Push Comes to Shove-Part One

"Damn it brat! How many times do I have to tell you this? The basics need to be learned first before I teach you anything!" exclaimed Jiraiya to Naruto currently glaring at him.

"Basics? The basics you want me to learn, I did already! Besides, they involve someone with Genin level chakra. I have more chakra in my body then most Kages! And that's without Kyuubi in my gut," countered Naruto with Jiraiya waving him off.

"Bah! Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. You produce more excuses from your mouth than you do Shadow Clones. Besides, the Kyuubi's power is more important to learn at this point. Something you have been failing to do!" said Jiraiya while looking at Naruto with what could only be described as disappointment.

"I have been trying. It fucking hurts. We have been at this for a year and half Ero-Sennin. And all you have done is tell me to draw on the fox's power. You don't say how. You just bark out a command and expect me to do it. I'm not some Kami damned pet!" exclaimed Naruto with Jiraiya scowling further.

"So what if it hurts?! Its called pain. Get use to it! You think Orochimaru is out there in one of his bases coddling Sasuke right now? No! He's putting him through the ringer to get him to become the strongest host possible to take over in another year and a half from now," said Jiraiya with Naruto's eyes narrowing.

"At least Orochimaru is teaching Sasuke. What do you do all day? Peep on women. Drink yourself stupid at bars. And going to brothels to fuck some woman with more STDs then a Shinobi village has Shinobi. And with MY money no less you fucking leech!" countered Naruto with Jiraiya now looking increasingly angry at the accusation.

Even if it was true.

"How I spend my day when I'm not teaching a worthless student like you is my business brat! Besides, consider you paying for my leisure time the cost of learning under such a great Shinobi like me," Jiraiya shot back smugly.

"You were suppose to teach and train me to be a strong Shinobi. You haven't done any of that since we started. How are you going to explain this to Granny when we get back in the next year and half?" challenged Naruto while Jiraiya shrugged.

"I'll tell her what I feel is true. You suck as an apprentice and it was a waste of time in the three years out of the village to train you. Which so far, I have been proven right about!" declared Jiraiya while Naruto growled.

"It is called you putting effort into training your student you lazy son of a bitch! Not give said student complex material he can't understand all to run off to peep on women just to write your fucking smut!" exclaimed Naruto with Jiraiya getting increasingly anger.

"Its called learn by doing brat. I'm not going to hold your hand every single day. I'm not going to be around to help you learn this. You want to be strong? Stronger then Sasuke in the next year and a half? Its called doing it yourself. Its called stop being a failure and to stop being a fucking baby when things don't go your way!" Jiraiya shot back at the boy while Naruto looked livid at his words.

"You don't do anything! How the Yondaime Hokage learned from you is a miracle right now. Hell, he'd probably still be alive right now if Orochimaru had been his sensei all those years ago!" exclaimed Naruto while Jiraiya's eyes widened before they narrowed in anger and saw red.

And in that moment, Jiraiya stuck Naruto...hard!

And he didn't stop. He kept hitting Naruto again and again and again while giving the boy zero time to counter, block, or say anything to make Jiraiya stop.

"You little brat! How dare you say that to me! I trained the greatest Hokage to ever take the mantle since the Shodaime himself. And you insult my legacy by saying he would have been better off with Orochimaru as his sensei?!" questioned Jiraiya while he stared down at the barely breathing and bloody Naruto looking up at him with blood in his eyes.

Angry defiant blue eyes that said "you fucking bet I do", which only angered Jiraiya even more.

"You are a failure for a student. A mistake. When this is over, I'm requesting you be put into the Shinobi reserves, and confined into the village. With my words against yours, I know Tsunade will side with me on this. So enjoy your time outside of Konoha brat, this will most likely be the last time you have it. And before you think of running out on me for other places, don't forget the Akatsuki is after to you. I'm the only protection you have right now against them. And even without them being a factor, I would track you down myself to bring back to Konoha to be imprisoned for desertion," said Jiraiya seriously before giving the brat one more final kick to the body, the Sannin stomped off to enjoy his vices, and forget Naruto's words.

And the image of Minato frowning at him or Kushina's pissed off expression at what he just did to their son. Bah! He needed a hot woman to sleep with and a hard drink to make them go away.

(Time Skip-Sometime Later)

It would be hours before the fox healed Naruto's physical injuries, but the mental ones still remained deep within. Naruto hated Jiraiya right now. Hated the Sannin's words of being a failure. His threats. His recommendation he would bring to Tsunade to have him in the Genin Reserves. It was an insult. A humiliating insult to any Shinobi put there. No self respecting Shinobi worth their reputation would be caught dead there. They did so little and were so weak. Their skill level was the middle area between Academy Student and Genin.

Naruto vowed not to be so weak. He needed to get stronger. Stronger to the point where all the past Hokages combined were weak sickly children compared to him. To get so strong that even Uchiha fucking Madara himself would have pissed his fucking pants if they ever crossed paths in life in a hypothetical situation.

But how to do it?

Leave? Bah! Jiraiya would track him down before he got out of the country they were in right now. Besides, the Sannin's words about the Akatsuki were true. They could get him too if Naruto wasn't careful. He needed a place to train, to learn from competent teachers, and above all else...grow stronger.

"There is a way," said Kyuubi while Naruto found himself in his mind to see the fox.

"And that would be?" asked Naruto with skepticism in his voice.

"The Toads. Reverse Summon yourself to their mountain. Tell them what Jiraiya said to you," advised Kyuubi with Naruto looking unsure.

"Won't they side with Jiraiya in his actions? Sell me out to him?" asked Naruto with the fox shaking his head.

"While the fool is their primary summoner, they do not answer to him. Despite what he may say to the contrary, it is quite the opposite. His actions shame him as well as them, but the difference is the fool doesn't care about it. The man is blind to the lives of those around him and their feelings. Whether they are friend or foe, it doesn't matter. You know this intimately with the way the fool has treated you all this time," said Kyuubi with Naruto nodding since the fox saw his memories of his time with the Sannin and was not impressed.

"So I go to the Toads, tell them what Jiraiya has been doing, what he said, and ultimately ask them for training. All the while hoping they agree with me and not him. Why doesn't it sound so simple, even when I say it?" asked Naruto with Kyuubi smirking.

"Because its not. While I am confident they will side with you, they still have to keep the fool out of reach of your person. They would need a reason to keep him away from the mountain and keep you there at the same time. All without him knowing you are on the mountain. Add to the fact, if you are missing for a long enough time, Jiraiya will report to your new Hokage, and this will no doubt cause problems for her when word gets out of your...sudden disappearance," said Kyuubi with Naruto frowning for a brief moment.

"Not my problem," said Naruto with Kyuubi looking surprised.

"Really? I'm surprised you would be so cold to the woman on this. If you don't mind me asking, why?" questioned Kyuubi with Naruto frowning.

"Because she is family," answered Naruto with Kyuubi frowning.

"You lost me," remarked Kyuubi.

"She is from the Senju Clan. From what I saw in a beaten up text book thrown in the trash once, the Senju Clan is related to the Uzumaki Clan. We're cousin clans. Even Granny's own Grandmother was an Uzumaki," said Naruto with Kyuubi narrowing its eyes at the remembrance of Mito and how she locked him away until "his anger was no longer there".

Bah! What did she know? She sealed him away and never looked back. Why wouldn't he be bitter after being sealed within the woman? And all for fighting against his Will. Not to mention being sealed into Mito's successor, followed by being chained, and crucified to a small moon. Used by an Uchiha again and finally sealed once more into another host to be used for his power without permission.

The Biju had little doubt the woman would be so calm and understanding if she had to go through what he did.

"So you are going to spite them both. One for neglect in being a proper sensei and the other for being a neglectful distant cousin," commented Kyuubi with Naruto nodding.

"Don't you agree? She went on and on about losing her brother and lover. As if it was the end of the world. But the moment she hears my name, she doesn't bat an eye!" exclaimed Naruto with Kyuubi thinking it over and surprised the boy by agreeing with him.

"You do have a point. Both your clans are related at some point and I do know that the First Hokage married Mito all those years ago. Meaning your new Hokage is part Uzumaki to a certain degree. Something she has either clearly forgotten or no longer cares about," said Kyuubi with Naruto nodded.

"All the more reason to make her remember," said Naruto with Kyuubi smirking.

"And to think, I wanted to rip you to pieces and devour your remains while picking your bones out of my teeth," remarked Kyuubi with Naruto glaring.

"Just try it! I'll give you indigestion for the next 1,000 years," threatened Naruto before he vanished from his mind.

"Given who your Mother is, I do believe it," remarked Kyuubi with a sigh knowing the boy's Mother was exact same way in terms of personality.

The fox knew that all the boy needed was the right push, the right shove, and maybe even a good punch to the face to send him the right direction. His Mother was the same way in many aspects from what he recalled of her when learning how to do things. In the end, it resulted in a super powered Uzumaki with the skills to punch you through five buildings, eight fences, and two windows.

The Biju would know since he remembered how Kushina did that to Jiraiya once when he mumbled she was getting fat when pregnant with Naruto.

It set a new record on how far a woman could hit Jiraiya with super strength. One that Tsunade had not been able to break.

(Konoha-Hokage's Office-Months Later)

"What do you mean 'Naruto is gone', Jiraiya?" asked Tsunade in an angry seething tone that spelled doom for her teammate depending on his next choice of words.

"I mean he's gone! Vanished! Taken away!" exclaimed Jiraiya while seeing Tsunade looking even angrier.

"Explain!" commanded Tsunade with Jiraiya fidgeting a bit.

"Okay. It all started a few months ago. The brat and I got into argument about stuff one day. Things were said. Words were spoken. Most of it his fault by the way," explained Jiraiya while Tsunade smashed her fist on the desk.

"Jiraiya! Focus! What happened?!" commanded Tsunade while Jiraiya began to sweat more.

"Well...after I left to vent my frustrations elsewhere, I came back to our campsite, but when I did, he was...not there," replied Jiraiya while Tsunade didn't look pleased.

"And you didn't become concerned something might have happened to him when you weren't around...because?" asked Tsunade while Jiraiya wouldn't look her in the eyes.

"Because I didn't expect him to leave the campsite for...various reasons," said Jiraiya with Tsunade's killer intent rising.

"What were the various reasons Jiraiya?" demanded Tsunade while Jiraiya nervously let out chuckle.

"Funny thing, I might have mentioned the Akatsuki, threatening to hunt him down to bring back to Konoha to be made a Reserve Genin if he tried to run, and...I also might have...violently lashed out at him for saying something hurtful," said Jiraiya before he let out a whimper when Tsunade rose from her chair and looked absolutely murderous.

"First off, who or what gives you the authority to threaten Naruto and saying I would be placing him into the Genin Reserves? Second, why in the name of all that good and true in this world did you beat him so badly that he would consider leaving your so called protection in the first place?!" demanded Tsunade knowing only she had that power and only if the boy was extremely weak without showing any promise at all.

His fight with Kabuto when recruiting her to be Hokage showed Tsunade that Naruto had a mountain load of potential.

"It wasn't my fault! The brat actually had the nerve to say Minato would have been better off learning under Orochimaru of all people over me. That Minato had a greater chance of being alive had Orochimaru been his sensei and not me. As far as I am concerned, the brat deserved his beating. As for making him a Reserve Genin, I figured after I gave my official report on him being a failure in learning under me...it would happen!" defended Jiraiya while Tsunade was showing incredible willpower to not slug him in the face.

"And what did you do or say that resulted in him saying such things? And what made you think your recommendation alone would merit him being placed in the Genin Reserves?" asked Tsunade with Jiraiya frowning and looking away.

"I didn't do anything. It was the brat. I mean, all he did was doing on this trip is complain and whine about his training," said Jiraiya while Tsunade narrowed her eyes further.

"And what did you train him in exactly?" asked Tsunade curiously.

"Well...this and that. Focusing on drawing on Kyuubi's chakra. And you know...stuff!" explained Jiraiya weakly while Tsunade marched right up to him and looked the man dead in the eyes.

"Be specific Jiraiya. What 'stuff' did you teach him?" demanded Tsunade while Jiraiya slowly took several steps back.

"Basics. The kid needed to know basics. So I tried teaching it to him. He was failing at it and quite miserably too. I mean how could a Genin not handle the Genin based chakra control training I gave him is beyond me," said Jiraiya while Tsunade's eyebrow was now twitching violently.

"Jiraiya, do you hear yourself when you talk? Much less think? You just said you were training Naruto as if he had Genin level reserves. Exercises meant for Genin with Genin level chakra or slightly higher," said Tsunade slowly like she was talking to someone not all there in the head.

"Yeah so?" asked Jiraiya in confusion.

"This is Naruto we are talking about. Not Kiba. Not Shikamaru. Not Sakura. Not even that prick of an Uchiha. We are talking about Naruto! The boy whose chakra levels are up there with that of a Kage! How the fuck is he suppose to do Genin exercises with the amount of chakra running through his body?" demanded Tsunade with Jiraiya looking like a light bulb went on his head.

"Oh! Well...when you put like that...I uh...shit," said Jiraiya while feeling slightly guilty and stupid right now.

"What else have you done Jiraiya?" demanded Tsunade since she knew there was more the fool wasn't telling her.

"Well, we did focus on trying to draw out the Kyuubi's chakra, but the boy complained the whole time! Saying 'it hurts', 'I am in pain', and 'my body feels like its being pulled apart' like a whiny baby," said Jiraiya before Tsunade quickly grabbing him by his shirt and brought him closer to the point where there heads nearly touched.

"That's because the fox was fighting the seal you nitwit! Did you really expect the Biju would let Naruto takes it power by force?" questioned Tsunade angrily.

"Well...yeah! What, the seal doesn't allow for Naruto force the fox into submission and takes its power for himself?" asked Jiraiya with Tsunade letting out a noise like she was dealing with a complete moron and wanted to cry over how stupid he was being.

"No you dumb shit! Had you gone over the notes Minato left behind, you would know that was not the purpose of the seal. And the fact you didn't even notice this or examine the seal yourself proves just how much of an idiot you really are. Even worse, aren't you suppose to be a Seal Master? What possessed you to do things in such a reckless manner? Why not research how the Jinchuriki in Iwa or Kumo drew on the power of the Biju before trying anything of that magnitude?" asked Tsunade while Jiraiya looked nervous.

"Come on Tsunade-hime. I didn't have time for it. Three years goes by pretty fast. I had to wing it. Besides, the brat should have just took the pain. So what if it hurt. We all have to go through receiving pain to get stronger," said Jiraiya before he was thrown against the wall.

"You baka! Don't you realize that your method of training was putting his health a risk?! Do you even care about him at all?" asked Tsunade while she stomped over to him.

"Truthfully? No, I don't," said Jiraiya seriously, which made Tsunade stop dead in her tracks.

"What? Why?! He's Minato's son!" exclaimed Tsunade while Jiraiya grimaced.

"Naruto maybe my late student's child, but the kid has none of the talent. Even if my way of teaching him was...off in some manner, the potential should have shown itself easily," remarked Jiraiya bitterly since he was hoping to get another easy prodigy for a student.

"Perhaps your way of training him was wrong. Or perhaps it was the lack of training," said Tsunade in an accusing tone.

"You think I would do that?" asked Jiraiya while mentally sweating since he had and did without fear of being caught.

"I know you Jiraiya. For years. Even if we haven't seen each other for over a decade, I know how you think. You care more about peeping on women then training a student to reach his full potential. You did it with your first and only Genin team, you did it with Minato, and you did it again with Naruto," said Tsunade while Jiraiya scowled at her words.

"There was nothing wrong with my training of the Fourth," Jiraiya shot back angrily.

"Oh no?! I saw your 'training method' once with Minato. You literally dumped all sorts of material into his lap, told him to study it, and left to peep on women at the hot springs for the next few hours. With each new thing he learned, you copied off of, and played it off as if his ability to learn so well was thanks to your so called teachings. You were and are a leech Jiraiya. Everything that Minato learned, you sucked up afterwards, and made it appear to everyone who would remotely believe you that what he learned was taught by your perverted ass," said Tsunade while Jiraiya scowled.

"So? If it worked for Minato, it should have worked for his brat. But he has none of the potential. Always making excuses about how his teachers at the Academy sabotaged him, how Hatake didn't teach him anything, and how I spend more time peeping on women instead of training him," remarked Jiraiya before he went pale in the face and saw the angry look Tsunade was giving him.

"So you were neglecting his training. You did the same thing you did with Minato. You gave him complex things to learn and left Naruto to his own devices," accused Tsunade with Jiraiya scowling again.

"I wasn't going to hold his hand Tsunade. All the brat needed to do was grow up and put effort into his training like Minato did," said Jiraiya while Tsunade shook her head.

"You really are blind Jiraiya. You look at Naruto and see a miniature Minato. You expect another Prodigy where you put in minimal effort into the training the student. Let them do all the work knowing they will advance at it and you reap the rewards. Have you no shame?!" Tsunade shot back.

"No! Don't you get it Tsunade? Shame is for the weak! I have none. Why do you think I peep on women without fear of being beaten up by them? Why do I go to brothels? Why do I go on boasting that I am a Super Pervert?" asked Jiraiya while Tsunade walked back to her desk and scowled further.

"Shame allows us to keep our morals Jiraiya. While we are Shinobi and ninja with blood on our hands, I would like to think we can hold onto something close to a personal in we do not cross," said Tsunade with Jiraiya waving her words off.

"You are starting to sound like the brat. It was bad enough he complained and spewed excuses for his inability to do half the material I placed in his lap," remarked Jiraiya with Tsunade narrowed her eyes at him.

"And what if I told you those so called 'excuses' were true?" asked Tsunade before she brought out a massive folder containing Naruto's academic records.

"What is this?" asked Jiraiya curiously.

"Read. And see your 'failure' for a student wasn't always a failure. He was actually very smart. Prodigy smart," said Tsunade while she saw Jiraiya reading some papers in front of him.

"This is when he first started the Academy?" asked Jiraiya with Tsunade nodding.

"Yes. Naruto tried so hard to prove how smart he was at first to everyone. From the first few pages, you can tell Minato's brilliance was strong in him early on at the Academy," said Tsunade while Jiraiya frowned.

"What happened? His grades show they are declining over the years," remarked Jiraiya while skimming through the papers.

"What do you think happened you dumb shit! Beatings from the villagers when word got out he was actually smart. Blows to the head and the brain regenerating the way it did thanks to the Biju in him caused his brain to shift in terms of thinking. Not to mention the teachers at the Academy were sabotaging him. Placing him in spars with children, who were told to go all out on him, and beat him bloody. When the children didn't do that, it was the Academy instructors. One of those bakas nearly took one of his eye out by an 'accidental throw' of a shuriken during a practice session. Not to mention no one was around to teach Naruto anything proper. In short, this village poisoned the poor boy's brain, and caused it to go from brilliant to stupid by the time he was 10 years old. Had you been in the gaki's life, you would know this, and had a chance to stop it from ever happening," said Tsunade though she was just as guilty considering the brat was family on her Grandmother's side.

"Why didn't sensei correct this?" asked Jiraiya with Tsunade sighing.

"Because he feared Naruto's brilliance. He feared Naruto becoming the next Orochimaru. Or the next Itachi. The only real difference being Naruto possibly finding a way to actually use Kyuubi's charka, but on Konoha for all the years of abuse this village put him through. So sensei let it slide. He would rather have Naruto be a dumb Jinchuriki capable of fighting for the village over a smart one possibly going rogue and unleashing his well deserved anger on Konoha," said Tsunade while Jiraiya sighed.

"Its no wonder he ran. My beating made things worse," said Jiraiya while Tsunade glared at him.

"You shouldn't have beaten him at all! I don't care what he said to you Jiraiya. The fact is, you most likely deserved it. Honestly, throwing him into a ravine to force him to call on the fox's chakra? What possessed you to put him in an almost guaranteed death sentence like that?!" demanded Tsunade with Jiraiya sighed again.

"I was frustrated, all right?! At the time, I wanted him out of my hair. I only trained the brat because I thought he would fail and I could go back to my research. But he kept on pestering me and his summoning of the Toads wasn't getting anywhere. So I figured that a life or death situation would be the perfect way for Naruto to unlock the Biju's power," said Jiraiya while Tsunade narrowed her eyes at him.

"And what if he died? What if he didn't unlock its power Jiraiya?" asked Tsunade with Jiraiya shrugging heartlessly.

"Then he died. It wouldn't have hurt anyone. The half Minato sealed into Naruto can't come back without the other half sealed in the Shinigami's belly while tied to my late student's soul. When the brat died from the fall, the fox would stay dead, and no one in the village would shed a tear. Everyone wins," said Jiraiya heartlessly.

"You are being quite cold to your student's only son," remarked Tsunade while Jiraiya waved off her words and ignored the growing killer intent coming off the woman.

"What? I'm suppose to go all happy in the face at the mention of Minato's son? I don't coddle kids Tsunade. It doesn't matter who they are or where they come from. I only care about results. If Minato's brat can't produce them for whatever reasons whether they are real or made up, then the kid can die in a ditch for all I care...provided the Akatsuki don't get to him first to extract the Kyuubi," said Jiraiya while Tsunade finally lost it and threw a paperweight at him, which he barely dodged.

"Get out! Get out and don't come back Jiraiya. Get out of Konoha! Don't stop to peep on women! No stops at the red light district! Get the fuck out of the village! Right fucking now!" exclaimed a very pissed off Tsunade and looked ready to throw her desk at him.

And with her super strength, she damn well could.

"What? You're banishing me from Konoha?!" asked Jiraiya while Tsunade stomped over to him.

"No. You are going on a mission. S-ranked, but zero pay since you can afford to do it for free," said Tsunade with an evil look in her eyes.

"What? S-ranked and zero pay?!" questioned Jiraiya with Tsunade nodding.

"Yes. You are going to find Naruto. You will find him, but you will not bring him back. No! Whatever he's doing, its meant to get stronger. When you find him, I want you to get on your hands and knees Jiraiya. Get on your hands and knees and beg for his forgiveness for your actions," said Tsunade with Jiraiya looking livid.

"What?! Beg? Him?! For forgiveness?! Have you lost your mind?!" asked Jiraiya before Tsunade grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the nearest wall.

"You will do this Jiraiya. You have wronged him on multiple levels. Both professionally and personally. Did you think I wouldn't keep track of your movements when I agreed to let Naruto travel with you? I had a slug summons watching your every move. Every single action. Every horrible thing you ever did when traveling. I know all about how you are spending Naruto's money on your vices. I know how you haven't been training him to fight off the Akatsuki like you said you would. And the training to use Kyuubi's chakra? Its bullshit! We both know the pair assigned to hunt Naruto from the Akatsuki were put together to nullify the use of the fox inside him. How do you expect Naruto to combat them without Kyuubi's chakra if you don't teach him anything else? Did you even try to think about such a possibility?" said Tsunade with Jiraiya scoffing.

"Of course I did! I figured I would teach him how to use Kyuubi's chakra when traveling around and he learns just about everything else here in Konoha," surmised Jiraiya like it was the easiest thing in the world.

"Except you didn't teach him how to use it properly Jiraiya. You put his health at risk. His life at risk. And for what? So you could spend most of your days drinking and whoring while ignoring your student who is eager to learn. Do you know how many legends of the world would jump at the chance to have a student like that? And because of your actions, Naruto has gone off the reservation, and off the map where anyone could find him," said Tsunade with Jiraiya looking away.

"The brat will come back. He will come crawling back to us soon enough begging me for forgiveness. Not the other way around. You'll see Tsunade," said Jiraiya while Tsunade looked skeptical.

"Did you try reverse summoning him with the Toads?" asked Tsunade finally.

"I went to them. They weren't exactly...happy with me," remarked Jiraiya while his mind went to the memory of the Toads all glaring at him.

(Flashback-Mount Myƍboku-2 Weeks after Naruto went missing)

"What do you mean you won't help me locate the brat?!" asked Jiraiya while he stared at Gamabunta, Pa, Ma, and the other Toads in the room.

And none of them looked happy.

"The fact he left without you noticing after all this time and not coming to us sooner only proves our decision was correct," said Fukasaku firmly.

"You were entrusted with the gaki by Minato. Yet you spit on your duties to him and the boy. And for what? So you can write you smut?!" questioned Shima angrily.

"Hey! What I do when it comes to my so called responsibilities with my failure of a Godson is my choice and mine alone. You have no right to judge me on this!" protested Jiraiya with Gamabunta putting a giant webbed hand forward.

"Wrong! You had him sign our contract. He is part of our clan now. You cannot do anything that risks his health unless we deem it necessary! Your time with Naruto has left you wanting," declared Gamabunta with Jiraiya scowling at the giant toad.

"I see he told you everything before running away. Typical," muttered Jiraiya and was given a smack on the head with Fukasaku's staff.

"I don't know what got it in your head to be so cruel to the boy Jiraiya, but it ends now! We won't allow it. Naruto-boy came to us. He told us everything you did on this little 'training trip' of yours so far and we shutter to think what the remaining time would have been like for him. As such, we decided to take him some place safe so he can properly train and be ready to face the Uchiha and Orochimaru should it come down to it," said Fukasaku while Jiraiya looked at him in disbelief.

"You honestly believe that failure can take on the Uchiha? Much less Orochimaru? You have no idea how pathetic and weak Naruto is, do you?" questioned Jiraiya before he was hit in the head again...harder!

"Need we remind you Jiraiya that you were weak and pathetic failure once when under your own sensei's tutelage. Granted you still are pathetic, but that's beside the point. The point is, the boy can do so much with the right teacher. He puts in more effort to get stronger then you ever did. Its why you never could perform the Sennin Modo to its fullest extent! We see great things with Naruto-boy just waiting to come out and it will never be allowed to come out if you are his sensei," said Fukasaku firmly while he saw the hurt in Jiraiya's eyes.

"You can train that brat until your another color Pa. He will never live up to the potential you see in him. Not with the remaining year and half left before he had to be back within Konoha," countered Jiraiya while Fukasaku smirked.

"True. Your actions have caused us a considered road block to bringing out his true potential. But there are ways around it. Namely using that Shadow Clone Jutsu the boy can use," said Pa while Jiraiya frowned in confusion.

"What about it? He can make copies of himself. Big deal. Just because he can make a couple hundred, if not a thousand of them doesn't make him anything special. They all dispel after one hit anyway," commented Jiraiya with Pa sighing before he hit Jiraiya yet again and several times following the initial hit.

"Are you that ignorant of the Shadow Clone Jutsu's true potential Jiraiya? Everything a single Shadow Clone knows, the original will remember from dispelling. The boy can make hundreds if not thousands of clones. You said so yourself. In a single day, the boy could learn and gain several weeks worth of training. In a month? Years! Years? Decades! By the time the boy comes back to Konoha, correction, IF he chooses to go back to Konoha, Naruto will make that Uchiha, and your former teammate for a snake look like 90 pound weaklings soaking wet in pond scum," said Pa while Jiraiya seethed hearing this since he hated the idea of his student being taken from him and being trained to one day become even stronger then the Toad Sannin himself.

"That's not what the prophecy spoke of Pa. You know I'm suppose to train him. The Toad Elder said so!" exclaimed Jiraiya while Pa scoffed and waved his hand dismissively at the prophecy.

"Jiraiya, the Elder Toad is getting on in his years. He smokes more and more opium every day to the point where his visions are absolute nonsense. Besides, we warned you not to take them seriously no matter how clear his visions of the future possible were to him. In addition, you were told not to tell anyone about the prophecy due to the rules in place to prevent mortals from interfering in the legitimate ones. Not that you listened to us since you told your damn sensei about it the moment your body landed in Konoha," said Fukasaku while Jiraiya looked away like a child getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Yeah well...I wanted him to be proud of me. I was going to train the Child of Prophecy. Do you know how many women would have thrown themselves at me for such fame and glory? I would be up to my neck in hot babes all wanting a piece of me, even for just one night" said Jiraiya while Pa hit him repeatedly with his staff.

"Your lust for the female form and your sensei's approval is not an excuse! You were told to keep such information to yourself. But you didn't listen! And because of your actions, your sensei, and those within Konoha have been trying to control the possible prophecy being altered in their favor!" exclaimed Shima this time in an angrily tone.

"Would that really so bad? The prophecy working in our favor so Konoha being on top?" asked Jiraiya while seeing the Toads glaring at him.

"YES!" yelled all the Toads at once that it shook the very mountain.

"Fine! You want the brat? Take him! Train him in some remote area on the mountain or some other part of the world for all I care. It doesn't matter. He's a failure! He was born a failure too! The only thing that makes him special is the fox in his gut and the brat can't even get the beast to submit. To think he's Minato blood," mocked Jiraiya before he left.

"We're sorry you had to hear that Naruto-chan. It must have been hard to hear," said Shima while looking behind Gamabunta's right back leg to see an emotionally conflicted Naruto behind it.

"It was hard to hear. Considering I didn't know he was my Godfather or that the Fourth was my Father until now," commented Naruto while his eyes became increasingly furious at the replaying of Jiraiya's words in his mind.

"Don't let the idiot get to you Naruto-boy. He was a failure for most of his life. The fact Jiraiya had a descent education, sensei, and wasn't a Jinchuriki speaks volumes unto itself. You have been hindered all your life Naruto-boy. But no more. We want you to train here, with us, without interference, and become every bit the Shinobi you were meant to be in life. What do you say Naruto-boy? Interested in being every bit the powerhouse your Father was in life?" said Fukasaku with Naruto smirking now.

"No Fukasaku-sama. I'm interested in being every bit the powerhouse my Father was in life and more!" said Naruto with determination while Fukasaku smirked.

"That's the spirit Naruto-boy! By the time we get done training you, Uchiha Madara himself will seem like a fly to be eaten in comparison!" declared Fukasaku with a grin.

"Good. Because that's what I want so when the time comes...I can shove my fist filled with crow down Konoha's throats. Teach me!" exclaimed Naruto with his eyes blazing with a fire the Toads had only seen in Minato after they met the young man.

(End Flashback)

"Lousy ungrateful fly eating wart makers," grumbled Jiraiya while Tsunade narrowed her eyes at him.

"Bitch about it later Jiraiya. I need you to refocus your spy network focusing on both the Akatsuki and Orochimaru since they are a threat to Konoha," said Tsunade while Jiraiya grimaced.

"What about my mission to find Naruto and beg his forgiveness?" asked Jiraiya while he saw Tsunade scowl at him.

"That can wait until later. Naruto is clearly getting his training from the Toads, but at a location neither of us can go. Besides, the gaki will more then likely come back to the village when the time is right. You can beg for his forgiveness when that happens," said Tsunade with Jiraiya frowning at the idea groveling to his student.

"And if I say no?" asked Jiraiya with a hint of defiance in his voice.

Only for Tsunade to appear in front of him, grabbed the Sannin by the throat, and squeeze to the point where she risked crushing it.

"If you don't do this, I will rip your testicles from your body and mount them on the wall behind my desk, right between the pictures of sensei and the Fourth. Got it?!" threatened Tsunade with Jiraiya grinning sheepishly at her.

"Well...when you put it like that...how can I say no?!" asked Jiraiya while gasping for air.

"You can't. Now get out of my office. I don't want to see you back here until you have some results," said replied Tsunade before she threw him out of the open window.

"Jiraiya-sama isn't the only one who should beg Naruto for forgiveness Tsunade-sama," said Shizune while Tsunade frowned.

"I don't need a lecture from you Shizune," said Tsunade before sitting down in her chair with a huff.

"Considering you don't listen to me regardless, its not surprising," commented Shizune with a scowl.

"What do you want me to say Shizune?! Or do for that matter? Find Naruto and say 'Hey gaki! Guess what? You and I are distant cousins. We're family! I knew this whole time, but left you to suffer in Konoha alone! Forgive me!' after all this time? What would you do in his place?" asked Tsunade with Shizune thinking it over.

"Well, if I were Naruto, I would probably punch you in the face simply in the belief you deserved it. Followed by pranking the entire village as a whole. As a result, tripling your already large pile of paperwork to the point where you throw a temper tantrum, and throw your desk out the window," answered Shizune while Tsunade sweat dropped.

"Naruto wouldn't do that, would he?" asked Tsunade with Shizune just smiling at her.

"Considering his pranking history? You tell me," said Shizune while Tsunade was now crying anime tears.

He would do that to her. Damn!

(A/N: YAY! An update with a new fic. It was suppose to be a one-shot, but it became too long, and was upgraded into a two-shot. Second chapter is coming shortly. It still needs some tweaking and editing before its ready. Until next time...PEACE!)