The sequel to Not Old Enough: Elladan and Elrohir have finally agreed to take their little brother on a hunting trip. Estel is overjoyed...but will that joy turn to sorrow when the trip goes astray? Will Estel ever be allowed out of the house again?


By: Eleniel

Rating: not rated as of yet

Warnings: none as of yet

Spoilers: Perhaps a few for Aragorn's future role as the hope of men.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, although if anyone feels like sending my very own pair of Elf twins my way, they'd be gladly accepted. So would a certain blond from Gondolin...but, as of this minute, the only ones I own are the ones you don't recognize, and I'm not sure there'll be many in this story.

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A/N: This story will not be published until February, but I promise that when it is published it will be updated very often, because it will be finished before I start posting.