Ah... I'm at school. Yeah, that sounds right. I just transferred to this school, Here School, and this is my first day... wait, that doesn't sound right at all! Shouldn't I be deleted? Shouldn't everything be deleted? What the heck is going on?

...Not now. I can freak out later. Right now I need to stay calm. Whatever is going on, I'm still at school. The last thing I want is to make a bad first impression.

Speaking of which, I guess this school doesn't have a uniform, since I'm just wearing some casual wear. This is way more comfortable, to be honest. Also, I notice that I've been holding a paper this whole time, which has my schedule on it... conveniently enough, I suppose. After taking a look at it, I begin walking through the halls, searching for my first class... Jeez, this school is completely barren. There's barely anything here! Though, I am pretty curious... how's this all look in-game? I mean, I could tell how everything looked in visual novel form before, but I don't have my Club President abilities here...

I enter my first class. Besides a few desks, it's just as bare as the rest of the place. No surprises there, I guess. I take a seat at one of the desks.

Suddenly, I hear a voice: "Now it's time for everybody's favorite subject... Math!"

Oh, that must be the teacher. He's got a green shirt, jeans, a single tuft of hair... is that lipstick? He begins handing out these... odd-looking tablets. One for each student, including me. Well, the math is apparently presented through these tablets. It's just some simple addition, so I solve it easily.

After a few minutes, the teacher speaks again. "Class dismissed."

...Wait, seriously? The entire class is just simple addition... It just seems a bit too easy, you know? Regardless, I begin heading over to my next class. But when I get there, I immediately notice something bad... these are the same 5 students from my last class! And the chalkboard is also worrying... too lazy to add more subjects? What's that supposed to-

"Now it's time for everybody's favorite subject... Math!"


This is going to be a long day, isn't it?

Author's note: why am i writing a cringy fanfic this is awful i'm never doing this again (jk more chapters soon)