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Chapter Twenty-Three: Shadow's of the Past

"Now remember Harry . . ."

"Stick to the Plan. Sirius, I know. I'm not deaf I heard what the Professor said," Harry replied irritably.

"Yes, but you seem to have selective hearing most of the time," Sirius replied frankly. "Especially when it comes to listening to authority."

"I'm sorry did you say something?" Harry asked, sticking his tongue out.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to send those two in to scout together?" Remus asked, addressing the chuckling man beside him.

"They'll be fine my dear boy," Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling madly as he watched Godfather and Godson bicker. "Whether you want to admit it or not, those two are our best fighters and together they're even more dangerous."

"If that's supposed to make me feel any better Professor, it doesn't," Remus muttered.

Dumbledore chuckled, "My boy you should have more faith in your family."

"Oh I have faith in their abilities," Remus assured him. "It's faith in their maturity level I lack."

"You know Moony that's not a very nice thing to say about Harry," Sirius said suddenly, joining their conversation.

"What makes you think I was talking about Harry?" Remus asked, turning around and giving Sirius a pointed look.

"Well I know for a fact you weren't talking about me," Sirius said, lightly twirling his wand around in his fingers. "Because you know Moony that could be very hazardous to your health."

"See point proven," Remus said, shaking his head and turning back to face the still chuckling Professor.

"Well Remus, if you think you can talk Sirius into letting someone else go with Harry then by all means do try," Professor Dumbledore said merrily.

"Professors," Harry said, interrupting the three adults. "I do believe we've given the other members enough time to get into position. Which means Sirius and I should really get going and carry out our part."

"Harry's right," Remus said, consulting his watch. "Everyone should be in position awaiting their signal."

"Then by all means, let's not keep them waiting," Sirius said clasping Harry on the shoulders. "You ready to do this kid?"

"Yes," Harry said, scowling irritably at his Godfather. "And don't call me kid."

"You got it . . . kid," Sirius said, laughing as he easily dodged under Harry's swing before quickly changing into Padfoot and dashing off.

"Harry," Dumbledore said softly as Harry prepared to leave. "You two be careful and watch your backs."

"We will and don't worry, we'll be fine," Harry said, smiling slightly before quickly turning into an eagle and taking to the sky, flying high into the air until he was soaring just above the black looking grim.

When Harry had first arrived in Dumbledore's office and reported about the attack, Dumbledore had wasted no time in assembling the Order members just on the outskirts of the town Harry had seen before quickly informing them of the situation.

Since Harry's vision had only shown very little detail of the attack and the town has half populated with wizards and witches and no visible sign of attack could clearly be seen from their distance, Dumbledore hadn't wanted to go charging in there blindly, risking unnecessary life. Instead, Dumbledore had laid out a plan, he split the 42 assembled members into 21 groups of two; each partnered with a member that balanced out their skills. Dumbledore had then informed them that he was sending in one team to scout out the situation thoroughly before they were to send up one of three signals from their wand to the remaining Order Members waiting just outside of town.

Red sparks meant the town was under attack. Members should enter with extreme caution. Blue sparks meant the town was under aggression. Members should enter and defend. Green sparks meant the town was under no fire and it was safe to proceed. After the signal had been sent up and it happened to be either red or blue then each Order Member had been given a specific responsibility to fulfill.

Ten out of the nineteen groups were going in as the attack force to try and defend against the Death Eaters. Two other groups were going in for the purpose of prisoner transfer to a designated place where another group of two were waiting and ready to stand guard over them. Then another two groups were going in for panic control and to try and get the muggle civilians out unharmed. The remaining five groups were assigned to injured transportation. Two groups to find the injured, two to transport them to the group of elves who were waiting just outside of town ready to heal and stabilize before handing them off to the remaining group who would then transport them to St. Mungo's.

Of course their plan was working off of the soul hope that Voldemort would not activate an Anti-Apparation shield around the city. If he did then the responsibility would relay solely on Harry and his ability to mesmerize in and out of the shielding. This was the reason why Harry and Sirius found themselves the nominated scouting team, just incase Harry had to get them out in a pinch.

Finally, after circling the city twice Harry spotted his Godfather, back in human form, ducked in an alleyway gesturing for him to come down.

"Did you see anything?" Sirius asked once Harry had landed and had changed back.

"Not a thing, how about you?" Harry asked.

"Just a couple of drunks," Sirius said. "Are you sure this is the right town?"

"Positive," Harry said, looking around. "But I don't understand? Voldemort should have been here for at least 20 minutes. Why is there no sign of attack?"

"Well," Sirius replied slowly. "There could be two possible explanation for that. One, he came here for something or someone and wants to keep it quiet. Or two, he's simple not here."

"Sirius I know what I saw," Harry said testily. "Voldemort's here. I know it, I'm just not sure where."

"I don't know Harry, this town seems pretty qui . . ." Sirius suddenly trailed off as a look of comprehension passed over his face.

"Sirius what is it?" Harry asked anxiously.

"Harry this is the first vision you've had since you disappeared this summer right?" Sirius asked.

"Yes." Harry answered even more confused.

"And you haven't had one at all this summer?" Sirius asked again.

"No Sirius I haven't," Harry replied.

"But you use to get them at least once a month if not more in fifth year, right?" Sirius question yet again.

"Yes!" Harry answered, now annoyed. "Demin trained me over the summer to block all unwanted visitors from entering my head, Sirius you know all this, oh shit!"

"Exactly," Sirius said grimly. "I don't believe what you saw was a vision, at least not the kind we all thought it to be."

"If it wasn't a vision then what was it?" Harry asked, frustrated. "It seemed so real."

"I don't know, but I think we'd better get back to Dumbledore and explain," Sirius said.

"Oh I'm afraid you're not going to be going anywhere, anytime soon my pets," an unfamiliar voice breathed right into Harry's ear, causing him to start so badly that he jerked backwards only to stiffen quickly as he found a sharp object being pressed against his throat.

"Careful my pet, we wouldn't want you to getting blood on my clothes now, would we?" the same creepy voiced said again, making Harry shiver.

As Harry remained silent his captive slightly shifted his attention to the now enraged Sirius who was currently standing stock still, wand pointed straight at his heart from another black shadow nearby.

"My Master will be pleased to see you too my pet," Harry's captive informed Sirius.

"Your Master can go to hell," Sirius spat venomously.

"My, my, what language," the same voice replied as he silently motioned for his partner to disarmed Sirius and Harry. "I believe some improvement of manners are in order, but first tell me my pets, which one of Voldemort's traitorous little servants told you we were here and ruined all our fun early."

Harry and Sirius quickly traded confused looks, but otherwise remained silent.

"Not going to tell my pets?" the voiced asked sulkily. "Oh well I'm sure my Master can get you to talk more willingly. But first how would you like to watch some of the show? It should be starting soon and I've heard it's going to be real . . . explosive."

"Thanks, but no thanks," Sirius said darkly. "We have places to be, people to rescue, so if you'll excuse us . . ."

"We'll be going," Harry finished as he drove his elbow hard into his capture's gut while also grabbing the arm with the knife in it and using it to hurled his captor's bodily over his shoulder and straight into Sirius' surprised captor where they both collided with the ground in a tangle of limbs. Sirius then quickly seized both of their wands back and with a couple of stupefy's had knocked the two captors unconscious.