"Ohhhh yeahhhh! Summmmeeerrr!" Dash proclaimed. Having hastily thrown his backpack into the living room and dashing off into the acres of forest surrounding the mountain-side mansion that was still their home.

From what Violet and he gathered, Winston was even more resolute in forcing the home on them, signing over the deed to them in a series of apologies over Evelyn's caused mayhem. The kids enjoyed this, and their parents eventually acquiesced given Jack-Jack's still uncountable powers and the privacy that this home afforded them.

In the weeks since everything calmed down over their last family superhero outing, Dash only had really begun to explore the surroundings. In fact, taking in the grounds helped him train and go slower when running. He wasn't able to go slow without concentrating, but fortunately the landscape was expansive enough to keep his distracted when at a reduced speed.

But with this particular outing, he skipped his training and just enjoyed himself in the speed and thrill that was his namesake. Ten wonderful weeks of freedom. Of lounging. Of not doing anything and everything at the same time. There was no waking up too early. No schedules. No late nights doing homework. Just a blank slate.

It was in this blur of happiness that he saw something flash by at the corner of his eye. This particular route took him to one of the few roads on this mountain and it was the first time that he ever heard a car.

In fact, it was the first time he realized there was even another house up here. It looked more like a traditional house, but still much larger. Less modern than their current residence, if not older in style. There was a moving truck and Dash spied a woman and a man carrying boxes.

"Neighbors," Dash thought. They looked about mom and dad's age, maybe younger. And maybe there were kids his age! As much as he liked the new house, it was harder to do things with other kids. It was always a hassle driving into the city, and he didn't want to bother his parents. He could always run over, but he was sure he'd be forever grounded if they caught him speeding off.

He eyed the man wheel in two bicycles, but unfortunately they seemed to be both adult-sized. However, he soon found the answer to his original question.

The ring of a bicycle's bell broke him out of his distant spying behind a tree. He was going to make a dash for it, but was caught. Looking behind, Dash saw a girl on a bicycle with a flame-themed helmet.

She just stared at him, sitting on her bicycle, and making no move to disembark.

"I," Dash began flustered, but not at being caught. "I'm..."

"Spying," the girl answered for him.

"Yes," he began, grateful at something other than stuttering, before really realizing what he admitted to. "No! I was running and saw neighbors and got excited..." finally beginning a coherent narrative, but was interrupted into silence when she rapidly got off the bike and stepped right in front of him.

"You live near here?" she asked more excitedly than questioningly, gesturing to their surroundings.

"Yea, yeah!" Dash exclaimed, finding his normally enthused cadence.

"I'm Amand.. Mandy," extending a hand, which Dash after a second shook with both of his.

"We're just moving in, and the entire drive up I didn't see any other houses and thought I was going to be stuck here for the entire summer. It was so nature-y, not that there's anything wrong with that! I love it, it's just lonely. Sorry..." Mandy becoming self-conscious that was speaking really fast and a lot, and that she cut him off from saying his name.

"And I'm Dash," finally speaking after realizing that she stopped a moment ago. "Mandy?"

"Yup," before adding, "I shouldn't have been so accusing earlier... sorry."

"Oh, no, I probably shouldn't have been so sneaky. I was just excited that there were maybe people."

"That makes the two of us," she smiled, and so did Dash — though he didn't do so consciously or realize it at the time. "You have a cool name, it sounds fast."

"More than you know," Dash thought to himself. Mandy continued, "That's why I bike, to go fast. Feel of wind and all that."

He was about to chime in about that same feeling when Mandy asked, "So what grade are you in?"

"I'm starting Junior High this fall," he was again about to ask her, but she answered it.

"Get out," giving him a shove in the process. "Me too, Western..."


Many gave a brief recap that her parents wanted to get away from the city and how they waited until she finished elementary to do so. Dash gave an abrupt summary of why they were now living in the mountains, not technically lying, but only selectively divulging certain facts.

"This is going to be great," Mandy said bubbly, excited at the prospect of having a friend before starting school. She thought Dash looked similarly excited by the possibility from his matching grin.

Mandy looked at her wrist, "Hey, I have to get going," gesturing at the house

Dash glanced at the horizon, not realizing how late it was getting. "Same." He very slowly started walking around her, feeling that he should say something else, but not quite sure what.

"Same time tomorrow?" she blurted. Noticing that Dash looked puzzled, she grew nervous. "I mean if you're running again and I'm biking again I thought we could..."

"Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah!"

"Well," they both said at the same time, finding it hard to look at each other's face for some reason.

Dash said bye, as Mandy waved. He uncharacteristically didn't run off the second he was out of eyesight, rather walking into the setting sun, thinking about his possible new friend. Could he even call her a friend, they just met after all?

Notes: So, I knew I wanted to write an Incredibles FF after the second movie. Tried to write stories around Violet, but I couldn't write in her style. Realized that Dash was more of a blank slate to work with. Generally defined personality, but nothing too specific and therefore could mold into whatever I wanted.

I'm also inspired by the summer season to write a tale about. A story about enjoying the summer and maybe growing up in the process. Please provide feedback on where this story should go, and what's already here.