The festival continued like nothing happened. The guards are more alert now it seems. But, the guy is part of the Daughter's Apprentices. I don't think they'll stand a chance against him. We faced Riku before, and that monster was really difficult to kill, even with the combination of me, Iris, and YunYun.

Eris is an archpriest now which is really convenient. But, that doesn't change anything if he wears that relic.

"Eris, I'll borrow your dagger for the meantime. Now, teach me how to use it"

"It's not different from handling a duo you know."

"It does. One-strike per dagger"

"I'm sure you can learn it yourself. Viewing from your past life, you were a fast learner even if no one was helping you"

That's true. I learned all kind of sports by just teaching myself and watching others play. I also taught myself a lot of useful abilities, for example, smooth talking.

"Sorry that this "date" was ruined"

"What do you mean ruined? I'm still having fun."

"How are you having fun inside a hotel watching someone practice using a dagger?"

"You didn't ruin it. You weren't the one completely responsible for this. I'm having fun because I'm with you that's all"

Heh. Back on Earth, my friends invited me when they were going somewhere, but I really didn't do anything. I'm just a filler that no one will want to hang out with alone.

"Oi, don't go to sleep already, we're gonna eat dinner soon"

We went to this place that is really populated. They seem to be selling foods that are similar to Axel.

Everyone was looking at me. I guess being the town hero makes you popular here.

After that, both of us went to sleep. We were really tired and we needed to wake up early because Masahiro might attack in the morning.

"Hiromasa, wake up"

"W-wake up? Eris, it's still dark outside"

"Yeah, but the festival is already starting"

"Y-you've got to be kidding me!"

The event starts this early?! Are they mad or something?! It's like 4:30 in the morning! This thing ends at like 12:00 pm!

"Eris, I know the plan was to wake up early because of that old crack, but I don't think he'll attack anyone at this time"

"Y-you do know that old people wake up earlier than the youth, right?"

I was awoken completely by what Eris said.

We then heard a loud explosion

"God Damn you old people!"

We went to the sound.

"Oi, wake up Hiromasa! It feels like you're gonna pass out any moment!"

"Yeah yeah. I was just having a nice dream"

"How are you dreaming while running?"

At the source of the explosion, we found old man Masahiro

"Ah, you're finally here!"

"I thought I heard an explosion? Where's the damage?"

"That was a fake bomb. I used it to get your attention"

"That's stupid. I'm the only one who can kill you. Calling me is a stupid idea"

"Only one that can kill me? In your dreams kid! I hate you even more now because I now have two duty. Get the relic, and kill you!"

"Why must you do that?"

"To avenge Riku!"

Why does this old crank want to avenge that monster? That thing is hairy and can't even talk right.

"Come on old man river. You still don't have that relic yet. Without it, I can kill you in an instant"

"Let's see about that"

He then pulled out a gun. A gun doesn't exist in this world yet, so he's pretty advance.

I pulled out Fire Axe and did the usual shield. The grandpa then pulled out a weird gun. He uses it and it destroyed my weapon. Literally. My axe shattered, like a glass.

"How the hell did you do that?!"

"With this tool boy! It can destroy any magic!"

Forget the relic! If he can do something like that, he won't even need to wear that thing. Eris is still useless in this situation because I didn't get hit yet.

The crippled genius here pulled out a lightsaber and is trying to hit me. He's like 75 years old! How is he swinging that thing like it's nothing?! Oh yeah, another hand gadget.

With my agility, I dodged every attack he did. I have nothing to use! My elemental swords will just get destroyed, and the dagger will get sliced up with this lightsaber!

"Now, boy, stay still!"

"U-uh no thanks!"

I grabbed Eris and ran to the hotel to discuss something

"I know this is supposed to be a serious situation, but you backing out was really funny"

"Oh shut up. I'd die if I stayed there"

"So, what's your plan? You can't use any weapons. YunYun can't do anything either because that gadget can suck up any magic-related stuff."

"Iris could kill that maniac in an instant"

"Actually, no. Iris' sword is still a normal sword. That glowing sword of his will destroy it"

"How do you even counter a lightsaber?!"

It was silent for a few minutes.

"Don't you have amazing agility?"


"Then use it"

"You're suggesting that I should depend on my past abilities? It could be useful….."

"Just use my dagger. But, don't break it"

"If this thing breaks, it's game over"

This tiny weapon can decide if I live or die.

The ugly face crumpled old guy seems to be searching YunYun. The guards won't even come close to him.

I attacked him from behind, but he dodged it

"Sneak attacks won't work against me. I have this item to alert me if something is trying to kill me. Enough about that, die boy!"

Alright, let's do this.

He attacked from the left, I dodged at the right, then, I attacked him. He then attacked from the right, and I dodged it again, and I sliced him again.

"Amazing child. But this saber isn't the only weapon I have."

He attacked me using some kind of futuristic gun, a normal gun, a really advance hammer and even a samurai sword that releases energy waves. I managed to dodge every attack.

Probably because of Eris' luck.

Then it hits me. The mentally disturbed grandpa fights like me. Constantly switching weapons and using them differently than how they were supposed to be used. Like using the hammer to stab me. Wow, this guy can invent new items but is an idiot.

I got an idea. He uses a lot of weapons, and it seems like only one of them can destroy my elemental ones. With that knowledge, I tried using it. I was really lucky. The first thing I destroyed was the saber.

"You'll pay for that young brat!"

He pulled out his magic destroyer and tried to break my weapon. I pulled out the dagger and stabbed the machine. And what's this? The machine broke already?

"Young child, you're very smart! How did you know that was the machine's weak spot?!"

W-weak spot?! Damn. Eris seems to be giving all her luck away to me.

"Strong. You're strong. I must report it to milady"

If he reports anything to that sick daughter, I won't have any chance of killing this guy! And if this guy doesn't die, that's bad news.

"Until next time, child"

"You're not going anywhere!"

His necklace seems to be glowing. It's probably the thing that teleports him. I rushed to him and broke it. Because he was in transition, he can't really do anything when he's teleporting like that.

"Idiot! That was the most useful technology I have!"

Huh? I stabbed him directly in his chest. He should be dead by now. W-wait. His insides are made of metal! He's a robot!

"Ugh, I can't do anything now! Idiotic child, you'll die!"

He then proceeds to try to punch me with his robotic arm. But, he was planning something else.

The old man went passed me after his missed punched and went directly to Eris.

"E-eh?! H-Hiromasa, what should I do?"

This guy….. He's really smart. He knows that Eris is an archpriest and is unarmed. He also knows that Eris was keeping the diviner relic. In just a matter of seconds, he stole it from Eris.

"You didn't expect that right? HAHA, I'm a genius!"

What's wrong with this guy? He's promoting himself even though he just stole something. Actually, it was impressive, but to be called a genius from that, eh no.

"Wearing this will make me unstoppable!"

I quickly went over to him, but it looks like I won't reach him in time.



Huh? What was that?"

I looked at crumpled grandpa, and he turned to look behind him

It was YunYun, blushing red.

"Hm, I'm made of metal you stupid wizard"

I took that opportunity to strike him with Ice Lance and Fire Sword. My sword went through him like it was nothing

"C-child. T-there are more of us. If I killed you right here and now, then I can save you from a painful death. This is a w-warning"

It looks like he died after that.

Everybody congratulated me. It was a nice feeling. This was my first time being honored like this. I didn't get a celebration when I killed Riku, probably because I left early. The people threw a celebration for me.

"Hiromasa, what are you worrying about?"

"That wrinkled old dude just said that if he killed me, then he saved me from a painful death"

"Don't worry about that. For now, enjoy yourself."

Eh, I guess she's right.

YunYun was with her parents in another table. Though the three of them went over to us.

"Thank you for helping YunYun on protecting her pendant! You must really love our daughter"

"No, I don't. Stop it already"

"Really? No affection at all?"

"D-dad! He already said no!"

What's up with her parents? Why are they forcing me to love this girl?

"Well YunYun, we'll leave you right here. Make sure to make a connection with him, alright?"

God, I hate her parents

"YunYun, may I ask you a question?"

"Uh, what is it, Chris?"

"Does your parents know that Hiromasa belongs to me?"

"Oi, don't say that like you own me that way"

"But, I do"

"I haven't said anything about the two of you. I might say it when we come back to the village"

"Say, YunYun"

"What is it Hiromasa?"

"Why were you blushing behind that gadget creep?"

"N-n-no I wasn't!"

"Come on. You were. It's fine to say it to a friend"

"U-um, this is embarrassing, but well, I tried to kick him in the back. I didn't know he was a robot"

"Why would you kick him? You have magic right?"

"Before I went here, I bought an item from Megumin's dad. It's supposed to increase your mana for 4 days. But, you won't be able to use magic"

"Then that's useless! Why would you buy such a thing?"

"Mana isn't only used in magic. It's also used for stamina"

"S-so, you bought it to last you long in this festival?"


It's not completely useless. But in a world that is dependant on magic, that's a horrible product.

After all of that, we went back to the inn.

"That wasn't cool"

"Huh? What are you saying?"

"You used the "we are friends" technique on YunYun to spit out her secret"

"That's not a big deal"

"Still, that wasn't nice of you"

"Whatever you say, goddess"...