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Previously on The Deku Syndrome, Izuku shared an encounter with Katsuki's mother, Mitsuki. It was there where she learned that he has a quirk. Meanwhile, Tsuyu, Toru, Habuko, and Shouto discovered his quirk as well after spying on the couple. They, too, wanted to keep his quirk a secret. Following the encounter, Katsuki announced to his peers of his relationship with Ochako. In hopes of humiliating Izuku, it failed after Izuku's support of the couple.

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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, A (Not So) Random Borrowing of Izuku. This chapter will be a slow read. But that is because of building content and plot. You will see as the story develops.

Izuku's stomach growled as he crossed the long stone bridge on his way to school. As much as he loved his mother's cooking, he shouldn't have taken the fourth helping of her world-famous French toast. He questioned the origin of her recipe. How could plain cinnamon and butter taste so good, the emerald cinnamon roll thought. He was already a few minutes late for school. By now, it shouldn't be a surprise. He could get up at three o'clock in the morning, prepared the night before, or even hire a babysitter to assist them with his needs. It will never be done. He will always wake up late. He will sleep through three or four alarms. If he managed to wake up through them, his mother would stop him. No way in God's great Earth would Inko let him leave until he had her breakfast.

"A great balanced breakfast makes the phone calls go away." Izuku mockingly quoted his mother in the best way one could imitate her voice. He loved his mother to the ends of the Earth. Despite having an absentee father, it had always been him and his mother.

Speaking of mothers, Mistuki was kind enough to leave him a lovely Good Morning text. The blonde mother wished him a great week of school and would love to have tea with his mother. But, that went without saying that she left an image of her lustrous body.

Cum again anytime, she typed in his text. That alone made Izuku's middleman arise. He thought of something else as he took the route to get to school.

He stopped at a crosswalk. The growling, bubbling sounds of his stomach made its presence known to onlookers. He knew that a "Code Brown" was among him. Accepting the fact that he wasn't going to make it to school on time, he might as well go find a restroom.

There was a Starbucks nearby. A place he hardly frequented. Nevertheless, it had a restroom. Might as well grab an English muffin and a Strawberry Acai, he thought as he pushed open those doors. It was crowded for a Monday morning. College students, salarymen, housewives, and the like. He saw the occasional high schoolers that had school later or wasn't going at all.

He paid them no mind as he walked into the doors of the restroom. His goal, use the restroom, grab a bite for lunch, and head to school. Nothing more, nothing less. The school wasn't going to call his mother immediately. Looking at his watch, a parting gift from Mitsuki Bakugo for their lovely, eventful evening, he had about an hour before the phone call.

He put in his head buds to plug into his cell phone. Three Days Grace was the drug of choice for the emerald cinnamon roll. As he shuffled his clothes and putting them to the ground, he sat on the toilet to relieve himself. The moment he tried to find a suitable Three Days Grace song, he heard a knock on the bathroom stall.

"Occupied," he told the stranger. He wasn't trying to be rude. The bathroom had three additional unused stalls. He scrolled through YouTube Premium before hearing another knock. "Occupied," he told the stranger once more. Izuku, by this time, was relieving himself. If his voice wasn't enough, then his admittedly foul, sour scent would deter the mildly rude stranger.

"Izuku." Izuku raised his eyebrow. The whispering sounded vaguely familiar. "Izuku," the stranger said his name again. Izuku looked to the door below. The newly, expensive brown Stacy Adams gave away the identity of the stranger.

"Izuku, are you in there," asked the stranger as he knocked. By this time, the stranger walked from the door and entered the stall beside him. Before Izuku looked to his right, the stranger was looking directly at him over the stall.

The stranger had a slim body and slightly long blonde hair, along with long eyelashes and bright eyes. Izuku now knew the identity of the so-called prince from France. The very person who was trying to attract his attention aided him as the DJ from Katsuki's party.

"Izuku! It's me, Yuga! Remember me?" Yuga displayed his casual smile to attract the attention of those within his circle. The teenager was well-known at his high school as a charmer. He had the spirit of attraction. Even at the party, girls were around his booth, requesting songs for kisses or exchanging of party favors. Izuku didn't want to know the person who actually brought drugs to the party. Be as it may, Yuga wanted him for some reason.

"Yuga Aoyama. How can't I forget about you?" Izuku gave the vain teen a look, suggesting that he needed to avert his eyes while grabbing some tissue. "We have class together, dude. And would you mind?"

"Oh, pardon me, Izuku." Yuga covered his eyes as Izuku was trying to wipe his butt. He coughed while covering his eyes. "I wanted to say great party. You really turned it up at the very end. You are the talk of the school right now."

"Thanks, I think," he told Yuga. The atmosphere was odd. The last place he thought he would have a conversation. "How did you find me here?"

"Well, I just came from the consulate and saw you at the crosswalk," he said with a passionate voice. "I thought to myself, 'is that Deku?' Alas, there you are!"

Izuku flushed the toilet. He still told the blonde to cover his eyes as he put his clothes on. Once his clothes were put on, he opened the door. He went to the sink to wash. Yuga walked out of the stall and sat on the counter of the sink.

Not before putting towels. The prince didn't want his Alexander McQueen uniform to be stained. Yuga used a napkin to press the soap dispenser to aid Izuku. He thanked Yuga. Yuga responded with a wink.

"Izuku Midoriya. I must say I was quite, quite impressed by how you handle yourself that night." Yuga was clapping his hands. And for once, it wasn't out of sarcasm. "I was quite amazed. You kept your composure very well. You were very cool about Katsuki dating Ochako."

Izuku wouldn't admit he wasn't happy with Ochako's choice of dating Katsuki. Her happiness was valued. However, with his having the upper hand of sleeping with the enemy's mother was a plus. Like he told Mitsuki in Kacchan's bedroom, he was going to try to get over Ochako, but it wasn't going to be easy. While drying his hands, he pondered the reason why Yuga was in the bathroom and why he was trying to get Izuku's attention.

"Ochako's a young girl. A woman that has her choice. She is sixteen. She does what she is pleased." Izuku sighed as he put the used paper towel into the trash can. "Aside from that, I can move on." He looked at the blonde. "That's the gist of it, I guess."

Yuga nodded to him. "I agree, fair sir. Hey, listen. Think you have time to chat with me for a spell?"

"Don't we have class right now?" He looked at his watch. "Actually, we are late."

Yuga put on a smirk, patting his chest. "Never you worry. As the prince of UA High, your troubles are now over." Yuga jumped from the counter. He reached into his pocket to grab his cell phone. He pressed some buttons. He leaned against the door.

"Hi, Aoyama here. Listen, I am having car trouble on my way to school. Midoriya and I were leaving the French consulate when we had a blowout."

"It's going to take about a couple of hours for the tow truck."

"Yes, ma'am. Trust me that Mrs. Midoriya knows. Izuku has already informed her."

"Thank you very much. We will get there as soon as we can."

"You too. Tata."

Yuga made a bow. "You see, Izuku. Problem is solved." He extended his hands. "Now, I think that Starbucks is a little bit pas cher. Now, I know this cute establishment on the other side of town. If you don't mind coming with me."

The emerald child didn't have much of a choice. He was now caught in Yuga's lie. The soft hands of the blonde prince got his attention. "Trust me, Izuku. If you were impulsive like you were at the party, you can be impulsive now. You're young. Have fun and cut loose." He winked. "Or in this case, cut class. Trust me, we will be back before the final bell."

Izuku decided to override his judgment. He wasn't a bad person. The duo shared interactions with each other in passing or while they were in class. All-in-all, Yuga must really want a friend.

"Alright, Yuga. Let's do this!"

Yuga extended his hand to the door and opened it for Izuku. "Au contraire, my friend."

Izuku thanked Yuga as he walked out of the restroom. He followed Yuga to the exit where there was a limo waiting for them. A driver opened the door for the pair. Izuku was quite amazed. Just a week ago on Monday, he had broken up with Ochako. He slept with Kacchan's mother on Saturday. Now, he was riding in a limo with Yuga on a school day to a fancy bakery.

"This bakery is to die for," said the blonde prince as he wrapped his arms around Izuku. "Their quiche is amazing. Plus, their sweetly glazed cinnamon rolls are dashing."

"I think a cinnamon raisin English muffin would work," said Izuku.

"Oi! Whatever floats your boat," said Yuga. "Plus, cute foreign babes might be there." He bumped Izuku's shoulder with his elbow. "Won't that be fun?"

Lovable oaf. But, he is being sincere and nice. Every now and again, it shouldn't hurt to bend the rules. Izuku perked a smile and entered the limo.

The classroom was where one came to learn how to learn, to ask questions, to be curious. Sure, there was still philosophy, but other than that one build their own projects and follow computer programs at their own pace. There were so many plants in here it was almost like being in a little jungle at times but people love them. The chairs and tables were all ergonomic, comfortable, though often one chose to sit on the floor mats at the low tables, or on the couch. Every room has a learning guide, a teacher, whose job it was to inspire and guide them when they asked for help.

That was a typical high in Tokyo or Kobe or Miyazaki. Maybe in America. However, at UA High School, it was a bit different than that.

A tad bit different.

Today was a free period as their teacher, Nemuri Kayama, also known as Pro Hero 18+ Midnight, was passed out on the table. The lukewarm coffee sitting beside her and the drool traveling to the floor could account that the temptress had another failed rendezvous. The students had the reluctant privilege of her failed stories on love. God knew what happened this time for her to conduct free period.

Neither student dared to mess with her when she was in a bad mood. A lack of sleep Midnight could make one's day a nightmare if they wake her up. At least she was nice enough to give them a warning.

On the whiteboard, it said: "free period, so be silent. I am serious! Shut the hell up! Give me hell and there will be hell to pay. Don't fuck with me!

Sincerely, Kayama-sensei.

P.S.: I am fucking serious. Wake me up and you will die!"

As their teacher was blowing bubbles through her nose, whispers filled the room as the students were still talking about the party.

Dude, that was one of the best parties ever.

Kegs after kegs, women, music. What more can a guy want?

Deku really showed out at the party.

Dude was cool with Katsuki and Ochako? A fool or a hero.

Deku was a bro that night. Playing "My Dick." He is an okay guy.

Taking off his shirt and jumping in the pool. Didn't think he had the balls.

Girls, I don't know about you, but did he look cute that night?

Deku is so handsome. I think even better than Katsuki or Yuga or even Tenya.

Is Izuku single? Since he isn't with Ochako anymore. I think I may ask him out.

Not if I get to Izuku first.

Dude, Izuku rocked that party.

I think of asking him out for some tea. Would that be fun, girls?

Katsuki gritted his teeth as the paper he was scrawling on became covered in pencil shavings before balling it up and throwing it. He gripped the pencil until he snapped it in two. He was breathing heavily. The party didn't go as planned. The main objective was to humiliate Izuku and Izuku was unfazed and unscathed.

Damn it, Deku! The nerve of your ass to ruin my party. It was supposed to be my night. MY NIGHT! I took your girl for God's sake. I made you feel bad. And this is what I get? People talking about you? Girls want to pursue you? You should be crying right now. You should be begging for my mercy!. Why God? Why let this bastard win? I am the king and he is just some poor, defenseless pauper.

Katsuki nearly shredded his notebook until he saw the affectionate smile of Ochako. She blew him a kiss. He returned it with a kiss. She turned around to resume studying. Meanwhile, he spotted an empty desk. Izuku wasn't in class.

The bastard thinks he is too cool for missing class now? He is probably laughing at me. He thinks he has won. The asshole. You win this round, Deku. You win this fucking round. But please believe, I will break you. I will see you fall. I want to see your cute smile fade away. I will find a way to make you break.

Or my name isn't Katsuki Bakugo.

Looking from afar, classmate and friend Tenya Iida noticed Katsuki's angered expression. He raised his eyebrow but decided to not elaborate further. Tenya was actually happy that Izuku managed to handle himself well at the party. He was proud of him. However, in the back of his mind, he couldn't help to ponder on the sudden change of personality at the party. Going from being dragged to the party to becoming the talk in a matter of hours. He knew Izuku was a lovable person, but it still didn't make sense.

He tapped his pen to a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "The Crossroads" song while thinking of the night of the party. The party continued until a little after two in the morning. Most, if not all spent the night at the condo. That morning, he saw Pony, Itsuka, Yui, Manga, Fumikage and a few others he couldn't quickly remember by name cooking breakfast and serving to their classmates.

That was around nine that morning. Izuku walked in at a quarter after ten. The group gave the emerald cinnamon roll a standing ovation. The blushing Izuku was met with breakfast given to him by Pony and Manga.

What questioned Tenya was that he saw reddish smear on Izuku's face. His body had scratch marks. When it was noticed by a classmate, Izuku quickly said he had spent the night on the beach.

With no one to prove it, it might as well be true. Yet again, why was he questioning that, Tenya thought to himself. He stopped tapping his pen. I don't know why I am overthinking things. Izuku just saw his former girlfriend kissing Katsuki. Knowing for him, he did what he could to blow off steam. For a moment I began suspecting something else. I mean, what to do on a beach at that time of night?

Before he could give it any more thought, he heard the sounds of loud gnashing from Katsuki.

Damn you, Deku! Stupid, dumb, punk ass, bitch ass, defenseless Izuku. Katsuki's murmuring turned into loud grunting. As he shredded papers from his notebook, a very angry floating entity appeared in front of him.

"Katsuki? Where in your pea-sized brain did 'shut the hell up' didn't register?" Katsuki saw the white coming from Kayama-sensei's tired eyes.

"I am sorry, Kayama-sensei," he said nervously.

Kayama-sensei gave a devilish smile. "Oh, sweetness. You are definitely sorry. You will know sorry." She gripped his desk. "Let's make you and sorry become friends, eh?"

Meanwhile, Toru and Tsuyu took this as an opportunity to venture out of the classroom. Reluctantly, Shouto came along for the ride.

Actually, Tsuyu blackmailed him on telling the others of his erection on her back. Not in the mood for embarrassment, he went along. At least it wasn't about a certain someone, he concluded.

They weren't even a few feet away from the classroom when they saw Katsuki thrown through the classroom doors to the hallway. He hit the water fountain, landing on the floor. It wasn't long until they saw their teacher walking out.

"What's the matter, Katsuki," she said angrily. "My loving approach to discipline isn't enough, you say?" Katsuki ran away as Midnight followed him.

"I'm sorry, sensei."

"Save it for later after I kick your ass!"

"I said I was sorry!"

"Die," she barked as she grabbed her whip to "discipline" Katsuki.

Tsuyu and the others watched. Tsuyu whistled. "Damn," said Tsuyu as she clicked her tongue. "I would have given the poor bastard at least forty minutes."

"At least fifty, tops," said Shouto as he shook his head disappointingly.

"Knowing for Kacchan, he is probably upset about the party," said Toru. "Especially if he would have found out about…."

"Shush," interjected Tsuyu. "Trying to get us in trouble?"

"Heavens, no," retorted Toru. "Just making an observation is all."

"Ribbit! Let's go somewhere to begin this meeting while we have time left," said Tsuyu. She grabbed Shouto. "C'mon, sweetheart. There is plenty of time to ponder Izuku's dick on the way there."

"How many times do I have to tell you? I am not…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's make a move on. Ribbit!" said Tsuyu.

The stairwell was where Toru, Tsuyu, and Shouto could be found. That particular stairwell led to the school roof. The door was locked during school hours. However, the trio knew that they would be fine for the time being.

Plus, in Tsuyu's mind, this meeting was emergency. She even texted them the night before about this.

Holding a sheet of paper, the lovable invisible Toru prepared a speech for the trio. "Welcome to the first official meeting of the Deku Fan Club." It was met with a clap from Tsuyu. She used her tongue to slap Shouto's hand for a forced clap. "I, Toru Hagakure, parliamentarian and recording secretary welcome those who are here today for our first meeting."

Shouto looked around. "We are the only ones here."

Toru displayed a frown bubble to the white-haired. "Hush!" She continued. "Here we have President and founder, Tsuyu Asui. Also, Shouto Todoroki, another founding member of this organization is here with us today."

Shouto slapped his forehead in frustration. "Girls, leave me out..."

It was interrupted with another slap by Tsuyu's tongue. She put her finger on her lip. "Let her finish," she whispered roughly to the white-haired child.

"Representing from Isamu Academy High School via cell phone, founding member, and representative of affairs, Habuko Mongoose." Toru reached for her cell phone to call Habuko. The girls exchanged numbers after Katsuki's party.

"Habuko Mongoose, present and accounted for, girls...and guy." Habuko was energetic as she was involved with Tsuyu and the others. Going to that party made her excited for she was part of something. Not only that, the origin and purpose was for their love of Izuku and to protect him from people knowing his quirk.

Toru grabbed a pen in lieu of a ravel to began the meeting. "The meeting has come to order." She took a breath. "Any old business?"

"We don't have any old…" Shouto felt another slap from Tsuyu's tongue. "What the fuck, Tsuyu? I was just saying…" He received another slap. "Ouch!"

"No, member-sister Toru, no old business," said Tsuyu devotedly. She eyed Shouto. Reluctantly, he answered. "No old business, member-sister Toru." He mumbled under his breath.

"None on my end, member-sister Toru," said Habuko via phone.

Toru excitedly answered. "Any new business?"

Tsuyu stood up. She raised her hands. "Yes, member-sister Toru." Toru moved from the center to give Tsuyu the floor. "Alas, member-sisters-brother. Our first meeting is about what we can do to protect Izuku's wonderful secret quirk from the rest of the world. And what we must do so we can be good member-sisters-brother to make sure our Izuku stays safe."

Toru clapped excitedly. She wiped a 'tear' from her 'eye.' "You are an inspiration to us all."

"I aim to please, ribbit!" Tsuyu bowed once more. She furrowed her eyebrows. She pulled her skirt, exposing her panties. She pulled out a piece of paper. She whistled. "You can never be careful if any one is trying to spy on you, ribbit."

Shouto blushed when seeing that. Did I see Tsuyu pull a piece of paper from her panties. This story is getting all kind of fucked up!

"Alright, gang. Here is my suggestion." She rolled the piece of paper. It looked like blueprints, Shouto thought to himself. "Habuko, listen closely. This is the blueprint of Izuku's house. I think it is important to monitor him at all times."

"A stake out! You go girl!" Toru patted Tsuyu on the back.

"I think that we need to have our next study session at his house." She pointed to Toru. "Toru, it is your job to keep Izuku distract. Explain the origins of your invisibility or something."

"Got it," she confirmed.

She grabbed Toru's phone. "Habuko. Your job is to go and put cameras in places that he won't know while he is distracted."

"What if his mother is home," questioned Habuko.

"Don't sweat the small things. Mrs. Midoriya has an evening job," said Tsuyu.

"Really? Where," asked Toru.

"Don't recall the business. But it is called Wild Orchid Ranch," said Tsuyu. "Anyway, I think the next thing we need to…."

"Hey, hey, hey!" The girls turned to Shouto. Ready for Tsuyu, he covered his face with his hands. "Just hear me out. A few moments please." He took a sharp breath. "If you guys are that hellbent on keeping Izuku's quirk a secret, then why not talk to Izuku?"

The girls stared blankly at the white-haired child.

"Izuku is a solid kid. I don't think he would mind. I mean honesty is best," said Shouto.

Toru and Tsuyu looked at each other. They turned to the boy. "Okay! I like that idea." Toru gave Shouto a thumb's up. "Thank you for being the candidate to discuss the affairs of Izuku's quirk."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," interjected Shouto. "I didn't say I would volunteer."

"Yay, Shouto! I knew you were a team player," shouted Habuko through the phone.

"All hail member-brother Shouto," cried Toru.

"All hail member-brother Shouto," said Tsuyu.

"All hail member-brother Shouto," cried the girls.

The girls continued to cheer on Shouto as he pondered on the mistake on putting out his opinions. During that time, the sight of seeing Izuku's quirk never left his mind. He shook away those thoughts. The girls continued to cheer his name while he thought on what he can say to Izuku.

Shit! I would have had better if Tsuyu slapped me again. Stupid, stupid me!

Free-spirited sixteen-year-old, Itsuka Kendo promised her mother that she would stop smoking cigarettes. The orange was promised many things. Like her mother promising to quit gambling their money away. Since her mother continued using their money on rent boys and gambling, the orange haired girl would continue smoking. Why not, she thought, smoking was good for the nerves.

Surrenderdorothy was playing from her cell phone. The teen bobbed her head to the beat before catching the eye of her best friend.

She smirked as she remembered the spending money she gathered from playing strip poker. She played and her partner-in-crime, Yui Kodai always collected.

They were nicknamed the Dynamic Duo. One of the few girls that kept close at the high school.

Her thoughts were interrupted when her partner-in-crime asked for another cigarette.

Both girls were relaxing as they watched the day fading away. They were on the school roof. The groundskeeper didn't mind. For a few smokes and some pocket money, they had the keys and the access to their freedom.

Yui quietly looked at the landscape. Their city was a living machine spread over once green land like a microchip grossly enlarged. The roads ran in their predictable grid pattern and the lights of the stores, restaurants and places of vice shone neon into the night. Everything was out there from homely organic granola to establishments that will make one pray in entirely new ways. That was what their metropolis was, the ultimate choice in how one want to live your life.

Yui ingested the cigarette. She exhaled into the sky. From time to time, she wished she could better express herself like her best friend, Itsuka. Itsuka was an important factor to her since her entering UA High School. She admired the girl. Sought out to her like an older sister.

Often, the brunette thought it might be something more than just a sisterhood.

"Thanks for the other day, Yui. We had made bank on those boys," said Itsuka as she lit another cigarette. "Glad to have my lucky charm with me."

Yui blushed. "Gee, Itsuka. It wasn't nothing. Just being a resourceful friend."

"And a resourceful friend you were, babe." Itsuka crossed her legs and stared at the sky. "Katsuki's party was decent. A bit rowdy for my taste but it was cool."

"Glad you think so," said Yui nonchalantly.

"Didn't have fun," questioned Itsuka.

"Not really. Surrounded by drunken baboons. I didn't think men still have these issues," she scoffed as she took a smoke.

"Yui, boys are primal creatures. They are what they are," said Itsuka while she was laughing. "At least you can say Izuku made the evening interesting."

Yui's eyes widened. She nearly dropped her cigarette. "Yeah, Izuku."

Itsuka lied on the ground. "I thought the lad was kinda cute. He is a nice kid. Still can't believe how he took it about Ochako." Itsuka sat back up to see Yui. She happily patted her lap. "Need a lap pillow?"

Yui walked to Itsuka and lied her head on her lap. She blushed as she was aided by Itsuka for another cigarette.

"Do you think Izuku's cute," asked Itsuka as her green eyes met Yui's eyes.

"Well," she replied while blushing. "I won't say he is ugly."

"I think Izuku is the kind of guy who is sweet, listens, and respects people." Itsuka stroked Yui's hair. "Especially women."

Yui frowned. "Well, Mickey Avalon didn't give him any justice."

"Cut the man some slack," she interjected. "He was publicly dumped by his girl in front of everyone." She took another smoke. "Word through the grapevine was that Katsuki only planned this party to publicly humilate Izuku."

Yui furrowed her eyebrows. "Well, that isn't very nice."

Itsuka cracked her knuckles. She couldn't get her mind away from Izuku even if she tried. Seeing how confident to stand in front of Katsuki. It wasn't a secret of their rivalry with each other. Seeing Izuku stood firm and unmoved by Katsuki excited Itsuka that night.

Even when she and Yui shared a bed together in Katsuki's guest room, her thoughts were on Izuku. After thoughtful consideration, she made it in her mind to talk to Izuku.

However, despite her confidence, she never really interacted much with the cinnamon roll. They were friendly with each other in passing. They competed with each other. Nevertheless, she never had a one-on-one with him.

Late last night, she decided to get some help from a classmate of Izuku's.

The music stopped playing when she heard her phone rang. She answered it on the second ring.

"Hello," she asked.

"Yellow bundt cake reporting to short cake and eclair over."

"I thought I was codenamed 'The Professor,' Yuga," said Itsuka.

"Change of plans, cupcake," said Yuga. "I got to keep quiet. I want to let you know that the cinnamon roll is in the bakery. I repeat, the cinnamon roll is in the bakery."

Itsuka released a haughty smile. "Well, keep the cinnamon roll on a hot plate for us. We will be on our way in two shakes of a lion's tail."

"Will do," said Yuga before hanging up.

Itsuka patted Yui on her stomach. "Listen, you feel like ditching right now?"

"What for," she asked inquistively.

Itsuka licked her lips, stroking the cheek of Yui. "Let's just say I am in the mood for something sweet, decadent, and glazed."

It seems to me that Izuku won't be having just any kind of hot, moist fluffy sweets. Let's see in the next chapter on what Yuga plans to do with Izuku along with Itsuka and Yui. This concludes a (not so) random borrowing of Izuku.

To be continued….

Katsuki heard the sound of a buckle touching the floor. He slightly turned around and saw that she had a belt.

"Because I am a lenient person, I am going to give you five lashings with a belt instead of my whip," she said. "This hurts me more than anything. I hope you will learn from this Katsuki."

She made the first lash.

He wailed when hearing the sound of the belt hitting his butt.

"That's one," she said. "That's it, let it out. Trust me that it hurts doing this as well." No, it doesn't.

She made the second lash.

He screamed so loudly that his voice began crackling. "I am sorry," he cried. "I am sorry."

"I am sorry, too, my dear," she said. "That makes two. You are doing an excellent job of your punishment. It is almost over. Just remain still." This is so exciting that this is making me kind of wet. Too bad that Izuku didn't come to school today. Oh, well. Katsuki will have to do.

She made the third lash.

"It's okay, Katsuki," she said. "Let it out. It is okay to cry. You are on number three. We are over halfway. Just stay strong for me."

She made the fourth lash.

He was feeling heavy. He was lying against the wall. Tears continued dripping from his eyes.

"That makes four," she said. "Just one more and your punishment will be over." She got closer to him. "Understand that you will have to learn your lesson. I don't like it when boys like you get disobedient."

Katsuki closed his eyes as she made the fifth and final lash at him.

He clenched his teeth in agony as the final lashing was stronger than the last one. He fell head first to the floor. The wave of pain coming from his butt was looming. No longer did he wanted to be at school. He wanted to go home. Away from Kayama-sensei, away from the classmates, anywhere other than being with her.

She came and stood next to Katsuki. While his face was lying on the cushion, she rubbed through his hair. "I am sorry," she said. "I did not want this to happen, but you understand, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied weakly.

She sighed. "I have some medicine with me. Allow me to rub it on your wounds."


"Sorry, my bad. I meant to get ointment. Not hand sanitizer. Let me try again."


"Sorry again. I didn't mean to get rubbing alcohol."

I hate you, Deku! I hate you!

To be continued...for real this time.