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Last time in Sword of the Senshi: The Senshi all contemplated the upcoming battle and, inside, battled against their own fears, gaining the courage to fight this battle and gaining the confidence of victory in the process. We last left our heroes standing outside Tokyo Tower, their enemy inside.

Chapter 14

"Venus Star Power, Make-up!"

"Mercury Star Power, Make-up!"

"Jupiter Star Power, Make-up!"

"Mars Star Power, Make-up!"

"Moon Prism Power, Make-up!"

"Moon Cosmic Power, Make-up!"

Together they stood outside of Tokyo Tower and a strong gust of wind blew up and caused their hair to fly this way and that.

"Are we ready, girls?" Sailor Moon asked. She was answered in unison by five solemn nods.

Together, they walked up to the doors and entered through them silently, the door closing behind them with a sickening thud of finality. Darkness swallowed them, and they cautiously made their way by feel through the labyrinth in search of their enemy.

It didn't take them long to find him, however.

"Here already, girls?" came a faceless voice instantly recognized as Malachite.

Mina felt fear rising in the back of her throat, and she swallowed, grinding her teeth to regain her composure. Why does he always have to be the one to speak first? She then realized that obviously he would be the first considering he was the leader. She shook her head to gather her thoughts and stop thinking about meaningless nonsense. What did it matter who spoke first? She shoved all these useless, meandering thoughts to the very back of her mind and created a stony façade to cover her anxiety that must have been showing plainly on her face. Her expression was one of victory, showing that she wasn't fearful.

"Of course we're already here! Did you think we would be scared of you?" Sailor Jupiter spoke up bravely.

Malachite shrugged in the shadows. "It really doesn't matter if you have fear or not, the outcome of the battle will be the same either way—you all dead, and we four standing victoriously over you bloodied carcasses."

Sailor Jupiter gulped and said no more, her confidence failing her as she imagined such a gruesome scene. But Mars stepped forward, elbowing her Jovian friend in the process. "You're words alone will not bring you to victory, so stop stalling. Unless you're frightened, of course."

Malachite snarled.

Sailor Moon clenched her fists tightly. "Then by all means, let's get this over with. I can't wait to go home!"

To that, Malachite chuckled. "Oh, no, I thought it would be much more fun if we made a game of it first." His voice faded. "How about hide and seek?"

The Senshi were left standing in the dark, dumbfounded.

Sailor Mars growled. "He's making a mockery of us!"

Sailor Mercury nodded absent-mindedly and took out her miniature computer. Everyone could tell by the look on her face she was making calculations as to the whereabouts of the generals. She closed the thing decisively and pointed. "I'm getting a high energy reading from that way."

The Senshi nodded and they all headed off in the direction that Mercury had pointed.

Sailor Moon shivered. "I hate dark, scary places. Do you think there could be ghosts here!" she asked in a panicked voice.

Sailor Mars rolled her eyes. "Of course there's no ghosts here, doofus."

"Why do you always have to be so mean?" Sailor Moon shouted back.

"Hey guys! Did we come here to kick Malachite's ass, or did we come here to bicker?" Sailor Jupiter asked in exasperation.

Sailor Mars backed off, a blush burning her face. "You're right. But there're still no ghosts, Meatball Head."

Sailor Moon fumed silently, but managed to leave out a comment at the name she had just been called. "Fine, then."

The Senshi continued on in silence until Sailor Venus, leading the way, made a quite audible 'OOF!' "Hey! It's a dead end! Are you sure your computers right, Mercury?"

Mercury flipped the lip of her computer up and typed rapidly. "Now the energy is coming from a totally different direction!" She closed the lid and looked up at the others with questioning eyes. "How can that be? My computer's never wrong."

"Well," Jupiter speculated, "we still don't know what new tricks they might have up their sleeves. Perhaps one or even all of them can play with energy fields. It wouldn't seem so odd, I guess."

Venus nodded. "Mars, what about you? Can you pick anything up just using ESP?"

Mars shook her head. "Not really." At the downcast look of all her friends she quickly added, "I can try, though."

Sailor Venus sighed in relief. "Oh, good, please do."

Mars nodded and closed her eyes. She started walking slowly. "I'm picking something up, though I don't know what. A very faint energy reading. ...Right here!" She opened her eyes and looked down.

The rest of the group ran over. Sailor Jupiter knelt down, a sweat drop forming on her temple. "It's just a roach."

Sailor Mars laughed nervously as the others face-faulted. "Sorry, girls. My powers are sorta worthless without the Fire."

Sailor Mercury patted her on the shoulder. "It's okay. You tried." She looked down in confusion again at her computer, then shook her head in resignation. "I don't understand."

"Well," Sailor Moon started, "where to from here?"

"I guess we'll just all have to try all directions, I guess," Sailor Venus sighed.

"What?" Jupiter choked. "We could be in for days!"

Venus sighed once again. "I know that, but what other way is there? If they can play with energy fields, we can't use any electronic device, as already proven. The only way, as awful as it may sound, is to search on our own."

Sailor Moon gagged and looked up. "You can't mean to split up!" she asked incredulously.

Venus looked at her aghast. "Of course not! That would be suicide. No, we must stick together if we plan to come out of this alive. I simply meant that, while we may wandering around in the dark, it's the only way we'll find them." She shrugged her shoulders. "Besides, if we take too long, they'll come to us out of boredom more than likely anyway."

Sailor Moon nodded. "Yeah, I guess."

Sailor Chibi Moon, who had been quiet up until this point, finally spoke up. "So we're just gonna walk around in the dark until we find them...if we find them?"

The Senshi jumped at the sound of their young companion's voice.

"Are you trying to kill us!" Sailor Moon asked shrilly. Then she looked at her skeptically. "Ya know, I almost forgot you were with us you've been so quiet." Then she sweat dropped and rubbed the back of her head. "Guess I'd better brush up on my mothering skills, huh? I can't just go around forgetting about children!"

The Senshi face-faulted.

"You never cease to amaze me," Mars said.

Sailor Jupiter took Chibi Moon by the shoulders. "Come on," she said jokingly. "You can walk with me. I won't forget you're here!"

Sailor Moon spoke up heatedly, "Ah, come on guys! I didn't really forget about her!" She ran to catch up with others who were all adding in, "Uh-huh, yeah, sure."

The Senshi all stopped as they heard a noise. "Oh, come now, little soldiers. I had expected more of you than this. This is pathetic. You should have found us hours ago. But then again, when one has lived thousands of years, what are a few weeks of waiting for you to find us?"

"Hey, Malachite, if you're so anxious to fight, you could give us a clue as to where you are. Or perhaps you could even stop being so yellow-bellied and just come out and get this fight started!" Sailor Jupiter shouted.

"Oh, no, if I came out, the game would be ruined. But clues...there's an enticing idea. Yes, I think I will."

The Senshi waited anxiously.

"Well, the way you're going now is definitely not the right direction. You, with computer device."

Mercury looked up.

"Yes, you," Malachite echoed. "In the next few minutes, I will give you three directions on that device. Only one is right, of course. Well, good luck!"

Mercury flipped up the lid on her computer and waited anxiously. She typed in calculations and was rewarded with the first area of direction. "Alright, the first is coming from that direction. Mars, stand facing that way so we don't forget."

Mars nodded and did as she was told.

Mercury continued typing and the first direction suddenly switched to another. "There. Chibi Moon, stand facing that way, would you?"

Chibi Moon nodded and stood facing the way Mercury was pointing.

Mercury continued on, and the last coordinate popped up on the screen. She turned the way it showed. "Well, now we have our three coordinates."

"Which way first?" Jupiter inquired.

"I suppose it doesn't matter, but let's try the second one," Mercury suggested. "I would think that, statistically, the one in the middle would be correct."

Chibi Moon sweat dropped. "Well, my way it is, I guess."

Sailor Jupiter held a hand up. "Wait, how will we know what ways to go after this if this isn't the right way?"

Sailor Mercury took off her gloves and placed one where she had been standing and one where Jupiter had been standing, the fingers pointing in the right direction.

Jupiter simply smiled. "Ah, good old Mercurial wit pulls through again."

The six started off, all running in the direction that Mercury's calculations had told them to.

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