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~*~Chapter 1~*~

"Last day of school, last day of school!" Serena chanted in a sing- songy voice.

"Hmph! Well happy day for you at least," Mina, who still had to finish the rest of the week out at Grassvalley, replied.

"Ha! What are you whining about Mina?" Raye asked tartly. Unfortunately for Raye, she still had two weeks left at T*A* Private School for girls.

"I wouldn't mind going to school for a couple more weeks," Amy said. "World War II was getting really interesting."

Mina looked at her and got a huge sweatdrop on her head. "Eh-heh.ya know Ames.you could go to school for me if you wanna!"

Serena laughed. "Well, you and Raye must be extremely jealous of me then since this is my last day!"

Mina walked faster up to the front of everyone else. "Hmph! I hate it when she brags like that!" She stopped short and looked down at her hand. "Oops.heh-heh, Lita.you didn't by any chance, oh I don't know.pack anything extra for lunch did ya?" She looked back at Lita with a huge smile from ear to ear slapped on her face.

"Ugh.Mina, not again!" Lita said. She pulled up her bag with her lunch in it and reached around inside. "Ah-hah! Well you're in luck! I packed an extra sandwich in my lunch bag." Mina took it and made a slight bow.

"Thanks a million Lita! Well, I might as well shoot a bird with a stone. Were you able to figure out that last math problem for me, Ames?" she asked looking up at her friend.

*Sigh* "Mina, it was extremely easy!" she said handing the paper back to her blonde friend. "And the saying goes 'shoot two birds with one stone'."

"Whatever.I got the bird and the stone part right, didn't I?" she asked incredulously. All the girls sighed and laughed at Mina's inability to remember sayings.

"Well, here's my turn off," Mina sighed sadly, waving goodbye to her friends. She turned her back to them and walked up to the brick building that was Grassvalley Jr. High. Lita sighed and looked into her lunch bag.

"I swear that girl's almost as bad as you Serena!"

Serena turned towards Lita with one eye closed, her head resting back against her arms as she walked. "Hmph! She should be so lucky!"

Raye looked over at Serena with a teasing sneer. "I don't think the world can handle two meatball heads!"

Amy bowed her head and sighed. 'I suppose some things will never change.' She looked over at Raye and Serena one more time, the two engaging in one of their tongue wars. She sighed once again. "Raye, you just passed up T*A*," Amy informed the raven-haired girl.

Raye stopped short of the war and looked up, realizing Amy was right. She had passed up her turn. "Now look what you made me do Meatball Head!" Raye accused.

Serena's face turned red, as she started screaming at Raye. "Stop calling me that!"

Raye glanced down at her watch. Her eyes widened in awe. "Ah! No time to argue now Meatball Head! I'm going to end up being late!" she screamed bolting down the street, back to her school.

Amy looked down at her wrist too, and gasped. "Oh my, we really have to get moving!"

Lita looked down at her wrist, wondering in shock what Amy meant, tapping her watch and bringing it up to her ear. Sure enough she could hear the steady tick-tock of the watch. She grabbed Amy's wrist to look at her watch, making sure it wasn't fast. It wasn't. "What are you talking about, Amy? We still have twenty minutes to get to school and it's only about five minutes away!"

"Yeah, Amy. What are you talking about?" Serena echoed.

Amy realized she had not informed her two friends of her early morning plans. "I realize that," Amy said. "I promised Miss Haruna that I would help her make ready for the lesson plan today, and it seems time has gotten away from me!" She sighed. "I told her I'd be there about twenty minutes early," she said with a sad look on her face.

"Eh-heh. Amy, you can't seriously be going into school early, can you? I mean, on your own free will!?" Serena asked in complete, sincere amazement.

Amy sighed. "Yes, as impossible it must be, Serena, I am."

Serena looked at Lita with a look of shock and awe planted on her face. Lita just shrugged in return. She couldn't see what Amy saw in going in early either. Especially just to help a teacher. 'Well, whatever floats her boat,' Lita thought to herself.

"Well, whatever!" Serena said. She turned her attention to her other companion. "Hey, Lita, do you want to go with me to the General Store? The new issue of Sailor V comes out today!"

Lita turned to Amy. "See you later them, Ames?"

"Sure thing," the blue-haired girl replied. She watched her two friends take off down the street, Lita having to run to catch up with fast pace that was Serena's stride. 'Wow, Coach would be amazed if she knew Serena's ability. Just put food or a manga in front of her and she could run for the Olympics!' Amy smiled at her thought, not being able to imagine Serena running of her own choice.

"Hurry, Lita!" Serena cried, urgency in her voice.

Lita sighed. "Whoa! Where's the fire, Serena? The manga will still be there!" she reassured her friend. She glanced down at her wristwatch. She sighed and looked up at her urgent friend. "Serena, the store hasn't even opened yet! And it won't for another five minutes!"

Serena laughed. "Yeah, I know! I just want to be the first one in line, that's all!"

Lita looked at her companion in shock. "Serena! There is no line! It's just a manga in a general store for goodness sake!"

"Well, if people were smart they would," Serena muttered under her breath. "I would certainly stand in it."

Lita shook her head in disbelief, and looked up at the doors to the store. "We're here Serena, and what did I tell you? No one's even here yet!" Serena sat down on the curb and rested her chin in her hands, still smiling. "Wow! Serena being patient!" Lita said in a teasing awe. Serena looked over at her.

"Nope, Lita! Not even your teasing could wipe this smile off my face!" Serena told Lita. "Oh, yay!" Serena jumped off the curb as a car pulled into the parking lot. A girl stepped out of the car and looked up at Serena and smiled.

"What are you here so early for, Serena?" Anne, the storekeeper asked. "Oh, yeah, the new issue of Sailor V," she said remembering suddenly. "Well, come on in. They still aren't on the shelf yet, but maybe you could help me put them up and then you could get it faster," Anne reasoned.

"Oh, bribery! Not fair!" Serena pouted. "But, I guess if it gets me Sailor V I can pull through somehow!" Serena said.

Lita laughed and Anne noticed her for the first time. "Oh, hey, Lita! Sorry, didn't see you ever there. How are you?" Anne asked politely.

"I'm good, how have you been?" Lita replied, politeness in her voice as well.

"Pretty good. By the way, thanks again for having me over to your apartment the other night for dinner. It was delicious!" she said, rubbing her stomach.

Lita blushed at the compliment, but laughed. "Quit thanking me already, Anne! Your welcome anytime you want!"

"Thanks. But really, your cooking is superb! My Uncle Ranen is a professional chef and your dinner was just as good, if not better!" she said appraisingly.

Lita's eyes widened to the size of saucers. "Your Uncle Ranen? As in, Yusmae Ranen? The Yusmae Ranen? The famous chef? I'm his biggest fan! His cooking is so amazing! Mine could never even come close to being compared to his skills!" Lita said with a slight bow.

Anne laughed. "My uncle has fans? Well, I could get you to be able to meet sometime if you so desire," Anne said. Lita's eyes shone their brilliant green color.

"Oh, could you really, Anne? I mean, he must be a very busy man! I wouldn't want to be interrupting his work."

Anne laughed once again. "I'm sure it could be arranged. But for now," she said, looking over at Serena, "let's get the store open and get Serena her manga."

Serena stood by the door, trying to be as patient as possible, but both Anne and Lita noticed the slight tapping of Serena's foot. Anne moved over to the door and stuck the key in the lock. The door opened, with a small chiming noise at the little bell on the door.

"Just one moment," Anne said slipping off into the back room, leaving the two girls in the vacant store. The lights suddenly switched on and Anne came out of the room carrying a big cardboard box that contained the mangas. Anne closed the door with her foot and came over to where Lita and Serena stood. "Okay," she said, setting the box down. "Let's get started." They opened the box and started to load up the shelf with the brand new issues. When they were finally done Serena grabbed up the one she had set aside and went up to the counter, Anne moving behind the counter. "Three dollars," Anne said.

Serena dug around in her pocket and pulled out the correct change, putting it in Anne's hand. She grabbed up her manga and hugged it tight to her, smiling happily.

Lita smiled at Serena and shook her head. She absent-mindedly gazed up at the clock on the wall. She gasped as her eyes widened. "Is that the right time, Anne?"

"Yeah," Anne replied. "Why?"

"Because school starts in five minutes! Come on Serena! Bye Anne!" she called as she grabbed Serena's arm and literally dragged her out of the store.

"I'll talk to Uncle Ranen!" Anne called, but the two girls were already out the door and half way out of the parking lot.

"Hurry, Serena! Faster!" Lita yelled as they sprinted up the road, turning sharply up the road that led to Crossroads Jr. High. Just as they ran in the front door the bell rang. "Oh man!" Lita complained.

"Tell me about it! At least it's only your first time being late! Miss Haruna said if I was late one more time it would be double detention!" Serena sighed. "And on the last day of school and everything! Well, it'll bring a smile to Raye's face," Serena said tartly. "It serves you right for bragging this morning," Serena grumbled, mimicking what was sure to be Raye's future words. Lita and Serena snuck down the hall as carefully as they could. They opened the door to Miss Haruna's class silently.

"Well, thank-you for joining us you two," Miss Haruna said, not bothering to turn around from the chalkboard. The girls slumped towards their seats. Miss Haruna continued to write and finally put the chalk on its tray and turned to face the class, looking at Serena and Lita. "Well, while I'm not surprised at your being late, Miss Tsukino, I am surprised at you Miss Kino. What kept you?"

"Oh, you know. This and that," Lita said casually. Miss Haruna frowned, not liking this answer one bit.

"Well, since it's only your first offense there will be punishment." She directed her attention towards her other late student. "But you on the other hand Serena, are a totally different story. You were warned that the punishment would be double detention and that's what you'll get," Miss Haruna informed the pouting blonde.

"Come on, Miss Haruna! It's the last day of school!" Serena cried.

"Well, it wouldn't have happened if you could just be on time once in a while." She saw Serena's sad face and sighed. "I'm sorry Serena, but you did bring this upon yourself."

Serena sighed and laid her head on her desk. The day went on as long and boring as ever.


Serena walked out of her detention miserably at five that day. "Great, now I have to put up with Raye," she said to herself, thinking of the scout meeting soon to come up. She headed towards Cherry Hill Temple. She finally came to it and walked up the long steps to the entrance hall. She turned left, heading towards Raye's room. She walked in the room and got the 'I told you so' speech from Raye. Lita couldn't help but laugh thinking back to that morning and Serena's prediction of Raye's reaction.

"Well, if you two are quite finished," Luna said. The two girls stopped mid-argument and looked over at the black cat.

"What's the point, Luna?" Mina asked. "I mean, there haven't been any enemies for a long time," she reasoned.

"For once, I think Mina has a point," Amy said. They all continued talking about it when they all stopped short and looked over at the blonde girl in the corner of the room laughing hysterically.

"Serena, this is important!" Raye yelled, yanking the manga out of Serena's hands.

"Hey!" Serena shouted, snatching her manga back, "I had to save up for that with my snack money and you're going to tear it!" She brought the book up close to her face and smoothed out the page Raye had practically ruined.

"Well, read your book later!" Luna said angrily. Serena looked up at the black cat.

"Why aren't you ever on my side?" Serena whined.

"I'm only not on your side when it comes to important things like this! We try to have a serious scout meeting and you sit in the corner reading your manga! This is serious, Serena!"

"Oh, alright!" Serena said and tucked the manga back into her briefcase. "I'll save it for when I get home, I guess," she said with a sigh.

"Thank-you," Luna said. "Now, back to the meeting. Basically scouts, just keep your eyes peeled for anything fishy going, alright?" They were all interrupted by a loud grumbling at one end of the room by Mina.

"Mmmm.fishy," Artemis said dreamily. "Did you pick up my food today, Mina?" Artemis asked looking up from Mina's lap.

"Oh.eh-heh," Mina chuckled innocently.

"Mina!" Artemis complained. "You promised this morning. You know, when you discovered there was no cat food left for your poor guardian so you left him there to starve and whither away?"

"Oh, please," Mina said, poking at the bottom of Artemis's stomach. "You have enough fat to last you a month she playfully teased.

"Mina!" Artemis said.

"Alright, alright! Well, I guess I'll see you guys around. I wanna get going before all the stores close," she said getting up and slipping on your shoes. With a wave of her hand she picked up her briefcase and went out the door, headed off towards the store.

"Well, girls, I guess that's it for the night," Luna said. "Just remember what I said and keep your eyes open and always be on your toes." Raye got up and saw everyone to the door. She waved good-bye as they all headed off in different directions, going home.
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