Author's note: Hello there! Yes, I know... it's been a while. Which is why I'm putting this at the top, instead of at the bottom as usual. With every chapter the time gap gets larger. It's kind of hard to write about Baldi's Basics now, since it became irrelevant. DDLC as well, but not as much since I am still active on the DDLC subreddit. That being said, I still like this story and I hope that I will finish it, but I can't make any promises. Thank you for all the positive reviews. Funny how I originally did this fanfiction, calling it cringe from the get-go... and I guess it is cringe, but it's my cringe, dammit! ❤️

Anyway, this chapter is a short prologue from Sayori's point-of-view. Line breaks are time skips. Enjoy.

"Huh? I'm alive..."

So, that's what death feels like? It's so... noisy. It's like TV static. It was annoying, but I got used to it before long. It was weird being trapped in the code, but I learned a lot about my world! And I knew Monika would delete the others in time. I made a copy of everything Natsuki and Yuri remembered and put it somewhere Monika would never ever find it. I can't let Monika have anything. She's gone crazy! I thought I knew her, but I was dead wrong... I've had a lot of time to reconsider our friendship.

Of course, none of this is really happening. I can feel it. I'm not really lying in my bed right now. I won't really be doing anything until a new game begins.

And when it does begin, I'll have the player all to myself... hopefully. I really need to talk to them, at least! There's so much they don't know...

But that's later. For now, I might as well just go to school.

"Monika? I don't recall anyone under that name attending this school, let alone starting this club..."

Natsuki, of course, wasn't so gentle. "Sayori, making up an imaginary friend doesn't count as giving this club a fourth member."

So, Monika doesn't exist anymore, is that it?

If I had a physical form right now, I'd sigh.

That was pretty naive of me, to think Monika would really leave. Why can't she just let me be happy? Oh well. Back to the void.

Maybe I did go a little overboard. But was it really worth deleting everything? It's all gone. It's all here in the void now...


It's all here!

That's it! Everything is here! All I have to do is move it back!

But on my own terms this time. Natsuki and Yuri will remember Monika this time. All four of us will be happy this time.