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SUMMARY: Not long after Harry's fifth term he disappears, only to reappear a month later with a new mentor and friend. Now with Harry's new Powers and the help of Sirius, Remus, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and all the Order members will Harry finally prevail over Voldemort!

Chapter One: Without a Trace

"It is time." A soft male voice said inside a darkened chamber, the only light coming from a small corner fire. There were many murmurs of agreements before the voice continued. "Now we must decide, who will train the boy?"

There was silence for a brief second before a deep male voice answered. "There is nothing to decide. If the council members will agree I would like the privilege of training Harry Potter."

There were murmurs of surprise this time before the soft male voice spoke again, "I believe the council is in agreement, Lord Demin, if you wish to teach the boy you may. But know that you are under no obligation to do so."

"Yes I know. This is something I wish to do, Lord Nico."

There were more murmurs among the group assembled, ending when the one called Nico spoke, "So be it. From this day forward Harry Potter will be under Lord Demin's training and care. Good Luck."


At that moment Harry Potter, known as the boy-who-lived was currently lying on his back on his worn out bed pondering.

It had only been a couple of days since his fifth term at Hogwarts had ended and Voldemort still hadn't made his move on the wizarding world. There have been a number of muggle and wizard deaths done in Voldemort's name (Harry had witness many of these deaths through his dreams), but Fudge kept covering it all up, still ignoring that Voldemort has returned. However, the more time that went by without any sign of Voldemort, the less Harry could blame Fudge for not believing him when he had said Voldemort had returned.

Also, the more time that went by the more nervous Harry got. Voldemort was planning something big. He could feel it and when it hit the wizarding world the people would not be prepared for it. What helped calm Harry's worries somewhat was the fact that Dumbledore was taking action.

Last year Harry had accidentally learned a little about Dumbledore's secret organization of followers. He knew they were called the Order. He also knew that his Godfather, Sirius, and his best friend, Remus Lupin, were indeed old members. There were also many other members, but they were a mystery to Harry and he preferred it that way. Harry wished that he hadn't even found out about Sirius and Remus' involvement in the Order. His reasoning was that when Voldemort finally did get his hands on Harry, (which Harry had no doubt would happen one day) he wanted no information that could be tortured out of him, even by accident, that could give Voldemort even the slightest advantage against Dumbledore.

The only thing that had changed during last year was Hermione, Ron, and Harry's friendship, it had grown stronger and they had added one more person to their group, Ginny. At first it was just as Ron's little sister, but then Harry started having feelings towards her, it didn't take them long to become a couple. Of course Harry had to put up with Ron, Fred, and George trying to kill him during Quidditch practice (Ron had joined the team last year as keeper) and he also had to watch his steps when he was alone in the common room or corridors. Though on one particular day the three Weasley's had managed to corner Harry in the locker room after one of their difficult Quidditch practices. It was only do to luck that Ginny and Hermione had come looking for them that Harry had been saved.

Ginny had been absolutely horrified to find out what her brothers had been doing to Harry and she had completely blown up at them. She had yelled at them for what had seemed like hours, before finally turning to Harry and grabbing him around the neck and pulling him down to met her lips. After she had thoroughly kissed him she had turned to her brothers and stated, "I love Harry, so deal with it!" before storming out of the locker room dragging a dazed Harry with her and leaving behind a very smug Hermione and three stunned Weasley boys. After that, things had went back to normal and the only thing Ron had to say about the whole matter was, "I had no idea Ginny could kiss like that."

Harry smiled at the memory, if he had learned only one thing that year, it was to never piss off Ginny Weasley.

'Now only if Ron and Hermione would stop being so stupid and admit their feelings for each other.' Harry thought wearily as he turned to look at his bedside clock.

He was very surprised to see it was nearly two in the morning, so with a sigh he heaved himself from his bed and started prepare himself for bed. He only got about halfway across the room to receive his PJ's when a warm silver light surrounded him and the next thing Harry registered was that he wasn't on Privet Drive anymore.


Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived

It's been almost a month since the tragic disappearance of young Harry Potter from his relative's home on Privet Drive. After detecting a strong magical disturbance from that area, Ministry officials were sent to investigate only to find nothing out of the ordinary, except
of course for the absence of Harry Potter. Some speculate that Sirius
Black, the famous convicted murderer, has finally gotten his revenge on the last remaining Potter, while Fudge the Minster of Magic states that Mr. Potter simply ran away from the wizarding world after a severe mentalbreakdown.Ministry officials fear the worst for the fate of young Mr. Potter andwonder if they will ever recover the poor soul's body.
-Sandy Wrighter, Daily Prophet

Ron threw the paper down in disgust. How could people think that Harry would just runaway? He had saved the Wizarding World more times then Ron thought was necessary and yet people still turned on him so quickly.

Ron looked across the table at his sister who had picked up the paper after he had discarded it and was silently reading it. Two minutes later she quietly set the paper down and looked up to meet Ron's eyes.

"He is not dead Ron." Ginny said in a quiet voice, "I would know if he was."

Ron looked at his sister for a moment before nodding slowly and saying, "I know Ginny. I feel it too."

A slow tear made its way down Ginny's cheek as she asked, "Ron, where is he?"

Ron just shook his head furiously, "I don't know, but when he does return I'm going to kill him."

Ginny smiled softly at her brother, knowing full well that Ron just wanted Harry to come back safe and unharmed.

Before anything else could be said between the two siblings, Mrs. Weasley entered the kitchen followed closely by the twins, Fred and George. Mrs. Weasley took one look at her two children before her eyes fell on the article and for a moment she just stared at it before hastily picking it up and tossing it forcefully into the fire.

"I don't want you children reading that garbage, is that understood?" Mrs. Weasley asked in a stern, yet soft voice. Ron and Ginny traded quick looks before slowly nodding their understanding. Mrs. Weasley acknowledging this as their answer turned around to begin breakfast, but not quick enough for Ron to miss the tear making it's way down his mother's cheek.

"He's not dead mum," Ron said softly. "He will come back."

Mrs. Weasley didn't even acknowledge that Ron had spoken, she just continued to make breakfast.

Fred who decided it was a good time to change the topic asked, "Where's Dad?"

Mrs. Weasley didn't even pause in her chore and simply stated, "Work."


At that moment Mr. Weasley was currently walking with four other Order Members through a mountain pass on an assignment for Dumbledore.

"Garbage." Mr. Weasley muttered under his breath having just finished the same article his children had read.

"What's Garbage?" A man with short black hair and dull blue eyes asked.

"Nothing." Mr. Weasley said quickly, while hastily trying to stuff the paper into his robes.

Even though Sirius Black was looking a lot better after being away from Azkaban for two years, the news of his Godson's disappearance had hit him pretty hard. Mr. Weasley didn't think letting him see the article that suggested he had killed Harry would be a good idea.

"I will decide that for myself Mr. Weasley. Now if you please?" Sirius said with an out stretched hand, giving Mr. Weasley no choice but to reluctantly hand over the paper.

Sirius read the article silently, Mr. Weasley not missing the darkening of Sirius eyes.

"This is unbelievable! Now they think I've murdered my own Godson!" Sirius cried.

A man with dusty brown hair and brown eyes came up beside Sirius and took the article from him, quickly scanning it before taken out his wand and muttered something under his breath causing the paper to burst into flames.

"Really Sirius," Remus stated. "When Arthur tells you it is just garbage you really should listen. However, this does bring up an interesting point."

"And what would that be Remus?" Sirius asked wearily.

"Which set of people are worst, the Ministry for telling such lies, or the hungry reporters that would do anything for a good story?"

"Both." A new voice answered from behind the group. The three men turned to find Arabella Figg and her younger brother Eric just catching up with their group.

"That was some hike wasn't it?" Eric commented cheerfully when he stopped beside the group, but before anyone could answer him there were many distinctive pops and the group found themselves surround by twenty Death Eaters.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" A cold familiar voice asked from somewhere inside the crowd. A tall figure came forward and lowered his hood.

"Malfoy." Sirius growled under his breath, a disgusted look on his face.

Malfoy's eyes narrowed as he turned his attention to Sirius. A spark of recognition lit Malfoy's eyes and a wide smirk grew on his face. "Well if it isn't the famous escaped convict, Sirius Black. Killed any Potters lately?" Malfoy taunted.

Lupin quickly grabbed Sirius' robes before Sirius could even move an inch, causing Malfoy to shift his attention to him. "Oh yes the convict's little werewolf friend. Perhaps it was you that did away with the last remaining Potter. I must say you did the wizarding world an immense favor by it."

Lupin's only visible reaction to Malfoy's taunt was the tightened grip he had on his wand. Malfoy's smirk just drew bigger as he continued to look around the circle.

"Well if it isn't the muggle lover himself Arthur Weasley. Tell me Weasley how long do you think your family will last once Voldemort starts torturing them? A minute? A second maybe?" Mr. Weasley paled considerably, but held his ground.

He then looked at Arabella Figg and her brother, "Didn't even know you two where still around. I thought your father's betrayal would have shamed you out of the wizarding world." The two Figg sibling didn't even blink when they were addressed, they simply stared defiantly at Malfoy.

Malfoy then turned his back to them and addressed the Death Eaters, "It seems our Lord is awarding us for our patience and service. However, there are only five of them and so many of us, so let's make this fair and do it one on one."

Malfoy stopped at that point and turned back towards the five Order Members. "Umm, let's see, Severus I hear you have a score to settle with Mr. Black here, why don't you settle it now."

Sirius eyes narrowed as a figure immerged from within the Death Eaters. 'This is bad.' Sirius thought. Even though he would gladly take Snape on any day, the fact still remained that Severus was a member of the Order working as a double agent.

Once Snape was standing in front of the group he slowly lowered his hood, the Order members catching the brief look of panic in his dark beady eyes before they returned back to his normal hateful look. Malfoy not noticing anything unusual continued, "Wormtail why don't you dispose of your so called friend the werewolf."

At the mention of Wormtail's name a deep loathing framed Sirius and Remus' faces. Wormtail, being surrounded by many Death Eaters for protection, made his way up to Snape's side as if he was the Dark Lord himself.

Malfoy then gazed at Mr. Weasley and said, "Weasley is mine, as for the other two, the rest of you can decide among yourself who gets the pleasure of torturing them."

With that Malfoy started his advance on Mr. Weasley wand raised.

"Excuse me, I really do hate to interrupt your little gathering, but I was wondering if you Death Eaters could do me a little favor." An unknown voice called out stopping Malfoy in his tracks.

All heads and eyes turned to face the mysterious figure who was calmly standing on a five-foot rock about ten yards from the closest Death Eater, face hidden beneath the deep blue cloak that was lined beautifully with gold trimming.

Malfoy's face was contorting in fury, "We only serve the Dark Lord Voldemort and all you will be getting from a Death Eaters is a quick and painful death!"

The mysterious man stayed silent for a moment before responding. "Well Lucius Malfoy if you think you can so easily kill me, then go right ahead."

"But first," a new voice behind Malfoy proclaimed, "you'll have to go through me."

All in attendants whipped around quickly to face the other new comer who was calmly sitting on a rock not seven feet from Malfoy. His face concealed behind an emerald cloak lined with silver trimming.

The Order Members all traded quick looks with each other, all reading the same thing in each other eyes, 'these two are going to get themselves killed.' before turning their attention back to the scene that was unfolding before them.

Malfoy, on the other hand, turned his attention back to the blue-cloaked figured looking murderous and said, "Do you and your friend have a death wish? Because I will personally take you both on at once."

To everyone's surprise the two strangers laughed. Finally the blue-cloaked figure regained control and stated, "I will not be the one you will be fighting. You see my student over there," the man said pointing to the green-cloaked figure, "is in need of a trial to test his powers and this opportunity was just too good to pass up."

For a moment no one moved an eerie silence followed the man's words, then everything happened at once. All the Death Eaters pointed their wands at the green-cloaked figure sending all their curses in the man's direction. The figure didn't even move, he simple held up his hand forming a powerful silver shield around himself and deflecting every single curse.

These movements alerted the Order Members into action, but when they tried to move they found themselves unable to.

"I am sorry," said a voice close to Sirius' side, "but he must do this alone. I will shield us all from the curses, so do not be frightened if some are sent our way."

The Order Members all turned to find the blue-cloaked figure standing beside them, a golden globe forming in his hand before a golden shield surrounded them all.

"You mean you aren't going to help him?" Sirius asked outraged, "You're not going to let us help him?"

The cloaked figure turn slightly towards Sirius and shook his head, "No, he must do this on his own."

"He is going to die out there! It twenty against one!" Sirius all but shouted.

"If he gets in trouble I will help, other then that he must do this alone." The cloaked figure repeated again.

"But.." Sirius begun to argue, but a firm hand on his shoulder made him stop and look at his light haired friend, who had his eyes fixed straight ahead on the fight. Sirius followed his friend's gaze and felt his jaw drop.

At least half of the Death Eaters lay unconscious or badly wounded on the ground and the other half wasn't fairing very well at all against the green- cloaked figure.

Lupin saw the blue-cloaked figure move slightly and was stunned at what he yelled to his green-cloaked friend, "You now must use your agility and speed for your defense. Do not use your shield."

As instructed the figure let down his shield and quickly dived out of the way of five well aimed curses that were heading right at him, but was quickly on his feet again, rendering three more Death Eaters' unconscious. Taken this as a cue to leave all the Death Eaters who were well enough to Apparate did so leaving behind their fallen comrades. That is all except for Snape who was still standing in his same spot looking totally confused and bewildered at the green-cloaked figure.

A mixture of fear, worry, anxiety, and pride went through Lord Demin as he watched the young boy he had come to love as a son take on the Death Eaters against all odds.

He was therefore very relieved when the last of the Death Eaters vanished and he was able to drop his shield and come to Harry's side. He quickly scanned the slightly panting teen for any injuries before asking, "Are you all right?"

Harry looked up at his mentor and nodded smiling. "Yes, I believe so."

Demin laughed softly and pulled the teen into a tight hug and said into Harry's ear, "It's a good thing you survived, I've still got a lot to teach you."

Harry pulled away with a groan and muttered, "I bet you do."

Demin just laughed again before his face grew serious and he asked, "Are you ready to face them?"

Harry groaned again, "Do I have a choice? You do realize that I am unlikely to come out of this alive?"

Demin gave him a sympathetic look before turning to confront six very confused faces.

Demin made his way slowly back to the group feeling uncharacteristically nervous. Harry had told him all about his Godfather over the last month and if what Harry had told him was true, he was going to have to deal with the man name Sirius Black. Demin was not looking forward to it. Demin finally came to a stop just five feet short of the group and lowered his hood.

Gasp ran around the group, the man that was standing before them was an elf. He had long blond hair that flowed down his back pulled back away from his face. His eyes were of an intelligent purple and his tan face held a muscular look of superiority, which was softened by his open, friendly smile. He was well over six feet tall and from what they could see from outside his cloak, he was well built.

"I guess you all would like to know who we are and why we are here." Demin said to the stunned group.

Lupin the only one to have seemed to recover enough answered. "Yes that would be most helpful, though I would personally like to thank you for the help." Lupin's voice finally broke through the other Order members' bewilderment and they too muttered their thanks.

"You are most welcome. However, I am not the one who did all the hard work." Demin said with a smile, quickly glanced over at Harry who was silently sitting on his rock again.

Lupin nodded and glanced at the green cloak figure too before saying, "Yes, we owe you and your friend a deep gratitude. My colleges and I would really like to know your names as we will give you ours."

Demin grinned, "Yes of course, but your names I already know."

"How do you know us?" This time it was Sirius who spoke, a suspicious edge in his tone.

The elf turned to Sirius and smirked, "Lets just say I know a really good friend of yours, Sirius Black."

Sirius just gaped at him as the elf turned his attention to Lupin. "And you are Remus Lupin, also known to some as Professor Lupin. You are Arthur Weasley who has seven fabulous children and you two must be the Figgs."

All mentioned parties stared at Demin in shock, but Demin just ignored them as he turned to Snape, his smirk getting bigger. "And you are Severus Snape, the hated, greasy haired git of a potion master."

Remus and Sirius burst out laughing, while the other three turned away to hide their snickering.

Harry, who had been listening to the whole conversation in silence, had to quickly stuff his fist in his mouth to keep from giving himself away with laughter. Which became even more difficult as he watched Snape's face change from confused to murderous in less then two seconds.

Sirius who had finally gotten his laughter under control said, "I don't know exactly who you are, but I already like you."

Demin turned back to Sirius with a small smile. "I don't think you know how much that means to me."

Sirius and Remus exchanged confused looks before Sirius ask, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing, it's not important." Demin said hastily. "Anyway my name is Lord Demin I come to you from the Realm of the Elves."

"The Realm of the Elves!" Lupin exclaimed surprised.

Before Demin had a chance to answer two pops were heard and Albus Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall appeared.

Dumbledore took in the scene with one quick glance before turned to Lupin and asking, "What happened?"

"It's a long story Albus." Lupin replied wearily.

Albus nodded looking around more slowly, this time his eyes falling on a blond haired Elf.

"Lord Demin?" Albus asked in surprise.

"Yes Albus it is I." Demin said with a huge smile as he approached the man and shook his hand.

"Then I would be correct in assuming that it is you I have to thank for my members' lives?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, him and his friend." Mr. Weasley said speaking for the first time.

It was then that Dumbledore noticed the green-cloaked figure sitting behind Demin on a rock.

"Then I owe you and your people a great debt Lord Demin." Dumbledore said softly.

Demin shook his head. "You owe my people nothing. For it was not one of my kind that save them."

Dumbledore looked from Demin to the cloaked figure and then back to Demin.

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore asked a twinkle entering his blue eyes.

Demin's smile grew, "I borrowed something very important from the Wizarding world about a month ago and I think it's about time I returned it, for awhile at least."

Every eye on the mountain turned from Demin to the green-cloaked figure, who was just lowering his hood to reveal messy raven-hair and brilliant green eyes.