulled a small ornate wooden box out of h drawer in his desk. He opened it to reveal 3 rings. The one on the left was an emerald with a picture of a pot in ruby placed into the stone. The Potter ring. The one on the right was bigger and bore the effigy of a griffin and rider in full armor. Made of ruby and other stones he didn't know the name of. The Gryffindor ring. The middle one was placed slightly forward from the other 2 rings and was the smallest of the 3. It was a simple silver band. The other 2 were gold. It had a stone of black onyx, that had a painted engraving of a bisected circle inside of a triangle. It must be the Peverell ring. Harry didn't see it but Mr. Lovegood almost fainted behind him.

"I Harry James Potter do rightfully claim the lordship of the house of Potter." Harry picked off the ring and slid it on to his right ring finger. It resized itself by magic. Then the pain hit Harry like a cruciatus. He screamed out causing the other three of the room's occupants to yell and jump to their feet. The pain was quick but lingered. Luna helped Harry back up and gave him support to lean on as she paced him back into the chair. "You didn't mention pain." Harry cringed at the goblin. "Lord Potter, forgive me, this has never happened before. Your ring must've found memory charms or other spells placed onto you and forcefully broke through them. You will need to take some time when you get home to search through your mind and see just what it did." The goblin said obviously terrified. Goblins are never scared. Harry didn't notice but magic was gently crackling around him billowing his hair and gently licking his body with lightning. "There might have been a block on your magic as it is now doing things…" The goblin pointed at the lighting. "Oh… I should calm this down." Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on controlling himself. The breeze stopped and the lightning settled back into his hands and wand. "The other rings shouldn't do that right?"

"No Lord Potter. Your first ring broke any spells it could find."

"Well then… I Harry James Potter do rightfully claim the Lordship of the House of Gryffindor." Harry placed the griffin fringe onto the same finger as the Potter one. It also resized but also fused with the Potter one creating a bisected ring. "I Harry James Potter do rightfully claim the Lordship of the House of Peverell." He grabbed the black ring and placed it with the other two. It also sized and fused with the other two. The ring was now trisected and slightly large. The size of a graduation ring or championship ring for a muggle sport. In the top third of the ring was the Peverell coat of arms, it took up the entire top half of the ring. The Potter and Gryffindor coats of arms shared the bottom equally. The band also changed now instead of gold the band was bradded it seamed. Gold and silver intertwined with each other spiraling all the way around. The ring appeared to sense that Harry didn't like the size so shrank itself down to an average sized ring. It made it harder to see the crests but if Harry focused he could make the ring change in size to blow up the stone and thus the 3 separate crests.

"Wow, But wait, I found the will of Salazar Slytherin and in it, he named the person who found and read his will in parseltongue to be his heir and rightful lord of Slytherin. Can I claim that lordship now?"

"Lord Potter that is a serious accusation. I will prepare the necessary papers because you already are a lord. But it will take time to gather such ancient things. Come back to Gringotts and ask specifically for me the day before you are going back to school. And bring Salazar's will. This is unprecedented, and much be treated as such." Replied BoneSpear.

"Yes indeed Lord Potter." Xeno Lovegood said.

"Please Xeno, Luna just call me Harry. I'm not going to flaunt my lordships."

"Of course Harry, you are too humble to do that," Luna said smiling and holding his hand once more. Playing with his new lord ring.

"Now your accounts." The goblin said pulling out another ledger.

"Lord Potter, you currently have" BoneSpear squinted. "One billion 476 million 456 thousand four hundred 46 galleons and counting in your Gringotts vaults. You are the only Billionaire at this branch, making you the richest man in all of England. At the current exchange rate of 19 pounds to one galleon, and Gringotts taking 2 percent for the conversion. That equals 27,491,619,024 pounds and 52 shillings. Making you Lord Potter not only the richest wizard in England but also the richest muggle in all of England. Just in pure monetary assets. You also own 12 houses around the world and a manor in the British countryside, known not where. You own a ¼ share in Hogwarts as Lord Gryffindor. You own an ancestral castle through the Peverell Lordship. You own completely 37 businesses around the world. You have 60 million galleons invested in other businesses. You own the world's largest wizarding ranch, situated in the United States. Providing potion ingredients and food around the world. Making a profit of upwards of 60 million gallons a year by its own. You have over 500 wizarding employees and over a thousand house elves. You own one of the world's only niffler mines. You, Lord Potter, have an extreme annual income. But Gringotts would be happy to make it more. Gringotts could act to invest your money in both Muggle and Wizarding worlds and make you millions. Taking 15% of all profits and reimbursing 55% of losses."

Everyone else in the room was in shock. Harry had more money than small counties. "Um sure, 250 million cap on investments. And a letter of every loss."

"Excellent Lord Potter. Gringotts will also send you a monthly report for 1 gallon. A yearly report for another and quarterly reports for 4 gallons. For a total of 17 gallons a year for updates. Here is a copy of a list of the contents of your vault." The goblin handed Harry a small booklet. Flipping through it a little bit he saw that it went in order of vault number then by item, and finally a monetary amount before going to the next sequential vault. "One more thing about your finances. A Gringotts complementary checkbook. Simply write an amount and your name and a vault for the funds to be taken from, I recommend vault 457 as it has nothing but money in it. Hand it to the store owner who can come into Gringotts to cash the check. Gringotts charges a sickle for every check you use." The goblin handed Harry another booklet. This was all getting over welling. Just wait said a little voice in the back of his head.

"Now for the reason, you came here I'm sure. Last night's unprecedented event. It is an interesting story. Did it happen on Hogwarts grounds yes? The kiss and gold light between the two of you here." The goblin asked quickly moving on and pointing to Harry and Luna.

"Yeah that happened on Hogwarts grounds, how do you know about that?" Harry asked quizzically.

"You see Lord Potter. Hogwarts over the years and through some clever magic by the founders has a mind of her own. She has two primary duties, protects the students, and preserve Hogwarts. Hogwarts seems to think that having the lines of the founders continue counts for the second one. This has happened only once before in the times since founding. As an attempt by the magic of Hogwarts to try and save the Hufflepuff line, unsuccessfully. And now once too try and save the lines of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw." The goblin said once more digging for a paper.

"What does this have to do with me and what happened," Harry asked but, Luna looked shocked holding her hand over her mouth. She knew what this meant.

"What this means Lord Potter is that when you kissed Mrs. Lovegood Last night Hogwarts took it upon herself to magically marry the two of you. Congratulations, Lord and Lady Potter. Lord Gryffindor and Lady Ravenclaw" The goblin said passing over a slip of Paper and another small ring box.

"WERE MARRIED" Harry yelled. Mr. Lovegood fainted and Luna was crying. Tears of pure joy. She jumped onto Harry's lap and straddled him. "Yes we are, does it matter, were in love! It was a purely magical wedding. Only true lasting love can cause that. Hogwarts married us. This is wonderful!" Luna yelled at him hugging him so tightly he felt that she could break his ribs. " Your right Luna," Harry said grabbing her and passionately kissing her wildly. Luna broke the kiss first and passed Harry the ring box. Harry got down onto a knee "Luna, will you marry me?"

"Too late," she said. Harry stood and put the ring onto her left ring finger before she moved his ring to his left ring finger.

"Let us wake Dad and go home," Harry said kissing Luna Potter on the lips.

"Our business is concluded you may leave," BoneSpear said.

"Daddy, Daddy wake up," Luna said gently shaking her father's shoulder as he lay on the floor. "Uhh, I fainted, the goblin said you were married by Hogwarts? Some joke that is." Xeno said coming around. "No joke sir, Let me introduce Lady Potter," Harry said waving his hands over his new wife. She giggled and showed her father her new ring, on her left hand, with the same crests as Harry's lordship ring. They were married. "OH Merlin, you are married. I just found out you had a boyfriend now he's your husband!"

"Come on Daddy let's go home and talk. Harry, you better floo to the burrow you late for dinner. Tell no one of the wedding, just like we talked." Luna kissed him on the lips. "Best Christmas present ever Harry. I love you." Harry kissed her back. "I love you too my Moon, take your father home. I love you."

With that Luna and a shivering Xeno made their way to the floo to go home and Harry with a huge grin did the same but to a different fireplace.

"The Burrow" He shouted touching a handful of powder in. And then he was gone.