Author's note:

A few short notes before you begin the first chapter.

I wanted to write this fic since, I'll be honest, there really aren't very many good fanfics for Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School out there. Many of them feature the girls acting incredibly off-character, or turning themselves into sex goddesses. I've never understood the desire to turn these adorable little girl ghouls into kinky sexual objects, so I wanted to write a fanfic with the girls just being themselves. I think there's something to be said for the fact that all characters should be three-dimensional and have their own unique personalities. In this fanfic, I'd like to stay true to the original characters while also slightly building on them, and showing they are real people - no, actually make that ghouls - with real emotions and problems.

This takes place a few years after Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy were teachers at Grimwood's. It's not really specified how old the girls exactly were in the film, but for the sake of this fic (you'll understand more when you read it), I'm going to say they're all in an age range of about two years apart, 12 to 14 years old. This fanfic is also from Sybella's point-of-view, because tbh I love Sybella! The rest of the main five ghouls are also main characters, as well as Miss Grimwood.

You'll probably notice I spelled Sybella's name with a "y." I've seen the spelling go both ways - Sybella and Sibella, but the movie's credits don't confirm the spelling so I'm just going to go with non-Americanized version (since she most likely came from Transylvania), Sybella. If this is super concerning to anyone or it takes away from the story, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a review and I can always change it later if it's a big issue for people.

Lastly, this fanfic is rated T. Obviously there isn't going to be any sexual scenes, but after all the girls are growing up and in high school, so of course they're going through normal teen stuff so it just makes more sense to rate it T. I'm not planning anything super mature, but I want this fanfic to be accurate to teenage life, which let's face it, isn't usually all sparkles and rainbows. Around this time, your feelings are generally wreaking havoc on your life, and since they're girls, generally this is the time where they become "fully grown out" if you get what I mean. Most of us probably remember what an awkward and somewhat angsty time in our lives this was, so I wanted to stay true to that in this story.

Anyways, without further ado, here's the first chapter of "Fangs for the Memories!" Enjoy!

August 29

Everything feels like it's changing.

Grimwood's, the school which you have resided at since you were 5 years old is now expanding. Is this good or bad? You tell yourself it's good, because life is change, and after all, they were only building an expansion onto the current school. It's been a fun nine years, but now you are fourteen and it is time to grow and evolve.

You also tell yourself it's bad. You know change is necessary, but you wonder if it's actually for the best. A school expansion meant more students, different teachers, and inevitably growing apart from her friends. Sure, they've been friends with you since you first began at Grimwood's, but a little change led to bigger and bigger changes. Maybe they'll decide they no longer like you, or even worse, decide they never liked you for who you truly are.

You remind yourself though, that you've gone through changes before. A few years ago, you warmed up to a human gym teacher and his two canine companions, despite your initial hesitation regarding their frightened demeanor. You also briefly warmed up to new students after the human and his dogs had left. But then again, those students had left almost right away after news got out about the girls being kidnapped. Even monster parents didn't want to send their kids to a school where children had been kidnapped by a homicidal witch.

Whatever the day brings, you must remind yourself that you are a strong vampiress who can handle anything that comes her way.

Sybella looked up from her pencil and notebook to see that the time was 7:30 a.m. Stretching, she brushed her thick purple hair to the side, so it was no longer covering her left eye. Miss Grimwood, the school's headmistress, had asked all returning students to be to the dining room for a special breakfast by 8, so Sybella only had a short period of time remaining to get ready.

Sybella glanced over at her coffin, which her father had given her as a birthday gift just a few weeks ago. The coffin had a black exterior, and was lined with a red inner fabric. It was also complemented by a fluffy purple pillow and soft purple wool blanket (purple was her favorite color, after all). Sybella was a very simple girl, so she found it a bit lavish and unnecessary. But then again, her dad was Dracula, the king of vampires, so he might as well use his wealth and power to spoil his daughter rotten.

The vampire princess went to her dresser to look for her clothes for the day - after all, it wasn't proper to be wearing a bat-robe to such a fancy breakfast.

Now that she had become older, her father had stopped visiting her so frequently, as he most likely figured she could better handle herself as a maturing young woman. Because of the newfound freedom, she began finding enjoyment in rebelling (even if there were no parents around to rebel against) and experimenting with a look which the humans often called "punk." Sybella enjoyed creating her own style, and quite often mixed between human and vampire fashion. There was something she had always found intriguing about the human lifestyle, though most of what she knew about humans was from reading books and such. Despite the rebellious, edgy stage she was currently going through, she still enjoyed cuddling up with a good book.

Sybella grabbed a pair of ripped jeans from her bottom dresser drawer, which would constitute the human part of her look for the day. The bottom of the jeans were very old and frayed, which caused the other ghouls to often ask why she would wear something so damaged. Her father could buy her anything he wanted, after all. However, something about the jeans made her feel cool and edgy, which felt oddly important to her while she was still finding out who she was.

Having completed the bottom half of her outfit, she frustratedly grabbed a black bra out of her top dresser drawer and began to put it on. That was another change she had recently gone through. She never understood why some girls were so excited about growing breasts. Personally, she found them to be a pain, particularly when choosing an outfit, and bras generally provided her with more physical discomfort than they did support.

After she quickly grabbed a purple headband off of her dresser, she opened the middle drawer and grabbed a dark maroon top. The top had small circular slits in the bottom half of it on the sides. In her edginess, the vampiress also enjoyed showing a bit of skin, just as long as it wasn't too much in the wrong areas.

Finally having completed her outfit, Sybella glanced at herself in the mirror. It was a bit of a pain only being able to see the clothes and not actually herself (she was a vampire after all!), but nonetheless the outfit looked pretty badass, especially after she put on a pair of jet black combat boots, and a dark purple cape. The cape had reddish bats on the side along with her name monogrammed on the back of her neck. The cape really completed the vampire aspect of her look, and also complemented her eyes and hair quite nicely. The cloak went down to about mid-waist, but it was still large enough to completely wrap around her top half should she get cold.

As she draped the cape over her neck and made some last minute adjustments, she realized she forgot her favorite part of the outfit...a black choker with a piece of jewelry shaped like a bat, attached to a ring on the front. Her mother had given it to her, who she hadn't seen since she was a child. Though she loved her father, she knew he slept around a bit and didn't usually stay with one woman for very long. Despite her father's lack of concern for where - or who - Sybella's mother was, she still longed to know and see her mother again someday.

Sybella took one last look into her room, which was furnished with numerous vampiric decorations. There were plastic bats hanging from the ceiling, complemented by posters of her favorite musicians - Nightmare, The Hex Girls and The Sparkles, all of which were bands currently popular with her age group. There was a desk nestled in the corner, with several items perched atop it. These items included various pieces of artwork Sybella had drawn over the years, as well as a notebook where she wrote down her inner thoughts, as she had done earlier.

The vampire princess shut her door, before heading for the large staircase down into the dining room.

As she walked down the drafty staircase, she could hear a familiar shrill laugh. A quick glance as she reached the bottom of the stairs confirmed her suspicions.

A pale ghost wearing a white dress was cackling in the hall, while standing next to a werewolf wearing a plaid skirt and blue t-shirt.

"Wasn't that a howl, Winnie?" the ghost replied in a high-pitched giggle.

"I'll say!" the werewolf affirmed in a lower, more masculine-sounding voice.

Sybella finally spoke up. "What's so funny, girls?"

A green-faced monster walked into Sybella's line of vision, explaining "Oh, Phantasma was just telling us a human joke."

"Why did the human cross the road?" Phantasma inquired.

Sybella just shrugged, her cape hugging her slim figure.

"To get away from the rabid werewolf! Wanna know why he didn't make it?"

Sybella responded with a nod.

"The werewolf wanted to meat him! Get it, he ate the human?" Phantasma continued to cackle at her own joke.

Sybella adjusted her face to form a very fake-looking smile. She missed Phantasma's more innocent, punny jokes. As she had matured, her humor had taken a very dark and borderline morbid turn. Besides, the purple-clad vampiress always had preferred puns anyway, especially if they had to do with vampires or bats.

"Where's Tanis?" Elsa asked in her deep, robotic tone.

"Here I am!" the mummy smiled, "I was upstairs fixing my wrapping."

Even now that she was 12, Tanis was still her innocent, adorable self. The mummy was covered with her usual white bandages and pink bow resting on the top of her head.

"Ah, you're all here!" a new voice spoke. Sybella recognized the voice to be the headmistress, Miss Grimwood. "Let's get to the dining room then, I have a lot to share with you all!"

The girls all went to the dining room in single file, with Miss Grimwood taking the lead.

"Looking fashionable as always, Sybella." Miss Grimwood commented.

"Thanks." Sybella said, noticeably more subdued from her normally outgoing personality.

"I made you all your favorite breakfasts to celebrate this special occasion!" Miss Grimwood extended her left arm and pointed at the dining room table, which was covered with various food platters. "Now, feel free to begin eating while I explain today's schedule."

Sybella sat down in her chair, sitting on her cape so it wouldn't get caught on anything. The cape also provided a soft cushioning that admittedly felt quite comfortable on the hard dining room chair. Lifting the top off the platter, Sybella could hear her stomach growl with excitement when she saw the dish. It was bat-shaped pancakes with blood syrup. Sybella could see by the bottle that it was type A-, which Miss Grimwood has placed on the table in case she wanted more. It was her favorite type of blood, as it added a very rich flavor to any dish that Sybella adored.

Sybella looked over at her friends' dishes. Winnie had fresh lamb meat, Tanis had eggs and bacon, and Phantasma had an omelette. She couldn't quite see what Elsa had, but it appeared to be spider souffle, which she knew to be one of Elsa's favorite dishes. It was a pretty common misconception that all monsters ate odd foods, but Tanis and Phantasma were just dead humans after all. Neither were very accustomed to human culture however, as they had lived in the monster realm for the majority of their lives.

Just as the girl ghouls began eating, Miss Grimwood spoke up.

"Now, you all know that we have 67 new students coming in today, now that the extension of our school has been built. I'm sure you all have a lot of questions." Miss Grimwood spoke in a soft tone, as to be sympathetic to the five nervous students who had gotten used to being alone in their quaint little school.

"The new extension was paid for courtesy of the Ghoul Board, though they only provided enough to make extra classrooms and not any new living quarters. So, the new students will be commuting back and forth to school everyday, and you five will continue to be the only permanent residents here."

Sybella's mind felt slightly at ease. She would miss the privacy of her own bedroom if she were forced to share it with someone else. Though she was an extrovert, she enjoyed her alone time, which was often spent reading or drawing.

"Now, with the new students, I was forced to hire some new instructors to cover all the different classes we offer here now. Even so, we still don't have enough new faculty to cover all the classes, so from now on, classes will take place on a rotating schedule. You are all signed up for four different courses this semester, each of which will be two to three hours in length. You will go to your two-hour classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and report to your three-hour classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

It was a lot of information for the vampire princess to process, and she wished the headmistress would have unraveled some of the school's new setup before the first day of school.

"I've placed your schedules next to your dishes." Miss Grimwood continued. "I know this is a nerve-wracking time for all of you, but I want you to know you'll always be my favorite students, and I'm always here for you should you require my assistance. Now, I'll give you some time to take a look at your schedules."

Sybella picked up the piece of paper next to her placemat, trying to be cautious as to not spill any blood from her plate on it.

"Creative Writing, Introduction to Art, Gym and Human Studies." Sybella read aloud. "What classes do you have, Tanis?"

"History, Introduction to Art, Gym and Math." Tanis replied. History didn't surprise Sybella at all; she knew Tanis was a huge history buff. Sybella was happy that she had at least two classes with a friend.

"I've got Science, Woodshop, Gym and Math." Elsa jumped in.

"I've got English, Psychology, Gym and Math!" Winnie declared, clearly excited about the new classes.

Phantasma was the last to speak. "I've got Music, Theater, Gym and Math!"

Sybella was overjoyed to hear that the girls had at least one class that they all were in. She felt a bit depressed, however, that no one she knew was in her other two classes. She also felt a slight pang of jealousy that everyone had math together except her. Still, she was happy that all the girls were following their passions. Elsa was quite into science and math, and given she was good with her hands, woodshop would naturally be a good option for her. Winnie was the sporty type, so gym was very fitting. Of course, Phantasma was a piano prodigy, and her dramatic, quirky personality would sync terrifically with theater.

"Oh, and I forgot to mention about our little yearly tradition with the Calloway Cadets. The volleyball match will take place this year on October 28!" Miss Grimwood added. "A bit later this year, but we need time to train the new students for the team."

Winnie howled with excitement. "I can't wait to beat those Calloway Cadets again!"

"I can't wait to go back to that testosterone factory." Sybella rolled her eyes.

As Sybella had written in her notebook, growth is a natural part of life, but the Calloway Cadets had grown in the wrong way. As they hit puberty, they began to learn about certain processes of the human body, and became a bit too obsessed with one process in particular. Being the prettiest of the girls (she realized she could be biased, however), the Cadets regularly began flirting with Sybella, and she could have sworn she heard them talking about "getting kinky" and something about interspecies relations. She didn't know a lot about human romance or affection, but she knew enough to understand the grossness of their comments. She also once caught some of the Cadets staring at her ass out of the corner of her eye, to which she rolled her eyes and ignored them. Human teenage boys could be so cringeworthy.

"Oh come on, 'Bella, they aren't that bad!" Winnie replied.

Sybella responded with an exaggerated huff and let the conversation drop.

"What's the matter?" Winnie asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking about all the changes we'll be experiencing today." Sybella tried to nonchalantly change the subject.

"Aren't you excited, though?" Phantasma chirped. "I'm sure it'll be a ghoulishly good time!"

"Ah, I'm afraid I'll miss you all though. It won't be the same, not having all our classes together." Sybella sighed. "This is sort of like what I've read about in human books, I think they call it 'high school'. Every story I've read, people grow apart and become different people during this transition time."

Miss Grimwood butted into the girls' conversation. "Ah, but our lives each constitute our own stories. Much like your novels, there is a very familiar writer watching over the development of each of our stories."

"Ooh, I know this one...Mark Twain?" Tanis innocently guessed.

"No, we are the writers of our stories." Miss Grimwood elaborated. "We get to choose how we write our lives, and we decide how our characters develop."

Sybella smiled, feeling comforted by Miss Grimwood's clever analogy.

The girls quickly finished eating, as to be prepared for when the other students arrived at 9. Wiping the last bit of blood syrup from her face, she placed her red-speckled cloth napkin on her clean plate.

"Alright girls, the other students will be coming in just a few minutes. Since you all are finished with breakfast, you are welcome to report to your first class early." Miss Grimwood suggested, "Good luck today, girls. I know you'll do wonderfully!"

As the girls went their separate ways, they all said their goodbyes. It felt odd to separate from her friends, which she had previously had every class with, but Sybella tried to embrace the new order of things.

"See you in a bit, Tanis." Sybella said, as she began her walk to the Creative Writing classroom.

Tanis smiled and waved, as the two ghouls went down separate hallways. Sybella had never been in the new extension of the school, since the construction of it had just been completed the prior Friday.

The new area of the school was quite different. One of the things Sybella liked about Grimwood's was the rusticness of the living quarters and previous classrooms, but the new classrooms had a much more modern look. Glass windows served as the hallway's walls, and while the scenery was beautiful, Sybella much preferred the Victorian look of the rest of the building. Luckily, none of the old classrooms or living areas were removed in the new extension, but nonetheless she still wished the foundation and decorations were consistent. The windows looked directly out at the Grimwood gardens, which were currently completely full of crops. Rotten watermelons, shrivelled-up apples, squishy squash and moldy carrots were among the numerous crops that Sybella could see from the view. The girls all loved the Grimwood harvest every fall, where Miss Grimwood would harvest all the produce and make a large feast for the girls to munch on. Even though Tanis and Phantasma liked human food, they had of course gotten used to the succulent supernatural cuisine from spending most of their lives sheltered at Grimwood's.

Sybella found her classroom number, 88, and walked in the cold, drafty new classroom. Only a few students were currently in the class, but she figured more would stream in as they found their way around. The classroom was decorated with a variety of posters, all which highlighted writing tips and parts of speech. There were also several decorations around the room, which appeared to Sybella to be some old Halloween decorations they had decorated the school with in previous years.

As a few more new faces began streaming in, Sybella noticed that many of them were boys. Not that it particularly mattered, but the sign outside Grimwood's did say School for Girl Ghouls, after all. Sybella glanced to the girl next to her, who had dark brown hair with a slight tint of red that was accentuated in the sunlight that shined through the window.

"Hi." Sybella said, in an unintentionally meek tone.

"Hi, I'm Callie." the girl remarked. "What's your name?"


"Oh, Dracula's daughter? That's so cool!" Callie remarked.

"The one and only." Sybella smiled, doing a half-twirl in her seat. It was an action she immediately regretted, as it mostly likely looked unintentionally cute. In her rebellious phase, that was certainly not the persona she was going for.

"It must be awesome, being famous like that! I'm just a sorceress's daughter, so nothing special." the witch humbly commented.

Sybella didn't think of herself as being famous, though she was nonetheless still flattered by the girl's comment.

"Hey, do you know why there are boys here?" Sybella asked. "I thought this was Grimwood's School for Girl Ghouls."

"Oh yeah, I read in the news that they made the school co-ed. They wanted to get as many students as they can, with their new image and all." Callie explained.

Sybella sometimes forgot about the bad publicity Grimwood's had received in the Monster Media from the Revolta incident. Parents didn't exactly want to send their children somewhere potentially dangerous, so the enrollment number at Grimwood's had stayed at the five students for years. Part of the reason for the remodeling was to redeem Grimwood's image, seeing as just teaching five students wasn't exactly profitable for Miss Grimwood in the long run. Being an exclusively girls' school wasn't exactly with the times, and would turn away possible male students who would pay tuition to help sustain the school.

"Okay class, let's get started with our Creative Writing class." the instructor announced. She was a skinny woman with pale white skin, and donned a pointy purple hat. "My name is Miss Lillard, and I will be your teacher for this semester. Now, I'd like to start our first day by having everyone share what they're interested in writing about. Who would like to start?"

A furry male werewolf wearing a black t-shirt raised his paw.

"You may start when ready, Jacob." Miss Lillard responded.

"I've got a story you guys will never believe, man. So this summer, I met this girl named Bella and we fell in love. After we kissed, she told me she was a human girl! And that's not even the craziest part! So, she tells me she loves me, but she says she's also in love with a vampire!" Jacob explained, clearly excited by his once-in-a-lifetime story.

"I'm so sorry, Jacob. I'm afraid that's already been done." Miss Lillard said sympathetically.

"Damn it!" Jacob roared. "That's the only reason why I took this class!" Jacob angrily flipped his desk over, smashing the wood to pieces on the ground as he stormed out the door. The door slammed behind Jacob, causing everyone in the class just stare with surprise before averting their eyes back to Miss Lillard.

Sybella was surprised no one seemed to give a second look to Jacob's volatile outburst. With tonight being a full moon, she supposed it was his "time of the moon." For werewolf offspring whose parents were turned in a previous generation, the werewolf gene was passed down, although the wolf phase of their transformation was permanent. Because of their biological chemistry however, their bodies still sensed when it was close to the full moon, and went through the hormonal "changing" process even though they didn't change physically. It was sort of like a female getting her menstrual cycle in a way, though it only lasted 24 hours and occurred once a month on the night of the full moon.

She envied werewolves a bit for that reason, and her other three friends even more so, as she was the only one of the five to consistently get her period every month. Elsa's father was partially man-made, so his creator was able to control the gene pool as to prevent any offspring from going through the painful time of the month. She didn't know a lot about reproduction of the dead, but she knew ghosts and mummies had other ways of reproducing, as there was no need for their bodies to go through the typical birthing cycles now that they were deceased. With Winnie getting her "time of the moon" only one day out of the month, that just left Sybella. Sybella had just begun getting her period about a year ago, causing her to envy her other female friends who didn't have to deal with the uncomfortable time every month. It was especially awkward as a vampire, as blood was normally a tantalizing treat for her, and therefore it felt quite uncomfortable to have it coming out of her body. Tampons helped a bit, but she never found them particularly comfortable, and was still getting used to having to wear them for a whole week out of every month.

Miss Lillard had already moved on, without even commenting on Jacob's incident. She knew werewolves could be a bit cranky around that time from experience with Winnie, but she had never seen Winnie violent or angry to that degree.

In her daydreaming state, Sybella hadn't noticed that Miss Lillard had called on her until Callie tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hmm?" Sybella said dreamily, her mind still elsewhere. Callie pointed to Miss Lillard, who was tapping her foot in impatience. "Oh, sorry. What was the question?"

"What are you most interested in writing about, Sybella?" Miss Lillard repeated, a hint of annoyance still present in her voice.

"Uhmm…" Sybella paused for a moment. She was certainly interested in using her creative mind for writing, but she hadn't ever stopped to think about just what exactly she wanted to write about. Finally, she spoke up.

"I've read a lot of books about humans, so maybe something like that?" Sybella said, ending her statement with a tone of uncertainty.

Miss Lillard raised her eyebrow, clearly quite impressed by Sybella's abstract subject choice. Generally, monsters didn't really speak much about humans, because of the stereotypes of humans burning and killing monsters. Let's just say the Salem Witch Trials put quite a strain on human-monster relations. You're not likely to be friendly to humans when they nearly wiped out a whole species out of pure fear and misunderstanding.

"Very interesting, Sybella!"

Sybella's face instinctually drifted into the formation of a smile, pleased that she had impressed her new instructor. Maybe today wouldn't be as bad as she thought.

It seemed like only minutes later that the tone of the school bell could be heard.

"Thank you for a wonderful class, students! I'll see you on Wednesday, same time, same place!" Miss Lillard shouted, trying to be heard over the noise of the students packing up their backpacks and belongings to go to their next class. Sybella glanced at the piece of paper which listed her schedule, and was happy to notice that her next classroom was only 5 doors away from her current location.

As she walked out of the room, the purple-clad vampire immediately noticed room 93, where her art class was held. Sybella peered inside the door, noticing Tanis sitting in the front middle desk.

"Hey, Tanis!" Sybella waved to her bandaged buddy.

"Hi Sybella! How was your first class?" Tanis greeted, as Sybella occupied the seat to the right of her.

"Oh, it was quite fangtastic! How about your history class?"

"It was really interesting! We learned about Ancient Egypt and King Tut!" Tanis chirped. Sybella loved being in the presence of Tanis. If there was one person that could cheer her up, it was definitely her innocent, pure-hearted mummy friend.

Before Sybella had a chance to answer, she noticed Jacob (the same student who had broken the desk) walk into the room and sit directly next to her. Though she certainly wasn't a fan of his crude demeanor, she began amusing herself with what outrageous thing he might do next.

"That's cool, Tanis!" Sybella finally responded to her friend's earlier comment, before pausing to listen to the voice of her new instructor.

"Good morning class! I am Mr. Welker, your instructor for this Introduction to Art course. Today, we are going to begin with talking about light and shadow."

Sybella took a momentary glance over at Tanis, who was clearly very interested in the possibility of learning a new topic area. Tanis was definitely no artist, but she loved learning new things. The purple-skinned ghoul continued to listen while her teacher continued to discuss the differences between the two concepts.

"And that's how you properly add light and shadow into a work of art." Mr. Welker concluded. "Now, does anyone have any questions?"

The room was overtaken with silence.

Not seeing any hands (or paws), Mr. Welker resumed speaking. "We only have 10 minutes of class yet. We have a lot of art supplies paid for by the Ghoul Board, so I'll just give you a free period the last few minutes of class. Feel free to do whatever you want."

"Hell yeah!" Jacob shouted as he jumped out of his seat, grabbing a large metal paint can and tossing it out the window, with shattered glass falling to the floor. He then proceeded to launch himself out the window with a single jump.

Not speaking for a moment, Mr. Welker just replied "Clearly we have some very literal thinkers in this class! Now, you may proceed to do whatever you artistically want. Let's not follow your classmate's example, please."

Sybella would have thought he would have made a much bigger deal out of the fact that a student had just leaped out the window. Then again, Mr. Welker was a werewolf, so he probably was experiencing his "time of the moon" too. Still, she had never seen a werewolf act so erratic. However, she wasn't afraid to admit she was sheltered, living at Grimwood's most of her life, so she figured maybe it was just a part of the outside supernatural world that she hadn't experienced it yet.

Tanis looked at Sybella with a look of shock, clearly sharing the vampire princess's feelings on the matter.

It had been a long day, between all the classes and going to study hall, where she completed her homework from the first day. Sybella was pleased she had finished the night's homework quickly, as not much had been assigned the first day. Tanis, who had followed her to the study room, caught up with Sybella.

"Ready to go to dinner with Miss Grimwood?" Tanis asked.

Ever since they first began at the school, it was a tradition that the five ghouls always ate their meals along with Miss Grimwood. The ghouls were like a family of sorts, seeing as they didn't go home to their parents every night. However, Sybella didn't feel particularly social tonight.

"No, it's okay Tanis. I've got a lot of homework to do, and I'm pretty wiped."

"But...we always have dinner together." Tanis replied, shocked at her vampire friend's cold reply.

"Like Miss Grimwood said, we're starting a new phase in our lives now. I just want to be alone." Sybella said firmly.

"Okay, Sybella. Whatever you want." Tanis seemed understanding, though her face and posture alluded to the fact that she was a bit disappointed. Sybella didn't mean to disappoint her four friends or Miss Grimwood, but she craved her alone time. She felt a bit bad about lying to Tanis though, as she didn't have homework to do and wasn't particularly tired. Frankly, all she wanted to do was lie in her coffin and pout. The vampire princess realized she was acting silly, but she felt pouting would be good for her and allow her to get some of the excess angst out. These strange, new feelings made Sybella miss the times from when she was just a kid, carefree and always happy.

Sybella quickly shuffled from the hallway up to her room, hoping she wouldn't run into anyone else. She didn't mind seeing them of course, but the interaction with Tanis was awkward and she didn't want to disappoint anyone, at least not in person anyway.

Her wish was granted, and Sybella made it up the staircase to her room without anyone noticing her. As soon as her bedroom door was safely shut, she quickly undressed and changed into her bat-robe once again, before collapsing into her coffin and trying to lay in the poutiest position she could think of.

August 30

You were right. But you were just as much wrong.

You spent half the night pouting, and it helped you feel better. Sometimes a little self-pity was therapeutic.

You were wrong though, not to give the new lifestyle a chance. You're not a little girl anymore, you tell yourself. But you long for those carefree, cheerful feelings that you had as a kid.

You have to give it a chance.

Will things become easier if you stop playing pretend? You respond with both a yes and a no.

Some things will get easier, if you stop worrying so damn much and just take happiness in what you have. But some things will get harder, and then the hard things will get easier, and new things will become harder.

You'll never know if you can handle change if you never try and potentially fail. But things will work out for the best eventually.

Sybella let out a sigh as she put down her pencil, though she wasn't yet sure of her true feelings. On one hand, she felt happy that she had come up with a solution, and expelled all the poutiness from her restless mind. On the other hand, she really had no idea what to expect, and saying you're going to do something is easier than actually being brave and doing it.

Her mind returned to happy thoughts, as soon as she realized it was Tuesday, and that meant her first class was gym with all of her friends. Sybella smiled, as she opened her dresser drawer to pick out an outfit for the day.

The adolescent ghoul opened the cold handle of the metal drawer, and grabbed a red t-shirt which read "Vampire Rock Music Festival." After putting it on, she dug through her bottom drawer to find a comfortable article of clothing to complete the bottom part of her look. She wasn't much for skirts, so most of what she had were jeans and pants. Sybella picked up a pair of black sweatpants, briefly rubbing her hand on the soft inner lining of them. Not necessarily the most fashionable outfit of her wardrobe, but after all, she was just going to gym class, and it wasn't worth sweating over (figuratively or literally).

Glancing at her clock, Sybella noticed she was nearly out of time before her gym class began. The girls didn't usually do anything fancy or sit down together for breakfast on a normal day. Usually, she would quickly grab something from the dining hall or if it was nice enough, grab a piece of fruit from Miss Grimwood's garden outside.

All of a sudden, Sybella heard a noise outside her door. Feeling slightly panicked, she opened the door a crack, and took a peek outside into the hallway. She received an unpleasant surprise, as smoke began to cover her face.

"Someone's having a bat day." Sybella coughed, looking at a small green dragon, who was the perpetrator behind the unwanted smoke screen. The dragon made a muttering noise which Sybella couldn't comprehend.

"Come on Matches, I was just going down to grab some breakfast." Sybella indirectly replied to the dragon's indecipherable comment.

Matches muttered something to himself again, before walking in Sybella's room as she finished getting ready. She grabbed her bat choker and quickly fastened it around her neck, before picking up a purple headband tossed precariously on her desk. The teenager debated whether to wear her combat boots, but quickly decided to put on some tennis shoes instead to assure she was comfortable while exercising.

"Sorry for the wait. I'm ready now." Sybella apologized to Matches, who didn't seem to really care one way or another.

Sybella got down the stairs and began walking down the same hall she had yesterday. A quick glance out the window showed her that it was a very blustery and windy day, just the kind she liked.

"I'm going to get some breakfast in the garden, Matches. A rotten crabapple sounds scrumptious this morning!" Sybella observed her vocalizations becoming more chipper and happy as the day went on.

She exited out the side glass door, which was newly put in. The new addition wasn't all bad, especially given it allowed her to be so close to the garden on her way to class. On her quest to break the fast, Sybella noticed a familiar transparent face.

"Hey Sybella! We missed you at dinner last night!" Phantasma chirped happily. "Where were you at? We were getting worried."

Sybella debated telling her the truth, but felt self-conscious saying "pouting in my coffin" even if it felt really good when she had done it.

"I was feeling tired. Such a big change in schedule takes a lot out of a girl, especially when our schedules have been the same for years." Sybella responded.

"Yeah, I get what you mean!" Phantasma giggled. "I was dying for a nap as well!"

There was the punny phantom she knew and loved!

Sybella let out a laugh. "Clever as always, Phanty."

"Oh! We have gym together today!" Phantasma reminded her blood-sucking buddy.

"Yes! I've been excited about that all morning!" Sybella answered. "I was just getting a crabapple before heading over to the gym."

The purple-clad vampire pulled a crabapple off of the tree, before sucking the juice out of it in a matter of seconds. Or actually, no, she forgot she wasn't purple-clad anymore. She had gotten so used to wearing her cape everywhere that she didn't remember that she wasn't wearing it today. She had no idea how hard the new coach was going to work her, and it was better to wear less clothes just in case. She always felt gross when her body worked up a good sweat, even if it meant she was getting good exercise.

"Mmm, deliciously rotten!" Sybella cooed, as she tossed the apple skin into the dirt. "You want one, Phanty?"

"No, I've already had two. I was just enjoying the beautiful, quiet morning."

Almost as if on cue with Phantasma's comment, Sybella nearly jumped ten feet when an obnoxiously loud bass began continuously booming from the distance.

"Just what I wanted to hear." Phanty rolled her eyes.

The girls had unwillingly become accustomed to the Calloway Cadets blaring music during their morning exercises. Sybella could get into some hard rock music, especially if it was something by a vampire band, but it seemed the Cadets mostly listened to rap which usually demeaned women or swore extensively and unnecessarily.

Sybella couldn't make out most of the lyrics from the song they were playing, though she heard something about the singer "smacking a hoe." She had no idea what could make someone angry enough to assault a gardening tool, but humans were into strange things.

"C'mon, let's get to class." Phanty said, clearly tired of the obnoxious musical posturing the Cadets did on a consistent basis.

The two friends got into the gym in record time, seeing as the new extension of the school also included several new secret passageways, which the girls had fun exploring. Elsa, Winnie and Tanis had already arrived.

"Hey girls!" Tanis waved. "Feeling better, Sybella?"

"Much, thank you." Sybella smiled, trying to copy Tanis's constantly-cheery example, in hopes it would make her less angsty.

"Yeah, we missed you at dinner last night, 'Bella!" Winnie commented.

"I was dead tired." Sybella replied, "I clearly needed a good night's rest."

"Will you be at dinner tonight?" Elsa inquired. "It's not the same without you there."

Sybella couldn't think of any reason not to be there. "Sure." she affirmed.

"Alright, let's get this thing over with." an unfamiliar voice sighed. Sybella turned around to see a large man wearing blue sweatpants and a white tank top, which was covered in sweat stains. The man was quite overweight, and if she had to guess, Sybella would presume he was at least 250 pounds.

"The name's Micucci, Frank Micucci. I'm your new gym coach for this year. Because we had some budget cuts, I'll be teaching you about your bodies too. Every Tuesday will be gym class, every Thursday will be health class." The man spoke very firmly and curtly, his vocalizations sounding very deep and informal, and even somewhat like a sleazy mobster.

Sybella had hoped that when she took health, she would learn things about her body in a delicate and sensitive manner. This man looked like he could barely take care of his own body, and from his word choice, she could tell he wasn't the sugar-coating type.

"Now, let's do some deep sneakin'." Coach Micucci said.

Sybella rolled her eyes and let out a huff, which in hindsight was probably too loud. "It's deep shrieking."

"Yeah, that too." Coach Micucci added, trying to cover up his obvious mistake.

The girls' high shrieks were somewhat lost in the guys' loud screams, which put Sybella off a bit. She wasn't used to having boys around, though she supposed she would have to eventually. A quick look around at the other students showed her that her class was comprised of one other vampire, two werewolves, two witches, one swamp monster and a goblin of some sort.

The chorus of shrieks eventually died down, prompting Mr. Micucci to speak again.

"Miss Grimwood says you usually end the warm-up by scarin' Arabics. Are there any around here?"

"Umm...excuse me, coach." Tanis raised her bandaged hand. "I think you mean Scare-obics."

"Ah, thanks sunshine." Coach Micucci said. "Do your Scareabics while I eat this hoagie, alright?"

Once the noise level of the room had gotten loud enough, Sybella made an exasperated groan. "How could Miss Grimwood hire this moron? Even Shaggy was better than him!"

"Nah, she didn't." the goblin jumped in. "The Ghoul Board took care of all the hiring, so Miss Grimwood could get the classrooms ready in time for the new students."

Sybella was a bit surprised they would have hired a human for the position, though she supposed Miss Grimwood had hired Shaggy. Grimwood's was a bit radical in that aspect. Monster schools rarely hired humans, since most of them didn't know enough about the supernatural to do an adequate job teaching them. That was in addition to the strained relations between humans and monsters. She supposed teaching gym was about the simplest thing you could do though, and Miss Grimwood could always train Coach Micucci about how monster bodies work if necessary.

"Ah, fangs a lot." Sybella said, playfully showing the boy her fangs. "I didn't catch your name?"

"Name's Johnny. You?" the goblin articulated.


"Oh, you're one of the oldies, aren't you?"

Sybella wasn't sure what his comment implied. "No, I'm only 14."

"No, I mean the oldies. The old five students that were here before the remodeling." Johnny clarified.

"Ah, then yes. I'm Dracula's daughter." Sybella replied.

"Sweet! You must get all the dudes!" Johnny commented in a surprisingly outlandish manner.

Sybella didn't know how to respond to that comment. She had never dated anyone, much less kissed them. She had barely even met boys her own age beyond the past few days.

"Uh..." Sybella was going to answer Johnny's comment, but she saw he had already gotten distracted talking to the swamp monster student.

"Don't worry, 'Bella. We're all getting used to how all the new students act. Some of them are quite odd." Winnie reassured.

"Thanks, Winnie." Sybella said. She hoped she would eventually get used to her new situation...I mean she would have to, right?

The rest of gym class was pretty uneventful. After a few more misguided instructions from Coach Micucci, he exhausted himself trying to figure out what he was supposed to teach, and just gave the students a free period for the remainder of the period.

She only had one more class for the day, which was the one she was most looking forward to. Sybella walked into the Human Studies classroom, room 69 and quickly found a seat toward the back of the room.

She sat next to another female vampire who looked approximately her age.

"Hi." Sybella said, turning to face her classmate.

"Hey, I'm Alexis."


"Nice to meet you, Sybella. So what made you interested in taking this class?"

"I've read lots of books about humans, though I've never really met too many besides a few." Sybella explained. "I'd love to know more about them. How about you?"

"Ah, my dad was a vampire who mated with a human girl. My dad is sort of a ladies' man, he sleeps around quite a bit. I guess I met my mother when I was born, but my jerk of a dad dumped her. Still haven't seen her since." Alexis replied.

"I can relate." Sybella got out one last comment, before the instructor entered the room and began speaking.

"Good afternoon, class. I am Mrs. Griffin, and this is Human Studies class. Let's start off class saying one thing you know about humans." Mrs. Griffin prompted. "Why don't you start us off, Harry." she pointed to a male wizard.

"Humans don't understand the supernatural or magic. Damn Muggles!" Harry replied.

"Clearly you've read the works of J.K. Rowling." Mrs. Griffin smiled. She appeared to be human herself, so Sybella presumed she must have gotten whatever reference Harry was making. "How about you, Alexis?"

"Humans are imperfect."

"As are we all, Alexis." Mrs. Griffin smiled. "Sarah?" she pointed to a witch towards the back. She was wearing some sort of face makeup, along with a heavy amount of eyeshadow. A lot of witches tended to go for a looks that the humans called "goth," and clearly Sarah was no exception.

"Humans fear what they misunderstand, and often don't think about the impact their actions have on other species." Sarah stated.

"Very good, Sarah. Sybella?"

"Human-monster relations have been poor ever since the Salem Witch Trials, but it's important to know that there are some good humans out there." She thought of her old gym coach and his two dogs as she articulated her thought, who despite their initial gut reaction, ended up being quite nice once you got to know them.

"Impressive, Sybella! I wish more ghouls were thinking like you." Mrs. Griffin declared.

Mrs. Griffin's praise made the vampire princess a happy girl. Clearly this was going to be a very interesting and thought-provoking class.

After a long day of classes, Sybella was starving and couldn't wait to have dinner with her friends. Though she genuinely wondered how their classes were, she was admittedly far more excited to share what she had learned about humans today in Human Studies.

"Hi Sybella!" Tanis greeted. "How was your class?"

"Fangtastic." Sybella said, nearly bursting to share her excitement with her friend. She stopped herself for a moment, before replying "but what I really want to hear about is all of your classes."

Sybella had finally gotten to a place of peace, at least for now. Maybe it didn't matter that she was going through all these scary physical and emotional changes, because she had confidence in herself and her friends. She had come to terms with the fact that it didn't really matter who she would be in the future, as long as she was happy with herself now.


It was a cold night in the Barren Bog. The wind howled through the scraggly trees, and the dead grass blew vigorously against the sea of muddy water. A demented figure limped through the dark green swamp water, clearly struggling to maintain its already slow pace. It grinned a malicious smile, as it saw a vine slowly creeping down by its feet.

"How long have I been asleep?" it asked the vine.

"Three years." answered the vine, which was connected to a large circular being.

"Three years? I still But not for long." the figure grinned. "Soon those Grimwood girls will regret messing with the Witch of the Web, Revolta!"

Author's note:

*Insert dramatic sound effect here*

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Fangs for the Memories. I'll admit it was a bit hard to write, just because there was so much I wanted to do and say and explain! I hope it doesn't seem like any of the scenes were cut short, though I didn't want it to be too much longer considering it's already almost 9,000 words, which is pretty long for a first chapter.

It was super fun writing for Sybella, and even not being a person who's remotely into fashion, I really enjoyed creating Sybella's look!

Anywho it's reference time!

The last names of all of Sybella's teachers are references to the gang's current voice actors, Matthew Lillard, Grey Griffin, Frank Welker and Kate Micucci. I also used Frank's first name for Coach Micucci, just as it sort of fit well with where I wanted to go with the character.

The room numbers of Sybella's classrooms (69, 88 and 93) are all symbolic. Room 69 is a reference to 1969, the year Scooby-Doo first began airing. Room 88 is a reference to 1988, the year Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School was released. 93 is symbolic of the fact that the movie is 93 minutes long.

Jacob's story about the girl falling in love with a vampire and a werewolf was an obvious reference to Twilight. I've admittedly never read the books myself, though I've heard a bit about them from friends. Jacob and Bella are also the same names of the characters in the book.

The "Muggle" comment that Harry makes is pretty self-explanatory, though if for some reason you didn't catch it, it's a reference to Harry Potter. I thought if I threw a Twilight reference in there, I might as well do Harry Potter as well given this is a story about the supernatural, after all!

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